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About Dreamshala

Dreamshala (which means a School of Dreams) is a personal finance and remote career blog launched in May 2018 to help people to achieve financial freedom quickly and effortlessly.

Fast forward to 2023, Dreamshala is loved by nearly 1.5 million active readers annually.

Our core focus at DS is to assist our motivated readers (who are trying to achieve something in life) in finding lucrative online business ideas, passive income ideas, side hustles, and other reliable money-making opportunities.

Here at DS, I help people to make the right financial decisions, get rid of the endless debt vortex, and also to set up multiple income streams to be future-proof with a strong financial backbone.

I discover and share new ways of earning, bust myths about the finance market, alert people about fake websites and scams, and, most importantly, try to help people to achieve financial freedom in a true sense!

About Me (Who am I?)

I am Siva Mahesh, an MBA Finance post-grad and a Personal Finance & Career blogger for five+ years.

I started Dreamshala in 2018 with a $100 loan from a friend Swati Chalumuri (Who is also a successful blogger and founder of HearMeFolks).

When I started, I was neck deep in debt of $35,000 and wanted to do something to get out of this debt trap. I always hated to go to a job and never liked the ritual of showing up at 9 AM every day at someone’s office.

Instead, I started on my own and launched Dreamshala to help people to set up new income streams, create online businesses, and try new side hustles. Blogging helped me to clear off my $35,000 debt in less than two years. And in the next three years, it helped me grow to a net worth of $400,000 and counting!

In this years-long journey, I discovered some untouched corners of the personal finance industry, and now, I help people to find their financial freedom and help them to get rid of their debt burden in the shortest possible time.

Now, my goal is to reach more than a million readers each month to help them follow the path to financial success.

How it All Began and How it is Going?

More than 10 million engineers are produced each year, and I’m one of them! But an engineering degree comes with a hefty student debt. Besides, coming from a middle-class family, my parents had to take some loans to meet their ends while I was pursuing higher education.

All these things piled up in a $35,000 debt and nights full of anxiety! My mind was blank, and I hardly saw any lights on the other end of the tunnel.

But I had to do something! I had to!

So, I decided to blog full-time.

Over the course of last 5 years, I have published over 400+ blog posts, covered thousands of websites/ways, reached over 7 million readers, generated nearly $400,000, and featured on some of the popular news publications/magazines such as US News, Entrepreneur, Yahoo Finance, and

Since the day of inception, I’ve never compromised on the content I publish and on the legitimacy of the opportunities I refer to. This helped this blog to grow as a lucrative business for me and one of the best go-to-places for our readers to find realistic passive income ideas and side hustles.

Today, Dreamshala is a one of the most successful blogs and offers advice on a gamut of remote career and personal finance topics. I made this broke to doing-good journey all because of DS. Touchwood, brighter days are yet to come!

So, keep visiting Dreamshala to uncover more ways to achieve financial freedom and also to create multiple passive income sources to have financial security.

What You'll Find Here?

Career & Jobs

  • How to survive without a job
  • How to find online or offline jobs
  • How leverage your skills with freelancing

Online Business

  • How to launch your online business
  • Business ideas with zero or low investments
  • Online business ideas with six or seven-figure income potential

Money Making Ideas

  • Legit freelancing, side hustle, and passive income ideas
  • Part-time ideas to suppliment your income
  • Short task and get paid to sites.

Personal Finance

  • How to save your money
  • Investing apps and dividend income strategies
  • How to achieve financial freedom and retire early with investing

Sell Stuff

  • How to launch your selling business online
  • Things to make and sell online for profits
  • Other profitable flipping ideas

And more…

  • Honest website reviews and scam alerts,
  • Helpful guides and free resources
  • Tips on growing your own blog


Where Has Dreamshala Featured?

Over the years, my work and expert insights has got Dreamshala featured in numerous popular online publications, including…

  • US News & World Report,
  • Yahoo Finance,
  • Entrepreneur,
  • GoBankingRates
  • TheSimpleDollar
  • EverQuote,
  • Legal Zoom,
  • Business News Daily,
  • Databox,
  • Venngage,
  • (renamed as Featured)
  • and more on the way…

How Dreamshala Makes Money?

I don’t charge anything from this blog readers. Anyone from any corner of the world can access our content entirely free.

But like any other website or blog, DS also needs to be financially fit to pay off its maintenance costs, compensate my research team, writing, editing & graphics team, and pay off the bills of external tools we use to grow this website. So I monetize this website through various sources.

DS makes money primarily from two sources such as

  • Display ads
  • Affiliate Marketing

I’m partnered with the Mediavine ad network to show ads on this blog. Users find these ads while reading the content and I make some portion of income through these display advertisements.

Another primary revenue source I make money from is Affiliate Marketing. My articles contain affiliate links with which I may receive a small commission when you purchase/subscribe/signup through these links. (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

DS also generates revenue from occasional sponsored posts and shared sales. You can find more details about my income sources and a complete breakdown in my latest income report.

Want to Get in Touch With Me?

I am always open to discussions and occasionally share my advice and tips with upcoming budding entrepreneurs who connect with me. Do you have something to discuss? I’d love to hear from you. You can reach out to me via email or social media. (links and addresses are on our contact page).

DS is also open to advertising and sponsorship opportunities through sponsored posts, display advertising, or affiliate programs.

So, if you want to work together or if you want to connect with me with any business opportunity, feel free to contact me.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimer

DS never collects any sensitive information from anyone. It stores some sensitive information like your name and email address when you submit any forms or comments on this website or through cookies.

I never involve in selling any of your personal information or data to any company or 3rd party websites. DS can guarantee you 100% safety to your personal infomation. You can refer to our Privacy Policy and Affiliate Disclosure pages for more information.

Thank you note!

Thanks for spending your time on Dreamshala and reading till the very end. It means a lot to me.

And finally, thanks to each and every loyal reader and follower of this blog. You guys are awesome and the reason behind the success of this blog. I wish everyone great success and joyful life.

With love 🙂

Siva Mahesh