Are you a photo freak?

Do you have a habit of taking pictures of the world around you?

Then It’s time to earn some bucks by selling your stock photos.

Check the below list of 20 best platforms & sign up for free to sell photos online.

How To Sell Photos Online?

Almost everyone loves to capture their best movements, traveling locations, people and more with their cameras or smartphone.

We will continuously capture everything especially when we have a camera in our hand.

Meanwhile, some people would like to buy high-quality stock photos for their blog or businesses.

If you have a habit of taking photos and good equipment to capture high-quality photos, then there are many websites and companies on the internet to sell your stock images.

As long as you are providing good work in photography, more companies will hire you as a professional photographer to work full-time with the company.

What if you got an opportunity from a company. They want to hire you as a professional photographer and your job is to travel the world and capturing beautiful pictures with a camera.

Crazy right? Yes, Those miracles also do happen in the photography field.

If you like to start making money by selling photos, then here are some useful platforms below that will buy your photos.

Check the list to know how much they gonna pay you for your photos.


Best Platforms to Make Money by Selling Photos Online:


Shutterstock is a famous platform for selling your photos online.

It pays more than $100 per each photo you sell. They will pay you based on the number of downloads.

You can earn lifetime by selling more images on Shutterstock.

This platform also sells stock videos with resolutions full HD and 4K quality.

There is also another way to make money from Shutterstock which is you refer & earn.

You can refer people who will buy photos, they will pay you 20% of the purchase, up to $200.


2. iStockphoto:

iStockphoto is another best platform to sell your photos. Not only photos, but you can also sell videos, illustrations, and audios.

You can simply fill sign up form to join this platform to sell pictures.

It pays a minimum of 15% on sales of your images. You can earn 45% commissions if you get Exclusive status.


3. Etsy:

Esty is a well-known platform for everyone. This also a platform to sell photos, designs, wedding collections, arts and many more.

On Esty, you can set price for your photos and they will charge only 3.5% on your earnings for hosting your photos on their platform.


4. 500PX Prime:

This site pays 70% commissions for every photo license they sold to customers.

More than 5 million photographers list & sell their images on 500PX.

To start submitting your photos on 500PX, You can sign up for an account. It’s free.


5. Fotolia:

Fotolia is an Adobe-owned platform with more than 5 million active buyers.

This site offers royalties of between 20 – 45% instantly after a sale.

You don’t need to wait for a month to receive your payment.


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6. SmugMug:

SmugMug offers up to 85% of the revenue made from selling your photos.

You can open a store for your images to showcase your work on this platform.

You can offer coupons, discounts using this platform to increase your sales.


7. 123RF

This site pays you up to 60% of the commissions when someone downloads your photos.

You can sign up here for this platform.


8. Bigstock:

This site will pay commissions based on the number of times your photos downloaded, images size they choose, and customer’s subscription plan. Sign up here.


9. Animals Animals:

You will earn 50% commissions on every sale of photos you submitted.

They only accept high-quality photos of animals and nature. Check Now.


10. CrowdFoto:

This is an assignment based photo selling platform.

Some people post their requirement of particular photos as an assignment. You have to choose one and shoot pictures with a phone or camera.

Upload your work, if your client likes it, then you will be paid €20 via PayPal.


11. Stockfresh:

Using this platform, you can earn a minimum of 50% royalty rate for your photos. You can sign up for free.


12. Dreamstime:

This is a reputed platform in the stock photography world.

Every photo you upload accepts after a review and once you approved, you’ll receive royalties up to 20 – 50%.

Your earnings will be based on the number of times your photos downloaded. Join now.


13. Snapped4U:

If you are a professional photographer, then Snapped4U is the best option for you. There is no limit for submitting your photos.

Many photos will be sold for less than $5 on this site and they will charge only 0$.50.

They will charge 10% if your photos sold at a price of more than $5.


14. Alamy:

This is also a big platform for stock images. It has over 60 million stock photos on their platform.

It offers 50% royalty on each time they sold your photo. Sign up today.


15. Getty Images:

Getty Images is one of the earlier and popular platforms for selling stock images online.

They pay very less which is only 20% but the amount of traffic and sales from this platform is very much higher than other platforms.

This is the reason why many photographers choose Getty Images.


16. Stocksy:

Stocksy is a new platform in the photo selling field but the business model of this company has already attracted many professional photographers.

They are very good at payouts.  They offer a 50% royalty on your photos.


17. Crestock:

Crestock is another platform to sell your stock images online.

This also pays up to 20 – 40% commissions on each sale of your photos.

You can register and upload your photos. they will review and approve if your work is good.


18. Shutterpoint:

This site pays the highest among all the stock imagery sites.

This is also free to join to sell your photos. They will pay up to 85% of commissions on sales.


19. BlueMelon:

BlueMelon is also a good platform to sell your photos online.

You can integrate your social media profiles, blog or website to upload your pictures.

This site pays up to 40% of royalties on your photos.


20. Selling Photos on your own Website:

This is the ultimate option to make more money by selling your images. Because

  • You will get 100% royalty.
  • You can set your own prices.
  • This will give you control over your customers.
  • You can write your own terms and conditions.
  • This is also helpful for your brand awareness. Later you can use it to earn more money by guiding new people and selling photography courses.

So, We are at the end of this article and hope this article helps you to find some best platforms to sell your stock photos to make money online.


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20 websites to sell photos online

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