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Is The $750 Cash App Reward Real Or Fake? [+ Real Proofs]

You must have already seen ads for the “too good to be true” $750 Cash App reward program.

I was also intimidated by an ad on Instagram from Flash Rewards that claims the same. $750 for free? That, too, is from a site that looks legit!

As a curious mind (and a Cash App user), I had to get to the bottom of this program to check if it was legit or another old-school scam!

So, I started with a simple “$750 Cash App Reward” query on Google. I found a $750 reward page on the Cash App website itself, although it is blank!

While I was searching some more on the internet and social media, several companies also started to pop up besides Flash Rewards. Some look sketchy, and some are offering similar deals.

I got really confused before I started checking out each of the available offers. Flash Rewards does offer this cash reward, and many people have already claimed it.

But money doesn’t come for free, and you need to do certain things to claim this reward. Now, it’s time for the details!


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What Is The $750 Cash App Reward?

$750 cash app reward


First thing first! If you ask whether this $750 Cash App reward is real or fake, this is indeed real!

This “much anticipated” $750 reward is not from the Cash App itself. Instead, you can get it from Flash Rewards, and it is only valid for US citizens.

It works the same way as Cash App surveys, where you complete some to-do tasks on some legit sites to get the money right on your Cash account. Here, Flash Reward is the aggregator!

All you need to be is more than 18 and complete three questions while signing up for Flash Rewards to take a step forward to claim this reward.

You need to answer them honestly, as you’ll be receiving further deals and to-do tasks depending on that.

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Is The $750 Cash App Reward Legit And Real?

Yes, this $750 Cash App reward is legit in 2024.

It is a rewarding deal where you can get 750 dollars pretty fast by completing some deals. But don’t take it lightly, as these deals are not easy to complete.

Flash Rewards will also closely monitor you in every step while you are doing the deals to calibrate your progress. And once you complete all those deals, you need to send your photo ID to claim it!

On a different note, you can now make money just by making use of your Cash account. If you are a gamer, you can even try some cool Cash App games to make money.


What Is Flash Rewards?

$750 cash app reward - Fetch Rewards


Developed by Deliver Technology LLC, Flash Rewards is a US-based reward program where people can earn up to $1,000 by completing various sponsored deals.

It is the same company that offers the $750 Shein gift card deal. As of 2024, this program has paid over $34 million in cash rewards through various gift cards.

You can even get your money right onto your PayPal account. You can find a doppelgänger of this site on Google Play Store.

But don’t fall for that, as they are not the same. And this $750 Cash App deal can only be accessed through the Flash Rewards website.

The Flash Rewards website itself has a good reputation in the web world. It now has a 4.1 rating on Trustpilot with 2,700+ reviews.

It also has an active Instagram handle with 33K+ followers.


$750 Cash App Reward – How It Works?

$750 cash app reward


You must complete specific deals to claim this $750 Cash App reward. And these deals could be of anything, from trying a new app to buying something from your favorite online store.

It is not like those Cash App flips where you need to do shady things. This is real!

The steps to claim this $750 reward:

  • Visit this link and locate the survey panel on the right.
  • Click “Yes” for the “Do you use Cash?” question.
  • Select if you want to “Keep it” or “Give to a friend” for the “How do you plan to use your $750 To Your Cash Account?” query.
  • Click the suitable answer for the “About how many times do you go shopping per week?” question.
  • You’ll be taken to a new page where you need to confirm your email ID.
  • Read the program requirement and start completing deals.
  • Complete 20 deals to unlock the $750 reward.
  • Submit a claim to Flash Rewards Customer Service with a valid photo ID.
  • Receive $750 in your linked Cash App account!

You need to make sure you rightly understand the requirements before you start completing deals.

You might need to spend a small amount to complete certain deals, such as an online shopping deal.

Note: To get the $750 reward, you need to complete 20 deals in total in 5 different levels. Start with a Level 1 deal, followed by one Level 2 Deal. You must then complete three Level 3 deals, five Level 4 deals, and ten Level 5 deals to claim it.


Deals On Flash Rewards To Get The $750 Reward

The payment of the $750 Cash App reward is only possible when you complete all 20 deals. But what are these deals all about?

Let me give you this answer as a previous user!

If you are fond of some money-making hobbies, like playing new paid games or trying new products, this is an apt choice for you.

The current deals on Flash Rewards in 2024:

Please Note: While many of these deals can be done without investing any money, some deals, such as shopping from a particular e-commerce, need you to spend. Although there are not hefty amounts, you still need to make financial decisions responsibly!


How Many Deals Do You Need To Get The $750 Reward?

At this point, you must already understand that this program is not like those where you can just signup and get money.

Instead, you need to complete 20 deals to get this $750 reward from Flash Rewards.

Homepage of Flash Rewards


When you land on the homepage of Flash Rewards, it gives you the option to preselect your desired reward.

From Amazon to Best Buy, you’ll get various options that start at just $100. So, preselect the Cash App option beforehand.

In Flash Rewards, the cash reward starts from $5 and goes as high as $1,000. And to get $750, you need to complete 20 deals.

The current reward level in 2024:

Level Reward Value Deals Needed
1 N/A N/A
2 $5 2
3 $100 5
4 $250 10
5 $500 15
5 $750 20
5 $1000 25

Once you complete the first deal on Level 1, you have 60 more days to complete all 20 deals to claim the $750 reward.

Needless to say, these deals will become more challenging as you climb the level ladder.


Things To Remember:

There are three things you need to remember:

  • You need to take screenshots of completing each deal, as you’ll need to submit those while claiming the reward payout.
  • If you have made any purchases, you need to submit the receipts as well.
  • Don’t cancel any deal while you are in the process. Canceling any will reset the entire program.

Note: Many of these deals will require you to buy some subscriptions, such as some OTT subscriptions. But you should not “Quick cancel” those subscriptions just after completing the deal, as it will be a violation of their terms and conditions.

There are limits on how many times you can participate in this reward program.

It means if you or anyone from your household claimed any of these deals, you need to go through a cooling period after that.

The current limits are

  • $5 to $100 reward amount: 1 time every 60 days
  • $250 to $1,000 reward amount: 1 time every 365 days (1 year)

Please Note: Once you start climbing the ladder, the deals may require you to invest more money. Many people have bought things that they would not purchase otherwise. And due to repeated investment requirements, many people tend to give up midway.


How To Get The $750 Cash App Reward From Flash Rewards?

cash app reward


You can surely generate some legit passive income through this reward program.

But completing all the 20 deals will not get you the $750 Cash App reward, as you also need to complete the submission and verification process.

The reward-claiming process:

  • Once you complete all 20 deals, you need to initiate the claiming process within 30 days.
  • Contact the Customer Support team and give proof of your deal completion.
  • You’ll receive an email with further proceedings (Check your spam/junk folder).
  • Complete the knowledge-based authentication process (KBA) mentioned in the mail.
  • Submit a valid and government-issued ID, such as a driver’s license, to complete your verification process through Veratad.
  • Once all these steps are completed successfully, you’ll get the reward on your Cash App within ten business days.

Note: Flash Rewards will conduct an extensive and lengthy verification process to check if you are a real person living in the US and you haven’t already claimed the reward in the specific cycle. Don’t try to game the reward system by giving false information!


What Users Are Saying About $750 Cash App Reward?

To know if the $750 Cash App reward by Flash Rewards is real or fake, and also to gain confidence about this program, I looked through some Reddit and Quora threads.

I even got some interesting reviews on Trustpilot as well.

Positive Reviews

750 cash app reward reviews


Here are some recent positive reviews of this reward program:

  • Debate-Comfortable on Reddit says, “It’s real! I completed all the deals required. All the deals maybe totaled $100, mainly because of the Disney movie club that requires you to purchase five movies at $19.95 or buy out the terms at $60. So, I kinda lost some value I would have of the $750.
  • Leii Yan on Quora says, “It’s definitely not a scam. Like so many others, I was completely skeptical of this, but I read up about it and gave it a try. I just received my $750 gift card the other day.”
  • PrenticeD on Trustpilot says, “I took longer than I should’ve to complete the deal, but it’s legit, and I really do thank you for the opportunity to help you help me.”


Negative Reviews And User Complaints

750 cash app reward reviews


But not every user is happy about this reward program. I also found some negative reviews and user complaints as well.

  • Brutal_B_83 on Reddit says, “It’s not a scam, and it’s possible to make money from it, but those surveys are so tedious that most people (myself included) won’t bother with it. All these people promoting it are getting kickbacks for clicks.”
  • Kisha McDonald on Quora says, “Personally, in my opinion, yup, it’s a scam. They want you to do way too much. It starts with giving your personal information out, like your phone number and your e-mail address. I tried it myself, and I will never do it again.”
  • Billy Black on Trustpilot says, “Horrible experience! First off, it takes forever to go back and forth with them about getting credit for offers you completed. They send the same generic emails and always pretend to never have received your proof.”

It is true that this reward program is not fake, as people genuinely received it. But yes, it is extremely lengthy, and the verification process gives you just three chances.

If you are looking for some easy pursuit, it is better to try making money with PayPal than this one.


How Can I Get Free Money on Cash App?

free money

Not just this particular reward program; there are many other ways to make money on Cash App. And here are my personal favorites.

  • Claim cash reward with the Cash App free money code.
  • Share your Cash App referral link with your family and friends to get referral commissions.
  • Take part in Cash App Boosts.
  • Participate in weekly and monthly sweepstakes and giveaways.
  • Start an online business and ask buyers to pay through Cash App.

Keep an eye on the FB page and Insta handle of Cash App. They announce their reward programs, sweepstakes, contests, and giveaways from time to time.


$750 Cash App Radio And Other Scams

Not every Cash App-related reward program is fake, such as this legit Cash App for Kids program. However, some are surely scams, and you need to stay out of them!

You must have already heard the ad by on the radio talking about the same $750 reward. When I launched that site, it redirected me to, which is developed by RewardZone USA.

It is not just the parent organization of Flash Rewards but also a legit one. So, this one is surely not a scam!

There is another popular ad by Survey Premium that also claims the same. But they have purchase requirements that often take as much as $100.

Although this site is also legit, the ROI seems very less to me. You can find more details about the investment on their offer chart.

But other than these two, all the domains with possible variations of “Cash,” “Get,” “Reward,” and a number are straight-out fakes!

Some of the similar-looking fake sites are:

You can see most of these sites are currently expired, as it is a usual trick by scammers. Don’t fall for any similar-looking website, and never share your credit card details.


Final Note

It is true that you can do a lot of fun stuff with your Cash App account, like getting unique Cash App names or getting a cool Cash App card design. But if you want to do something serious, like getting this $750 Cash App reward, you need to take cautious steps.

You need to stay away from all suspicious websites. And even if you go with the right one, such as with Flash Rewards, be ready to face a lengthy procedure to claim it.

Users have reported that it took them up to 3 months (2 months for deal completion + 1 month for verification) to get this reward. So, follow the right steps with patience, and don’t expect quick money.


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