8 Smartphone Apps That Pay You To Unlock Your Phone

Never thought that there are some apps that literally pay you to unlock your phone. All that easy?

With this thought, I gave it a try to research whether the idea of apps that pay to unlock the phone is actually legit or a scam.

Later realized that this requires no extra work and also lets you earn for search basic thing.
I hope my research on these apps will let you pocket some extra cash. Below, there is a small list of legit apps that pay you to unlock your phone.


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How Does This Work In Actual?

Simply, you need to install the app on your mobile and these applications will redirect your phone’s address to the companies whose ads will appear on the screen.

Every time you unlock your phone there will be an advertisement popping up on the screen.

There are basic 2 ways to earn –

  • Click on the advertisement to view.
  • Give it a left or right swipe to just ignore the advertisement.

You will earn both the options. Clicking and viewing the ad will definitely give you an extra benefit compared to the other option.

Not all the advertisement need your specific care for a particular period of time. Just a glance will also add view pennies to your account.

There is also a benefit like you can use two or more applications together which will let you earn quickly.

Remember you need to unlock your phone twice and get through the advertisements accordingly.


8 Apps That Pay You To Unlock Your Phone

Frankly speaking, it is not like playing a game of locking and unlocking the phone.

These applications work according to a few functions or calculations.

Finally, the payment depends upon each and every step you take on your phone. So make sure you use the phone as in you use it in your regular lifestyle.

Also, make sure you install these apps only on your Android phones because iOS configured phones do not entertain such applications.

Now, let’s directly jump into the list which will let you earn by unlocking your phone:


1. ScreenLift

To date, ScreenLift is considered one of the best applications that give you a source of income for just unlocking smartphones.

This provides you with rewards where your earning is in the form of points or technically called as ‘Lifts’.

This application lets you customize your lock screen with a few unique features. After setting up your phone screen you need to use your phone on a regular basis.

For each time you swipe your phone to unlock you will be earning money.

You can view many testimonials on their website which will give you a guarantee of the amount they’re actually earning.

Payment: Made through PayPal, where earning 1500 lifts will sum up to $1 (to Cash-Out). Try to accumulate more points to earn quickly.


2. Perk – Screen App

Even this application rewards you in the form of points. You will earn rewards in the form of points where you can redeem for gift cards.

Also, remember to install the Perk wallet to collect your tokens.

I understand the amount is too low, yet who is going to pay you for just unlocking your phone? Don’t worry and just give it a try, you would earn in slow motion for just not doing anything.

Not only the phone screen app, but Perk also has TV apps or video watching apps and many others, which will let your earnings speed up.

Remember, 2 or 3 applications can be used at the same time and you can earn by unlocking them.

As the logarithms will trap your IP address, remember not to use the same VPN numbers or Ip address to claim rewards for many.

Payment: For every 5 times, you unlock your phone ( Regular use ), you will gain 1 point and will earn $0.01 cents for 10 such points. Enjoy by redeeming it for many options.

Installing and getting registered with Perk is the basic procedure to utilize the benefits of this app. Then customize your settings and start swiping your phone to unlock.


3. Adme

You will earn $1 for downloading the application and signing up at Adme.

An advertisement pops up on your screen as soon as you unlock your phone and you will be paid for viewing the advertisement or just ignoring the ads by sliding it to your right.

These ads are family-friendly which are usually discount coupons or any similar deals.

Make sure you won’t be earning for every time you unlock the screen. The applications run with a specific algorithm.

This earning is open for Android users only, IOS users have to be patient enough (the process is still on).

Payment: $1 for signing up + $0.50 cents for referring + $0.02 cents for every time you unlock your screen. Finally, cash out when you happily cross $10.

Installing and signing up with your details, unlock a phone to view or not to view the advertisement are 3 basic steps. Referring to the app will also earn you some extra bonus amount.


4. SlideJoy

SlideJoy is one of the best apps that pay you to unlock your phone screen with three basic steps.

Enjoy earning by viewing or just skipping the advertisements you receive on your mobile phone.

This app will let you donate the cash you earn by unlocking your phone.

Pick one of the options from cash and donation and install Slidejoy on your Android phones.

This app will let you earn $0.20 cents for just signup. You will not grab anything more for wheeling the advertisements.

All you need to do is handle your phone as if you use it on your regular basis. Click on an ad if you find it interesting.

Payment: $0.20 cents as sign up + 20% of referral friend’s income (for the first month) + $0.02 cents per valued unlocking of your phone.

If you accumulate $1, use Google Play Credit Card or PayPal or Square Cash to cash out your earning. You can also extend your helping hand to donate it to some needy.

Sign up to fill in your personal details and get registered to Slidejoy.

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5. Fronto

This is the most used and one of the popular applications known to people. Fronto app will make sure to let you earn $20 monthly, but you need to act wisely.

For every visit to the advertisement, you will surely earn extra points compared to the ones which you don’t click on.

iOS users don’t have luck at Fronto as well, so Android phone users are on the go. One registration per device is only possible. Keep a thought of the algorithms being calculated.

Try to accumulate more points by installing similar applications and take time to view ads for more than 10 seconds.

Payment: Referrals will let you earn $0.50 cents and every ‘watched advertisement’ will let you earn between  20-100 points and ‘swiped ad’ will earn you 20 points.

You will make $10 for 25000 points and will let you cash out at PayPal or Amazon.

Simple 3 rules to follow to get associated with Fronto, Sign up to register, unlock your phone, and earn income.


6. Whaff Locker

This is one of the applications which will not let your hard work get ruined away. Every ad they display on your screen will promise you some income if you visit that website.

Basically,  a plus point with Whaff Locker is, if the company does not have an income to fund it to you, they will not send you any advertisements.

Also, this will let you know the amount you are earning per viewing the ad, right on your screen.

This website also lets you earn if you can answer a few surveys or install any similar apps to test.

Payment: Use any referral code to earn for yourself. Please drop a comment if you need any. $0.30 cents for signing up + $0.30 cents for referring the app to a valued friend + Every visit of yours to the advertisement.

Cash-out at PayPal if you cross $10 and you will get debited in your account after 3 days. You can take the help of the Whaff Locker support team if you face any difficulty.

Whaff Locker has four steps to start on your income. Sign up to register by filling up the details – Unlock your screen –Visit the advertisement – Earn an income.


7. MooCash

This is another best one of the newest apps that let you earn for unlocking your smartphone. MooCash app will not show you the amount if you are earning through your click (left slide to view the ad).

My personal suggestion will be to skip installing this app because this is a new app and does not handle more than one application at a time.
The pay rate is also low and your earnings will be slow.

You will earn in points or coins and your earned 1000 coins will make you an owner of $1. You can either cash out or exchange them for gift cards when you become a valued owner of $5.

Payment: Every left slide on your phone will let you gather 5 points + Referring to a valued friend will gather 30 points.

Get registered through Facebook and remember you own an android phone only. Install and swipe to view the ad and earn.


8. S’more

From being one of the newer apps for earning through unlocking your phone, I am happy to let you know that they also pay you a bit high comparatively.

Just having the app installed on your phone will give you $0.10 cents per day. Isn’t that fun to have such an app on your phone?

Also to remind you that using your phones many times will not let you earn anything more than $0.10 cents.

Payment: You will be making 0. 01 cents for every point you earn. Cash-out through PayPal or exchange for gift cards for every $1.50.

Also, don’t forget that you will finally make $3 per month just to install and have an application on your phone(quite a low income, I know).

Install the S’ more app from Play Store or through social media sites like Facebook – register by filling in your details – earn.


Apps That Pay You To Unlock Your Phone – Conclusion

The above list will just give you passive income only and not productive output. Try one or more and enjoy the earning for just not doing anything specific.

If you have any questions regarding the above list, please let me know in a comment below. With a happy heart, I am always ready to know your views and happy to help.


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