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20 High-Paying Apps Like Wonolo In 2024 (Up To $50/Hour)

You may get shocked to know that over 36% of the US workforce relies on gig economy apps like Wonolo to make extra money on the side.

Most of them use those apps for a second job. But quite a handful of people also use those to get full-time opportunities.

More than 63% full-time working population expressed their interest in trying gig economy apps, as they count it as the best way to generate legit passive income. And 75% of people currently working with these apps are happy about their monthly earnings.

But it is also true that not every platform is legit. So, it was quite a hectic job to find the best alternatives for apps like Wonolo.

So, I invested time in checking all the gig economy and job boards available in the USA. Stay with me to see what I’ve found!


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What Is Wonolo?

apps like Wonolo

Source: Wonolo

Established in 2014, Wonolo was actually intended for digital nomads where; they could get paid to travel and work at the same time. But after some time, they pivoted and worked completely on gig economies for the next few years.

It has gained more than a million active members by the end of 2016. Fast-track it to 2024, and Wonolo is now one of the best freelancing job boards in the USA.

You can get various jobs from different industries on this platform, such as labor, FMCG, F&B, HORECA, retail, event staffing, and sales.

Besides on-site or in-office jobs, you can also find some high-paying WFH jobs as well. And you can choose your shift beforehand to balance your work-life routine.

This freelancing app is currently available in almost all the major cities in the USA. And you can download the app from Google Play Store or Apple App Store to get started.

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20 Best And High-Paying Apps Like Wonolo

It is true that there are loads of apps like Wonolo which can be accessed worldwide. But not every platform gives the same opportunity and pays the same hourly rate.

So, I’ve carefully selected 20 such legit platforms that you can try with complete confidence in 2024. Here they are!


1. Instawork

apps like Wonolo - Instawork

Source: Instawork

Instawork is my personal favorite among Wonolo’s competitors. You can easily find jobs that pay up to $40/hour right here. And it has eight years of track record to back that claim.

You’ll mostly get labor, warehouse, hospitality, and culinary jobs. However, you can also try your hands on home assembly jobs if you are good at it.

Right now, it is available in over 30 metro cities in the USA. And you can become a member of the Instawork community if you are at least 18 and have a smartphone with you. But yes, you need to go through a background check.

Besides the part-time one, you can also find full-time opportunities on this platform. You can also preselect your desired shifts and work accordingly.


2. TaskRabbit

Short Task sites - Taskrabbit

Source: Taskrabbit

Who doesn’t know about TaskRabbit and its Taskers? I first discovered this platform while I took up a challenge to make $200 or more in a day. And this platform truly lived up to the expectation.

If you are looking for Android apps for genuine jobs, you need to try TaskRabbit at least once. No issue if you are a skilled professional or just a newbie in this field; there is a job for everyone.

The best thing about TaskRabbit is that you can set your own hourly rate. Besides, you can preselect your shift timing as well. And you can easily manage all the workflow from the app only.

It is available in all the major cities in the USA. But you need to submit your social security number to make an account here. Besides, you need to be open to background verification.


3. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Best Jobs - Amazon Mechanical Turk

Source: Amazon Mechanical Turk

This one is a subsidiary business of the eCommerce giant Amazon. And in MTurk, you can find jobs and projects that only a human can do. And that’s why they call it HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

  • Website: Amazon mTurk
  • Apps: N/A (mTurk Suite – Available on Chrome)
  • Established In: 2005
  • Available In: Worldwide
  • Pay Range: $10 to $18/Hour
  • Dreamshala Rating: 4.7/5

Amazon MTurk is a true alternative among apps like Wonolo, as you can find legit WFH jobs that pay up to $18 an hour. Although it seems a bit low, you’ll get a constant stream of available work here.

It is better paying than any unskilled job in the current market. If you don’t prefer labor-intensive jobs, MTurk is also the right suit for you, as most of the projects are based on online skills.

From SEO works to web development, from transcription to copywriting, opportunities are endless here. And you can even find Amazon proofreading jobs on MTurk.


4. Amazon Flex

Best Side Income App - Amazon Flex

Source: Amazon Flex

What MTurk is for online tasks Flex is for deliveries. As an Amazon Flex delivery partner, you’ll do the delivery jobs of Amazon products. And it is ideal if you are looking for genuine jobs paying $20+ an hour.

Age is no bar here, as you can join if you are at least 18 years old. It is also available in all the countries where Amazon is available. So, you can get driving jobs for retirees, even on subcontinents.

Everything can be controlled through the Flex app. You can preselect your shift time, your delivery locations, and even payments. Besides, you’ll get the navigation for delivery points from the app only.

But a valid driving license is a must to apply for Flex. And in some countries, you also need to have your own vehicle or bike.


5. Indeed Flex

apps like Wonolo - Indeed Flex

Source: Indeed Flex

The famous job portal site, Indeed, acquired a UK-based job portal called Syft in 2019. They then rebranded it as Indeed Flex in 2020. And now, you can get fun jobs that pay well on this platform.

From hospitality to retail, from clerical to industrials, you can find various kinds of opportunities on Indeed Flex.

Although it is currently available in the USA and UK only, Indeed is soon planning to launch it worldwide.

It is easy to create a profile here. All you need is to declare your expertise and work experience to catch the attention of employees. You can also apply directly through the app.

However, some jobs may need you to go through an onboarding interview. You can fix your asking rate or can go with the client’s rate. And you’ll receive weekly payments right onto your linked bank account.


6. Postmates

Best Side Job App - Postmates

Source: Postmates

Postmates is undoubtedly among the best apps like Wonolo, where you can get food delivery jobs.

It is exclusively available in the USA (in all major cities). And you need to have permanent citizenship or a work permit to get a job on Postmates.

It mainly focuses on food delivery, although it has recently started delivering items on people’s demand. And you can choose your preferred area to do your delivery jobs.

You need to have a car or a bike to get started. And depending on the commute, you’ll earn between $1 and $3 per mile.

You can get high-paying jobs like DoorDash on Postmates. And in many areas, it is even better paying than DoorDash. Besides, you’ll also get weekly bonuses for your work performance.


7. Qwick

apps like Wonolo - Qwick

Source: Qwick

Qwick gained huge momentum during the pandemic crisis for providing genuine last-night jobs. It mainly focuses on Food and beverage industry.

So, if you are looking for a way to enter the hotel industry, it is the best one for you.

From Texas to New York, you can get Qwick jobs throughout the USA. But sadly, it is now for house-sitting jobs or any other unskilled jobs. You need an active license (such as a chef’s license) to get a job here.

The best thing about this platform is that you can get up to $30/hour if you have decent experience in the F&B industry. But yes, you need an in-person orientation to attend.

It is probably among only a few platforms where you’ll get paid just hours after ending your shift. They also encourage the workers to build a relationship with the recruiter to go for a permanent job.


8. Jiffy On Demand

apps like Wonolo - Jiffy On Demand

Source: Jiffy On Demand

Jiffy On Demand is a service app where you can get both skilled and unskilled jobs. It is a great platform if you are looking for part-time weekend jobs as well.

From hardware installation to repairing jobs, options are many here. And you can set your own asking price on Jiffy. But yes, they will take up to an 18% cut depending on your job profile and asking rate.

There is no doubt that it is among the best companies that pay weekly. And you can get up to $85/hour or more if you are good with handyman’s jobs.

Besides the USA, you can access it in most major cities in Canada, such as Toronto. But you need proper licenses and insurance to get selected for any project.


9. BlueCrew

apps like Wonolo - BlueCrew

Source: BlueCrew

BlueCrew is actually a staffing company where you can choose your preferred shift timing and location. It is now available all over the USA as a legit alternative to apps like Wonolo.

You can get high-paying non-phone jobs on this platform, as it mainly focuses on warehousing, hospitality, and delivery. However, you may also get some online projects, such as bookkeeping jobs.

Blue Crew has a point system with which they evaluate the performance of any worker. You’ll get 5 points for completing each shift. And you get some more points if you get a 5-star rating from the employer.

Joining is easy, although you need to go through a background verification. Besides you may also need to proceed with an in-person interview session.


10. GigSmart

Best Side Gig - GigSmart

Source: GigSmart

GigSmart is known for temporary work! From daycare to customer service, from delivery to warehousing, you can find many opportunities here. And if you are looking for high-paying jobs in public utilities, it is also a great option.

GigSmart also offers some non-traditional projects, such as summer jobs for teachers. So, the options are many. And you are free to choose your asking rate and the shift timing.

However, you need to pay a flat $1/hour commission to the company. On the other hand, you get occupational accident insurance from ODICA (On-Demand Independent Contractor’s Association).

They also conduct background verification and DMV checks. You’ll receive your payment within two weeks of a project or shift completion. But yes, you can fast-pace the entire process by paying a 3% payment processing fee.


11. Bellhop

apps like Wonolo - Bellhop

Source: Bellhop

Bellhop mainly focuses on transportation and moving jobs. So, if you have any prior experience in the packers and movers industry, you’ll get an advantage. But it offers entry-level jobs as well.

As this will be mainly on transportation, you need to have some physical strength. The current criteria are to lift at least 100 lbs. Besides, you also need to handle your own transportation.

Depending on your time preference, you can either go for a full-time shift or a part-time one. Many people also consider it as a side job that pays up to $80/hour.

After applying through the app, you need to go through an online or in-person interview followed by a complete background verification. Once done, you can join immediately.


12. Thumbtack

apps like Wonolo - Thumbtack

Source: Thumbtack

Thumbtack is undoubtedly among the best apps like Wonolo, where you can get both part-time and full-time opportunities.

You can get traditional and non-traditional jobs that pay up to $40/hour.

From appliance repairing to cleaning, from house renovation to roofing, you can get various jobs right here. And you can easily make $100/day or more just by working with Thumbtack.

There is no joining fee involved. However, you need to buy some lead credits to get the employer’s contact. And there are more than 500 different job categories to choose from, with hundreds of employers in each category.

Right now, it is exclusively available in the USA. And if you are staying in any major city throughout the states, this offer is open for you.


13. SnagAJob

Best Gig Economy Apps - SnagAJob

Source: SnagAJob

SnagAJob mainly focuses on retail, customer service, hospitality, and HORECA. There are ample opportunities listed on this platform, both full-time and part-time.

You can even get mystery shopping jobs here.

Available all across the USA, you can apply to become a part of SnagAJob if you are at least 18 years old. So, if you are a college goer or just a freshman, you can definitely try this one.

This platform also prefers to hire locally. So, you’ll be only matched with nearby job providers. And it also focuses on long-term games rather than short-term ones.

If you subscribe to their service, you’ll receive “Daily Job Matches” that will give you tailored job opportunities depending on your skillset and experience. It is like having an unpaid HR on your side to find you the right job.


14. Upshift

apps like Wonolo - Upshift

Source: Upshift

Upshift is another of the best apps like Wonolo, where you can get side jobs that pay up to $80/hour.

However, the average rate lies between the minimum wage and $40.

It gives you the option to preselect your preferred shift timing, along with your preferred location. You can also preschedule your shifts for months from the app.

Although this platform focuses on F7B and the customer service industry, you can get other opportunities as well. I even found some legit side jobs for engineers right here.

Once they accept your application, you’ll be notified if you are selected. You then need to go through a background verification and in-person interview to get your final joining letter.

But remember that only 12% of applicants successfully passed both tests.


15. WorkMarket

apps like Wonolo - WorkMarket

Source: WorkMarket

Available exclusively in the USA and Canada, WorkMarket is a great platform to get your dream second job (without leaving your main day job). And there are various jobs available in different industries.

The hourly payment is way above the minimum wage. So, if you want to make $300 fast and easily with side jobs, this is the right platform for you.

The initial application process is simple, and it can be done through the app. But once selected, you need to go through a background verification followed by a drug test.

It is quite a rewarding platform as it has paid close to $350 million. Besides, it is also to cash out from this app as it pays through PayPal, direct transfer, and through WorkMarket Visa card.


16. Shiftsmart

Best Gig Economy App - Shiftsmart

Source: Shiftsmart

If you want to work smart, you surely need to Shiftsmart! And if you are looking for a part-time job after high school or some low-stress jobs after retirement, this platform has opportunities for all of you.

Shiftsmart offers both freelance and in-office jobs in both part-time and full-time formats. Besides, it has a whole range of fun jobs that pay well these days.

Although it is now available in over 50 countries, it mainly focuses on the USA and Canada, where the opportunities are relatively higher. And you have full control over preselecting your shift timing.

Once you get paid by the employer, your money will be dispatched through direct deposit within three days. But if you want an instant transfer, you can do it by paying a small $3 processing fee.


17. Juvo Jobs

Highest-paying Apps like Wonolo - Juvo Jobs

Source: Juvo Jobs

Juvo Jobs is one of the high-paying apps like Wonolo, where you can get hourly jobs. There are lots of different work genres to choose from, such as tele calling or WFH sales jobs.

From hospitality to retail, from volunteering to customer service, there are ample opportunities listed on this platform that offers lucrative earning options.

It is also very easy to create a profile on Juvo Jobs. All you need is to download the app, log in through your email account or your existing Google account and upload your basic details.

You can then directly record a 30-second introduction video from the app. The best thing is you don’t even need to upload or curate your resume on this platform.


18. Jobble

Best Side Gig - Jobble

Source: Jobble

Are you looking for jobs that don’t take drug tests? Then Jobble is the right one for you. It offers a whole range of job opportunities, but everything is at an hourly rate. Yes, they specialize in hourly jobs.

It is a gig economy app where you can get staffing, manufacturing, retail, and even driving jobs. Besides, it has a curated job board in the HORECA industry.

You can download this app on your iOS or Android device. You can then easily create your resume by uploading your full details with your skillset and job experience. Once done, you can start searching for jobs in any specific area.

Most jobs here pay according to the minimum age. However, some jobs are listed on this platform that can fetch you as much as $25/hour.


19. Angi

Best Side Gig - Angi

Source: Angi

Angie’s List has now been rebranded as Angi! There is no doubt that Angi is among the best apps like Wonolo, which has been in operation for more than three decades now.

Often dubbed as the best odd-job app, you can get a whole range of jobs from different industries on Angi. Right now, it has close to 5 million members spread across the USA, Canada, and Australia.

You get most projects here if you are from the repair or home improvement industry. There is an extensive range of jobs posted in the cleaning, roofing, lawnmowing, and painting categories each day.

If you are good with your craft and have satisfied your customers, you’ll get an “A+” badge on your profile. And that will create better visibility on this app.


20. Moonlighting

The 2020 decade is the era of moonlighting. Due to growing economic pressure and loads of job losses, moonlighting became quite a normal thing in the job field. And this Moonlighting app took it to the next level.

You can get immediate-hire jobs in various industries, such as retail, customer service, telemarketing, and sales. And all these jobs pay up to $25 an hour on average.

It also gives you the freedom to do your job from home. So, if you are looking for jobs where you work alone, it is also the perfect fit for you.

There is a unique chat feature on this app that lets you connect directly with the clients. And you can communicate with them during the project to make required changes and edits.


Tips For Making More Money On Gig Economy Apps Like Wonolo

It is true that you can get jobs that pay $50 an hour on gig economy apps. But most people fail to secure anything above the minimum wage. So, what is the gap between those?

It is because they are not doing the right things. So, here are my tested tips to make more money on apps like Wonolo.

  • Rely on your skillset. Try those work genres which you know you are good at.
  • Don’t change your work profile. If you have experience in a certain trade, stick to it. It will add value in the long term.
  • Don’t get influenced by others’ earnings. Stick to a predefined goal and work for it.
  • Set a monthly income goal and try to achieve it in the shortest possible time. It will give you some space to earn some incentives.
  • Don’t rely on just one gig economy app. Instead, create your profile in multiple apps to take advantage of a bigger pool of recruiters.
  • If you are working as an independent contractor, track your expenses. It will also help you with your tax burdens.

It is also better to stay away from the Pyramid schemes or direct sales. Although the (alleged) earning potential is lucrative, more than 90% of people suffer a net loss while doing these jobs.


Final Note

There are some best freelancing apps where you can directly bid for a project, such as Fiverr or Upwork. I personally prefer those job boards as they give me the freedom to negotiate directly with the employer. But yes, those are for WFH jobs.

If you are looking for on-site or in-office jobs, there are many apps like Wonolo that can help you with that. However, before trying any app, you need to check their review and their job-providing ratio.

You can also try some free money hacks (tested in 2023) if you are desperately looking for some side income.


Apps Like Wonolo – FAQs

How Much Can You Make On Wonolo?

You can make anywhere between $20 and $50 on Wonolo, depending on your skillset and experience.

But most full-time workers here make $25 to $30/hour on average. And on the part-time genre, pay ranges from $15 to $20/hour.


Is There Another App Like Wonolo?

Yes, there are many apps like Wonolo where you can get legit part-time, full-time, hourly and WFH jobs.

Instawork and TaskRabbit are among the most trusted ones in the USA. However, GigSmart, BlueCrew, Angi, and Jobble are other great options that you can try.


Do You Have To File Taxes With Wonolo?

Yes, you need to file taxes for your income from Wonolo.

If any recruiter pays you more than $600, you need to file a 1099-NEC (or the employer will submit it on behalf of you). And if the income is under $600, you don’t need to file it but surely need to show it in your tax.


Does Wonolo Pay Daily?

Yes, Wonolo does offer daily payment. But there is a condition to it. Your work needs to be completed on the same day.

However, the money can take up to 5 business days to reflect on your bank account.


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