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27 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – $15+/Hour

The trend, or maybe the need for online and at-home jobs, is only going up day by day. However, not all jobs can be done from home.

Only a set of jobs that depend mostly on PC and the internet can only be done from home. Today in this article, I am going to discuss and help you with one such work-from-home job that you can do online.

With the advent of technology, the storage of data has shifted to different gadgets such as mobile phones, voice recorders, tapes, videos, etc.

Initially, everything used to be recorded on paper, and this is still in practice.

However, the data in the form of audio files are converted into a written format. It is for this purpose that companies, individuals, and brands require transcribers.

By now, you must have understood that I am talking about online transcription jobs.

These jobs can be easily done from home online. Read further to learn some more about transcription before knowing what online transcription jobs you have in store.


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What is Transcription?

To say in simple words, transcription is to convert audio into a text document. Although it is not as simple as that.

Because transcribing an audio file requires a lot of attention from the person doing it. One who transcribes is called a transcriptionist, and some even use the term transcriber.

There must be not even a minute difference between the audio file and the text file. Sounds like a challenging task, right?

However, all of this can be done easily with certain special equipment. But before knowing that, you should also know that there are different types of transcription.

  • General Transcription – This is the basic transcription that I explained just now. Business, media, Academics, law, etc., industries use this mostly.
  • Medical Transcription – This is something that not everyone can do. You must need training and certification in specialized courses to convert voice-recorded medical reports, etc., into text.
  • Realtime Transcription – This is all about converting live audio or speech, etc., into text. For this, you need exceptional typing skills. Mostly court reporters, CART(Communication Access Realtime Transcription)providers, etc., do this type of transcription.

So these are the types of transcription. Now you can choose which type of transcription you can do depending on your knowledge background.


FREE Transcription Training

Getting proper training before entering into transcription or any other field will not only ease your struggles but also improve your earnings quickly.

Keeping that in mind, I would like to introduce you to a FREE Transcription course before we head over to the list of companies that offer online transcription jobs.

I suggest you take a look at this FREE 7-Lesson General Transcription Mini-Course by an experienced transcriptionist named Janet Shaugnessy. Simply, this course is super helpful for beginner transcriptionists just like you.

To get a clear idea of what transcription is all about, whether it will fit you or not, and how to find a successful at-home career in this field, this is the training you should be part of. If interested, check out this on Transcribe Anywhere website.

If you have any knowledge or experience in the Legal field and want to pursue Legal Transcription, then feel free to look at this FREE Legal Transcription Mini-Course.


What is Required For Transcription?

To transcript, you need to satisfy the following type of requirements. They are:

  • Skill
  • Equipment

Skill Required

Skills are the primary ones that you need to check before you think of starting your career in transcription.

Because mere attention cannot make you a successful transcriber. There is more that you need to invest in. The skill requirements are as follows:

  • Good listening skills
  • Typing skills
  • Communication skills
  • Command over spellings, punctuation, and grammar
  • Confidentiality
  • Accuracy
  • Ability to work quickly
  • Computer knowledge

This is the first filter that will help you to know that you are fit for this job. If you think you possess all these eligibility criteria, then move on to read the rest of the article.

Equipment Required

Transcribers use a special set of equipment to do their job smoothly. You will also need them once you get to work. So let us now learn what they are.

  • A reliable computer with good internet connectivity.
  • A foot pedal to operate the audio files without having to disturb your hands from typing.
  • Headset to concentrate on the audio without any distractions.
  • A dictionary/thesaurus
  • Industry-specific manuals will help with the terminology of the kind of subject you are dealing with.
  • Text expanders easily type mostly used phrases with the help of small codes.
  • File converting software.

Now that you know what is needed to transcribe an audio file, equip yourself with all these tools before you start to make your job easy.


How Much Money Online Transcription Jobs Do Pay?

Well, before looking into the hourly pay rates, let’s discuss how transcriptionists get paid. They get paid “Per Audio Hour” but not “Per Hour”.

Completing typing an hour-long audio file/files is what an Audio Hour means. And on average, they pay $60 – $75 per audio hour.

According to GMR Transcription, an average person takes 4 hours to transcribe hour-long audio files (Audio Hour), while an experienced transcriptionist takes half of that time to finish.

So, by converting those numbers into hourly pay rates, we may expect $15+ per hour for beginners and moderate-level transcriptionists and up to $30 per hour for advanced transcriptionists.

With these rates, one can earn $1500 per month working 2-3 hours daily, or if you work full-time, it will get you around $4000+ per month.


27 Companies To Find Online Transcription Jobs for Beginners

Now that you have learned the basic points about transcription, I feel you are good to go to know what all places are currently offering online transcription jobs.

They are many companies that offer transcribers with online jobs that are of great flexibility, even for beginners. 

I have curated a list of such legit companies where you can find great online transcription jobs, so dive in without any delay.


1. GMR Transcription

This is a Human transcription services company that offers all kinds of transcription services, such as legal, medical, and general transcription. You can find online transcription jobs with them in all these specializations.

GMR Transcription has jobs for both beginners as well as experienced transcribers. There are openings currently in the general transcription category. So be the first to apply with them. You need to pass an audio test to get recruited.

Pay: $0.70 to $1.25 per audio minute.


2. M*Modal

M*Modal offers closed-loop clinical documentation solutions. If you notice the kind of service they offer, you can understand that this company is for those who are looking for medical transcription jobs.

They are looking for talented, highly motivated, and technically sound candidates. They don’t have any current openings but keeping an eye on their website helps.

Pay: The average pay is $11.92 per hour.


3. AccuTran Global

This North American transcription services company offers jobs for transcribers, stenographers, and voice writers. They mostly hire for medical and general transcription projects.

You can apply to work with AccuTran Global easily by heading over to their website. The next openings are in mid-June, so keep in touch with their website now and then to be the first to grab the opportunity.


  • $0.005 per word for a beginner on basic audio.
  • $0.0066 per word for foreign or difficult audios for senior transcribers.


4. Aberdeen Broadcast Services

This is a broadcasting services company that offers paid programming solutions. They are currently hiring real-time transcribers to do live real-time broadcast captioning. 

 If you are an experienced transcriptionist and are well-trained, then this opportunity at Aberdeen Broadcast Services is for people like you.

You need to apply on their website, after which you need to pass an accuracy test with 98% accuracy to get hired.

This is a completely remote opportunity. For more details about the job, check their website.

Pay: Somewhere around $1 per audio minute.


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5. Quicktate

This company works for different businesses by offering call auditing and transcription services. Quicktate wants its transcribers to transcript audio files such as voicemail messages, memos, legal files, medical files, phone and conference call recordings, etc.

This is one of the best places for remote transcription jobs. You can easily apply on their website and go through a series of tests to get hired. After that, you will be given your login credentials to work in times flexible to you.

Pay: 1/4 cent per word for legal transcription and 1/2 cent per word for medical transcription.

Recommended: Read our Quicktate Review for full information about this company.


6. Same Day Transcriptions

This is a completely US-based transcription company that hires experienced candidates locally. So if you are from the US, don’t miss this opportunity. You will have to do the interview transcription if hired.

Apply by visiting the Same Day Transcriptions website and filling out a form.

Pay: $0.70 per audio minute for general transcription.


7. Rev

Rev offers audio transcription and video caption services for business, legal, academic, and personal purposes. They are looking for detail-oriented candidates along with strong English skills to work with. 

You can apply on their website by signing up with them and going through an assessment test. If you get approved, you will get to choose from the available transcription jobs, and you will get paid weekly. Our full review is here.

Pay: $0.90 per audio or video minute.


8. Hollywood Transcriptions

They offer transcription services to business, entertainment, education, legal, government, and marketing industries. They are currently openings for transcribers. You can apply by filling out a form on their website.

Hollywood Transcriptions have strict deadlines, so if you are sure that you will keep up with that, you can proceed.

Pay: If you are doing it full-time, you can make $400 to $500 per month.


9. Tigerfish

Tigerfish has been one of the leading transcription services for two decades. This company offers work-from-home transcription jobs with a flexible schedule.

Single-subject interviews to focus groups, documentary film footage to corporate research projects, police interrogations to depositions, you must be able to transcribe all these kinds of recordings into written format.

They hire only US residents, and the hiring process is a bit lengthy, with 3 stages to pass to get approved. The only way to apply for this company is through email, which is mentioned on their website. Read our full review.

Pay: You can earn an average of $8-$11 per hour.


10. Way With Words

Way With Words is an English audio, video, and custom transcription solutions company. They are currently looking to hire transcribers with high-level English proficiency. There are positions open for both full-time and freelancers.

But you must be from one of the following countries: South Africa, the UK, the European Union, the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, Singapore, and Hong Kong.

Pay: $0.45 to $0.173 per audio minute based on the project turnaround time.


11. TranscribeMe

You will have to do mostly medical, legal, or general transcription if you are hired to work for them. If you have a specialized background in medical or legal transcription, then you will be paid higher than their standard rates.

You are flexible to work in your time. TranscribeMe also hires beginners. You can join them by applying on their website.

Pay: $15-$30 per audio hour.


12. Pioneer Transcription Services

They offer all kinds of transcription services to their clients. You can find it at the office and work-at-home transcription jobs in this company. 

If you are looking for typing jobs, then Pioneer Transcription Services will be the best choice as they are currently hiring typists who can do video files and insert on-screen time stamps. They are also hiring Spanish to English transcriptionists.

To apply, visit their site and fill in the interview sheet.

Pay: $1 per audio minute for general transcription and per-page rate for legal transcription.


13. Pacific Transcription

This is a completely Australian-owned transcription services company that is a branch of the Global Pacific solutions network. Pacific Transcription is a specialist company in legal and medical transcription, so you know what you have to do if you join them.

They usually hire experienced candidates from Australia, India, New Zealand, Canada, The Philippines, the UK, and South Africa only.

They are not currently accepting any new applications but can be in touch with their website so that you don’t miss a chance.

Pay: $30 – $50 per audio hour.


14. Net Transcripts

This US-based company offers transcription services for criminal and administrative investigations. If you are interested and have experience in this field, you can try and apply for them. After that, you need to go through an assessment test and background checks to get hired.

Net Transcripts has a vacancy search option on its website, which you can use to see if there are any openings.

Pay: $11 per hour for a general transcriptionist and $25 per hour for a police transcriptionist, according to glassdoor.


15. Allegis

Allegis hires work-from-home transcriptionists to transcribe audio files or recordings for insurance and legal industries. They hire only US residents. If you are from the US, check their website immediately as they are currently hiring.

Pay:$13 to $17 per hour.

Also, check 20 Flexible Part-Time Jobs That Pay $40 An Hour.


16. American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting

This company offers both transcription and translation services. They hire experienced independent contractors who are native English speakers and based in the US for transcribing jobs. You will also need to go through background checks if you wish to join them.

They currently have openings for English transcription and foreign translation.

For more information about how to apply and all, you can check the work opportunities page of the American High-Tech Transcription & Reporting website.


17. SpeakWrite

This is a US-based transcription services company that hires candidates in the US and Canada only. They are looking for people who can do legal and general transcription.

There is a detailed five-step procedure that you need to go through if you wish to join them. Check this procedure on the SpeakWrite website.

Pay: $0.005 per word.


18. Focus Forward

This is a research, coding, and transcription services company. They are currently hiring contract-based English – Language, and Spanish – Language Transcribers. You need to qualify for a 10-minute transcription test to get hired.

Focus Forward hires globally. So no matter which corner of the world you are you can easily work with them.

Pay: $0.40 per audio minute.


19. GoTranscript 

This is another transcription company that hires freelance transcribers globally. You will get to deal with a variety of topics ranging from police investigation to book research, etc.

GoTranscript leaves you flexible in time hours as well as the choice of work. You can happily work from your home and receive weekly payouts for every completed project. Check their website for current openings.

Pay: $0.60 per audio or video minute.


20. VerbalInk

This company is a division of Ubiqus and deals with transcription, translation, and editing services. They are looking for high-skilled linguists to work as English and foreign-Language transcriptionists for them.

If you think you are eligible for this position, head on to the Verbal Ink website to apply.

Pay: $11 per hour, according to Glassdoor reviews.


21. BrichCreek Communications

They currently have openings in the general transcription department and are looking for high-quality corporate transcriptionists who can offer services to their corporate clients.

These are completely for independent contractors, and Brichcreek Communications doesn’t assure any training, software, or any other support.

Pay: $0.40 to $1.75 per audio minute.


22. BAM! Transcription

This company offers its transcription services to the film and television industry. If you are interested in working in this field, then BAM! Transcription is the right pick for you. 

Unfortunately, there are no details of openings or pay on their website, but you can contact them via their email to check if there are any.


23. Daily Transcription

Daily transcription hires transcribers based in the US and Canada only. They deal with the entertainment, academic, corporate, and legal industries.

You need to select the position you want to apply for on their careers page and apply. After that, you need to pass a skills assessment and transcription test to be considered.

This is an extremely flexible job as their priority is to hire stay-at-home parents or individuals. Check out our full review here.

Pay: $0.75 to $0.85 per audio minute.


24. Scribie

Scribie is one of the most advanced audio and video transcription companies where you can find flexible online transcription jobs.

They currently have openings in home-based freelance transcription. You can apply for it now if you have an excellent comprehension of the American/Indian/British/Australian accents.

Pay: $10 per audio minute.


25. Appen

This is an AI company that also deals in transcription. Appen looks for candidates who are internet-savvy. This company is best for entry-level positions or beginners. 

The application process is pretty simple. However, you need to go through a series of tests to get hired.

Pay:$0.005 per word.

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26. Terescription

This company offers its transcription services in the field of entertainment. Anybody interested in the same can try their luck here.

Terescription looks for independent contractors. They hire candidates based in the US only.

To join them, you need to create an account on their careers page and send them a sample transcript. If they like your work, they will approach you for further agreements upon which you will be hired. 

Pay: Varies with the work.


27. CastingWords

I have saved the best for the last. This is one of the best transcription services companies that has dealt with organizations like NASA, Microsoft, SAP, BBC, etc.

CastingWords hires only freelancers that too only their website and Upwork, so beware if you find job opportunities with their name elsewhere. Register and apply to work with them.

You may need to go through some tests before getting hired. Make sure that you are a legal independent contractor before you apply.

Pay: $0.08 to $1 per audio minute.


Pros And Cons Of Online Transcription Jobs

Like every other job, online transcription also has its share of pros and cons. First, let us discuss the benefits.


As you will be working from home, online transcription jobs have some great advantages. Some of them are as follows:

  • Flexible to work in your time hours.
  • No need to commute to the office.
  • Finalizing a deal is completely up to you.
  • Transcription is a great opportunity for those who want to make some extra income.

Now let us have a look at the disadvantages you can face with this job.


It is wrong to assume what cons one can experience while working from home. See what drawbacks you can come across while doing online transcription jobs:

  • As a freelancer/beginner, it will be difficult to land your first job.
  • There may be no work in certain seasons.
  • You need to handle your taxes.
  • No colleagues – means no one to help immediately in case of doubt.
  • You may need to hire a bookkeeper or accountant to manage your finances.

So these are certain profits and shortcomings of doing online transcription jobs.

However, the drawbacks, if you notice them properly, are not so serious, and one can handle them easily. Once you overcome these shortcomings, this field will be all yours to run and reap as many benefits as you can.



Have you ever worked as a transcriptionist either at an office or remotely with any of these companies? Then we are all ears to hear your experiences.

You can also suggest some more legit online transcription jobs that you know, and I will try to add them to this list.

I hope this article is helpful and you find a suitable transcription job respective to your knowledge and skills.


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Hello Munira,

Unfortunately, we don't offer any medical transcription jobs. We list the companies that offer these opportunities. On this page, you can find 27 companies offering transcription jobs. So, I suggest you go through the list once again and apply to the company you like to work for. Hope this helps.

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