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21 Similar Apps like Mistplay To Win Money [No Surveys]

Making money online keeps getting easier with time. One of the best and easiest ways to earn money online is through apps like Mistplay.

These apps allow you to win points that you can redeem for cash or other prizes like gift cards.

In this write-up, we will shine some light on how Mistplay and similar platforms work and how to earn money from them.

Typically you need to play games or finish simple tasks like surveys to earn money on apps like Mistplay.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What is Mistplay App?

Mistplay is a gaming platform that allows you to earn points when you accomplish a set mission or task.

apps like mistplay

It is one of the trusted online money-making platforms, with over 10 Million downloads and a 4.5-star rating.

According to reviews, Mistplay has a high earning potential as long as you invest a good amount of hours.

Other than playing games, you can boost your earnings by watching ads and referring new people. The minimum payout is $0.50, which you get to receive in 2 business days.


Do Apps Like Mistplay Pay For Playing Games?

Apps like Mistplay are one of the few gaming apps where you can earn money for taking part in your pastime of playing games.

After you have completed playing a specific game on an app or you have attained a certain achievement, the app lets you know of the feat.

Some of these apps will also reward you for sharing your opinion about the game or responding to various questions about your experience while playing.

You will get a reward for offering valuable feedback to gaming companies.

The payment you get is in units so that you can redeem them for different rewards after reaching the minimum required amount to cash out.

The rewards value depends on several factors. For example, the longer the gamer remains active playing, the more Game Experience Points (GXPs) they earn.

And the higher the GXP on a game, the higher units and player experience points (PXPs) you will earn, and you can make up to $50 worth of rewards per month.


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21 Best Apps Like Mistplay to Make Real Money Online

As we already know, there are so many other platforms that are doing the same thing as Mistplay. The fact that they are too many does not mean that you can trust all of them.

You will need to rely on reviews like these to know whether a gaming platform will earn you real money or not.

Nevertheless, it is always a good idea to try out a couple of options so that you can compare the experience. That way, you can find the best app like Mistplay for you.

Here are some of the apps that are similar to Mistplay that you can try out.


1. Bingo Duel Cash

It is an online gaming app similar to Mistplay that was released just recently. Bingo Duel Cash has over 50 plus game themes to unlock your Bingo journey.

bingo duel cash app store

Each of the themes has amazing music, graphics, and animations. You can play multiple bingo cards with speed and focus on winning real cash.

There are different cash games you can play, for example, 1v1 mode or multi-player tournament mode.

You can also equip yourself with ten different bingo boosts to choose from and win Bingo and ultimate blackout. Players earn loyalty points even if they don’t win.

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2. Bingo Clash

Bingo Clash is an online bingo game that is powered by Skillz. You can get this game for free on your Android or iOS device through Google play or the IOS app store.

apps like mistplay


bingo clash

Once you have downloaded the app, you can start playing immediately, thanks to the available tutorial. The app will match you with similar skill-level users to make the games fair.

All players are served the same balls and cards. Every time you get a bingo, you get points. Win or lose, you are eligible for Ticketz. You can cash out via PayPal once you have attained $2 winnings.


3. Solitaire Clash

Solitaire Clash is an update of the classic solitaire card game. This App has added opportunities that help you play solitaire for cash prizes.

apps like mistplay

Playing Solitaire Clash is free of charge and offers a fun way to win a few bucks. Each tournament you participate in boosts an XP meter that can help unlock new content and prizes.

Players earn additional prizes and rewards based on the pricing calendar each time they log in. You can increase your earnings by watching ads and referrals. Other games like Adrenalin Rush offer a $20 prize pool and a $7 entry fee.


4. Swagbucks

Swagbucks is one of the legitimate ways to make money online by taking part in many money-making activities and earning gift cards or cash.


This is a website that lets you earn money or gift cards through surveys, watching videos, playing games, and searching.

It also has different ways that you can earn, and they are, through shopping, special offers, and print grocery coupons.

Once you sign up, you get a bonus of $10, and no payment information is required while signing up. The Swag Point button will display if you have SB points. Also, check out our complete Swagbucks review.


5. App Flame

App Flame is an app that pays you to install and play different games. You can download and sign up with your email or Facebook account.

apps like mistplay

You will earn 5555 mcoins as a sign-up bonus that will help you reach your first payout quickly. To earn from the game you are playing, you have to go through the App Flame link to open the game.

This is to help the App Flame to track the time you are spending on the game you are playing. Apps like Mistplay and AppFlame make you earn additional points through referrals.


6. InboxDollars

InboxDollars is a sight where one can take surveys, redeem cashback offers, print coupons, and complete small tasks to make money.

apps like mistplay

This can be used as an app, or you can use it on your desktop.

Once you sign up and start playing, the site starts tracking your earnings in dollars and coins, making it easier to know the exact amount you have.

The paid surveys on InboxDollars only take 5 to 20 mins to complete earning from $0.01 to $0.75. Another way to make money with InboxDollars is by watching videos.

The videos play in a tab with a countdown timer running. You can also shop online and get cashback. Also, check out our complete InboxDollars review.

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7. Match2Win

Match2Win is a get-paid-to app that rewards its users for playing a puzzle game.

There are different options to choose from to get rewards, like playing a puzzle game, where you have to spend one energy and then reach the target score to earn tokens.

apps like mistplay

You can also spin the wheel to win tokens, energy, prize multiplier, and cash. There are also sweepstakes, and it is where you spend your earned tokens to win over $1,000.

You can also join paid offers to win gold bars. In paid reviews, you will answer surveys or quizzes, play mobile games, or register on the website.

You can withdraw your earnings via PayPal or convert them to an amazon gift card.


8. MyPoints

MyPoints is an online reward platform where users earn cash or gift cards for taking surveys, playing games, watching videos, and online shopping.


You can access MyPoints online or on the free app mobile app. The points you earn on my points are redeemable for cash via gift cards on amazon, iTunes or Barnes, PayPal, or as credits.

Anytime you spend $20 through my points at any retailer within the first 30 days, you earn 1,750 points, equivalent to a $10 gift card.

Also, every time you shop online at retail shops like Walmart, Amazon, or Target, you earn cashback points. MyPoints also offer free coupons that you can print and redeem at local grocery stores.


9. Money Turn

MoneyTurn is one of the best ways to collect coins while playing games on your phone in exchange for money.

First, you will need to install the application on your android phone and then choose your login method. In the next step, you will provide Money Turn permission to detect your playtime and earn coins.

apps like mistplay

You can earn your coins by playing sponsored games. You will receive your coins per minute, depending on your country. And you can also earn with apps and follow all the instructions given.

Another way to earn is through surveys, and here you will have to participate in marketing research. However, you will answer profiling questions before proceeding to the list of surveys.

Another way to earn coins is by investing the coins you have earned.

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10. AppKarma

AppKarma is an online gaming app that rewards users for installing and running apps on their android or IOS device. Once you install the app and create a free account, you earn 50 bonus points.

After every successful game, the company gives out points that you can redeem for cash or gift cards to your favorite store.

apps like mistplay

AppKarma also gives you free scratches for a chance to win daily rewards every time you check in using the daily rewards section.

The good part about AppKarma is that you can earn scratch cards by completing daily rewards and when you buy karma plays. You will receive different types of badges that will determine the amount of bonus you get.


11. MoneyWell

Playing online games for money and gift cards is a job that anyone would like to do. Money Well is one of those apps that will make all that come true.

money well

There are several games to play here, and Money Well tracks your progress and awards you coins that can be redeemed for money or gift cards.

On top of that, you get to win gift cards that can be redeemed for incredible prices depending on which game you select to play. Money Well is free and available for Android users only.


12. Word2Win


Word2Win is a word puzzle game where players connect words to reveal hidden words. There are different levels that will help you exercise, have fun and, at the same time, win some cash.

Every time you pass a level, you receive virtual dollars that accumulate in your wallet that you can withdraw later into your PayPal account, visa or receive as gift cards.

apps like mistplay

Word2Win is available on android and IOS platforms. Word2Win gaming app allows the players to start spelling their next submission without waiting for the announcer to stop speaking.

There is an inbuilt wizard voice that will guide you every time. Word2Win is an extremely fun, fast-paced game that may be quite challenging, especially for beginners.

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13. AppStation

app station

AppStation is an app that will pay you for playing mobile games while working on other earning opportunities.

This is a legit gaming app that will only pay you after you have completed the earning opportunities the app offers.

As a player will earn a certain number of coins for playing games and answering surveys. App Station gaming app has an option where you can convert your coins to cash via PayPal or various gift cards.

To convert your coins to PayPal, you need to have at least $10, and every time you play, you earn around 30 to 70 coins.

App Station has call support in case you encounter any issues with the app, you can just press info and help. Also, check out our complete AppStation review.


14. CoinPop

apps like mistplay

Coin Pop is an online mobile game that rewards you for installing and playing free games on your phone.

This gaming app rewards you every time you play sponsored game and reach the minimum payout threshold.

Once you are there, you can redeem your coins as cash via PayPal or as a variety of e-gift cards. The Coin Pop app works worldwide however availability of games differs from country to country.

There are new different games posted on Coin Pop every day, and each time you play, you earn. Also, a generous affiliate commission is given each time to the members.


15. Toluna

Toluna is among the best available websites that will pay you for sharing your opinion. It is a legit and real site that you can earn from but is not very similar to Apps like Mistplay.


The website offers several ways you can make money from surveys, sponsored polls, content creation, contests, blogs, and daily games.

However, the main way to make money on Toluna is through surveys. Any time you qualify for a survey, you get 200 points.

Sponsored polls, on the other hand, are polls about a certain topic, and each time you earn points. You can exchange these points for cash via your PayPal account, different vouchers, or products.

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16. Cash Alarm

Cash Alarm is a mobile get-paid-to app that rewards for playing mobile games that are on their list. This app is very much similar to apps like Mistplay.

apps like mistplay

This mobile app is very legit, and yes, you can earn real money from playing any of their featured games. First, you will have to install and then log in.

However, to get your reward, you will have to go through the ‘my apps’ section. You can also earn legit cash from the referral program. Here, you will share your invite link with your friends or family.

Moreover, you can also invite them using a QR code that is shared via Facebook. You will earn 25 percent of what your referral will earn. The coins will be credited to your account, and you can redeem them as cash on PayPal or as gift cards on amazon.


17. Drop

Drop is an online free app that rewards users for shopping at any of their favorite stores and buying from partnered brands.

drop app

This gaming app is available on Android and IOS and is available for download in U.S and Canada or for anyone with a debit or credit card.

To use the app, you have to download and create your free Drop account, then connect your card.

After that, you can start shopping online through Drop, and once you are a member, you are eligible for special offers and unlimited Drops.

You can also earn points by playing games and answering surveys, then redeem your Drop points for gift card rewards.


18. Rewarded Play

Rewarded Play is an Android app that lets its users earn cash quickly for casual gaming. The Rewards Play app has games like Solitaire, mah-jong, wheel of Fortune, and many more.

apps like mistplay

You can play these games daily to earn reward points that you can exchange for gift cards on Amazon, best buy, and Target.

When playing, the points you earn add up quickly, and once you are ready to cash out, you get the electronic gift6 card of your choice within 48 hours.

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19. KashKick

KashKick is a get-paid-to site that will pay you for answering surveys and taking offers. It is one of the best sites where you can earn rewards by doing small tasks, the same with many Apps like Mistplay.

kashkick - apps like mistplayThere are different ways you can earn money on the KashKick website that includes, including participating in paid offers like watching a video or answering a quiz.

Another way to earn on KashKick is through paid surveys and referral programs.

KashKick site does not use points, so each time you earn, you will get the sum in dollars ($), and once you have earned $10, you can request payment via PayPal.


20. MoneyRAWR

Money RAWR is an Android application that rewards you for playing games as well as inviting your friends or family to join.

apps like mistplay

This gaming app is operated by AppLike Gmgh. Money RAWR is a free legit app that rewards users with gift cards or cash.

The minimum payout requirement for Money RAWR is low (0.50 pounds), and you can also make more money by using the referral program.

Once you have attained the minimum payout (6399 coins), you can exchange your coins for PayPal or your favorite gift card.


21. PlayKarma

PlayKarma is a mobile gaming app designed to provide its users with a means of earning rewards online just by playing games.

apps like mistplay

This app is available on google play and the Apple Store and does not have in-app purchases or subscription fees.

Anytime you download and play, you earn points. PlayKarma also offers rewards for watching videos and inviting new friends to join.

The app also has a VIP affiliate program that upgrades your account if you have a large audience, thus earning more from the program. To withdraw your points, click on the reward button.

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Tips to Make More Money From Apps Like Mistplay

There are lots of ways to start making money from your app, even if you’re still in the early stages of development.

Here are five tips on how to make money from apps like Mistplay as the pros do:

  • Download the app: If you’re looking for a way to make some extra cash, you might want to download the app Mistplay. Here’s how it works: you download games from the app and then play them to earn points. The more points you earn, the more chances you have to win prizes.
  • Set up your profile: fill out the details to complete your profile.
  • Start earning tokens: If you’re looking to start earning tokens from apps like Mistplay, there are a few things you can do to get started. First, be sure to complete all of the offers in the app. This will give you the most points and help you move up the leaderboard. Second, take advantage of referral bonuses by inviting your friends to join. Third, take advantage of multipliers by playing games during special events. Fourth, take advantage of daily bonuses by checking in each day.
  • Trade your tokens into cash: Withdraw your earnings once you reach the payment threshold.



If you’re looking for a quick and easy way to earn rewards, app-based reward systems like Mistplay can be a great option.

However, it’s important to keep in mind that these apps usually require you to complete tasks or engage in activities that you may not find enjoyable.

Additionally, the rewards you earn may not be worth your time or effort. Ultimately, it’s up to you to decide whether or not an app like Mistplay is worth your while.



How can I get started using apps like Mistplay?

If you’re interested in using a gaming platform like Mistplay, the first step is to download the app onto your mobile device.

Once you’ve done that, you can create an account and start browsing through the available games.


Are there any other costs associated with Apps like Mistplay?

No, there are no other costs associated with using the app. You will not be charged for any in-app purchases or for any of the games that you play.

All you need is a compatible device and an internet connection.


What if I don’t want to pay anything?

There are plenty of free-to-play games available on app gaming platforms like Mistplay.

You can also take advantage of Misplay’s Offer Wall, which allows you to earn free game credits by completing activities like watching videos or taking surveys.


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