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Get Paid to Walk: 45+ Apps That Pay You To Walk [$25/hr]

What if I tell you people can get paid to walk on a daily basis? Sounds crazy and almost too good to be true, right?

People’s lives literally changed when they found out that there are apps that pay you to walk!

Everyone thinks of walking as such a regular and integrated task in their lifestyle that nobody even thinks that there are prospects of them getting paid for it.

For some, it’s like getting paid to breathe.

Whether you need the motivation to get outdoors and move or just want to add a fun element to your mundane walking rounds, we recommend you install any one of these apps and get paid.

We have curated a list of some of the best apps where you can get paid to walk.

After reading this article, you’ll realize that, although you will probably not make a ton of money from these platforms, you’ll end up happier, feel better, motivated, and make a little money doing almost nothing!

So, let’s discuss the best apps you can have on your phone to make extra money while walking.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Do Walking Apps Really Pay You?

There is a recurrent question among skeptical beginners looking to earn through walking apps: do the walking apps really pay?

Now, let’s be clear about one thing. The definition of “earning” or “payment” might vary from person to person. What someone else considered as earnings might not be what you expected to receive as a reward for your efforts.

For example, many platforms pay you in the form of gift cards or store credit for doing simple tasks. But if you consider only redeemable cash as your “earning”, then those platforms will prove to be useless for you.

Different walking apps pay you in different ways for enrolling or signing up with them. Some platforms pay in cash, while some pay in points or vouchers that you can redeem to shop at popular outlets such as Amazon or Walmart.

Some apps also let you redeem these points in the form of cash via gateway interfaces like PayPal.

Make sure you are well-acquainted with the rewarding system each walking app offers before you sign up with them and start trudging!


How Can I Get Paid to Walk?

If you are looking to boost your daily activity level, just install a free app on your phone that pays you for your steps.

Earn money with every step you take. It will not only motivate you but also pay for your cell phone recharges or small games.

However, some platforms don’t pay in cash; they prefer to reward you with gift cards, freebies, or services!

So, if you love the prospect of receiving discount coupons and services for walking your daily steps, then go right ahead.

Here’s a pro tip, you can install more than one of these apps on your phone and activate them simultaneously (since they all work in the background) to earn from the same walk, twice!


Are There Any Apps Where You Can Get Paid to Walk?

Yes, Plenty!

There are many apps that pay you to walk. Most of these apps are mobile-friendly, where you can simply download and track your physical activity.

Apart from walking, these apps can also reward you for performing various tasks like exercise, meditation, jogging, sleep tracking, etc. 

Even after they reward you, you cannot put back your full-time job, as rewards here cannot compensate for your whole expense sheet. But surely they can drive you to better health.

So, without any wait, let’s delve directly into the list of these apps where you can get paid to walk.


Apps Where You Get Paid To Walk

apps where you get paid to walk

1. Achievement

Pay: $10 for every 10,000 points

Achievement is an app that offers various simple ways for you to earn points. Some of these include walking, logging your meals, and meditating.

This is how Achievement works. The app itself connects with 20+ other apps that can help track your tasks or activities.

The external apps that Achievement connects with are:

  • Fitbit
  • Samsung Health
  • Apple Health
  • MyFitnessPal
  • Garmin
  • lots of other fitness apps that track steps, health, and diet!

Through this platform, you can earn a maximum of 80 points per activity per day. There are other ways to earn more points, though!

You can participate in their special “Offers,” which comprise activities such as participating in surveys, research studies, or being part of health programs.

When you have collected 10,000 points on Achievement, you are eligible to receive $10 worth of cash.

You will receive your payments within a week via payment gateways like PayPal or Giftrocket or directly deposited into your bank account.

Alternatively, you can also choose to donate the money you’re eligible for to charity.


2. StepBet

Pay: the average bet costs $40

StepBet is a fun, innovative, and challenging game that keeps you in shape by putting you in a position of accountability! Curious to know how?

The platform makes great use of gamification (I’d say it even takes advantage of it) to inspire its users to lead an active lifestyle.

If you love to put yourself through challenges and are competitive, in general, you have scored a winner with StepBet!

People have reportedly earned even over $150 a year through this app. That’s a lot if you compare it with the earnings of other walking apps that pay.

Now, coming to how the game works. First, you have to select a game that aligns with your step goals. Second, you place a bet on yourself to complete those step goals within a set period of time.

If you’re able to achieve your own goal by the end of every week, you win all your money back with profit! This is kind of like “sharing the pot” with your fellow winners.

Winning back a considerable investment with additional profits sounds like a good way to earn from a fitness app. But beware that you will be off the game if you fail to achieve a goal you bet on.

StepBet will certainly benefit you if you’ve been meaning to start getting in some steps on a daily basis but lack the motivation.

The app smartly motivates you to achieve your step goals by getting your skin in the game and putting accountability.

The app is available on both operating systems: Android and iOS. It’s also integrated with various fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple Health, Samsung Health, Google Fit, and Garmin!


3. FitFetti

Pay: rewards and discounts on products

A free-of-cost fitness application and step-counter, FitFetti is currently only available for iPhone users; Android users have to put their names on the waitlist for this one!

Meet your weekly step goals and get paid to walk in the form of cash, credit, discounts, and free products! The rewards or incentives you earn here are called “fetti” (isn’t that cute?).

Fetti is ‘sponsored” by the companies or people that participate in their program and help you earn your rewards.

You are eligible to receive your very first sponsorship right after signing up on FitFetti.

Thereafter, you keep unlocking more and more sponsorships and access additional gifts from other participants in the program as you achieve your weekly steps or active-minutes goals!

You can receive more fetti by referring the app to your friends and sending them support messages; this makes FitFetti fun and adds a social aspect to it.

Moreover, even your family, friends, or employer can join the app and sponsor your journey towards fitness!

FitFetti works with Fitbit and Apple Health to track your steps and other activities. They use Amazon Credit and PayPal for transactions with sponsors who pledge money for your fitness journey.


4. LifeCoin

Pay: 10 lifecoins a day for $39.99 a year, redeemable on gift cards

Get paid to walk with LifeCoin, a platform that rewards you every time you go for a walk or a run!

LifeCoin keeps track of your every step and converts them into redeemable points called LifeCoins! You can redeem your LifeCoins in the form of sporting goodies, gift cards, gadgets, and other cool stuff.

LifeCoin comes with a feature to connect with your close contacts, like friends and family, to share your progress and journey towards fitness together.

Moreover, you can earn LifeCoins for every person who joins the app with your referral. LifeCoins is available on both iOS and Android.

Some people have said that the app drains your phone’s battery significantly faster, making this one of the app’s potential drawbacks.

Another is that it takes a long time to collect enough LifeCoins that you can redeem a reward with them. But you’re basically getting free money no matter how much time it takes, so who’s complaining?


5. FitPotato

Pay: $1000 is usually pooled for the winners to share; you have to bet at least $5 on yourself first

FitPotato is another app that lets you earn money for putting in your daily step dose! Here’s how it works.

First, you register yourself on the app and set up your profile. Then you choose a group you like and join it by making a “Commitment”.

A Commitment is a set number of steps or sessions you need to walk in one week’s time. There’s an entry fee for every group Commitment you make, and you have to pay it upfront (before you join the group).

You have to sync your tracking apps to FitPotato so that it can record your activity and deem you eligible for the weekly prizes.

You’ll receive an equally divided part of the weekly prize money if you’re able to meet your goal. Pretty simple, right?

FitPotato’s terms say that you receive your weekly money in the form of credit into your in-app credit account.

But you can transfer this value in the form of money into your bank account by sending a written request to FitPotato!


6. Circle Care

Pay: earn points and redeem them for great prizes!

If you’re looking for a more all-rounder kind of fitness app, Circle Care might be the one for you. This app checks up on more of your activities than just walking and running.

It gives you medication reminders, monitors your health conditions, keeps track of communities, and even offers corporate wellness programs.

You earn on this app in the form of Care Points. There are five primary ways to earn Care Points on Circle Care: engagement, activity, medication, health monitoring, and health education.

For each of these categories, you will be given different goals to accomplish, and each accomplished goal earns you a certain amount of Care Points.

For example, you earn 50 Care Points for meeting your walking goal in a day and 100 for reaching a certain walking milestone. The downside to it is that you don’t earn based on the number of steps.

Now, you’re going to love hearing what you can redeem with your Care Points when you have collected enough of them. Redeemable rewards include fitness equipment, vacations, food, and massages!

If that excites you, then join Circle Care today!


7. Winwalk

Pay: Payouts via gift cards

Winwalk is a basic pedometer app that tracks nothing else but your steps.

Unlike the other fancy apps on our list that require you to register and bet money and whatnot, Winwalk does nothing but use your Android’s built-in sensor to track your daily steps (both outdoor and indoor).

They don’t add in any unwanted features like GPS tracking, signup processes, or emails. But as we mentioned above, this app is only available for Android users.

Winwalk rewards you with one in-app “coin” for every 100 steps you walk. You can earn up to 100 coins a day, which means you’ll be rewarded for a maximum of 10,000 steps daily.

Once you accumulate enough coins, you can exchange them for gift cards from popular stores like Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, and Target.

One important thing to mention about Winwalk is that you have to collect your daily coins manually by the end of the day (before midnight).

Failing to do so will result in you losing all of that day’s coins; coins aren’t carried forward until the next day.

Although it would take a few months to collect enough coins to actually redeem a gift card with them, the app makes it so simple that you’ll want to do it anyway.

An app that gives you coins for every single step you walk (even if it is from your living room to the kitchen)? Who’s going to say no to that?


8. SweatCoin

Pay: earn $1,000 for 20,000 SweatCoins

SweatCoin is another app (supported on both Android and iOS platforms) that helps you get paid to walk.

This app doesn’t pay you in the form of money but lets you redeem your points in the form of delightful products, services, gift cards, and experiences.

The app uses SweatCoin currency to reward you every time you get in some steps out in the open.

The company claims that, in the future, SweatCoins can be used as an accepted form of currency for shopping online or making other kinds of online transactions.

Alternatively, you can also donate your SweatCoins to charity if you want to.


Apps Like Sweatcoin

9. Lympo

Pay: payouts via prizes and discounts

Lympo is yet another app like Sweatcoin that allows you to get paid to walk.

Complete local walking and running challenges to earn rewards in the form of points that you can redeem to purchase products or gift cards from the app’s in-built marketplace.

You can complete your walking or running challenges anywhere you please, either indoor or outdoor!

Lympo automatically deposits your reward points into their in-app wallet after you complete a challenge successfully.

You can then use these rewards points as and when you want to purchase something from the app’s marketplace.


10. BetWalking

Pay: win rewards once you generate your walking dollars

Betwalking is an app that pushes you to walk long distances to earn some extra money. If you’re a regular walker who walks for at least 10-15 miles a day, then this app is another one for you.

The only downside to this app is that you earn only $3 for covering a 15-mile distance. A lot of you might consider that pretty low compared to some of the other options here.


11. Runtopia

Pay: earn $10 for every 10,000 points

Runtopia is a platform that mainly focuses on improving your health and fitness using motivation through rewards! Their rewards act as a bonus for you to keep indulging in healthy activities such as walking or running.

The app allows you to set your own exercise and fitness goals for different activities such as running, walking, cycling, etc. Runtopia also allows you to coordinate with a coaching voice while you are carrying out your daily goals!

Moreover, Runtopia has training programs integrated into their app to assist you with warm-ups, guided stretching, weight loss, and many more such tasks.

Although some of these features require a premium subscription to the platform, most are available completely free of cost!

You can earn Sports Coins by exercising daily with Runtopia: completing your in-app tasks regularly and participating within the community.

Sports coins are Runtopia’s form of currency. You can redeem your Sports Coins for coupons, free products, memberships, or even exchange them for real cash via PayPal!

However, don’t forget to use up your Sports Coins by the end of every Runtopia year since they expire every March 1st.


12. Yodo

Pay: earn up to 300 points for 1500 steps

Yodo is a simple app that wants to improve your health regime by encouraging you to walk regularly. But how does it encourage you to walk? By rewarding you for walking, of course!

The app tracks all your activities via its built-in pedometer and rewards you with incentives when you meet a goal; the rewards are usually in the form of cash.

Yodo is a great option for regular walkers because their pay is consistent and reliable!


Apps Like Sweatcoin in the UK

13. BetterPoints

Pay: one pound for every 1000 steps

BetterPoints is an app that offers rewards for walking or running, or other physical activities in the United Kingdom, France, Italy, and Poland. If you live in one of these countries, give BetterPoints a try.

Once you sign up, you choose a challenge to earn points or pick a ticket in a (kind of) lottery for an even larger number of points.

The points you earn are redeemable only in the country you earned them in, and they are mostly gift cards. They also have affiliations with some charities, so you can also choose to donate your points.


14. Earthmiles

Pay: rewards you earn are health products

Earthmiles is a simple, easy-to-use, and easily comprehensible app that lets you get paid to walk. Its user interface is very well-designed, making it a handy and fuss-free application.

The app pays you with Earthmiles for doing tasks like walking, running, biking, or exercising. The catch with this app is that it pays you more Earthmiles for doing harder exercises!

Here’s what that means: if you walk 1km, you earn 1 Earthmile, 1 km of cycling earns you 3 Earthmiles, and (you guessed it) 1km of running gets you 5 whole Earthmiles!

You can spend your Earthmiles on healthy rewards once you have earned and collected enough of them.

Rewards include major discounts on health supplements, products, services, classes, etc. New rewards are added weekly, but these are the primary redeemable rewards available on the platform.


Get Paid to Walk the Pounds Off

get paid to walk the pounds off

15. MapMyFitness

Pay: earn discounts on prizes

MapMyFitness works with a lot of different related apps like MapMyRun and MapMyWalk.

All these apps have various challenges and contests where you can participate to win fun prizes. Although the rewards won’t get converted directly into cash, you will get ample opportunities for prizes for exercising!

The apps connect to your smartphone or FitBit to track your activities; you can also use GPS to keep track of a particular workout.


16. Healthy Wage

Pay: up to $10,000 per goal, depends on your target

Healthy Wage is a platform that offers you money to lose weight. So here, you don’t get paid to walk unless you include it in your weight loss plan. This is how it works: you have to make a weight loss bet first.

The amount of money you win from this bet includes certain parameters such as your current weight, height, sex, waist measurement, your goal weight, and the amount you’re willing to bet on yourself.

With a literal bet motivating you to lose weight, you might find it a lot easier to reach the body goal you’ve always wanted!


Get Paid to Walk Doing Deliveries

get paid to walk doing deliveries

Here’s a fun take on walking: how about getting in some of your daily steps while picking up groceries or dropping off delivery for someone who needs them?

Some people actually find grocery shopping and just running daily errands fun and relaxing. If you’re one of those people, these apps are the ones you need to be on!


17. Instacart

Pay: earn $20 per hour

Walking up and down grocery store aisles also counts as putting in your daily dose of steps, doesn’t it?

Instacart is an app that connects customers who need groceries but can’t (or don’t want to) shop themselves to shoppers who’ll deliver them to their doorstep!

Come to think of it; it’s actually a great idea to put in some meaningful work while also completing your step goals for the day. All you have to do is deliver fresh groceries to customers’ doorsteps.

Here’s how Instacart works; you can choose either of these two options. One, you can shop and deliver grocery orders from a store as an independent contractor.

This option requires you to have access to your own vehicular transport. Two, you can become the store’s part-time employee and ship orders within the store (it doesn’t require car ownership).

Check out our article on how you can earn $20/hour through Instacart.


18. Postmates

Pay: up to $25 per hour

Postmates is a platform that allows you to get paid to walk by delivering food and packages to customers.

These may include groceries, takeout food, alcohol, dry cleaning, etc. You have to deliver the items to the customer’s doorstep within an hour because that’s what Postmates promises to its customers.

The app is available for use on both Android and iOS platforms. All you have to do to start working with Postmates is download the app, sign up, and join the Fleet!

Finally, to become a part of their Fleet, you’ll have to pass a background check and provide them with your bank account details and proof of identity.

Upon successful completion, you will receive a delivery bag sponsored by them to carry your orders in and a prepaid card to pay for the orders that aren’t prepaid.

There are no sign-up fees or hidden charges; you get paid for every bag you successfully deliver (via direct bank deposit), plus you get to keep all your tips!

Check our detailed review of Postmates to learn how much you can earn.


19. DoorDash

Pay: $10 – $20 per hour

Doordash is exclusive to countries like the US, Canada, and Australia. It is an app that provides food delivery services in more than 4000 cities across the previously mentioned nations.

They call their delivery people “Dashers”! If you become a Dasher, then you can deliver food items to customers’ doorsteps via any means of transport, including by foot! So there goes your daily walking goal.

Walk your way from the store to the customer’s house and get paid for your service. It’s as simple as that!

All you need to start as a Dasher on DoorDash is to own a smartphone and download the app to keep track of orders.


20. TaskRabbit

Pay: make up to $60+ an hour

TaskRabbit is an app that lets you get paid to walk by doing small tasks or running errands on demand. We know: the productive ideas just keep getting better and better.

TaskRabbit likes to call their people “Taskers”. As a Tasker, you’ll be able to earn money by doing odd jobs like shopping, delivering items, mowing lawns, and so so many other activities as and when required!

You can do any of these tasks while putting in your daily step count in; walking to a place or just doing the job walking is all it takes on TaskRabbit to earn money through real-world tasks!


21. Shipt

Pay: $15- $22 per hour

Shipt lets you deliver grocery items to customers from local (and some national) retailers like Target, Petco, Walmart, CVS, etc.

On Shipt, you can become a personal shopper with them and work as much or as little as you want. It depends completely upon you whether you want to go the extra mile (of course, pun intended) or not!

You can earn up to $22 per hour with Shipt. Their prerequisites are only that you have to own car insurance and be able to lift 40 pounds on your own.


22. Favor

Pay: earn around $10- $18 per hour on average plus tips

If you need a purpose to run around the city, how does doing errands for someone else sound to you?

Favor hires “Runners”, their personal assistants who complete odd jobs for their customers and get paid to do so!

As a runner, you will get paid to walk or run in the amount of $10 to $18 per hour (tips are for keeps too). Favor promises to deliver anything for customers: meals, groceries, dry cleaning, and lots more!

Working with Favor, you will actually love running around the town, delivering items and completing your daily walking goals.


Get Paid to Walk Dogs

get paid to walk dogs

We can’t think of a better walking buddy than a furry, paw-ful friend!

Getting in your daily steps while being surrounded by a tonne of cuteness AND getting paid to do all that? Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?


23. Rover

Pay: $20 – $60 per night pet sitting

Rover is essentially Airbnb for dogs! You help out a fellow family in town by pet sitting for them in your own home.

During your time sitting with others’ dogs, you can choose to walk them (hence completing your own daily step goals) or just sit around the house, playing with them.

You get to choose your availability and hourly rates, and Rover takes care of the rest. Rover handles everything from payments and insurance coverage to vet assistance.

By pet sitting on Rover, you can earn between $20 and $60 per hour, depending upon your chosen rate.

Dog sitting is actually a serious side business where people have claimed to earn over $1000 a month!

You can combine this job with your daily walking schedule by walking or running the dogs that you sit. We call that a win-win!


24. Tailster

Pay: $8 – $13 per hour

Tailster is another platform that allows you to get paid to walk while taking care of cute pets! It’s kind of like Fiverr but streamlined towards pet care services only.

You get to set up your own pet care business and choose everything: from the number of hours you work to your working days to your hourly rates.

Tailster pays you through their own payment gateway, keeping 20% of your earnings as commission and paying you the rest.

They use 20% of your income to help with administration, marketing, management, insurance, and payment processing.


25. Wag

Pay: $20 – $30 an hour

Wag is not only a useful platform for walkers like you and dog owners who need pet sitters but also donates a huge amount of their earnings regularly to shelters that take care of dogs in need.

As a Wag Walker, you get to take cute little pups and doggos for strolls and put in some steps of your own in your spare time. Wag pays you $25 per hour for your dog walking and dog sitting services.

Did we mention, that it donates to dog shelters pledged to help canines in need?


Get Paid to Walk As a Tour Guide

get paid to walk as a your guide

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that one of the primary criteria for becoming a tour guide is walking long distances and through stretched hours.

For someone who’s trying to get paid to walk, the job of a tour guide should be child’s play, right?

Take a look at these platforms that pay you to walk as a tour guide!


26. Sidewalk

Pay: not disclosed

Sidewalk is a platform that lets you become a guide in your own city, sharing your insights with people, telling them stories about the place, sharing experiences, personal knowledge, and lots more!

The app is free for use and offers tourists guided walking tours.

With this app, you will have so much fun walking and exploring the city that it won’t feel like a fitness task anymore!

Sidewalk lets you create your own personal tours by setting up a profile, defining a tour route, and then sharing your walk for the promotion of the package.

You can keep the walks short (30 minutes) or stretch them up to 2 hours. You earn tips from taking people on walks, and Sidewalk takes a small commission from the amount you earn.

As you can understand, earning on Sidewalk is solely based on tips, so providing some interesting stories, insights, and information to make the walks enjoyable will take you a long way toward getting further jobs!


27. Context Travel

Pay: not disclosed

If you’re a history or art enthusiast or hold a degree in any of these fields, then Context Travel is the perfect platform for you.

Context Travel hires students, professors, architects, historians, archeologists, artists, ecologists, and other such English-speaking experts (holding a degree or equivalent license/credential) as tour guides!

You’ll be hired on a per-tour basis, so don’t expect this to be a regular steady flow of income.

Context Travel tries to offer historical and cultural guided tours to primarily encourage conversation-driven learning for travelers! They offer tours in over 60 locations across the globe.

As a guide, you’ll be working freelance with them as and when required; they call upon their guides depending on current openings.


28. Tours By Locals

Pay: not disclosed

Tours By Locals is an app that offers customized, private, hassle-free tours to travelers in over 160 countries (162, to be precise).

As the name suggests, Tours By Locals appoints locals to offer engaging tour experiences to travelers on demand.

The app markets your tours and pairs you up with people looking for a guide in the part of the world you live in.

Simple, isn’t it? The app also has a dashboard where you can manage your tour requests, set your rates, receive payments, and have a smooth gliding experience!

Because it takes so much of the hassle off your shoulders, Tours By Locals takes a small percentage of your tours’ booking amount.


29. Rent a Local Friend

Pay: $10 to $50 per hour

Rent a Local Friend (it actually rhymes) is for those who love to travel. It offers authentic experiences to a community of people who love traveling, sharing stories, memories, and experiencing different cultures.

You can become a Tour Guide with them if you have extensive knowledge of your local culture.

Journalists, chefs, photographers, designers, immigrants, or locals: anyone can become a Tour Guide on Rent a Local Friend. Just share your amazing stories and experiences with travelers, have a good time, walk around the city, and get paid!

When you sign up with them, you become a Local Friend who can share stories and your favorite spots in the city with a community of people eager to experience the place through you.

The only downside of this otherwise amazing app is that you have to pay a yearly subscription fee of $144.

This fee allows you to participate in their program and set your own Local Friend page with tour promotions and prices.


Participate in Sponsored Activities and Get Paid to Walk

participate in sponsored activities

30. Vitality

Pay: not disclosed

Back to the basics, Vitality is a health and wellness program in an app that can be integrated with an Apple Watch to keep track of your fitness activities.

The app rewards its members for healthy behaviors such as walking or running.

Vitality rewards you with points based on your engagement levels, which you can collect and redeem as gift cards and other incentives.


31. UnitedHealthcare Motion

Pay: $1,095* per year on hitting all of the daily goals

UnitedHealthcare Motion is a healthcare program that allows its members to get paid to walk.

The money you earn from walking with this program can be used to pay for out-of-the-pocket medical costs and help reduce medical premiums.

If you enroll on UnitedHealthcare Motion with a spouse, then you earn rewards that their members earn annually.

The rewards include financial aid for prescriptions, co-pays, and deductibles.

The program has to follow your activities to be able to help you earn rewards.

UnitedHealthcare Motion provides you with a complimentary tracking app on your phone that records your daily activities. You earn rewards for every walking goal you successfully complete.


32. Humana Go365

Pay: payout via gift cards

Humana is a platform that hosts a wellness program where participants can earn rewards for keeping fit and meeting activity goals.

Some members of Humana are eligible to participate in this program called Go365.

As a member, you will be rewarded in this program for performing certain activities like taking flu shots, paying an annual wellness visit, participating in community events, walking, running, or climbing steps, etc.

The rewards Humana Go365 offers are in the form of redeemable gift cards for Amazon, Walmart, Shell, and other stores.


Be a Companion and Get Paid to Walk

apps that reward for walking

Here’s an unconventional way to earn some bucks for walking. We’re pretty sure this idea never crossed your mind!

We all know that taking care of children, seniors, or pets requires a lot of energy, patience, and (very importantly) the ability to actively go about the house or even run errands on the job, right?

See where we’re going with this? Why not do meaningful work like caregiving and earn money in the process?

It more than suffices for your fitness and health goals when you walk around the house or go out to purchase medicines and diapers, or just take them on a walk. All as part of the job.


33. Visiting Angels

Pay: $9- $14 per hour

Visiting Angels helps seniors remain independent in their own homes by providing them with in-home care.

Non-medical caregiving is a great way for seniors to still keep a hold of their lives: live them on their own terms and in their own houses.

As you may have understood, this job doesn’t just require you to complete tasks. It needs you to be present, and support the senior emotionally, physically, socially, and in a way that is respectful towards them.

Visiting Angels will pay you for taking care of a senior and doing all the tasks that come with such a role.


34. Honor

Pay: up to $16 per hour

Honor is another website that provides caregiving to seniors in their own homes. If you already have experience with caregiving, getting accepted by Honor will be no problem for you.

They pay you for at least six months of intensive caregiving experience on the job.



Pay: $15 an hour

Although is mostly known for providing the safest and most hassle-free babysitting services, the platform also offers care to seniors and pets.

If you want to become a professional caregiver, signing up with is one of your best bets. helps you find the best babysitting and senior care jobs in your area and pays you competitively (and timely)!


36. UrbanSitter

Pay: $12+ per hour

UrbanSitter is a platform that leverages the power of social media in connecting people. If you sign up on Urban Sitters as a babysitter, they will connect you with parents in need of sitters via social media platforms.

This serves as a quick and easy way to access services for parents and find customers for sitters!

With Urban Sitters, you get to work your own hours and pick your own hourly rates. 100% of your earnings are yours! Some sitters are even known to make over $1000 a week with this platform.


37. Helpr

Pay: Not disclosed

This babysitting service is app-based, as opposed to the previous one, which operated mostly through social media. Helpr is a childcare service that connects babysitters to parents who are in need of their services.

It helps with the joining process if you already have some experience with babysitting or caregiving (ideally, 2 years). Employers also subsidize the care!


38. CareLinx

Pay: $26 per hour on average

CareLinx is another platform that helps you find clients to offer your babysitting services.

As a caregiver with CareLinx, you also get to manage your own salary (hourly rates and pay), the total hours you work for, and your availability.

The benefits CareLinx offers include health insurance, liability insurance, training, and a lot more!


39. Sittercity

Pay: $15 – $20 per hour

Sittercity is a popular childcare service platform that connects parents to sitters.

Although primarily known for its huge marketplace full of babysitting gigs, Sittercity also offers caregiving for seniors and pets.

Statistics show that the platform connects a family with an able sitter every nine seconds! The hourly pay rates range between $15 and $20.


Get Paid to Walk As A Mystery Shopper

get paid to walk as a mystery shopper

40. Gigwalk

Pay: $3 to $100 per gig

Gigwalk allows businesses to collect data and then manage a workforce remotely; the workforce, too, of course, is remote.

Brands or any retailer post gigs (tasks) to gain on-the-ground visibility of their offerings: products, services, or events.

If you become a Gigwalker, you get to perform these tasks and manage your work through the Gigwalk mobile application.

Customers pay you directly for your work through the Gigwalk app via the PayPal payment gateway.


41. Field Agent

Pay: between $3 and $20 depends on the task

Field Agent is an app-based service that provides businesses with retail information, digital product demonstrations, shopper insights, etc.

They hire on-demand workers who are looking to make some extra money doing short tasks or multitasking while completing their own goals (say, walking).

Your work as a Field Agent includes collecting information in the form of photos, videos, and other media on your smartphone, about retail operations, shoppers, and other products.

The app offers a list of tasks to choose from: from completing surveys to trying products or just taking photos!

Field Agent pays $3-12 for each task, and the payments are directly deposited into your bank account.


42. Secret Shopper

Pay: $10 to $25 per shop

Secret Shopper is a platform that offers a plethora of tasks for you to complete (mostly related to retail). All you need to get started is a computer and a digital camera or a scanner.

You’ll be paid for every successfully completed task, given that you submit them on time (by Central Time noon on the next day of receiving the assignment).


43. Best Mark

Pay: $10 to $25 per shop (or reimbursement for purchases)

BestMark is known as one of the first and largest companies that provide mystery shopping for other companies; these companies belong to a wide range of industries and can be of any type!

Becoming a mystery shopper with BestMark would require you to shop as a customer from various places and perform certain tasks.

Your job at BestMark will be assignment-based. This means that you’ll work with them as an independent contractor and act as a mystery shopper only when required.

BestMark makes payments after 3-4 weeks of completing an assignment and pays via PayPal, direct deposits, or gift cards.


44. Intelli-Shop

Pay: $5 to $10 per shop

Intelli-Shop is another mystery shopping platform where you can sign up and work as a shopper at stores, caller for a call center, or just visit a website!

Signing up on Intelli-Shop is really easy; you just need to fill up a form and take a five-minute screening test.

The platform pays you via PayPal on the 20th of every month.


45. Ipsos

Pay: depends on the task

Ipsos lets you choose through options for mystery shopping according to your convenience.

You can choose to become either an in-person, over-the-phone, or online mystery shopper.

All you have to do is perform the given task and submit the survey based on it afterward. Once your survey is approved, they will pay you within 7-10 days!

Follow these links Ipsos in the US, Ipsos in the UK, and Ipsos in India.


46. GBW Solutions

Pay: depends on the task

GBW Solutions, formerly known as GAPbuster Worldwide. This company offers a flexible schedule, which means you have complete freedom to work anytime and from anywhere!

Between errands is actually one of the most popular times to complete tasks!

The platform compensates you in the form of cash payments, reimbursements, and purchase discounts!


47. Market Force

Pay: $388 per week as a store shopper and $500 per week as a mystery shopper

This straightforward app, Market Force, pays you for shopping and eating at local malls and restaurants!

All you need to do is download the app and write a report about the place after your visit.

Be honest about your experience and earn cash for sharing it!

Also Check: 13 Brilliant Ways to Make Money Shopping (Shop & Earn).


Get Paid to Walk & Distribute Flyers

Flyer distribution companies generally pay distributors for delivering advertising material.

The “side effect” or bi-product of becoming a flyer distributor is all the walking (or running) or bicycling you’ll be doing on the job!

Whether you’re a fitness freak or a novice just starting out, flyer distribution work will, most definitely, fulfill your exercise needs while also paying you!

You can probably already imagine how much walking this job will take, but don’t forget about equally tempting alternatives!

Cycling is also a great choice while distributing flyers all day; the amount of cardio you’ll get in just one day’s distribution can be astonishing.


Get Paid to Pick Up Litter

pick up litter and make money

Can you imagine that picking up litter is one of the most lucrative side hustles there are?

A certain Brian Winch has become the inspiration for many to start a trash-picking income source with a six-figure earning potential.

He is a guy who used to earn a full-time income but decided to expand his career with the side business of picking up litter.

He started out in 1981 and earned enough from the litter-picking business to surpass his full-time income within just the first 2 months!

According to ZipRecruiter, on average, litter pickers can make around $452 per week and $23,523 per year.

If you have the will and can put in the effort, earning money picking up litter can become your thing in no time. Walk, run, or cycle to the locations you need to work in, and there goes your daily exercising goal!


Tips to Maximize Your Walking Rewards

Group assignments and competitions work as the best motivation!

Sign up with a friend and motivate each other to amp up your fitness using the app every day. Some apps even let you set up competitions within your circle of friends and family.

A slick way of maximizing your earnings for walking is by signing up with multiple platforms instead of just relying on one.

If you can manage all the apps simultaneously, then you might just be able to leverage more out of one walk!

Alternatively, you could combine your earnings from the dog-walking or flyer-distribution job with the earnings of an app that pays you to just walk!



We tried our best to make you a list of the best apps that pay you to walk. These apps are just really easy ways you can make some extra money doing something you already regularly do!

Now, we all know that none of these apps and programs can make us rich or even substitute a full-time income.

But what it does is motivate you with daily goals, get you outdoors and moving; the fitness goal you’ve been trying to accomplish, you finally can. The money that comes in with it is like an incentive!

So, tie your running shoes, download any of these apps today, and get walking (or running, or cycling, if that’s more your thing)!


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