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Adidas Product Tester Program In 2024 (+ Get Free Sneakers)

Do you love sneakers and sportswear from Adidas and keep an eye on the brand’s website for new releases? What if I tell you that you have a chance to try its new products before the world? That’s what you can do as an Adidas product tester!

The Adidas product testing program is a scheme where you, as a tester, will get the brand’s new product before its official launch.

You must use it and share your opinions with the brand. Thus, you can participate in an exciting surgery strategy for ADIDAS!

So how exactly does this plan work for the brand and for you? Keep reading to know all about it!


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Is Adidas Product Testing Legit?

Adidas Website Homepage


Laying your hands on Adidas’ yet-to-be-launched sneakers and clothes sound like a fun idea, right? I, too, got excited when I first learned about it.

But then, I started wondering: Is the program legitimate? So, I did some digging and realized it was legit and safe.

A large number of companies use product testing as a tool to understand how their target audience might react to a particular product. It also helps them gather feedback.

Adidas, too, has jumped on this bandwagon with its own product testing strategy. As a customer-oriented brand, Adidas values people’s opinions.

That is why this hugely popular brand of sports shoes and apparel has come up with a product testing plan.

It is a form of survey that lets it gather feedback from people interested in its products. I also tried looking for people’s thoughts on Adidas product testing on Twitter but found nothing.

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So here’s my four cents: I found this program secure because of the following reasons:


a) It is a Direct Brand Collaboration

What makes this program completely safe is that it is a direct collaboration between a product tester and the brand.

There is no third party or intermediary involved. You must visit the brand’s website, fill out the application form, and await their response.


b) It is a Free Program

Getting the products from the brand and returning them does not involve any expense from your side. These expenses are borne by the company.

Also, stay away from offers or individuals claiming to help you become an Adidas tester by paying registration fees.


c) It is Completely Transparent

The entire collaboration will happen through Adidas’ official website, where you will find all the details of the program.

Adidas is one of the best-known brands in the world. So obviously, you can trust the guidelines it provides on the website for those interested.


d) It Helps the Brand

While product testing is fun for the testers, it’s actually designed to help Adidas. This is an intelligent quality assurance strategy.

Through this, Adidas understands if the product lacks any features or has issues that users may dislike. It’s the first step towards improvement!


What is the Adidas Product Testing Program?

Two people match their white and black sneakers.

I find Adidas product testing an interesting process. Selected sneaker lovers and sportswear enthusiasts get to test out the brand’s newest products.

The brand sends over a product that’s yet to be released in the market to the testers. It must be used for a specified time by a tester.

After that, they have to review the product. Shoes and apparel are the focus of these tests.

The tester must share their experience of using the product, along with the details of their activities while using it.


Why Does Adidas Conducts Testing Programs?

Five people wearing different shoes stand in a circle while their shoes are just visible.

This is an excellent way for Adidas to get the products tested in real-life conditions. When a product is developed or manufactured, the brand tests it in its laboratory’s controlled conditions.

So product testing helps it understand the item’s real quality. An Adidas product tester review comes from real users in practical situations.

It helps Adidas understand how people may react to the new release. Accordingly, it can implement changes, structure its marketing plan, predict revenue and profits, and do much more.


Why Should People Participate in Adidas Product Testing?

Legs of five people wearing five pairs of shoes in different colors.

It is evident that Adidas benefits greatly from offline surveys. But what’s in it for the people participating in the program?

As a sneaker patron enthusiast and Adidas loyalist, I think that the program can be an exciting opportunity to be associated with the brand.

If you get wide-eyed every time Adidas launches a new pair of shoes or a new line of sportswear, this is an excellent option.

You will get to try the brand’s newest products, usually before it even hits the shops! Now, that sounds like a fun idea, right?

I know many people like myself who love to follow Adidas’ page listing upcoming releases. I can only imagine how it might feel to hold and try out the products.

On top of that, you get to analyze them for the brand! Now, what Adidas addict, in their right mind, would want to pass up this chance?


How Does the Adidas Product Testing Program Work?

The "How it works" section of the Adidas product testing website.


You’ve understood the basics of Adidas Product Testing. So let me explain how the process works.

Before you start testing the products, you must apply for the position and get selected. Let’s assume that you get chosen.

The steps after that are as follows:

Adidas Product Testing Process


1. Accept the Offer to Participate

Adidas will send you an email to invite you to participate in a product test.

If you want to join, you need to acknowledge that email and write back to them to show your interest.

2. Receive the Product

After receiving your acknowledgment, Adidas will ship you the product to be tested and the instructions for the survey.

You will not have to pay shipping or any other charges.

3. Test the Product

Follow the instructions provided by Adidas and test the product for the number of hours or the mileage per week, as specified.

The test period usually lasts for 2-4 weeks.

4. Record Your Experience

While testing out the product, you must record your experience in detail.

So note down your activities while using the product, as capturing your experience is the test’s point.

5. Return the Product

Once the testing period ends, mail the tested product back to Adidas. Don’t worry, though.

You will not have to bear the cost of shipping. Adidas will take care of it.

6. Share Your Feedback

You have to share your experience and activity after testing the product. Adidas encourages detailed explanations.

You’ll also need to fill out an easy questionnaire.

Things to Remember

While participating in the test, remember the following:

  • You can’t share information about the product on social media, through personal messages, or via any form of communication.
  • You do not get to own the product that you test. You must return the shoe to the company once the test period is completed.
  • There is no monetary transaction involved. You won’t have to pay for enrollment or shipping or receive a financial reward.
  • No third-party recruiter can hire you for this program or get you paid. So do not believe in fake promises and claims.


What Do You Need to Become an Adidas Product Tester?

Before I tell you about the application process, let’s quickly examine the basic requirements to qualify as a product tester.

They are as follows:

  • You have to be a US or European resident, depending on where you apply from;
  • You must be at 18 years of age, with proper documents to prove that;
  • You should read and write in English (and German, if you’re in Europe), and
  • You need to have a valid email address and access to the internet.

Apart from these basic criteria, you should also be careful that you

  • are not a product tester of a competitor brand,
  • ensure privacy during the test, and do not disclose product details in any way.

The above are the elementary requirements to be considered for the tester selection process. But that’s not all.


Other Requirements

For every product that Adidas wants to be tested, it will also consider some other factors, which may vary. Such variable factors include:

  • Demographic Profile: Every product is developed keeping in mind a specific group of people. Adidas will want to know if you belong to the target market.
  • Geographic Location: The test isn’t available globally. It’s only for US and European residents. Adidas may also conduct targeted tests in specific regions.
  • Shoe/Apparel Size: Test products only come in limited sizes. So you must provide body/feet measurements to see if you can be considered for the test.
  • Sports/Athletic Profile: You will also need to provide the details of your weekly activity. To test its sports shoes or clothes, you must complete weekly activities.

In addition to everything else, you must also have a strong passion for sports, keen eyes for fashion, and a deep love for Adidas as a brand. Otherwise, you will not be able to enjoy it.

Now, many people who want to join the program feel confused about how the selection process works. That’s because there are quite a few variable factors involved.

Adidas won’t share details regarding the process or tell you why it did or did not select you. But I can’t help but feel that it’s a fair process.

After all, this is Adidas we are talking about, and the stature and goodwill of the brand is unmatched. Plus, let’s not forget that the competition is strong as it is one of the top sports brands in the world.


How to Become An Adidas Product Tester?

Adidas Product Testing Program

To become an Adidas product tester, you must meet the basic criteria and be ready with other information, as mentioned above.

Then, you can visit their website. You will find a form that you must fill out to provide your details. Once done, the brand will consider your application.

The application process is extremely simple. But whether you will be selected for the program is a whole other ball game.

You won’t have access to Adidas’ contact center to inquire about the process, either. If selected, you will receive an email to inform you that you are eligible to join the program.

Now, I have mentioned this before, and I am going to remind you here again: Adidas does not charge you anything for the application process. In addition, there is no go-between involved in the selection process.

You may encounter any organization or individual that promises to get you into the program. You can rest assured that they are running a scam. So don’t pay anything to such scammers.


Adidas Product Tester Application and Selection Process

To begin the application process, you must visit the official page. First, you will have to select your location, i.e., USA or Europe.

Adidas Selection Process


Then, the site will offer four categories of forms for you to fill out. They are as follows:


1. Division

Division screenshot


  • Enter information regarding your gender.
  • Also, select whether you want to test shoes, clothes, or both.


2. Size Details

size details screenshot


  • If you select “clothes” in the Division form, you will need to provide body size details like measurements of your chest, waist, hips, thighs, etc.
  • If you choose “shoes” in the Division form, you have to share your foot size and width.


3. Category Interests

Category Interests screenshot


  • Select the sports or physical activities you are associated with in this form. You can choose up to five options.
  • Depending on what you select, the following page(s) of the form will ask for information like hours of training, a club you’re associated with, level of expertise, number of practices a week, and more.


4. Personal Details

Personal Details Screenshot


  • Finally, add your personal details like your name and date of birth.
  • Provide your address and other contact details.
  • Also, share the information on whether you’re an Adidas employee.
personal details screenshot2


Once you submit the complete form, you must wait for Adidas to consider your application. It will check your size, area of interest, activity level, etc.

Based on these, it will match you with the right products. Then, if you get selected, the team will contact you.


Adidas Product Testing Salary – How Much Can You Make?

So far, I’ve told you about the amazing things about the Adidas product testing program. You also know how to apply.

But now comes the burning question: How much do Adidas product testers make? Unfortunately, you won’t make any money out of this survey.

Adidas Product Tester

Disclaimer Posted By Adidas on the Official Page

Adidas product testing is a free program. And you will not be able to get any monetary compensation for trying the product or sharing your feedback.

So if you want some side hustle ideas to make an extra income, this program is not it. Again, remember that no third party can get you paid for testing Adidas products.

Just like the application process, the payment procedure and the entire program are conducted with transparency by Adidas only. And it’s clear that this is a non-paid survey.

I should also remind you that you do not get to keep the products that you test. As I mentioned while explaining how the program works, you must return the product.

You cannot share information about the product during the test phase. Doing so is a violation of the program’s terms.

So if you are a digital creator, product reviewer, influencer, etc., you may be tempted to cover the product you test to make money from blogging on Instagram or any other platform.

But you must refrain from doing that as well. So that essentially closes another potential earning avenue using the product.

However, I have tried a few other websites for product testing, and you, too, can get paid to test products

Here are three other recommendations:

  1. Valued Opinions
  2. Toluna
  3. Amazon Vine


Final Verdict: Is the Adidas Product Testing Program Right for You?

Adidas product testing isn’t one of the many surveys that pay cash. It offers no direct or indirect way to make money or keep the items.

If you want to test products to get paid or freebies, you can become a Shein product tester or opt to get free perfume samples.

However, if the thought of holding and using the not-yet-released sneakers and sportswear from Adidas thrills you, try this program.

It is a fun survey for Adidas enthusiasts, as well as people with an eye for athletic fashion.



Here’s a quick list of the questions that might be bugging you and their answers.

How old do you have to be to be an Adidas product tester?

You must be at least 18 years old to qualify as an Adidas product tester. However, there are a host of other factors considered during the selection process besides age.


Is the Adidas product testing program real?

The Adidas product testing program is absolutely real and official. It is conducted by the brand itself as an offline survey of its future products after they’re tested by real users.


Does Adidas really pay product testers?

Adidas does not pay anyone for testing products, i.e., it is a non-paid survey. Some people may claim to receive financial compensation as testers. These are false claims.


What does it mean to be a product tester at Adidas?

Becoming an Adidas product tester means testing its future products and sharing your valuable feedback with the brand.

You’ll get to try sneakers and clothes before others!


How long is the Adidas test period?

The Adidas test period is usually between 2 and 4 weeks. During this time, you will need to use the test product for a minimum duration or complete a particular mileage.


Will I own the Adidas-tested products?

You will not own Adidas products that you test. Once the test period is over, you must return the item to Adidas.

So if you’re looking for freebies, this is not the right program.


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