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17 Best 24-Hour Pharmacy Near Me (+ Open At Late Night)

Have you ever gotten into a situation where you need prescribed medicines or over-the-counter meds late at night? We all face this issue, isn’t it? So, I usually search for a 24-hour pharmacy near me in this situation.

Not only standalone pharmacies, many grocery stores and gas stations now have pharma counters from where you can get your supply. And they usually operate till late at night.

There are several pharmacy chains, such as CVS and Walgreens, that also remain open throughout the day.

Some of my local pharmacies also remain open till late at night. So, I’ve compiled a list of pharmacies that operate 24X7. Here it goes!


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7 Best 24-Hour Pharmacy Near Me

Although you can find pharmacies and med stores on every street in every state, not each of them remains open throughout the day, especially till late at night.

So, here are the seven best 24-hour pharmacies and pharma chains near me that I could find, tested in March 2023!


1. CVS

The landing page of the CVS website


Since its foundation in 1963, CVS has remained a household name in the USA pharmacy and OTC market.

This company now has 9,967 stores throughout the USA, although not each of their stores remains open at night.

Besides prescription medicines, CVS also offers additional services, such as walk-in health checkups called MinuteClinic, optical, and immunization services. I even found a free coin-counting machine near me in one of the CVS stores.

You can simply use the “Store Locator” option on the official site to know about your nearest location. Choose the “Pharmacy Open 24 Hours” filter under the “Pharmacy services” category.

My Take: CVS is a 24-hour medical shop near me that accepts various types of insurance, such as Blue Cross, UnitedHealthcare, Humana, and Cigna. So, you are completely covered!

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2. Walgreens

Homepage of the Walgreens website.


Walgreens is another 24-hr pharmacy near me that has a massive presence nationwide. It now has 9,021 stores in the USA and another 2,573 stores in the UK (under Boots Alliance).

Besides the med store, Walgreens also offers instant care for common injuries, immunizations, and walk-in clinics.

Although the company says it accepts almost every insurance, check with your nearest location to know if they are accepting the insurance you currently have.

Visit the “Store Locator” page of the official site, choose your state, and tick mark the “24-hr pharmacy” option under the “Extended Hours & Drive-Thru” filter.

My Findings: Walgreens is known for its extraordinary marketing campaigns. They even launched an app where you can get paid to lose weight. How good is that?

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3. Rite Aid

The landing page of the Rite Aid website.


With its subsidiary Bartell Drugs, Rite Aid now operates 2,550+ stores in 19 states in the USA. They have 494 stores in Pennsylvania alone. And many of these stores remain open throughout the day.

Some Rite Aid stores also house RediClinic, which gives comprehensive solutions to common health issues, such as allergies, skin treatment, infections, and fever. They also offer immunization services and complete health screening.

Rite Aid currently accepts most major medical insurances, including Caremark, Elixir, OptumRx, Cigna, and Tricare.

Visit the “Store Locator” page and select the “24Hr Pharmacy” filter under the “Service” category to know your nearest outlet.

My Take: During one of my visits, I even got some coins in exchange for notes in a Rite Aid store. So, if you are worried about where to get quarters in 2023, they have the answer!


4. Target

Target website.


I first found one of these Target med stores while searching for a 24-hour pharmacy near my location.

Although their pharmacy segment is now rebranded as CVS Health, you can find med stores in more than 1,850 locations in the USA.

More than 250+ pharmacies in Target stores currently remain open all day. Most of them are open 24X7, even on holidays!

Target accepts all those insurances that CVS Health accepts. So you don’t need to worry about the cover! You can now even earn credit by filling prescriptions in one of these stores.

My Take: Target is one of my favorite recruiters, as they offer summer jobs and part-time jobs to people throughout the year. They even offer jobs that pay $40/hour or more to experienced workers.

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5. The Giant Company

Pharmacy page of the Giant Food website.


Formerly known as the Giant Food Stores, The Giant Company is a US supermarket chain that has 165 stores in Virginia, Delaware, Maryland, and Washington, DC. In those supermarkets, they have 153 full-service pharmacies.

While looking for a 24/7 pharmacy near me, I got to know that while many of their pharmacies operate 24X7, many stores remain open till 9 PM.

Besides their offline services, they are now also offering online consultations and live nutritional classes.

Depending on your location, Giant accepts different insurances. So, it is better to call your nearby location to know more.

My Findings: As it is primarily a food chain, Giant also offers opportunities where you can get paid to eat. Keep your eye on their “Career” page to grab the opportunity.

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6. Jewel-Osco

Pharmacy section of the Jewel-Osco website.


Founded in 1899, Jewel-Osco is a supermarket chain primarily operating in Chicagoland. And in 2023, they have 188 stores spread across Illinois, Iowa, and northeast of Indiana. 175 of them have full-service pharmacies.

Many Jewel-Osco pharmacies also remain open all day! You can easily find your nearby location by visiting the “Your Store” section. Enter your state or zip code and select the “Pharmacy” option to get the list of your nearby outlets.

Although they accept all major insurances, it will be better to call your nearby outlet beforehand to have a hassle-free experience.

My Findings: Besides med stores, Jewel-Osco also offers vaccinations, immunizations, and complete health screening. They now even offer travel vaccinations and certifications.


7. Ralphs

Pharmacy segment of the Ralphs website.


Ralphs operates a 24-hour drug store near me that even remains open on weekends. Whenever I was in desperate need of meds, I resorted to these stores!

It is actually a supermarket chain (and the market share leader) that primarily operates in Southern California. And in 2023, they have 185 locations, and all of them have pharmacies.

Some of Ralph’s locations even have drive-through options.

You can visit the “Store Locator” page to filter your nearby outlets that remain open 24 hours a day. You are also completely covered as they accept all major insurance plans.

My Take: They accept all credit, debit, physical gift cards, and e-gift cards in all their locations. I even used my Cash App card in one of Ralph’s pharmacy stores a few days back.


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10 Best Pharmacies That Are Open Late Night Near Me

Only the seven chains I’ve listed above operate 24 hours throughout the year in the USA.

But while searching for a 24-hour pharmacy near me, I found out that some pharmacies remain open till late at night. And my top recommendations are,


8. Walmart

Pharmacy section of the Walmart website.


With 10,586 stores in 24 countries, Walmart is one of the largest retail and hypermarket chains in the world. It has 4,743 stores in the USA alone. Besides, 3,572 Walmart Supercenters are present in 49 states.

While looking for a medical shop near me that is open now, I found some Walmart stores that have med shops that remain open till 9 PM. And on weekends, they operate till 7 PM.

They also have Walmart Health Centers for comprehensive medical care in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, and Texas.

My Take: Walmart regularly offers grocery and food delivery jobs that pay according to the current industry standards. So, if you want to make $50 fast, you can try your hands at these part-time jobs.


9. Meijer

Pharmacy page of the Meijer website.


I often visit my nearby Meijer supermarkets to access Cash App ATMs near me, as they offer various services besides just food and grocery. Many of these supercenters also have pharmacies and OTC stores.

As of March 2023, Meijer has 259 stores and 208 gas stations throughout Michigan, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, and Kentucky.

You’ll surely have a Meijer nearby if you live in the Midwest.

However, Meijer doesn’t offer 24-hour pharmacy services. But most of their pharma outlets remain open till 8 PM on weekdays. And at weekends, they stay open till 6 PM.

My Findings: Besides medicines, Meijer now also offers 15 different vaccination services, including Covid and flu. They also sell generic antibiotics and parental vitamins.


10. Costco

Pharmacy page of the Costco website.


I frequently visit Costco not just to get groceries, but every time I want to make photocopies near me. And I also found out that they also operate a 24-hour pharmacy near me.

This membership-only retail chain currently has 848 stores in the USA alone. However, they also operate in other countries, such as Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK.

Almost 450 locations have pharmacies that operate either all day or at least till late at night. You can easily track your nearest location by visiting their “Find a warehouse” page.

My Take: Although the “Executive Member” card costs you twice the “Goldstar Member” card, you’ll get an additional 2% annual reward on your total purchase. And that can cover the extra cost easily!


11. H-E-B

Pharmacy section of the H-E-B website


H-E-B is a privately-owned supermarket chain in the USA. They now have 420 stores in the USA and Mexico. And in the Texas region alone, they have more than 300 stores.

Besides groceries and food supplies, H-E-B is also known for pharmacies. They are equally famous for their $4 generic medicines that are now loved by many.

H-E-B also offers other medical services, such as immunization, lab services, and complete health screening. And they do all this at a budget-friendly price.

My Findings: I found a few medical stores open near me in H-E-B stores. However, they don’t remain open throughout the night. Usually, most H-E-B stores operate till 9 PM on weekdays and till 6 PM on weekends.

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12. Giant Eagle

Pharmacy page of the Giant Eagle website.


Established way back in 1931, Giant Eagle is a household name in the Midwest and Mid-Atlantic region. They are now present in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Ohio, Indiana, and Maryland.

It is actually a supermarket chain that now has 493 stores in total, including 211 supermarkets, 274 gas stations (under GetGo), 8 standalone pharmacies, and a standalone car wash center.

Besides prescription medicines and OTC drugs, you can get vaccinations and testing facilities in these stores. They also accept almost all major insurances in the Medicare Part D plan.

My Take: Giant Eagle has loads of openings right now in almost every sector, starting from delivery to shopping assistant. They have a separate job portal where you can check and apply directly.


13. Hy-Vee

Pharmacy section of the Hy-Vee website.


If you live in the Midwest, you must visit Hy-Vee at least once a month, isn’t it? I myself found a 24-hour pharmacy near me in one of the Hy-Vee centers in the Midwest.

It is an employee-owned supermarket chain that now serves more than 285 locations.

You can find Hy-Vee chains in Illinois, Kansas, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Missouri, Wisconsin, and South Dakota.

These stores now offer a prescription refill service for up to 90 days. And besides visiting their centers physically, you can also opt for teleconsultations with top doctors in the USA.

My Findings: Hy-Vee currently offers various additional services to cater to their loyal customers. I even got free air for tires near me in one of the Hy-Vee retail stations.


14. Publix

Pharmacy page of the Publix website


Publix is another employee-owned retail chain in the United States like Hy-Vee. They mainly operate in the Southeast region, where they almost dominate the market with their massive presence.

Right now, they have 1,335 stores in the USA alone, out of which 848 are in Florida.

They also have a significant presence in Alabama, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, and South and North Carolina.

Almost 90% of all the Publix stores have pharmacies and health centers, from where you can buy medicines and OTC products at a discounted price. However, these stores remain open till 9 PM on weekdays and 7 PM on weekends.

My Take: Publix often offers free medications for people living in the Southeast. They started their free antibiotics program in August 2007. They also became the distribution partners for Covid vaccines in the Palm Beach area.

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15. PriceRite

Pharmacy section of the PriceRite website.


Owned by Wakefern Food Corporation, PriceRite is a supermarket chain that operates mostly in the northeastern and mid-Atlantic regions. There are 63 Price Rite stores in this region.

Visit the “Store Locator” page on the official PriceRite site. Now, enter your city or province to get to your nearest location. You can check their opening hours in the details section.

Most of their stores are open till 9 PM on weekdays (many even till 11 PM) and 7 PM on weekends.

Note: You don’t even need to visit the PriceRite supermarket to get your medicines, as you can now shop for them online to get them delivered to your place. They even offer a pickup service.


16. Albertsons

Pharmacy section of the Albertsons website


Albertsons is another popular name in the USA supermarket industry that has a 24-hour pharmacy near me. It now has 2,253 stores throughout the nation.

Kroger recently announced acquiring Albertsons for a whopping $25 billion. And people are now hoping that the coverage and service will improve drastically after the merger.

As of March 2023, many of their supermarkets have pharmacies inside. They sell both prescription and generic medicines. You can even get OTC products in these stores.

My Findings: Most Albertson supermarkets remain open till 9 PM on weekends. They remain open till 7 PM on weekends and holidays.

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17. Discount Drug Mart

Home page of the Discount-Drugmart website


Nothing can be better than finding a store that sells prescription medicines at discounted prices. Discount Drug Mart fits right into that category.

Operates mostly in Ohio, Discount Drug Mart currently has 77 stores in the USA. And all these stores specialize in prescription medicines, health supplements, OTC products, and even specialty medicines.

You can easily find your nearest mark by visiting their “Store Locator” page. You will get complete details of “Services offered” beside each shop.

My Take: I first found Discount Drug Mart while searching for cheap vets near me. And I got to know that they offer various additional services, such as vaccinations and immunizations.


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24-Hour Pharmacy Near Me – Final Note

I always have a list of 24-hour pharmacies near me to save myself from emergencies. It is also better to keep the contact numbers of your nearby pharmacies.

If you are on daily medication, it is necessary to keep a small stock of your medicines that you can use in need.

It is also better to work out daily as it can improve our physical and mental health to get rid of diseases. And what could be better, as you can now even get paid to work out without putting in any extra effort?


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