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10 Best Online Jobs That Pay $80k a Year [No Degree]

There are many online jobs that pay $80k a year. But is it possible to earn that figure working independently from the comfort of your home? Definitely, YES!

$80k a year is $38.46 an hour if you work 40 hours a week for 52 weeks. So, in hourly terms, you should go for jobs that pay $40 an hour to reach your yearly salary goal.

Having a $ 40-an-hour job may not seem like a reality, but it’s very much possible online, even if you are a beginner.

So, the main goal of this write-up is to acquaint you with legit remote online jobs that pay $80k a year or even more.

The interesting part of these listed online jobs is that they are totally beginner-friendly, can also be done as a side hustle, and could surpass your main income eventually over time.

Let’s start exploring the list…


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10 Best Online Jobs That Pay $80k a Year

Although these jobs greatly compensate for your time, you’ll need little experience or skill to bring your target figures into your bank account.

It’s not like you wake up tomorrow and start making $80k a year. But if you start working on these jobs even as a beginner today, you’ll certainly reach your target much quicker than other professional jobs.

So, instead of looking for hefty rates for your work hours from day one, it’s better to focus on long-term growth, as these jobs can potentially pay you beyond $80k a year.


1. Freelancing

If you have a good handle on any particular skill, freelancing is the best way you can make 80k a year working remotely.

Freelancing is like an ocean of commercial services where millions of skillful individuals offer their skills to business owners, companies, and organizations around the globe.

By mastering one or two skills, you can easily turn this gig into a lucrative full-time career.

In fact, Social media management was my way of earning bread and butter back in 2018. I used to charge $100 – $200 per month per client and work with more than twelve clients simultaneously.

But, I quit freelancing after launching my blog and making more income from it than from freelancing.

If I had continued today, I would have been working with a larger number of clients and making even more money from it as well.

Freelancing isn’t all about writing or social media management. In fact, most of the services we know are just the tip of the iceberg.

freelancing gigs

Every day, freelancing projects are available for freelancers. Source:

You can explore a lot of services once you step into this. Here are a few…

The best part of freelancing is you’ll get paid hourly or per project. Even if you are a beginner, you can spend some time mastering any skill and earn $30 an hour or more.

With time and experience, you can even quote $50+ an hour and make it your full-time business.

Fiverr and UpWork are the two popular platforms that facilitate freelance gigs without charging any joining fee.

You can also download these freelancing apps or sign up for other freelance websites to kick-start your journey.


2. Start a Money-Making Blog

Blogging is one of the legit money-making hobbies that can make $80k a year without stepping out of your house.

This is one of my favorite recommendations because this blog makes more than 80k a year for me.

At first, when I started back in 2018, I made less than 10k in the first year. But it started paying off later on. Fast forward to 2023, Dreamshala made over $380,000+ in total revenue.

mediavine income report

Display Ads Revenue from Mediavine Network

Another advantage of blogging is that the value of the blog grows with the revenue it generates every month. Like, my blog makes $7000 per month on average, and let’s say it’s valued at $300,000. If I grow it to $10,000 per month, then I can sell it for $500,000.

So either you get paid forever or get a large amount all at once with blogging.

I make most of my blog income from display ads and affiliate products. Courses and sponsorship income are also a good addition.

Me travelling the world while making passive income from blogging

It’s Me Scuba Diving in the Maldives while making passive income from my blog.

And a lot of other bloggers I personally know make more than $100k a year with a very small number of visitors. They sell digital products like printables, ebooks, courses, and one-on-one training and still make six-figure salaries from home.

One thing to remember here is blogging takes time. If you want to make money fast and earn $80k a year from day one, blogging isn’t the right job for you because it takes a year or two to build your audience.

For me, it took more than two years to reach that goal, and later on, I started making even more. If you write consistently and learn monetizing and SEO strategies, you can even turn this into a job that pays $80k a year.

With Bluehost, starting a blog costs less than $100, but it can be your life-changing decision. Use our step-by-step guide to launch your blog now.

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3. Become a Voice Over Artist

This job is for people with good voice modulation and narrating skills in the crowd.

You don’t necessarily have to have a special voice to be eligible for this job. And you can even try this as your side gig from your home and still make up to $80k a year.

All you need is a quiet room or space in your house and equipment like a microphone and voice editing software. Freelance voice-over artists charge around $150 – $300 for a 3-5 minute long audio commercial or explainer project.

Luckily, there are no age limits for this job, and if you think your voice is a good fit, you can list your services on freelancing platforms like Fiverr or join as a voice-over artist on

A screenshot of voice over services listed on fiverr

Source: Fiverr

You can see in the above picture people are listing their services for hundreds of dollars (basic prices) and got thousands of orders and reviews.

Not only freelance gigs but as a voice-over artist, people hire your voice for…

  • Audiobooks Narration (pays up to $2000 per project)
  • Software or Apps Trailers ($100 – $300 per project)
  • Local radio commercial (up to $500 per project)
  • National TV commercials (up to $10,000 per project)
  • Voice-over for Animated videos (pays according to length)
  • Movie trailers and other gigs (pay according to length)

Working on a single gig can easily make $200 a day. As you grow with time and experience, this can easily be turned into a lucrative full-time career. This world will never run out of voice acting jobs or audiobook narrator jobs.

If you are bumbling about where to start, check out this FREE Voice-Over Course to get a primer on how this voice-over market works.


4. Become a Content Editor/Proofreader

Freelance content editing and proofreading is another of the online jobs that pay $80k a year.

Literally, there will be no shortage of these jobs as we can see how much content is getting published on the internet every single day.

Millions of blogs, news articles, videos, and podcasts get published every day, and every piece of these requires a manual inspection as a last step to ensure the content is error-free. That’s where editors and proofreders come to rescue.

Whether you are working for a low-paying job or looking for a stress-free side hustle, you can give it a try. It requires no special degrees or experience. And if you have an eagle eye for catching mistakes and the ability to fix them, you are all good to go.

As a proofreader/editor, you can earn anywhere between $20 – $50 an hour based on your skill and experience. Working on bigger projects like books could pay even more.

Even for beginners, there are a lot of websites that offer online proofreading jobs. One can even find regular remote proofreader jobs on FlexJobs or list services on freelance platforms like Fiverr, PeoplePerHour, etc.

Want some free knowledge? Check out this FREE Proofreading Workshop by Caitlin Pyle, who went from zero to six figures as a freelance proofreader.

This free course helped thousands of students to become full-time proofreaders. So, it can show you a path to kickstart your journey as a proofreader/editor.

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5. Freelance Writing

Freelance writing is another money-making venture I participate in. Writing jobs are best when you want to get paid daily.

Well, I don’t work on this full-time, but as I’ve been writing for my blog for the last five years, I’ve gained so much knowledge and experience in finance and remote career niches.

Whenever I have free time in my writing schedule, I offer writing services for some selective clients. These days, I charge around $0.30 per word, in other words, $300 for a 1000-word article.

Writing payment

Source: PayPal

Recently, I’ve ghostwritten one article for one of my LinkedIn connections, who is a senior journalist and writes for large publications. It was just a 2100-word article, and you can see how much I got paid in the above screenshot.

And a lot of other writers I personally know charge $0.50 per word ($500 per 1000-word article) or even more. If you have a passion for writing, you can also start writing as a beginner and get better at it with time and experience.

As per my knowledge, beginner writers charge around $0.02 – 0.10 per word. Once you get good testimonials from clients, you can put them on your portfolio to get high-paying clients.

Freelance writing is not just a creative job; it can also provide a viable opportunity to make 80k a year or more working from home.

Niche selection plays a crucial role in your growth as a writer. Niche experts make significantly more than those who write in every niche. So, stick to one niche, diversify your skills, and improve your craft every day to turn this job into a thriving career for you.

Sign up for FlexJobs or check out these websites to find freelance writing openings. You can even get paid to write for some blogs online.

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6. Become a Virtual Assistant

If you are fairly experienced or skilled in any field, you can turn virtual assisting into an online job that pays 80k a year or even more.

A virtual assistant is a person who offers one or more paid services to businesses all over the world working from a remote location.

The services virtual assistants offer include but are not limited to…

  • Admin work,
  • Data entry,
  • Responding to emails
  • Making appointments
  • Graphic design
  • Bookkeeping
  • Social Media Management
  • Writing
  • Editing, proofreading
  • SEO services
  • Video editing, etc.

If you are a beginner or offer services like data entry or social media management, you can earn $15 – $40 an hour. But if your area of expertise is SEO or bookkeeping or any other high-paying service, then you can earn $50 – $100+ an hour as a VA.

Another benefit of being a VA is that you can get paid weekly instead of waiting the whole month to get your salary.

There are hundreds of virtual assistant jobs available online, and you can also sign up for FlexJobs to find legitimate VA opportunities. Moreover, give it a try on Fiverr or Upwork to get new clients.

Check out this VA course that helps you to get your first paying client within 30 days.


7. Remote SEO Manager

Are you looking for online jobs that pay $80k a year or more? Becoming a remote SEO manager not only offers high hourly pay but also provides flexible work hours.

SEO means Search Engine Optimization, which is a set of processes, strategies, techniques, and practices to improve a website’s visibility in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others.

As an SEO manager, you are the key person responsible for driving more organic traffic and sales by improving the website’s online visibility.

The list of tasks or services an SEO Manager manages consists of…

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Off-page SEO
  • Competitor analysis
  • Technical SEO
  • Content Strategy
  • Algorithm updates

As they say, with more responsibilities comes more pay. SEO manager job is actually a high-paying job.

You can actually join a company as an SEO manager, or you can also offer the above services individually and still make decent hourly pay rates.

seo manager online jobs that pay $80k a year

Source: Fiverr

According to, the average hourly pay for an SEO manager is $45, and it can go up to $100 an hour.

We can see the above screenshot of Fiverr, where people are charging more than $100 bucks for a basic keyword research job, which hardly takes one or two hours.

Apart from offering your services on Freelancing platforms, you can also reach out to bloggers, offer your services, and get paid via PayPal once the job is done.


8. Freelance Web Designer

If you are a tech-savvy person with moderate knowledge of WordPress, Wix, or other web-building platforms, then freelance web designing is for you.

If we go back to 5-10 years, you need to learn HTML, CSS, and Javascript languages to build a website, but these days, even a grandma can design a website within an hour.

With passion and regular effort, you can also master this craft in less time and start offering these services to people who are in need.

I actually tried this when I was in college, and one of my classmates was making thousands of dollars designing dynamic websites at that time. I was just making a few hundred dollars because I was playing around with WordPress most of the time and designing different websites for myself.

But yeah, website designing is one of the fun jobs that pays well.

Depending on the client’s requirement, each project can fetch $200 – $2000+. But this isn’t a way to make money quickly. First, you must build some sample websites to add to your portfolio and then search for clients.

Once you start serving your clients, you can even make a full-time income from home, even without a job.


9. Content Creator

Content creator is one of my favorite and the most lucrative online jobs that pay $80k a year and even more.

The content creator job can be done in different ways that are…

  • You can start your own blog and create content in text format
  • Record videos and publish them on YouTube
  • You can also publish videos or short videos on social media platforms.

Like blogging, growing on YouTube or other social media platforms also takes time.

For example, It took me a year to make money from my blog. It takes similar or less/more time to grow your content channels as well.

But compared to blogging, YouTube has more income potential as your videos can go viral and bring thousands of subscribers and dollars.

Coming to the income stats, bloggers generally make $1000 – $10,000 per month. Established bloggers make even more.

YouTubes also make similar passive income, but here, you’ll have an extra edge of going viral. In that case, one single video can make you $20,000 to $100,000+ in a year.

youtube stats

Source: YouTube

If you look at the above screenshot, you can see the first video got 42 Million views within a year. According to BusinessInsider, YouTube pays $3400 – $30,000 per million views. So, even if you take the lowest of the range to calculate, the video itself made $140,000+ in less than a year.

Being a YouTuber, you can also edit & cross-post your videos on other social media platforms on Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok to diversify your income.

One more advantage of content creation is whether it’s a blog or vlog, all these things can go hand-in-hand with one another. So, it’s up to one’s choice to decide what to go with.


10. Pinterest VA

Pinterest is not just a typical social media platform but a great source of traffic for thousands of bloggers and e-commerce sellers all around the world.

It works more like a visual search engine.

This platform hosts content in a vertical image/video format called “Pins”. Users design these pins and upload them to Pinterest to drive traffic to their blogs, stores, or websites.

Though it’s a great source of traffic, a lot of small businesses or new individuals struggle to drive traffic from Pinterest to their business websites. This is where Pinterest virtual assistants come to the rescue.

As a Pinterest VA, your job is to help bloggers and business owners manage their Pinterest accounts so they can have more time to focus on the core tasks of their businesses.

Pinterest virtual assistants take care of tasks such as…

  • Pinterest pins designing
  • Making pinning strategies
  • Uploading pins
  • Trying and testing different pin formats
  • Growing monthly views and followers

As a Pinterest VA, you work from your home remotely at your convenience time.

As a blog owner and Pinterest user for more than five years, I personally know a few people who offer Pinterest services, and they charge $500 – $1200 per month for managing one client’s account.

If you manage to serve ten or more clients, this job alone can make you 80k a year or more. You can also grow your own Pinterest account and make money with affiliate marketing as well.

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Advice on Online Jobs That Pay $80k a Year

Now, you know some amazing online jobs that pay $80k a year. Let me just share some advice on how you can pick the right job and reach your income goal quickly.

  • Choose What Works Best For You: I spend most of my time writing and managing my blog because that’s what works for me. Likewise, know your own strengths and play around them to increase your success chances.
  • Set Realistic Expectations: Each hustle pays in a different way. If you are freelancing, you can expect to make money from day one, but other ideas, like blogging and content creation, take time to bring results. So, don’t set unrealistic expectations. Have smaller goals like making $100 a day first, then you can target making $200 a day.
  • Try and Test Other Ideas: Whether you already have a job or working on hustle, it’s better to try and test other ideas by allocating a few hours to your daily schedule. It helps you to diversify your income streams and reach your salary goal even more quickly.


Online Jobs That Pay $80k a Year – Final Thoughts

I hope this article on online jobs that pay $80k a year helps you find some ideas and inspiration to get you started.

Most of the ideas I shared above are personally tried and proven to generate the desired income goal of earning $80k a year. And what I’ve noticed over the years is patience is what gets you there.

Unlike regular jobs, these ideas start paying zero during the initial days, and your income grows following the snowball effect.

So, pick a job or side hustle that you like and get things started. You might thank yourself in the coming months or years for starting things now.


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