Are you searching for the best Facebook groups for bloggers? It will take a lot of time to find and join the best active groups. You also might miss some good groups.
Imagine if you have a list of 67 active Facebook groups for bloggers. This will save you a lot of time. right!
In this article, I am listing 67 Facebook groups. I hope this will help you to build your network and boost traffic as well.
Before going to the list, let’s see how these Facebook groups are helpful for bloggers and for other business others too.

What are the benefits of Facebook groups?

If you are a blogger, you may already know the importance of Facebook groups and how they are helpful. Mainly, these groups are helpful

To Boost Your Traffic:

Facebook is the second best platform to drive traffic after Pinterest. Groups are great platforms to share your articles. But there in the list, these groups don’t allow posting links directly.
Whenever people are promoting their pins in threads, you can join with them to share your content.

To Meet New Bloggers:

You can build a good network with bloggers around the world with the help of Facebook groups. You will find thousands of people just like you.

Helping Each Other:

Believe me or not, Facebook groups are a great solution to so many platforms. Whenever you face a problem or tech issue, you can share and ask for a solution. You can solve your issues without costing anything to you.

Sharing The Knowledge:

Facebook groups are also a great place to learn about blogging. Everyone share their knowledge by posting or commenting on posts. Reading those updates and solutions will improve your expertise and knowledge.

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Note:  Don’t send requests to all these groups at a time or in a single day. Facebook will block you from joining/posting in groups activity for 7 days. To avoid this, you can send 10 requests a day. You can save this article to visit back.

Best Facebook Groups For Bloggers To Join:

Check the list of groups and send your request to join.
1. Being Blogger
2. The Creatives Corner
3. Blogging Over Breakfast
4. Gather And Empower Blogging Community
5. Mommy Bloggers Pinterest Group
6. The Blogging Squad
7. Grow Your Blog
8. Brilliant Business Moms
9. Blogging 101
10. Instagram Fabulous
11. Blogging Like We Mean It
12. Paradise Bloggers
13. The Blogging Crew
14. Bloggers That Profit
15. Bloggertunities
16. Simple Pin Pinterest Strategy Group
17. Blog Society
18. Bloggers United
19. Blogging For Beginners
20. Awesome Bloggers
21. Blogging with Becky and Paula
22. Think Creative Collective
23. Blogger Roundups
24. The Blog Boss Tribe
25. Blogging Homeschoolers
26. Instagram Posse
27. Pinterest Ninjas
28. Pinterest Group Boards
29. Freedom Hackers Mastermind
30. Pinning Ain’t Easy
31. PinChat ~ Pinterest Chat
32. Blogging Boost
33. Bloggers Gonna Blog
34. The Badass Solopreneur Society
35. Blog Promo Community
36. Pinterest Pals
37. Show Your Blog Love
38. Blogging Anarchy
39. Blogging Newbs
40. Inspired Bloggers Network
41. Cats With Blogs
42. Blogging for new Bloggers
43. My Pro Blog + Biz
44. Blog Support Group
45. Pinterest For Travel Bloggers
46. Being Boss
47. Learn To Blog
48. Becoming A Blogger
49. Pinterest Promotions for Bloggers
50. Blogging Babes and Business Bosses
51. The SITS Girls Facebook Group
52. Boost Your Blog
53. Pinterest Traders
54. Blog Beautiful
55. Breakthrough Bloggers with Addi Ganley
56. Adventures In Blogging
57. Ladypreneur Community
58. Blogging With Heart
59. I’m So Blogging This
60. Blog Passion Project
61. Business Bombshell
62. Daring Creative Workshop for Business & Blogging
63. We Travel We Blog
64. Travel Blogs Promotion
65. The Blog Loft
66. Bloggers Sharing Links for Roundups
67. Pinterest Group Boards By Lynne


So, here is the list of the 67 best Facebook groups for bloggers to increase their traffic and also to build their relations with other bloggers.
Hope this list helps you to boost your traffic. Keep active in groups to learn more from expert bloggers and improve every day.

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67 facebook groups for bloggers to drive traffic

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