12 Genuine Apps That Pay You to Walk in 2021

Both I and my family members are health freaks and we usually enjoy working out, but sometimes going for a walk doesn’t give me that much energy.

Slowly my energy lost up. Then suddenly when I was browsing, I found some perfectly suitable apps that pay us to walk around or workout.
If there are people like me around, for an extra boost up which motivates you to go for a walk or do a workout, please go through the below apps that pay you to walk.

I don’t guarantee that this will replace your monthly income or the last job but for sure this will help you to solve minor requirements like movie tickets, charities for your food bills. So, let’s check them out!


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12 Apps That Pay You to Walk


1. United Healthcare Motion

United healthcare motion is a great platform to get paid to walk and it deals with the FIT process where FIT means Frequency, Intensity, and Tenacity.

This is basically an insurance program where a benefit of $55 will be credited towards the fitness tracker which the company will deliver to your home.

This app is available for both IOS and Android users. The user has to reach 3 goals every day.

As earlier suggested, the frequency goal will be approximately 500 steps in 7 minutes 6 times a day.

The intensity goal is to finish 3,000 steps in 30 minutes. The tenacity goal is to walk 10,000 steps per day.

Your tracker records and uploads the data via the app. All your points can make up $1000 annually. The amount will be deposited into your HRA OR HSA account four times a year.

The best part of this app is your points don’t get expired. The points get rolls up over the year to year.

Join UnitedHealthcare Motion now and download the app today.


2. Nomad Technologies

This company usually searches for “nomads’ who will wear an iPad in their backpacks and walk around crowded areas like metro centers, sports events, festivals, or any other places where social activities take place.

The basic job is to display ads on their iPads regarding YouTube, Zipcar, or Limebike where NomadTech handles and has to answer basic questions about their advertisement that gets onlooker’s attention.

The pay ranges from $10 to $20 per hour. The company tracks their walkers to estimate the visuality of their ads and in turn fix the pay scale accordingly.

The estimated fare depends upon the events that nomad walkers engage themselves in. The crowded the area the more its walkers earn.
Sign up for Nomad Tech and start making money.


3. Achievement

Achievement is one of the best apps that pay you to walk which tracks your fitness, diet, sleep, or weight.

Around 86 points can be earned daily for activities like biking, walking, swimming, sleep intervals, food habits, and other weight loss or gain programs.

Connect with various apps like Fitbit, MyFitnessPal, AppleHealth, and others. For 86 points, you can make $10 for 4 months or an approximate value of $30 per year.

The amount should be redeemed in one year. You can also donate the same amount to the charities listed on the website.

Download the Achievement app now and start walking.

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4. CharityMiles

As the name suggests, you can invest your points in charity.

This is also one of the best apps that pay you to walk, doesn’t pay you directly but lets you transfer your point earned in the form of currency to any charitable trust listed.

The more you walk, the more steps you take, the more you invest your time in physical activities, in turn, you gain points or rewards.

You can transfer your money over various charity trusts like Alzheimer’s Association, Habitat for Humanity, Wounded Warrior Project, and more.

Charity miles do not invest in advertisements and so convert the money in the form of charity for any physical activity you perform.

It has members who have already earned around 2.5 million dollars just by swimming, walking, biking, running, or any other physical activities.

CharityMiles is a good idea for utilizing your physical fitness. Sign up now.


5. StepBet

StepBet, the name suggests it is a betting procedure where you need to set your goals, Place your bet, and then fulfill the goals to an amount you will earn.

There is a particular app which you need to download and also it connects with Garmin, Fitbit.

This is a bit different from the other apps because it involves a little risk. You must set yourself to fulfilling a task and then the company will track your fitness basing upon your goals.

It sets challenges for you more than you usually do. You need to reach your target 6 times a week or else you will lose.

The amount is approximately $40 where on winning you need to share it with other co-winners. Download the SetpBet app now!


6. GigWalk

The task at GigWalk may vary from person to person or from time to time.

You need to set your location on your Android or iOS GigWalk app. The task would be given to you and if you are interested you can click on apply to the gig and wait for the notification from the company.

You should send a photo or any other proof of completing a task.  Depending upon the toughness and time of completion, your amount would vary from $3 to $100 per gig.

On your ability to fulfill the task, you can be selected for performance scores where the clients will hire you for their private gigs.

Payment would be made through the file immediately after the approval of your finished task.

Get the GigWalk app now and start making money.


7. HealthyWage

It is one of the fitness apps, where you can set your goals of losing weight and earn up to $10,000. I don’t say this will pay you for the steps you take, but a good goal to reach will make you money.

You need to set your goal and get your friends together for the challenge or even compete in various wellness programs.

You can share your stories with HealthyWage and if they find your story interesting, you never know, they can actually publish it on their website. Join the HealthyWage family now and download the app.

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8. SweatCoins

This app helps you to earn points by walking outside only. This is the only app where your treadmill or cycling or any other workouts near your home or maybe indoors doesn’t count.

People from the US, UK, and a few other countries only can use SweatCoin. This only tracks and verifies your outdoor steps using the accelerometer and GPS of your phone.

For approximately of thousand outdoor steps, you will be rewarded 0.95 SweatCoins. You can help others around the world by donating your sweat coins to some of the partnering charities. Download the SweatCoins app now.


9. Carrot Rewards

This is a unique app from Canada. After signing up, it will analyze your walking schedule for a week.

The Carrot will set a special goal for which you need to complete the task and earn the points.

You need to score high for about five days a week to continue the challenge. You can earn Petro Points, Scene Points  – for the movies, Drop Points –  where you can redeem at the shops and Aeroplane Miles and More Rewards.

Carrot has made phones play active roles in incentivizing people’s lifestyles. There are rewards points where you can redeem for special rewards. Goals keep changing based on their performances.

Encourage yourself to walk further each day and let the apps that pay you to walk fill your pocket. Join Carrot Rewards today.


10. Postmates

Postmates is a company that technically deals to deliver food or any packages via any means of road transport or by walk.

Here is the chance when apps that pay you to walk come into action.

You need to download the app and the approved members will be given a “welcome kit” which consists of an insulated bag and the prepaid card for the customers who haven’t paid for the courier or food in advance.

The process begins when you get “live” on the job and “accept” the order to be delivered.

You will receive your earnings into your account after 8 days of your successful delivery.

The average salary will be around $15 per hour. Peak season charges and tips are a benefit for the worker. Download the Postmates app and start earning money.

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11. Higi

Every step counts and sets you a reward point for every muscle you move. This app pays you for every move you make on the Higi Health App as well.

Finish a task or join your friend or finish any activity, you will earn a point where you can redeem at Higi Health Tracking Stations.

For easy access, Higi can be connected to various apps like Fitbit, Garmin, Omron, Nike+, and many more. This connection makes it easy to compete with your friends.

Unless like others, you need to invest some money to redeem the points as basically, the rewards will be in the form of discount coupons where you can get a benefit of 10% to 30% on health or fitness items. Join Higi now.


12. BetterPoints

BetterPoints is also one of the popular apps that pay you to walk. You can choose local challenges and can compete within your radius.

You need to belong to the UK or European sectors. This app helps you to earn with every step you take.

Just download the app and start walking to earn your points. For every 1000 steps, you make around 1 pound. Start using BetterPoints from today.

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The above-suggested apps that pay you to walk or exercise are in demand because people find it easy to put goals or earn incentives for their own benefit. It is easier to reach financial goals rather than any other goals.

The best way to put ourselves healthy and wealthy is the concept where apps that pay you to walk are on a raise.

Even when you consult a doctor for fitness issues, the first thing a legit doctor would advise is to start walking, as it doesn’t include any extra investment for the gyms and their equipment.

“Start walking, Start exercising and start earning” I would say.


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