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17 Best Websites and Apps To Sell Used Clothes Online [2024 Update]

When was the last time you cleared your closet? What did you do with the removed old clothes from your closet? Most of you would have donated them or just left them in the bins. But do you know that there are even apps to sell used clothes online?

But do you know there is a cool way you can make money from these old clothes? Most of you might not know that there is a huge market for reselling clothes or fashion resales out there. But retailers resell old clothes very merely, or only a few retailers do it.

And thus, like this, a chance for ordinary people has been created to sell old or unused clothes online and make money.

But where do you sell them online?

There are platforms and apps on the internet where you can sell your old clothes online and make money. If you are looking for some extra bucks, then this is a great way for you to earn. 

Read further if you are ready to sell your clothes. 


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Apps To Sell Clothes Online

In this article, I curated a list of apps where you can sell your old or gently used clothes to make some side cash. So, without causing a further delay, let’s jump to the list.


1. thredUp

thredUp is one of the world’s largest consignment and thrift stores where you can buy and sell good quality second-hand clothes.

Selling clothes with the thredUp app is as easy as you buy with it. All you need to do to sell your clothes with them is to order a free clean-out kit/bag and fill it with your clothes. Although this bag is prepaid, you can send it back for free.

The site/app photographs and does pricing, listing, etc, of your clothes, and you can earn once they get sold. You can learn about payouts, cashouts, and selling on the thredUp website. It carries a lot of brands offering up to 90% off retail. This is one of the most reputed apps for selling clothes online.


2. Poshmark

This is an eCommerce app or website that enables US residents to buy and sell clothes. It boasts up to 70% off retail. You can sell clothes on Poshmark by downloading their app and listing them on it.

To list your clothes first, you need to click a photo of the item you want to sell, type a description, and enter the price. You can do all this for free.

Once your items are purchased by someone, you can ship them easily with a prepaid and pre-addressed label box that Poshmark provides by mailing through a local post office.

The Poshmark app also hosts virtual selling and buying events called Poshmark parties to connect and share with other buyers and sellers.


3. The RealReal

The RealReal is an authenticated luxury consignment company that markets and sells luxury items such as jewelry, clothing, watches, fine arts, etc. As a seller, you can get 70% of the sale price of their items when you want to buy with them.

Selling with The RealReal app is pretty simple. When you want to sell items on their app, the Luxury managers take the items they wish to sell directly from your doorstep. Or you can directly send the items you want to sell to their warehouse by creating a consignment list. You can do this for free.

They pay you your earnings monthly.


4. Tradesy

Tradesy is a resale marketplace where you can buy and sell only designer brands and women’s luxury and contemporary fashion.

You need to take a photo of the item to sell and upload it on their app. Tradesy will enhance the image and list the item and also will suggest a price if you don’t have an idea. You will receive a commission of $7.50 for sales of less than $50 and a 14.9% commission for those for more than $50.

You will receive a prepaid kit for the orders, and you can ship them for free. Tradesy will handle the returns also. You will receive your earnings through Paypal, Automated Clearance House (ACH) transfer, or a debit card.


5. Mercari

Mercari is an eCommerce platform for selling and buying anything and is currently operating in the US and Japan. You can use this app for your cloth reselling also.  

Selling on Mercari is easy. You need to click and upload the pic of the item you wish to sell along with a description. You also need to choose a price. That’s it; your item is posted, and that too for free.

When someone purchases the item you listed, you will receive a digital and trackable shipping label from Mercari. You can print the label and pack the item to ship it.

Once the buyer receives their package, you will receive your payment. You can opt for direct bank deposits or keep the balance with Mercari to purchase with them in the future.

You will need to pay a flat 10% selling fee after the sale of each item. 


6. Grailed

This is a buying and reselling eCommerce platform exclusively for men only. One can find a large range of designer and streetwear clothing on Grailed. So use this app to make money by selling old clothes to male members of your family.

All you need to do to sell with Grailed is to download their app and create your account. Then click on the sell option and list your items by uploading photos and some descriptions of them.

When someone wants to buy or ask questions or make an offer for the item you listed, you will receive a notification. You need to respond to it and make money. Simple!

Once the buyer is satisfied with everything and wants to proceed with the payment, they will be sent a link to checkout through Paypal. You can deal with offers with multiple persons for a single item. The one who pays first buys it.

You will be charged 6% of the sales as a commission after each sale. Paypal applicable taxes will also be charged from you.

You will receive your payments into your Paypal account.


7. eBay

eBay is an eCommerce platform where you are allowed to sell your unused clothes. There are two ways you can use this app to sell clothes. 

  • By creating a seller account if you have listings.
  • By signing up for a store if you have long listings.

With a seller account, you can list 50 fixed-price or 50 auction-style listings per month for free. And with your eBay store, you can list 250 fixed-price and 250 auction-style listings but for a monthly subscription fee of $24.95.

However, you need to pay an insertion fee of 30 cents per item if you sell through a selling account or store. You can keep your listings active from 3-30 days.

If you need instant money, you can use the “Buy It Now” option to auction the product and earn money. You will be charged 10% of sales after every sale. All transactions will be done via Paypal.


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8. Vestiaire Collective

This is a Paris-based platform where you can sell your clothing. You need to fill out a form if you want to list items on Vestiaire Collective.

They will ship your items to the Paris head office. Their team over there will authenticate everything and take photos, and upload them onto the Vestiaire Collective site.

This team only will look after everything, like how engaging your product is, and also deal with the purchase and delivery of the item.

The fee structure with them contains multiple tiers depending on the price of the item sold. However, the minimum fee is $25. They boast 30%-70% off the original retail price.

Your payments will be deposited into the wallet, which you can transfer to your bank account. All payments will be made on the 15th and 30th of the month.


9. Depop

Depop is a social shopping app based in London where you can buy, sell, and share anything. This app looks similar to Instagram and eBay. Like with all other cloth selling apps,  you need to upload a photo, write a description, and set a price to sell clothes on their app.

Shipping labels are generated through the app itself when someone purchases your items. You can print the labels, pack the item, and ship it.

When your clothes are sold, Depop charges a 10% commission on the sales you made. Shipping charges must also be borne by you, or you can charge them from the buyer.

Depop also has a guide for selling and clicking feature-worthy pics on their app.


10. Vinted

Vinted is a community that allows its users to buy, sell, and swap second-hand clothing. The work is similar to all the above-listed cloth selling apps.

Listing and selling clothes on Vinted is free, and you won’t be charged anything. However, it charged 19% of the final price of the sold item. This commission never exceeds $5.

Though this appears more if you analyze other apps that are charging commissions and fees for listing also. Whereas here, you are charged just commission. So if you are looking for a profitable app to sell clothes, then Vinted is the one.

You can also chat with the buyers using their secured chat system and finalize deals. Payments are deposited into your wallet once the buyer receives their item. You can transfer it into your bank account or use it for shopping with them.

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11. OfferUp

OfferUp is an eCommerce platform that allows people to sell, buy, and share in their local markets. You can do this by using the OfferUp app.

Starting from cars and trucks to furniture and clothes, this app allows its users to share, buy, and sell almost anything locally.

So you can use this app to sell clothes also. All you need to do is take a photo and post it on the app. There is a rating feature on the app that helps buyers to select genuine products.

When a buyer wishes to buy the item you listed, you both meet in a marketplace in your area and get the transactions done. It is that simple. There are no shipping fees or packaging matters and commissions involved. However, you need to pay a minimum service fee for using the app.


12. Zadaa

Zadaa a subsidiary of the Digital Fabric Oy company, is a marketplace app that connects people with the same fitting and sizes to sell and buy clothes.

This app, currently available only in Finland and Sweden, requires you to take a simple quiz after downloading it to connect you with people of your fashion and fittings.

All you need to do to sell on this app is to click a picture and share it on the Zadaa app.

When someone buys your listed article, you will be notified through the app. Then you can pack the item and leave it at a kiosk nearby by using the delivery code that the app gives you. You will receive your payment in your bank account once the buyer receives the package.


13. Wallapop

This is a mobile app that helps you to make money by selling used goods that you don’t need anymore. Wallapop allows you to sell and buy old, gently used clothes within your local area not exceeding one mile. Sometimes you may also find goods marked new or unopened.

To sell on this app, you need to create an account, take a photo of the item to be sold and upload it. Once someone wants to buy it, you can chat with them and meet them in a local market area and finalize the deal.

This is one of the best apps to sell clothes online, as you need not invest in shipping charges, commission, delivery, returns, etc. Everything is done man to man. 

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14. Listia

The Listia app allows you to make money by giving away your unused stuff for free. You can get and give away anything for free here. But you might be wondering how it helps to make money. I’ll explain it to you.

Listia gives you credits for using their app to list your clothes or to give away the same. You can turn these credits into cash. The working of this app is similar to all the others listed above. There is an auction facility also if you want to create a sale.

When it comes to shipping, if the buyer wants to collect it, then you are again saving money there. Otherwise, you need to pay for shipping. It is a simple and unique cloth selling app.


15. Trend Trunk

This is also a cloth selling app where you can sell and get a 100% price that you marked. This app is free to use, and the shipping must be done on your own, or you can meet the buyer to hand it over. Payment methods are also completely up to your choice.

This app gives a social media experience where you can learn to style your clothes, make money, and save it.

Trend Trunk has a Closet&Cause program that encourages you to donate your earnings which is again your choice to do or not.


16. Craigslist

This is an American classified advertisement company that requires you to pay for posting an ad on their app. However, if you want to post clothes and sell them, then it is completely free.

Since Craigslist deals with a lot of different advertisements, it can’t help you much like the other cloth selling apps you in the selling process. You need to do your research to fix prices, write a description with perfect keywords, etc, to sell your clothes.

You can mention this in the description if you would like to negotiate the price. Once your item attracts a buyer for purchase, you can follow up with them and make the transactions. You can directly collect your payment.

This is a free and money-saving as well as money-making opportunity. Only if the buyer is from a far place, you need to bear the shipping expenses, or else you can just keep making money with this app. 


17. Letgo

This is also an America-based online marketplace where you can buy, sell, and chat about almost anything locally. You can use this app to sell clothes also. Selling is quick with Letgo as it speeds up the process of posting and listing by suggesting an auto title, price, etc.

The Letgo app has also received the best app 2016 award. This app is free, and you need not pay any commission on the sales also. All you need to do is chat with the local buyers and meet them personally if you like their offer and get the deal done.

So this is the list of some of the best apps to sell clothes online that I curated for you. All of them are easy to deal with and pretty profitable. Choose the app that suits you and start earning.



Finally, I would like to advise that before using these apps to sell your clothes online, keep the following points in mind.

Make sure that you click good pictures to attract the customers, do your research, don’t mark high prices, watch the trends in the market, be nice to customers and mainly be specific about the cloth measurements. 

Just follow these tips mindfully, you will have a genuine customer base, and you can keep earning decent side cash with these apps to sell clothes.


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