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Amazon Work From Home Jobs – 12 Epic Jobs To Try in 2020!

We all have concluded that Amazon is one of the most trustworthy online merchandisers that is open worldwide. But did we all know that Amazon provides work from home jobs too?

If no then today’s article will let you realize that we have been missing most of the Amazon opportunities that could let us settled in life.

Even in 2019, Amazon has been recognized as one of the biggest e-commerce organizations that are the main source of work from home jobs and unimaginable deals worldwide.

You can work for both online and offline tasks which is both part-time and as well as full-time schedule.


About Amazon Work From Home Jobs:

Amazon has a whopping number of 600,000 employees associated with it around the world wide.

And the good news is that the employment at Amazon is continuously raising its graph and so the opportunities have varied diversions within the comfort of our zones.

Joining hands as Amazon employees will lead your lives with good income and with plentiful of perks that are truly unavoidable. Along with specific discount coupons, one can avail health insurance, retirement planning, and specific maternity and paternity leave.

It is also clear that the track record of employment at Amazon is very strong and has a great foundation.

If you are searching for a legitimate company with work from home opportunities, then these amazon work from home jobs must be very familiar whereas a few may astonish you. You would regret a few for not knowing about them earlier.


Job Type, Workings Hours & Pay Rates of Amazon Work From Home Jobs:

Basically speaking, most of the opportunities available at Amazon are virtually based and mostly related to the customer care sector.

An employee at Amazon is requested to promise a work of 20 to 30 hours every week. This casual will help the employee to make around convenient paycheck available for particular positions. 

Specific demand for military veterans or their spouses and people with bilingual qualifications is open.

Though the retailer work at Amazon promises of delivering products to any corner of the world but opening for employment is limited to a few states only.

Coming to the pay rates, each type of work comes with different hourly rates. Well, we have discussed them in each section below. Before that, know what you exactly needed to be eligible for these jobs.


Requirements To Apply for Amazon Work From Home Jobs:

  • As for any other company requires from its employees, so does Amazon too. Minimum experience in the related field and educational qualification – a basic degree.
  • If applying for call center openings (work from home), you should be able to provide a noise-free area to work from. 
  • Computer handling or technical knowledge for accessing emails, chat services, Microsoft Office, online shopping techniques, product search knowledge, and others.
  • If wishing to work from home or remote jobs, you need to have a PC and a good internet connection.
  • Your past experience of shopping online through Amazon will let you help the clients better. Remember this and highlight the point wherever necessary that you understand the client’s urge and are ready to satisfy them.
  • Make your application interesting enough that the company recognizes you and provides quick positioning.


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10+ Amazon Work From Home Jobs For Everyone:

The openings and opportunities that one can find at Amazon have different approaches and earning potentials. A few of them worth trying as a business or a full-time job while other opportunities are the best fit as part-time side hustles as they pay lower pay rates than others.

So, to make navigation easy for you, we have categorized these opportunities. Go through the list and pick the right one that fits your skills.


Amazon WAH Jobs That Worth Your Full-Time Efforts:


1. Amazon Customer Support Positions:

How much does it pay? The payment would be around $15 per hour and you need to dedicate around 30 hours on a weekly basis.

Customer support agents are really rocking in any field of jobs. This position is available in the US and this job is mostly advertised during the holidays.

With a minimum of 1-year experience and a high school diploma degree, you can apply for the position of a customer service agent.

Along with this, you will also need to have high command over the English language. The main motive behind this position is to handle clients and solve their issues without making the client offended.

This is considered a great opportunity for students, housewives, freelancers, and retired veterans. Visit Amazon’s Virtual Job Page for more details about these openings.


2. Selling on Amazon FBA:

How much does it pay? Well, it completely depends on the individual. Few people who make $10,000 a month and a few make $1M a month.

It is about selling your products to various people through Amazon. Shortly known as FBA, it allows you to ship your products to the Amazon warehouse and inturn ships to different customers through Amazon.

There are also a few merchants that directly ship products to their clients to avoid heavy Amazon shipping charges. If your product has a demand in the market, you will surely make good benefits and FBA will not be risky in that case.

This could turn out to be one of the great opportunities that you can cash out your income from Amazon. But privately do remember to follow the tips and understand what the package really has in it.


3. Amazon Flex – Delivery Driver Job:

How much does it pay? This website states that one can make around $25 per hour during his/her blocks. Since it is a delivery job, earnings vary from person to person.

First of all, this job is not completely work at home type. But if you love driving your vehicle around your city, then it will definitely worth your time.

This is most similar to various other delivering applications that provide the people with a wide range of opportunities to deliver products from a particular point.

You can make around $25 on an hourly basis by working as a delivery partner at Amazon.

With specialized options of Express delivery that deliver goods in one or two days, the need for such smart drivers with a basic phone and vehicle to transfer has increased.

There is wide flexibility and various perks if you are in the correct location. If you wish to try, you can surely make an attempt at Amazon Flex.


4. Amazon Influencer Program:

How much does it pay? It depends on the individual. Some creators claimed that they make around $1500 per month as commissions.

You have to be active on social media and gain some amount of fan following to acquire this position. If so, Amazon will lend a supportive hand to help you earn some income with this.

All the concern is about advertising the company and its products to the world. If one is already a social media influencer, it becomes easier to make money from it.

“In a simpler way, you will have to promote the website to the greater audience.”

All this is possible if you get qualified for this program and then you will be provided a unique URL. This will help you in performing promotional tasks and earn money eventually.

Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook accounts are mandatory to get qualified. The number of fans in every panel also does matter in making benefits of the opportunity.


5. Leverage Amazon Kindle Publishing To Sell eBooks:

How much does it pay? It depends on the number of readers of your ebooks. One publisher got paid the highest of $450,000 in a year from his published ebooks.

One more option to make money at Amazon is to self publish electronic books on the portal. Amazon Kindle gives opportunities to the creative writers to publish books of their own content.

There are many benefits like a quotation of your choice and having specific copyrights from the Kindle Direct Publishing and also 70% royalty program is a bonus.

Along with ebooks, you can also sell paperbacks on Amazon around make up to 60% as a royalty program.

For people who would like to work alone and with creative skills, this action could turn out to be one great source to let millions of people online to know about your skills.


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6. Amazon mTurk:

How much does it pay? On average, one can earn below $10 per hour. Coming to the highest, one SideHustleNation reader reported earning $21,000 in a Quarter.

mTurk is a sub-panel that lets you perform all kinds of microtasks and pays you equally for your efforts. The lengthier tasks you choose the more your earn of it – think and pick.

The work is redirected to you from various organization and the payment is made through Amazon.

One complex task is subdivided into basic microtasks that makes it easier for people to fulfill it in less period. This section does not provide any full-time opportunities yet you can make good income comparatively. 

Freelance writing, transcription, translation, data mining, online surveys are a few of the micro-tasks that are available at Amazon mTurk.

Apply at mTurk even if you are out of the US because they hire. 


Additional/Part-Time Work From Home Jobs at Amazon:


7. Warehouse Associate:

With the feasibility of workspace or location, you can apply as a warehouse associate at Amazon. A specialized training program is given to the employees to improvise their workmanship.

You can apply for positions at delivery stations, sortation centers, customer service points, fulfillment centers, and many related.

There are various positions you can pick from and make your bread and butter of it. As a warehouse associate, you can make a minimum of $11 per hour.


8. Retail Arbitrage:

Unlike the private labeling section at Amazon, this technique will help you to sell products at retail prices.

You buy something for a lower price and add a pure margin and sell them at online retail. A lot of people who are associated with retail arbitrage simply purchase products in bulk which also helps them in reducing the shipping charges.

These products, in turn, are sold out in the online market at retail prices. There are many people who have made their income through this technique. So for sure, you can give it a try at this option as well.


9. Amazon Handmade:

This website provides a good scope for people who are good at crafts. Amazon is always supportive of the craftsmanship to make some and try to sell them on Amazon.

Without the help of any machine or a kit, if you can craft something with hand, you can sell it here.

It is always better to check the requirement section for the approval of a product because there are many rules and regulations to be followed.


10. Sell T-Shirts on Amazon Merch:

Amazon Merch provides the creative side of designing specialized t-shirts and selling them online. You need to upload your creative artworks with prices by choosing the product type and color on a specific column.

Amazon takes the responsibility to get that printed and get shipped to different clients. You will be earning a royalty for every t-shirt that is sold. This process is a bit sturdy as it takes skills to design and time to get approved. 


11. Amazon Vine for Vendors:

If you find any helpful reviews through, then you will earn a chance for winning free products inturn.

Based on a random selection, reviewers are to participate in providing reviews and earn coupons or gift cards or cash in return.

There are many brands that are in support of vine voices to provide return gifts to their clients. Your continuous participation and good reviews will help you you in winning free products from the panel.


12. Trading Programs at Amazon:

Amazon Trading Programs are created for people who are stuck with unwanted stuff in their homes. These products can be sold or traded through Amazon in return for a few gift cards from the website.

Any basic things like books, video games, or electronic devices or furniture can be traded in this panel. You have to make sure that the product is in a safe condition and is ready to be sold with a free shipping tag and send the product to Amazon.

If the product gets qualified and sold, you may earn gift cards that may take around 12 days to get delivered in your account.


Pros & Cons of Amazon Work From Home Jobs:

Work from home also has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. It surely has both good and bad sides and to discuss a few, let’s start on.


  • Base pay at Amazon is attractive with just PF cuttings. You will expect pay based upon your talent and post.
  • The team support is highly appreciable, you can fully rely on the same.
  • There are high chances of making extra money every three months in the form of incentives.
  • Flexible work hours with wide options to start your career on.
  • Work and personal life will have a smooth path to continue.


  • Scope for increments or promotions is literally slow.
  • Work from home employees will not any contacts with the office mates. Work gets diversified.
  • The hiring procedure and firing procedure are quick and without proper reason.


Some Useful Frequently Asked Questions About These Amazon Jobs:

1. Do I have to pay any fees?

No, you don’t need to pay any fees to join. But we have discussed some business opportunities above. Those may require some start-up cost and it depends on your products.

2. Can I try these as my part-time?

Yes, you can try any of these jobs part-time while doing your full-time job. The more time you invest, the more money you will make.

3. How much I will get paid per hour?

It depends on the type of job/role you are going to choose. An average person can make $10 or more per hour from the jobs listed above.


Some Alternatives Work From Home Jobs:

Didn’t find what you are searching for? Do you feel that these jobs don’t fit your skills? No worries at all. We have some great alternative work from home jobs that are employing millions of people around the globe.

1. Online Transcription Jobs:

These jobs are best for people with good typing and listening skills. You need to convert an audio file into a text document while listening to it. These beginner-friendly jobs will be your cup of tea if you give a try. The best thing is that there are a bunch of companies that hire beginners with just a sample test. One can earn around up to $25 per hour from these home-based transcription jobs

2. Proofreading & Editing Jobs:

One more popular area with a lot of opportunities in it. This job not only comes with decent pay rates but also elongate your knowledge in different areas. People who care about the mistakes & typos in the content they read are the best fit for this field. Especially, if you are from a native English country. You can find the opportunities everywhere from book authors to full-time bloggers. Everybody needs a proofreader and an editor.

3. Freelancing Jobs:

Well, If you have skills that don’t match any of the above jobs’ requirements then there is also a way to make a living from your skills too. No matter whatever the skill it is, you can offer your services to anyone as long as you believe that people require your services. It could be freelance writing, virtual assisting, designing, managing, or any other service. A lot of freelancing platforms are here at our fingertips. So you can start at any time and you can fix your own pay rates too.


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It is clear to show that Amazon is far more different from just purchasing products online. Also, does offers various job opportunities like writing reviews or selling products or using your craftsmanship and making money off it through Amazon.

To satisfy your side hustles and to earn that extra tip of money, this could sound a great option to choose from. It is always better to do your portion of the research before getting into any sort of section.

Please let me know if you have tried and I will be glad to read your experiences or queries in the comments section.

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