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50 Best Shopping Sites and Apps like Wish in 2024

If you are a regular online shopper, chances are high that you know the app called Wish. Like Amazon and eBay, Wish is also one of the largest platforms to buy almost anything online but for lower prices compared to other apps like Wish.

By offering significant price differences on all category products, Wish has grown to have more than 100 million monthly active users quickly, but it lags in terms of delivery.

Yes, if you are the type of person who orders something online and can’t wait for more than a week, then you may get disappointed with Wish. Because most of the items you buy on Wish will have to be shipped from China, and that takes really long to be delivered.

If you don’t like waiting that long and really love big discounts and fast deliveries, then you need to look at these other apps like Wish.

We’ve done our research and curated a list of 50+ unique and legit platforms where you can shop online at discounted prices to save more bucks.

So, let’s begin.

Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is Wish App?

The Wish app is an e-commerce platform that lets its users buy or sell goods at discounted prices from its marketplace.

The Wish app is totally safe and secure, but most of the items you order on the Wish app deliver from China. So users should be careful about ordering fake products.

Currently, the services of this platform are available for fewer countries only. If in case it is available in your place, you can literally find anything you’d want to buy online at a very discounted price.

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How Does The Wish App Works?

Seeing through the eyes of customers, the Wish app offers a user-friendly experience with easy navigation. Even new buyers can easily navigate to their favorite section without any confusion.

When you first signup and login into your account, they’ll show you a wide range of products labeled at low prices.

wishapp sign up

Next time you login into your Wish account, it’ll likely show products based on your recent search terms or products related to your previous purchases. As you browse through it, you’ll also find higher-priced products in the $50 – $100 range.

This is how the Wish app grabs customers’ attention. But, be wary that most of the products you buy on Wish have no brand or are from a less popular brand.

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Why Is Wish So Cheap?

A lot of people wonder why the products on the Wish app are so cheap.

Coming to its business model, That’s pretty clever. Most of the merchants who sell on the platform are real manufacturers from China. Thus they can offer products for relatively low prices.

The products you buy on the Wish app directly ship from China without the involvement of any third-party merchants or middlemen who mark up the price. And one more reason for the low prices is that these products aren’t manufactured by globally known brands like Nike or Adidas.

One more thing to remember is shipping costs. Your Wish orders may take weeks to be delivered, and you have to pay high shipping costs since they will be shipped straight from China.

So, in other cases, you can get the same products for less on other platforms where free shipping is available. That’s another way to remember, and let’s discuss the other apps like Wish, where you can shop online at discounted prices.

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What Do People Feel About Wish App? – Reviews

Wish has got some awesome reviews on the Internet. It has a 4.4 /5 stars rating on Trustpilot with 157,000+ ratings, and its Android app has more than 14 million reviews with an average rating of 4.6 / 5 stars on the Google Play Store.

wish app reviews

People love the Wish app for its discounts and its user-friendliness. Anyone can browse through the app and find what they want to buy. And most people like Wish because they can literally find useful products that are less than a dollar or have huge discounts on them.

Well, that’s one side of the coin, and if you like to flip to the other side, some people don’t like it and its products.

It’s because most of the Wish products have no brand and are not so good in quality. They are made up of cheap materials.

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Sister Sites/Apps of Wish

For those who find it difficult to browse products out of a wide range of categories, Wish has four sister apps that work similarly but narrow down the offers to specific categories.

By browsing through these four apps, you’ll have the same discounted prices that you get on the Wish app. But the only difference here is that these apps serve offers in particular categories only. That obviously saves shopping time and improves the shopping experience as well.

So, let’s check these sister apps of Wish before going to discuss the other apps like Wish.


As the name suggests, this platform primarily focuses on things related to moms and children. Mama is one of the best go-to places for current or expecting mothers to find the latest clothes.

Apart from clothes, you can also purchase toys, games, school supplies, and other child-friendly items.


Home is mainly used for household products. From kitchenware to bathroom products, this platform has a wide range of products at the same discounted prices as the Wish app.

So, you better check products here instead of going to your favorite home decor store.


The Cute platform is all about cosmetics and other beauty-related products. Wide range of products available.


Geek has electronics and gadgets. You can find some useful electronic gadgets at affordable prices here.

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Cheap Shopping Sites Like Wish


1. Joom


Best-Known For: Clothes, beauty, and household products.

Offers: Get up to 70% off.

If you are searching for apps like Wish, Joom is a great alternative for regular shoppers. This platform is pretty much similar to Wish in terms of offers, features, deals, and various other products.

They offer a wide range of products and have over 20 million products to sell at discounted prices. Here you can shop for clothing, electronics, kitchen items, fashion accessories, and more.

The positives of Joom are low prices, free shipping, quality of products, and positive reviews from customers. It takes up to 2 months for products to arrive at your door, and Joom offers a full refund if you don’t receive your products within 75 days of purchase.


2. Swagbucks


Best-Known For: Free products.

Offers: Win real cash and $5 instant signup bonus.

Swagbucks offers free products and real cash, while Wish and other apps like Wish only offer discounts.

The majority of people who use Swagbucks know that it’s a platform that pays its users to complete surveys and watch videos. But what most people don’t know is that Swagbucks also pay you to test products.

This means you get free products from Swagbucks. I personally use Swagbucks and have made multiple hundreds of dollars over the years.

Swagbucks has a strong user base and clientele. So, no need to worry about the shortage of offers and opportunities.

Don’t miss the Swagbucks welcome bonus of $10. Signup now and claim your bonus.

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3. Wanelo


Best-Known For: Clothes, beauty, fashion, houshold, and all products.

Offers: Get $5 off your first order.

Wanelo is another great marketplace if you are looking for apps like Wish. The name Wanelo is the short form of “Want. Need. Love.” As the name suggests, it is their main motto.

Initially, Wanelo started the same as Wish but has grown quickly to be a known place for high-quality products.

Currently, this platform has over 30 million products and 550K associated stores. This platform lets you browse items by store, and you can also buy items from your favorite store. It’s like having a whole shopping mall on your phone.

Wanelo has become a great alternative to those who weren’t received what they ordered from apps like Wish. Wish has some negative reviews in terms of product quality, and Wanelo has been successful in filling that gap by delivering quality products.


4. Mercari

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Second-hand products.

Offers: Free shipping.

Mercari is the best go-to place for secondhand products. Here you can buy both branded products and generic products. Mercari is mainly driven by individual sellers, so there will be differences in shipping policies from one product to another. So, you better make sure before ordering stuff from Mercari.

It doesn’t take to receive products as they don’t need to be shipped from overseas. The products will be from another owner who wants to sell them.

And one more thing to remember is that make sure you discuss shipping costs with the seller. Because Mercari’s job is to connect you with sellers, it doesn’t offer free shipping services.

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5. Overstock

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Home decor, kitchenware, furniture, and interior decor.

Offers: Get up to 20% off.

If you feel you need new & trendy home decor things or want to change the look of your interior decor, then Overstock is there for you.

Apart from great prices, you’ll also find new models of trendy kitchenware, furniture, clothing, and other interior decor.

You should already get it after hearing its name that Overstock is a platform that sells surplus products. But there is no space for worries as every product it sells is brand-new and has a brand name.

Like the Wish app, the inventory of Overstock keeps changing as they only sell the products that stores didn’t sell. So, you must be on time if you like any offer on a particular product.


6. Rosegal

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Plus size clothing for women.

Offers: Get up to 50% off.

Rosegal is well known for its vintage style and urban edge styles of clothing. Apart from men’s and women’s clothing, they also have great home decor collections you can’t find elsewhere.

What made Rosegal popular is that they have a dedicated section, especially for plus-size women. Rosegal is another app like Wish with similar products and prices, and it offers free shipping on almost every order.

So, you better check and compare prices on both of these platforms before making your purchases because that can save some extra dollars you are spending.


7. Venue


Best-Known For: Clothes, furniture, and electronics.

Offers: Save up to 40% off.

If you are looking for discounts on premium brand products, then is the place for you. It is one of the popular marketplaces where you can buy top-brand clothing, gadgets, electronics, and other household products.

What makes Venue unique is that they offer a ‘buy-now-pay-later plan which allows you to buy things whenever you need them and pay anytime within 90 days from the date of purchase.

Along with the pay-later plan, you can still get up to 40% discounts on brand products. Currently, is available all over the United States and planning to expand to other countries as well.


8. Five Below

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Fashion, beauty, clothes, and fun things.

Offers: Get all products under $5 only.

As the name suggests, Five Below sells products that are $5 or below. They sell a wide range of beauty, household, fashion, electronics, gaming, and other fun things.

This company is pretty popular across the country as it has more than 600 locations in popular shopping malls. They are also available through online platforms like an app and website, where you can visit and order stuff online.

For online orders, they may charge shipping costs, but the big plus is when you want to return your online order, you can return it to their nearest store as well.


9. Book Depository

book depository

Best-Known For: Books.

Offers: Get up to 20% off and free shipping all over the world.

Well, I don’t need to explain what this platform is all about…

Book Depository is known for having a great collection of books. This app/website gives you a great experience while shopping, and you’ll surely love its collection and recommendations.

Overall, it will be a unique experience for you to shop on their platform.

Their prices are very reasonable, and the big plus is that they offer free shipping all over the world.

So, if you are tired of reading the same books and seeing the same recommendations everywhere, you can spend some time on this app to see what you are missing out on.


10. Geekbuying

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All electronic gadgets.

Offers: Get up to 5% off.

Geekbuying is completely for those who are looking for great discounts on electronics and gadgets.

This website is pretty easy to use as you can land your desired product page within seconds with the help of the easy search option right on their homepage.

They offer great deals on TVs, Computers, and other electronic gadgets. And one more good thing about this company is as it maintains its warehouses in other countries, it can deliver your orders faster than other apps like Wish and DHGate.


11. Zulily

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Children clothes, toys, and parenting products.

Offers: Get up to 70% off.

Zulily is one of the popular apps like Wish to find great deals and discounts on products. It actually started as a children’s clothing store and successfully expanded to sell a variety of products like clothes, toys, parenting products, baby care, kitchenware, and more.

Zulily sales are mostly flash sales, so they don’t last for a long time. But they send frequent email alerts to its registered members. So, you can join Zulily as a member if you want to get notified whenever there is a sale.


12. ASOS

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Clothes for both Men and Women.

Offers: Get up to 25% off on everything.

If you are looking for rock-bottom offers on fashion and clothing items, then ASOS is the best place. This store is more targeted toward teenagers and young adults. This website looks very attractive, with clear pictures and colors, and very easy to navigate the products.

They offer discount coupons right on their site, which save you money while buying stuff on the website. And if your purchases are above $40, you’ll be saved from additional shipping costs.


13. Shopkick


Best-Known For: Almost all products.

Offers: Win free gift cards.

Well, most of the apps offer deals and discounts on your shopping, but Shopkick has a different offer for you.

Instead of giving you discounts, this app pays you (reward points called Kicks) for walking into stores, scanning barcodes, comparing prices, and shopping for others.

You’ll be rewarded in Kicks for every successful activity, and these points can be withdrawn as gift cards. Shopkick is available for both iOS and Android users, and it is a fun alternative site, just like Wish.


14. Harbor Freight

harbor freight

Best-Known For: DIY projects and power tools.

Offers: Get up to 10% off.

If you are searching for apps like Wish to buy tools for your DIY projects, then Harbor Freight could be the right fit for you. But most of the tools available on Harbor Freight are for one-time use or twice.

So, it would be great to shop at Harbor Freight if you need power tools for a project or two. Irrespective of shipping costs and weight, this platform could deliver large power tools to your locations which makes it different from other platforms.

And you can also score nice deals and find interesting tools if you spend some time browsing their website.


15. JumpSend

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All Amazon products.

Offers: Get up to 90% off.

If you don’t mind giving reviews for new Amazon products, then JumpSend is a great platform to get discounts by reviewing products.

New Amazon sellers offer discounts on their products to boost their product rankings on the platform so the sales.

It’s a win-win for both of you. JumpSend acts as a mediator to connect reviewers with Sellers. After you sign up, it sends you deals that offer more than 50% discounts.


16. Poppin


Best-Known For: Furniture and other household products.

Offers: Get up to 20% off.

If you are searching for the best furniture for your house or office that is too in your budget, then head over to Poppin. It has a great collection of furniture that you can’t easily find elsewhere.

This platform sells quality desks, tables, chairs, storage, and other furniture-related stuff at very reasonable prices.

They also offer free shipping on orders above $35.


17. Tophatter

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothing, electronics, and toys.

Offers: Daily discounts.

Unlike shopping apps like Wish, Tophatter operates on an auction-style system where customers can bid on their favorite products and win. Instead of paying full price, here you can win products bidding as low as $1.

Typically, these auctions take 90 seconds to be declared so it won’t take that long to know if you won or not. They sell gadgets, toys, electronics, and fashion clothing, and offer a 30-refund policy.


18. Booksrun

get paid to read books

Best-Known For: Books.

Offers: Make Money by selling books.

If you are a book freak, then Booksrun is a great place where you can find gently used books at cheaper prices. And it’s hard to find great deals, especially on books on other shopping apps like Wish as their product range is wide.

This platform also lets you rent books. You can find widely famous and all kinds of books at cheaper prices. Not only to buy books but if you want this platform can also be used to sell your old and unwanted books.


19. Jackthreads

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Men’s clothing and accessories.

Offers: Lower prices compare to others.

Jackthreads is another shopping app like Wish you can download from the Google Play Store. This app is completely for men’s clothing and accessories.

They offer you special purchase discounts if you are a teacher, student, first responder, or serve in the military.

This platform also has some special sections where you can score special deals by browsing deeply. Jackthreads offers lower prices than its competitors so they sell out so fast. You better be quick if you want to grab any special offers.


20. Groupon

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 20% off..

Groupon is a store that doesn’t sell any items itself but offers discounts and deals on almost every product you could think of. It allows brands and businesses to offer discounts and coupons through its platform, where customers can avail of these offers to get discounts.

Groupon is not only connected brands with customers, this company is also a great place for new brands to get the exposure they want. It’s been more than a decade in the business.


21. DollarShaveClub


Best-Known For: Razors and beauty products.

Offers: Get razors at just $3 to $9 only.

As the name suggests, DollarShaveClub offers shaving razors for just $1 on your first order. Despite offering razors at a very low cost, they don’t compromise on quality at all.

These razors actually cost between $3 – $9, and you have to pay the actual price for later months. And apart from razors, this company also sells other environment-friendly beauty products at discounted prices.


22. Snagshout

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 80% off.

Another platform that offers crazy discounts to users to review products. Just like JumpSend we discussed above. Reviews are very important in today’s e-commerce business because they boost sales significantly.

But the number of deals on Snagshout is limited compared to Jumpsend, so you must be quick if you want to review any products. You can avail up to 80% off on their products.


23. Bonanza

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothing, electronics and household products.

Offers: Get great offers on branded products.

Like other shopping apps like Wish, Bonanza is also a great place to shop for household, electronics, art, clothing, and other products. But on Wish, most products are from unknown brands, but Bonanza lets its sellers sell name-brand products only.

Currently, it has 15000+ genuine sellers on the platform, and it’s worth your time to check it once before you shop elsewhere.


24. One Kings Lane

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Furniture and vintage items.

Offers: Get up to 25% off.

One Kings Lane is many peoples’ favorite as it sells astonishing vintage furniture collections. If you are a person who loves vintage stuff, then One Kings Lane is a place to buy unique vintage furniture at very low prices.

It’s not like businesses who try to cash the concept of vintage art. Their models are hard to find elsewhere, and definitely a better alternative to apps like Wish.


25. CafePress

sites like wish

Best-Known For: T-shirts, phone cases, mugs and other products.

Offers: Get printed designs less then $20 only.

CafePress is for those who are not satisfied with available products and go one more step forward to customize what they want. CafePress prints custom designs of your choice on T-shirts, mugs, phone cases, and other accessories.

CafePress pricings are low compared to other platforms, here you can get your designs printed for less than $20 only.


26. Jumia

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 50% off.

Jumia is another shopping platform where you can score deals on regularly used brands like Pampers, L’Oreal, Canon, and all. This website is initially launched in Africa but now it is also available in the United States.

It sells items in almost all categories. So, if you could be quick at grabbing flash deals, then this would be another great place to shop.


27. JollyChic

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 70% off.

JollyChic is another one of the popular shopping apps like Wish that literally sells anything you could find online. They have a great inventory of products and offer the best deals every single day.

If you have fast fingers to grab everyday flash deals you can get really nice discounts on regular products.


28. Lazada

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 50% off.

Similar to what we have discussed above, Lazada also offers great markdowns on almost every category of products. The offers are up to the choices of individual private sellers. So like on the Wish app, the offers keep changing every day.

This website recommends products and deals based on your search history too.


29. Vipon


Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Get up to 50% -90% off.

Vipon is another shopping app that offers discount coupons on your orders. You can get as much as 50 – 90% discounts using those coupons on your future orders.


Other Chinese Apps Like Wish


30. AliExpress

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All Amazon products.

Offers: Get up to 90% off.

Owned by Jack Ma’s Alibaba Group, AliExpress is one of the biggest e-commerce stores in the world. AliExpress is currently available to global customers, but the sellers are only from China.

This platform looks giant like Amazon in appearance but if you browse deep it is more similar to Wish. From electronics to clothing, it has a wide range of products to deliver and offers huge discounts when you order in bulk.

AliExpress gets new stock every day so there won’t be any days you don’t find a product you are on it for. In case it is sold out, it will be restocked in a day or you’ll have better alternative products right there only.

Like Wish, AliExpress also allows shippers and merchants to set their own shipping prices and policies. They also provide 24/7 assistance if you need any and they also provide a buyer protection cover policy.

Coming to the shipping, most of the sellers offer it for free but it takes 20 – 39 days for products to arrive at your location. Overall, AliExpress is a great alternative site to Wish to get huge discounts on your orders.


31. Keep

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothes, beauty products and other gadgets.

Offers: Get up to 70% off.

Keep is very much similar to Wish but here you can buy the products of known brands like Under Armour, Nordstrom, Sephora, and more.

There is no concept of reselling on Keep so you are literally buying name-brand products right from the manufacturer only. So you don’t need to worry about the quality of products or about buying unknown brand products.

Keep is more targeted at beauty products and clothing. You can also gifts, gadgets, and household products. Keep is like one big virtual shopping mall where you can buy different brand products and check out with one single payment.


32. DHGate


Best-Known For: clothes, accessories and jewelry.

Offers: Save up to 50% off.

DHGate is another app like Wish that connects Chinese manufacturers and suppliers to consumers all over the world. This platform offers discounts on all kinds of products including gadgets, goods, and more.

DHGate offers discounts based on your shopping behavior. If you are a regular shopper at DHGate, you will probably be eligible for higher discounts than a person who just signed up for it.

For new shoppers, their website is more recommended than the app for a better experience.


33. LightInTheBox

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothing, beauty and fashion products.

Offers: Get up to 10% off.

One more Chinese company in the line that sells anything you could think of. LightInTheBox has 10+ different categories like clothes, gadgets, electronics, drones, and even wedding dresses.

This website offers multiple shipping options. So, if you don’t care about spending a little more bucks, you can opt for expedited shipping which delivers your products within a week.

And one more reason to like LightInTheBox is that they offer reward points and you can use them to save money on your future purchases.


34. GearBest

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All electronic products.

Offers: Get up to 60% off.

Another Chinese e-commerce store on the list is GearBest, a platform known for a wide range of electronic products like gears, phones, PCs, lifestyle items, and other electronics.

The products they sell in their store are directly from local factories, so they offer the lowest prices on trending products. Like other shopping apps like Wish, GearBest products also take time to be delivered since they are from China.

To shop on this platform, you can use your credit card or your PayPal.


35. TinyDeal

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Free shipping.

TinyDeal is another Chinese app just like Wish that sells in almost every category. You can get the maximum discounts on products as they are directly from manufacturers located in China.

Free shipping will be available on big orders and it also depends on the manufacturer’s policies. So, make sure about these shipping and refund policies, before you buy from any seller.


36. Banggood

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothes, gadgets, and household products.

Offers: Get up to 50% off.

Banggood is another Chinese e-commerce app like Wish. Unlike AliExpress, this platform allows customers to track their orders. You can buy gadgets, clothes, and other household products at discounted prices.

This company is not as big as Wish or AliExpress. So, there would be limited products but they offer great deals.


Popular & Best Wish Alternatives


37. Amazon

apps like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: fast delivery and easy returns.

Well, Amazon needs no introduction. The Biggest e-commerce platform on the planet. We all know, that we literally can buy anything on Amazon and this company also offers discounts and deals from time to time.

With its prime subscription, you can get your products delivered in a day or two days. You can also shop on Amazon using your Amazon gift cards offered by a lot of cashback or reward apps out there on the Internet.

Check out these websites to get free Amazon gift cards.


38. Poshmark

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Men & Women clothes.

Offers: Get real cash for selling clothes.

Poshmark is a great place to find brand-new designer clothes or gently used secondhand clothes as well. Not only for shopping, but this platform also allows its users to sell gently used clothes at good prices.

So, you can find nice shoes, jackets, jeans, and other items of clothing at very discounted prices very often. You feel better using their app than the website because it is a lot easier to navigate items. However, it’s our personal experience, you might feel comfortable with the website as well.

Apart from saving money on clothing, if you want, you can also create your own Poshmark ‘closet’ to sell your gently used old clothes for some quick bucks.

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39. eBay


Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: Daily discounts.

Who doesn’t know about eBay? It is one of the e-commerce giants in the world right now. Apart from regular “Buy now” shopping, eBay also offers auction-style shopping on the platform.

You literally can buy anything on eBay using their app or website. Since the products on the platform are sold by individual sellers, things like discounts, shipping costs, and return policies vary from one seller to another seller.


40. Craigslist

Best-Known For: Secondhand products.

Offers: Get money by selling old stuff.

Craigslist is an online marketplace to buy secondhand stuff from people in your local areas. Sometimes, you can even find new items when someone bought a thing and didn’t get time to use them.

Finding what you are searching for is very easy with Craigslist. All you have to do is that you visit their website and either you browse things by category or just search by entering the name of the item you want to buy.

Check out these legit sites like Craigslist to buy or sell stuff in 2023.


41. LetGo


Best-Known For: Furniture.

Offers: Sell products and make money.

LetGo is another place like Craigslist to buy large stuff like furniture or wardrobes from your local area people. The best part is that you can meet the sellers in person and negotiate the price before closing the deal.

And make sure you meet them in safe places or public places for security purposes.


42. Facebook Marketplace

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All products.

Offers: You have to negotiate with owner.

Facebook Marketplace is another great option we have to buy secondhand things from sellers in your local area. Here you can buy/sell your car, bikes, TVs, electronics, gadgets, and other household products.

And you can also check this place for real estate deals. It’s another way to get brand products at discount prices.

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Apps Like Wish With Fast Shipping


43. Fab


Best-Known For: Gadgets, home decor and gift items.

Offers: Free shipping.

Fab is like the pro version of the Wish app but for fewer categories only. This is a great place for gadgets, art, home decor item, and gifts. You must try Fab if you like canvas arts, modern decors, gym equipment, or other wellness products.

Fab discounts aren’t going to beat the Wish app but they bring quality instead. This platform operates from the United States itself so it won’t take months to get your products.

Shipping is free when you order products worth $75 or above. For orders less than $75, you’ll have to $5.95 as shipping cost which is comparatively lesser than other platforms.

Note: FAB was working on an update while we are writing this post. You can check here for the current status.


44. Dollar1

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Clothing, electronics and kitchenware.

Offers: Fast delivery and bargaining option.

For people who love discounts and bargains, Dollar1 should be their first priority store. They sell authentic and quality products at very low prices because they buy in bulk from stores that are going to be shut down.

Coming to what it sells, they have a wide range of products in clothing, electronic gadgets, toys, kitchenware, and other accessories.

Since this store operates in the US, you don’t need to worry about the quality of the products, and your orders get delivered faster than other shopping apps like Wish.


45. DealeXtream

sites like wish

Best-Known For: All electronic and household products.

Offers: Some products are under $5 only.

DealeXtream is well-known for daily hot sales, and flash deals. You can browse products priced as low as $0.99 on their online store. You have an option ‘under $5’ tab to find some great products and deals available.

And this platform offers an overall discount at the end when you buy multiple products even if they are from different sellers.

Some of your products might ship from China but this company has a warehouse located in the US, so they offer 48 hour UPS shipping option for some products.


46. DollarTree

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Classroom essentials.

Offers: Some products are at just $1.

DollarTree is an American company that has dollar stores all across the country. They also have their own app and website where customers can browse and buy all the dollar store items using their devices.

You can buy toys, crafts, kitchen items, and other products just for $1 each. Plus, as it is based in the US, your products will arrive faster with DollarTree than with the Wish app.


Cheap Clothing Apps Like Wish For Women


47. Shein

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Women’s clothing.

Offers: Save up to 80% off.

Shein is one of the largest shopping apps like Wish, but this platform is only for women’s clothing. You can find new trendy clothes at lower prices than on other platforms. Shein offers coupons on your purchases which can be used to save up to 80% on your future orders.

Their website looks so cool and clear, with beautiful pictures and easy-to-navigate options.

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48. SammyDress

apps like wish

Best-Known For: Clothes and other accessories.

Offers: Get up to 50% off.

Looking for other shopping apps like Wish that offer crazy deals on clothing, then SammyDress is a great alternative for Wish.

They are popular for having a great collection of women’s clothing and they also sell men’s clothes and other accessories.

They offer coupons on your purchases which can be used to save money on your future shopping.


49. RainbowShops

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Plus-size clothes for women.

Offers: Get up to 70% off.

RainbowShops is especially for plus-size women. They have a great collection in the plus-size category and sell at very discounted prices. You can even buy new trendy items for less than $15 each.

With a wide range of collections and great deals, RainbowShops could be your favorite store if you are a plus-size woman.


50. Miss A

sites like wish

Best-Known For: Beauty and make-up products.

Offers: Products prices start at $1.

Which woman doesn’t like beauty or make-up products? That too at cheaper prices and greater discounts.

Miss A sells almost all kinds of makeup products at good prices. Moreover, all of these Miss A products are PETA approved and not tested on any animals at all. You can buy these chemicals-free products for just $1.


Apps Like Wish – Conclusion

wish app ratings

And that’s the wrap! Shopping apps have become a part of our life and it’s always a better idea to know what these platforms have to offer us in terms of discounts, deals, and coupons.

Some people feel buying products at discounts is like buying low-quality products or defective products or used ones. But the real reasons behind these offers are to acquire new customers, increase brand awareness, get quality reviews, or increase sales.

So, it’s a win-win situation on both ends. Hope this post helps you save some bucks on your future shopping. In case, if you have any suggestions or any other company we missed here, leave a comment below.


Apps Like Wish FAQs


Is the Wish app legit?

Yes, the Wish app is 100 percent legit and trustworthy. But one has to go through the shipping and refund policies before making orders.


What is Wish Shopping?

Wish is an e-commerce platform from China where you can buy any kind of product at very low prices.

Wish is a great place to save money when you buy products in bulk. This platform is available in several countries but takes at least a month to deliver products.


What app is cheaper than Wish?

Although Wish offers great markdowns on products, there are several other apps to compete with Wish. They also offer similar or even better offers.

And that is what we’ve discussed in the above list. Those 50 platforms are the best in their own way of offering deals. So, you can go through the list and pick the ones you like.


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