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30+ Legit Apps To Sell Feet Pics In 2024 [$100+ Per Photo?]

You must have already received praise from your fans and admirers when you share the pictures of your gorgeous feet on social media handles. But what if I say that there are now many websites and apps to sell feet pics available that you can try with complete confidence?

Yes, several such platforms exist where you can start selling your feet pics and make up to $100/photo.

Besides, there are even ways available where you can cross the $100k benchmark per year just by selling feet pics.

But, like most industries, this one, too, is full of fake websites and scammers. So, our team of experts dived deep into this niche to figure out the most legitimate platforms to try.

Before we reveal those, let’s understand some crucial aspects of this industry.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.
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Who Are The Primary Buyers Of Feet Pics?

You need to rightly identify the target buyer group before knowing how to sell feet pics online.

If you properly understand your target groups and give them what they need, nothing can stop you from achieving financial success. Mostly, there are five primary buyer groups of feet pics.

apps to sell feet pics

  • Foot Fetish: Many people have fetishes for foot pics, and they mostly look for NSFW and adult-rated content.
  • Foot Modeling Agencies: From nail polish to sandals, from pedicures to foot accessories, foot modeling agencies often need attractive foot photos for their marketing campaigns.
  • Artists And Photographers: Painters, sculptors, illustrators, and photographers also need foot models for their creations.
  • Online And Offline Publishers: Books, magazines, newspapers, news portals, and even blogs often need foot photos for their content.
  • Stock Photo Websites: Feet pics are one of the hottest selling items in almost all stock photo sites, although they are mostly for commercial usage.

Besides these five primary buyer groups, many people also buy feet pics for recreational purposes, to decorate their houses and studios, and also to print the images on merchandise.


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Things To Consider Before You Start Selling Feet Pics Online

There is always a high doubt about how to sell feet pics online for most people. But make sure of the fact that there are really many ways to sell feet pics online.

But before knowing them and starting your journey, you need to know how to yield better monetary profit while selling pictures of your beautiful feet.

The first thing is to know how to take feet pics to sell and be a professional model. Here are additional tips to follow:

sell feet pics

  1. Keep your feet well-maintained while going for a pedicure on a regular basis.
  2. Ensure that your feet look clean and sensual while you take photos.
  3. Regularly shave your feet’ hair unless you cater to a hair fetish group of users.
  4. Always take and upload HD-quality pictures on websites and apps.
  5. Use props, such as socks and stilettos, to make your feet photos look more sensuous.
  6. Take care of the lighting of your room while taking photos.

You also need to take care of the monetization model before joining any website or app, as all the platforms have different monetization models for their users.

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How To Sell Feet Pics Online Without Getting Scammed?

Before you know how to sell feet pics online, you need first to learn how to safeguard yourself from scammers and fake websites in this industry.

But don’t worry, as we have a complete guide. So, if you want to sell feet pics without getting scammed, you need to follow the below-mentioned rules carefully.

  1. Never share your personal details, such as your phone number, email address, physical address, and credit card info.
  2. Create a separate email that doesn’t have your real photo or details for selling feet pics.
  3. Don’t hesitate to block the user if anyone sounds too rude, negative, and insulting.
  4. Report the user ASAP and block the profile if you get any wrong vibe. Trust your instinct, girls!
  5. Don’t share your banking details. Instead, take payments through PayPal or Payoneer accounts.
  6. Always read reviews and feedback from previous users before signing up for any site.

Apart from these six primary rules, you also shouldn’t be too personal with your feet pic buyers. It is also a wise choice to take overpayment or any gift, as it may expose your real identity.


How To Sell Feet Pics By Launching Your Own Blog?

Nothing can be better than creating your own sales channel, let it be for any product or for your feet pictures.

And you can also pave your way to achieve monetary success just by creating your own blog, as you don’t need to pay anything to anyone as commission for each of your legit sales.

I thought quite the same seven years back when I had just $100 or so in my pocket. And then, I planned to create my own blog.

Now, I’m making more than $7k+ each month on average from this blog alone. And if you are looking for more insight into my earnings from this blog, I’ve already shared all the details in my latest monthly income report.

Launching a blog is not as difficult as it sounds. You just need three key things to kickstart your blog: a relevant domain name, a dedicated server to host that domain, and a suitable WordPress theme to make it live.

You can’t expect a dedicated server for less than $10/per month. But all thanks to Bluehost, where you can get it for just $2.95/month, that too with a 99.95% uptime guarantee.

You don’t need to pay extra money for your domain name, as this affordable hosting package comes with a free domain name for all users.

And once you are sorted with these two, you can just download a free WordPress theme to make it live. If it is still sounding difficult, you can definitely launch your own blog by following our complete guide to set up a blog in less than 30 minutes.


28 Best Websites And Apps To Sell Feet Pics

apps to sell feet pics

Although there are many apps to sell feet pics available nowadays, not every platform is legit and gives you the same opportunity.

So, our team of experts delved deep into the industry to filter 28 such legit platforms that you can try this year with complete confidence.


1. Become A FeetFinder Model

With close to 4 years of dedicated positions in this industry, FeetFinder is surely a safe and legit place to sell feet pics online. Besides the USA, you can also access this site from Canada, Europe, and Australia.

They have also acquired another popular platform, Instafeet, to increase their user base. Instafeet is now FeetFinder.

best apps to sell feet pics - Feetfinder working process

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: FeetFinder
  • Developed By: FLRT Inc.
  • Userbase: 4+ Million monthly visitors
  • Revenue Share: 80% to models + 20% commission
  • Minimum Payout: $30 (Through Segpay or Paxum)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.9/5 (5,400+ reviews – 91% 5-Star)
  • Our Rating: 4.5/5

Earning Potential: You can set your own pricing for each of your photos and videos. Most models here make around $20/foot pic or short clip. You can indeed charge more!

Subscription Plan: You need to take a subscription to sell on FeetFinder. The current “Basic” plan costs $14.99/3-month, $19.99/year, and $49.99/lifetime. And the “Premium” plan comes at $34.99/quarter, $49.99/year, and $99.99/lifetime.

Safety Feature: This site supports faceless accounts to safeguard your identity. All your photos will be automatically blurred to eliminate any chance of misuse. Your fans will only get to see it once they make a successful purchase.

Here is what real users are saying about FeetFinder:

apps to sell feet pics - FeetFinder reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • Gina Smith on Quora wrote, “It’s definitely possible to make $300 in a day by selling feet pictures on Instafeet or other foot fetish websites like”
  • Athena Flin on Trustpilot wrote, “Definitely easy to use. It’s legit and worth it. I made a ton of money already. You have to try it to see the results!!”

Bonus: Check out my recent FeetFinder review in 2024 to get more insight and tailored tips.


2. Sell Feet Pics On Feetify

Screenshot of Feetify Homepage

Feetify came to the feet-pics industry in 2019, around the same time FeetFinder also entered. You can now become a part of their 7,000+ feet models to start making money.

Besides, you’ll get a lot of exposure in front of this 300,000+ strong, foot-loving community.

Feetify is also the only site that pays daily cash bonuses to their models just for being active.

apps to sell feet pics - Feetify working process

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: Feetify
  • Userbase: 7K+ models & 300K+ users
  • Revenue Share: 100% to models
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Through PayPal, Venmo, and Cash App)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.4/5 (340+ reviews – 83% 5-Star)
  • Our Rating: 4.4/5

Earning Potential: Basic models sell their feet photos and clips for around $10/media. But premium models tend to charge much more. Some top feet models here charge as high as $200/photo.

Subscription Plan: To become a premium model (seller), you need to take a subscription for $49/year. But if you remain active, they will extend your subscription for 24 months. You need to pay your subscription fees through a crypto wallet.

Safety Features: Like FeetFinder, Feetify also gives you the option to make your profile faceless to hide your real identity. You can even use an alias name for your model profile.

Here is what real users are saying about Feetify:

apps to sell feet pics - Feetify reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • Twinkle Toes on Trustpilot wrote, “I recently joined Feetify and am already making sales to paying buyers. It took a minute to connect with the right people, but now we’re off to a great start!”
  • Lacie M on Trustpilot wrote, “Feetify started promoting & exposing me immediately after signing up. I’ve already met people & even made a sale within the 1st couple of days!”

My Take: I’ve tried and thoroughly analyzed this site recently to check the legitimacy of their claims. You can find shocking details in my latest Feetify review with real proof.


3. Sell Feet Pics On FunWithFeet

Make money by selling Feet pics with FunwithFeet

Make Money by selling Feet pics with Fun With Feet

Headquartered in London, England, FunWithFeet is the fastest-growing platform in this industry. It has thousands of listed premium feet models who are generating good profits just by selling their feet pics on FWF.

According to a recent report by Business Insider, many feet models on FunWithFeet regularly make more than $5,000/month.

FunWithFeet looks almost identical to Instagram, as you’ll get the same feeling of a social media site rather than a traditional marketplace. It comes with a “Search and Filter” option where foot models can ensure better search visibility.

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: FunWithFeet
  • Userbase: 3 Million monthly visitors
  • Revenue Share: 100% to models
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Direct deposit through wallet)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.2+/5 (281 reviews – 51% 5-star)
  • Our Rating: 4.2/5

Earning Potential: For every collection or catalog of your feet pics and short clips, you can charge between $10 and $30. But you need to have at least 15 collections on your profile to get decent buyers.

Subscription Plans: As FWF doesn’t charge any commission from models, you need to buy a seller’s subscription plan to get started. This will cost $9.99/3-month or $14.99/6-month.

Security Features: FunWithFeet allows you to hide your full name, address, and financial information to safeguard your identity. You can create a faceless account with an alias name here.

Here is what real users are saying about FunWithFeet:

  • Hollie Thorpe on Trustpilot wrote, “I’ve never sold feet pictures before but figured I’d give it a try. The fact that Fun with Feet lets you keep all your earnings and features new sellers on the home page is a huge bonus.”
  • Natalia Baker on Quora wrote, “There are many fetish websites where you can sell your content (Feet Lovers Only, FeetFinder, FunwithFeet, etc.); make sure you research all platforms that are available to you.”

My Take: FunWithFeet offers a unique feature where feet models can set a price to unlock their inboxes. So, only a genuine buyer can reach her through chat, eliminating spammers and time-wasters. It also creates a separate revenue stream for the models.

You can find shocking details in my latest FunwithFeet review with real proof.


4. Get An Account On Feetpics

Screenshot of Feetify Website Homepage

Feetpics Homepage

If you check Feetpics for the first time, it will give you more of a social media kind of feel than a regular online marketplace. It also works quite the same way, where you can showcase your profile and even promote them.

Unlike most other marketplaces for feet models, this one doesn’t charge any commission!

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: Feetpics
  • Userbase: 150,000 active members
  • Revenue Share: 100% to models
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Through PayPal & Crypto)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4.3/5 (28 reviews – 71% 5-Star)
  • Our Rating: 4.2/5

Earning Potential: There is no limit to how much you can charge for your feet photos. However, most models here start from $5/pics. And the top-rated one usually charges between $40 and $100/photo.

Subscription Plan: As they pay the full selling price for the model, they charge a small subscription fee to sellers. You need to pay $9/month to become a premium model here.

Safety Features: This site is encrypted and also supports faceless accounts. But as it is a social media-styled website, any visitor can check out your profile without even creating an account.

Here is what real users are saying about Feetpics:

apps to sell feet pics - FeetPics reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • Christian on Trustpilot wrote, “They actually helped me out. I’m very, very grateful and pleased with their service and support.”
  • Alex Hales on Quora wrote, “I think Feetpics is not a very popular website, so its Alexa rank is very high. Very few people visit the website. Yes, the website is quite old, which is a good thing.”

My Take: Feetpics doesn’t have a very good reputation if you check out their recent reviews on different platforms. However, there is no solid proof of their non-payment or delayed payment.


5. Use DollarFeet To Sell Feet Pics

Screenshot of DollarFeet Website Hompage

DollarFeet Homepage

DollarFeet has been in the feet pics industry for around seven years now. Although it is not as popular as FeetFinder, you can still make a good profit, as it offers a fixed payment for regular pics and short clips.

Right now, they are accepting foot models from the USA and Canada. Besides, they also have a dedicated website for Serbian models.

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: DollarFeet
  • Userbase: N/A
  • Revenue Share: Fixed payment per photo/video
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Through PayPal, Paxum, & BitPay)
  • Trustpilot Rating: Not Accredited
  • Our Rating: 4.1/5

Earning Potential: DollarFeet pays around $5 for a 5-minute video and $10 for a 10-minute one. And their feet pics payment depends on popularity and demand. But you can make around $100/week if you upload three short videos each day.

Security Features: Like most websites, this one is also encrypted with proper SSL certificates. However, they encourage you to show your face in the pics and videos, which is somewhat alarming!

Here is what real users are saying about DollarFeet:

apps to sell feet pics - DollarFeet reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Quora

  • Melvin Opa on Quora wrote, “Dollarfeet has an average to good trust score. The review of Dollarfeet is positive. The positive trust score is based on an automated analysis of 40 different data sources.”

My Take: The website looks old and outdated (I even found some HTML and CSS errors), possibly due to non-maintenance. This site also looks a bit sketchy to me, but I found no non-payment or scamming issues.


6. Sell It On WikiFeet

Screenshot of WikiFeet Website Hompage

WikiFeet Homepage

Do you know why the developer of WikiFeet, Eli Ozer, launched this website in the very first place? He wanted to create a marketplace and forum for feet pics of Hollywood celebs. And since 2008, this has been dominating the celebrity feet pics market like no one else.

While talking about WikiFeet, Vice Media wrote, that it is “the most extensive online message board and photo gallery of women’s feet on the Internet.”

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: WikiFeet
  • Developed By: Eli Ozer (Israeli Developer)
  • Userbase: 3+ Million
  • Revenue Share: 100% to models
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Direct Deposit)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 3.5/5 (6 reviews – 16% 5-star)
  • Our Rating: 4.0/5

Earning Potential: As this site is mainly geared towards celebrities, most sales here are high tickets. You can charge as much as $1,000/photo if you have the popularity to back it up. But most models here charge $10/photo.

For Men: While most feet pics-selling marketplaces offer a common section for all genders, WikiFeet does have a separate subdomain dedicated to just men.

Talk Of The Town: The WikiFeet forum was behind the stories of debunking the scandals of US congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and journalist Laura Bassett.

Here is what real users are saying about WikiFeet:

apps to sell feet pics - WikiFeet reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • WelderIllustrious290 on Reddit wrote, “Yes, you can, actually. When I first started, I struggled to sell my pics as well. Made around $65 in my first month. Now I’m making upwards of $600.”
  • Albert Hsieh on Quora wrote, “Wikifeet. They currently have a platform there that caters specifically to regular folks who don’t have an IMDb page, and I think you can get paid there.”

My Findings: WikiFeet got banned from the European Union on 7th June 2021 due to the new EU copyright directive.


7. Open An Account On FeetLoversOnly

Screenshot of Feetlovers Website Hompage

FeetLovers Homepage

A part of the well-known “All Things Worn” & “Male Things Worn” family, FeetLoversOnly is another popular marketplace dedicated to people having foot fetishes. It’s a community where you can also connect with like-minded people.

Besides feet pics, you can also sell used shoes, used hosiery, and some naughty extras!

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: FeetLoversOnly
  • Userbase: N/A
  • Revenue Share: 100% to models
  • Minimum Payout: No limit (Direct deposit)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 4/5 (7 reviews – 57% 5-star)
  • Our Rating: 4.0/5

Earning Potential: You can charge anything for your feet pics and clips. However, most models here stick to $10/photo or clip unless they are extremely popular.

Security Features: This forum also supports faceless accounts with alias names. However, the server is situated in Malta, which doesn’t need to comply with the USA data or privacy protection policy.

Here is what real users are saying about FeetLoversOnly:

apps to sell feet pics - Feetloversonly reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • David Rutley on Trustpilot wrote, “Hello, welcome to the best feet site; I enjoyed it. I’m also interested in some feet content, and hopefully, you can get some amazing pretty feet pictures.”

My Take: There is very little information about the user base, subscription plans (if any), and other details about this company. But I couldn’t find any scam or payment refused-related comments about this one.


8. Use Your OnlyFans Account

Screenshot of OnlyFans Website Hompage

OnlyFans Homepage

They came, they conquered, and they stayed! Yes, the world of NSFW content is now dominated by OnlyFans. Although it is primarily geared towards adult content, you can surely sell videos and photos of your gorgeous feet right here.

If you are comfortable with the dirty ways to make money, OnlyFans will be a perfect fit for you!

Here are some quick stats:

  • Official Website: OnlyFans
  • Developed By: Fenix International Limited
  • Userbase: 2 million models + 100 million active users
  • Revenue Share: 80% to models + 20% commission
  • Minimum Payout: $20 (For direct deposit)
  • Trustpilot Rating: 1.5/5 (3,300+ reviews – 8% 5-star)
  • Our Rating: 4.0/5

Earning Potential: According to a recent report by Business Insider, the average income of OnlyFans creators lies between $143,000 to $5.4 million/year. The top 1% of models earn millions.

Ways Of Earning: OnlyFans gives you the option to set a subscription for your fans. Besides, you can also earn from your pay-per-view content and direct pay-per-view messages. Top models even earn from shoutouts!

Security Features: You can create a faceless account on OnlyFans and showcase just your feet. You are even allowed to use an alias name while hiding your real identity.

Here is what real users are saying about OnlyFans:

apps to sell feet pics - OnlyFans reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

  • smokinggun21 on Reddit wrote, “I make like $300-$400 average, but I don’t put very much into it. The first month I posted, I made like $800. Now I just leave it up with the same old posts for clients to “verify” I’m real.”
  • Ms Mia Fellini on Quora wrote, “New creator without experience usually doesn’t make more than $1000 having less than 100’000 followers. Within 3-4 months, earnings of such a creator usually go up to $4000-5000.”

Bonus: If you don’t know how to make up to $5,000/month with OnlyFans, check out my detailed guide to start your journey!


9. Find Feet Pics Buyers On Tinder

Screenshot of Tinder Website Hompage

Tinder Homepage

It is true that you can now get paid to date as a single. And Tinder is the go-to place for every single! Jokes apart, it is truly among the best apps to sell feet pics that have a massive presence all over the world.

Tinder also matches you with local people. So, if you are selling feet pics locally, it will be a good choice. But always take care of your security and meet in secure public places.

How To Get Started:

  1. Open a Tinder account and upload sample images of your feet pics.
  2. Swipe until you find the right match or you get a matching request.
  3. Quote the price for your pics, take payment, and send the pics.
  4. If you are selling feet pics-related merchandise, you can meet in person to have a F2F deal.

Although you don’t need to pay anything to open an ad-supported basic account, you can still get a subscription to remove those annoying ads.

And there are three subscription models available:

  • Tinder Plus: $7.99/month, $24/6 months, or $32/year
  • Tinder Gold: $24.99/month, $75/6 months, or $99.99/year
  • Tinder Platinum: $29.99/month, $90/6 months, or $120/year

Earning Potential: Tinder will not give you the marketplace to directly sell your feet pics. Instead, you can build your fanbase with it. A typical feet model can easily sell at $10/photo.

Learn: How To Sell Feet Pics On Tinder? (+ Epic Tinder Tips)


10. Use The FOAP App

Screenshot of Foap Website Hompage

Foap Website Hompage

The iconic FOAP app is truly among the best apps for selling feet pics. It is actually a marketplace for budding photographers and models to showcase their crafts.

FOAP currently has 19K+ reviews in the Apple App Store alone, with a 4.5/5 rating. Besides, it has 5+ Million downloads on Google Play Store with 35K+ reviews.

How To Get Started:

  • Download the FOAP app and open a free account.
  • Upload HD images of your feet with relevant tags, such as “feet” and “feet fetish.”
  • Once anyone buys it, you get a 50% share. The minimum purchase price is $10. So, you’ll get $5/photo guaranteed.
  • Join FOAP missions and upload photos that brands are looking for with specific requirements. The prize money for missions starts from $100.

Earning Potential: $5/photo is guaranteed if anyone buys your pic. But you can get up to $2,000/photo by winning missions of famous brands looking for specific pictures.

My Findings: FOAP doesn’t allow NSFW pictures or any adult content. But I’ve found suggestive and artistic images of feet pics. Besides, many footwear brands also look for specific feet photos through FOAP missions.


11. Sell It On Whisper

Screenshot of Whisper Website Hompage

Whisper Website Hompage

Whisper is truly among the best apps to sell feet pics if you know how to rightly use it. They shout themselves as the “safest place on the internet,” as they take care of the safety and security of both buyers and sellers.

They don’t even have a private messaging facility to safeguard you from annoying messages from creeps and perverts. Buyers can only communicate with you in the comment section of the public forum.

Requirement: You need to be at least 17 years old to create an account on Whisper. And it is available all over the world without any geo-restrictions.

Availability: The Whisper app is available on the Apple App Store and has a rating of 3/5 with 18.5K+ reviews. It is also available on Google Play Store and has a 3.2/5 rating with 10+ million active downloads.

Steps to sell feet pics on Whisper:

  • Download and install the Whisper app on your smartphone.
  • Create a free profile (you can sell feet pics anonymously by creating a faceless account).
  • Upload images with proper tags and short, engaging videos.
  • Join feet-related groups to connect with like-minded people.
  • When someone drops a query, post your website or email ID (you can even post profile links of feet pics marketplaces like FeetFinder and OnlyFans).
  • Close the deal through your website or email and get paid directly from the buyer.

Beware: Whisper doesn’t directly engage with monetary transactions, nor can you let the buyer purchase your photo through this app. So, always take advance payment before sending your feet pics.


12. Sell Feet Pics On Kik

Screenshot of Kik Website Hompage

Kik Website Hompage

Developed by Canadian tech startup Kik Interactive, Kik is a messenger app that is now crazily popular among teens in the USA and Canada. It is a free-to-download app and has a catchy and vibrant interface.

It works similarly to Facebook Messenger in terms of instant messaging. But with Kik, you can join groups and participate in group messaging (like WhatsApp groups, but public, not private).

Availability: Kik Messenger is now available in both Apple Store and Play Store. It has a 4.3/5 rating with 451K+ reviews on Apple App Store and has 100+ Million downloads with 2.52+ Million reviews on the Google Play Store.

How to sell feet pics on Kik:

  • Download and install the app on your smartphone and create a free account.
  • Upload feet images on your profile with the right hashtags to make it discoverable.
  • Join public groups of feet lovers and people having feet fetishes.
  • Showcase your images to the groups to get potential buyers.
  • When someone connects with you through private messaging, quote your price.
  • Take the payment on PayPal or Cash App and send your feet images.

Note: Take utmost care of your privacy and security. You are free to open a faceless account here too. But it is not ideal to expose your personal or financial details to anonymous people.


13. Get A MeetMe Account

Screenshot of MeetMe Website Hompage

MeetMe Website Hompage

MeetMe is not a traditional messaging app. Instead, you can call it the new-age Omegle or something similar to Tinder. It uses GPS technology and finds nearby people with whom you can connect through this app.

You can surely create a faceless account, although privacy will still be a concern as it will only connect you with local people.

Availability: MeetMe is available on Apple App Store and has a 4.3 rating with 302K+ votes. Besides, it is also available on Google Play Store and has a 3.4 rating with 50+ Million downloads.

How to get started on MeetMe:

  • Download the app and log in through your Facebook account.
  • Set up your profile, upload a profile photo, and add a short bio.
  • Select all the feet-related categories as your “Interest.”
  • Post some photos or go live to get noticed by potential buyers.
  • When someone connects with you, quote a price for your feet photo.
  • Receive payment and send the image through the MeetMe app.

Note: If you want to keep your identity secret, don’t log in through your existing Facebook account. Create a new standalone account or use the Facebook account that you use for marketing your feet pics.

Earning Potential: There is no way to tell how much you can make, as it will rely on your communication and negotiation skills. But feet models using MeetMe to get local buyers to charge up to $50/photo.


14. Print Feet Pics With Zazzle

Screenshot of Zazzle Website Hompage

Zazzle Website Hompage

Zazzle is one of the best apps to sell feet pics if you are willing to go with something creative rather than selling feet-fetish stuff. It is actually an online marketplace that dropships anything that is printable.

Availability: Zazzle has a webstore that offers a dedicated seller’s dashboard. You can also download the Zazzle app from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

apps to sell feet pics - Zazzle reviews on Trustpilot

Source: Trustpilot

Ratings: It has a 4.8 rating with 22K+ votes on App Store. And on Play Store, it has more than 500K downloads. Zazzle also has a 4.6 rating on Trustpilot with 15K+ reviews and a 77% 5-star rating.

How Zazzle can help you sell feet pics:

  • Navigate to the webstore or install the app on your smartphone.
  • Open a free seller’s account and select your preferred payout option.
  • Select feet-related categories and add them to your homepage.
  • Start designing posters, cards, t-shirts, and other unique gifts with your artistic feet pics.
  • When someone buys it, Zazzle will take care of the entire printing, shipping, and billing process.
  • You get your commission for each sale having your design.

My Findings: Zazzle doesn’t support adult or NSFW content. It is strictly for the purpose of printing non-sensual stuff. Use this app only if you want to sell your non-adult merchandise.


15. Use Your Instagram Handles

how to sell feet pics on instagram

Source: Instagram

Instagram is the current hub of money-making, as influencers and affiliate marketers are making six figures here. Besides money, Instagram also gives fame, which Gen-Z dies for!

And what’s better than that? You can now even start selling feet pics on Instagram.

It receives more than 2.35 billion visits a month. And users spend 29 minutes on average each day on this app. So, you just need to connect with the right people to sell your feet pics.

Steps to sell feet pics on Instagram:

  1. Download the Instagram app and open a free account (You can also sign in with your FB account).
  2. Name your IG handle that matches your category, such as “GorgeousFeetLady” or “FeetArtPro.”
  3. Switch to “Creators/Professional account” from your “Personal account.”
  4. Include a short bio with feet-related keywords, such as “feet pics” and “feet model.”
  5. Create a Linktree account, include all your website or profile links, and include that in your IG bio.
  6. Upload sample images, include the right hashtags, and promote your ad.
  7. When a buyer connects with you, take payment in PayPal, and send them feet pics through IG messenger.

You must have already known the importance of hashtags in IG, as they will make your photos discoverable while increasing search visibility.

Some of the hashtags that you must include are:

  • #Feetlover
  • #Feetgram
  • #Footfetish
  • #Heatonfeetgang
  • #Cutefeet
  • #HypeFeet
  • #Nylonfeet

My Findings: You can also set up your online shop on Instagram with Commerce Manager. It also gives you the option to upload catalogs of your feet pics.


16. Join Facebook Groups

How to sell feet pics on Facebook

Source: Facebook

Comes from the same brotherhood of IG called Meta, Facebook is still the social media king with close to 3.5 billion users. And by using the Commerce Manager, you can also set up your online feet pics shop on FB besides Instagram.

I recommend you go for a professional page rather than a personal account to sell feet pics.

How to sell feet pics on Facebook:

  1. Create a professional page and give an appropriate feet-related name.
  2. Add a profile picture, a banner, a detailed bio, and all your website and profile links.
  3. Upload some of your feet pictures with the right captions and hashtags on your page.
  4. Join feet-related Facebook groups and showcase your feet pics.
  5. Once someone reaches you, complete the deal through PayPal or through Facebook commerce.

It is necessary to join relevant Facebook groups to meet with like-minded people and also to get potential buyers of your feet pics. You can even start making money on Facebook by creating a legitimate business.

Here are some of the best feet-related groups on FB:

My Findings: These groups are full of suspicious accounts and creeps. So, don’t use your personal account to join these groups. Instead, use a faceless professional page and never reveal your identity.

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17. Use The Power Of Twitter

Sign up page Screenshot of Twitter Website

Source: Twitter

Twitter deserves the right attention, even after Elon Musk has taken it over, even after the introduction of the paid blue tick! It is still among the best apps to sell feet pics if you know how to market your pics well.

There are two ways to sell feet pics on Twitter:

  1. Tweet sample images with the right hashtags and wait for the buyers to DM you. Once anyone shows interest, take the payment and send the pics through DM.
  2. Use your Twitter handle as your marketing tool to boost your FeetFinder or OnlyFans account. Buyers can directly click the links on Twitter and go directly to the actual feet model profile on other sites.

Three things to remember while using Twitter for pics selling:

  1. Make your Twitter handle look professional and back it up with a feet-related name.
  2. Always add relevant hashtags and CTA captions to your images.
  3. Tweet regularly, engage with your fans, and offer giveaways.

My Take: Search for the trending feel-related hashtags on Twitter and include those in your pics while you post them. It will get you more eyes, thus more potential buyers.


18. Take Snapchat In Your Advantage

Sign up page Screenshot of Snapchat

Source: Snapchat

Snapchat currently receives 750 million active users each month and 5 billion Snapchat every day. In the US and Canada, it has its highest user base. So, if you are an American feet model, it will be the right suit for you.

Snapchat is truly among the best apps to sell feet pics, as it can provide a unique marketing channel. Besides, it supports faceless accounts and offers complete privacy protection.

How to sell feet pics on Snapchat:

  • Download the Snapchat app on your phone.
  • Create a free account and include all the necessary details, such as email ID, name, and gender.
  • Tap on “Create Public Profile” and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Create and add a bitmoji avatar to your profile and start adding friends.
  • Create and publish a spotlight (it is the same as the IG reels).
  • Once you gather a decent fan following, turn on the Snapchat premium option.
  • Charge a monthly subscription fee to your fans to get exclusive feet-related content.

Snapchat Premium: Snapchat will only give you the option to create a fan subscription only if you have a premium account.

Rather than charging on each sale, Snapchat opts for a fixed monthly account. You need to pay $3.99/month to get a premium account.

Safety Features: All your stories and posts will automatically disappear on Snapchat after 24 hours.

During that timeframe, if someone tries to take a screenshot or record it, Snapchat will send you a notification. It is a nice way to tackle creeps, as you can block them instantly.


19. Use TikTok

As of 2024, TikTok has a user base of 1.53 billion, out of which 1.05 billion are monthly active users. Around 47% of users on TikTok are under 29. So, you can directly appeal to the right target group to sell your feet content.

Limitations: TikTok doesn’t allow people to upload just images. Instead, you can market and sell short clips and live reels here. However, you can surely link your website or a photo catalog in the bio.

How to start selling feet videos on TikTok:

  • Download the TikTok app and open a free account.
  • Upload a feel-related profile image and complete your bio.
  • Link your Linktree account or website URL in your bio.
  • Start uploading catchy and trending content related to feet.
  • Don’t forget to use the right hashtags with each of your short clips.
  • Go live and show some exclusive content to create a fan base.
  • When someone approaches you, quote a price and close the deal.

Like Instagram, you also need to optimize your content on TikTok with the right hashtags. It will make it search-friendly and easily discoverable. Besides, you can reach the right target group by using foot-related hashtags.

Some of the most popular feet-related hashtags on TikTok are:

  • #FeetFeetFeet
  • #footfetishnation
  • #feetlovers
  • #footfetish
  • #feetworship
  • #barefeet
  • #prettyfeet
  • #prettytoes
  • #footfetishcommunity
  • #barefoot

Beware: Although TikTok is massively popular, and you’ll come across many feet models who will claim to make unprecedented money, don’t fall for them. It is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Instead, the road will be long, and you need to work hard and smart.


20. Connect With Fans On Discord

Screenshot of Discard Website Homepage

Discard Website Homepage

Launched in 2015, Discord is the perfect blend of instant messaging and social media, as it gives you both the vibes! And it is crazily popular among Gen-Z and will house 154+ Million monthly active users in 2024.

Discord is surely among the best apps to sell feet pics that offers a dedicated channel to market your feet-related content.

How to sell feel-related content on Discord:

  • Install the Discord app and create a free account.
  • Complete your bio with feet-related keywords and upload a profile pic.
  • Click on the “+” sign and select the “Create a server” option.
  • Enter the name and details of your server and click “Create.”
  • Invite feet lovers to your discord server and connect with your fans.
  • Once they approach you, send them your catalog link.
  • Get paid and send the feet pics through email or through DMs.

Selling on Discord directly is not possible, as it won’t give you the option to create a business profile or a storefront. Instead, use it for marketing your feet pics.

My Take: Discord shows how many fans are active right now on your server. So, make use of that feature and publish your feet pics and promotional content when most fans are live.

Bonus: Discord is also full of scammers, and you need to take cautious steps. You can also follow my recent blog on selling feet pics without getting scammed.


21. Use Tumblr

Screenshot of Tumbler Website Homepage

Tumbler Website Homepage

Tumblr is a popular microblogging site where you can showcase anything creative, such as poems, videos, pictures, and anything else. And now, you can start selling feet pics legally through this amazing site.

This site already has 518+ million microblogs and receives 327 million unique visits each month. You can now become a part of this community to start selling feet pics online.

How to use Tumblr to sell feet pics:

  1. Visit the official website or download the app.
  2. Signup for a new account.
  3. Complete your bio and upload a profile picture.
  4. Add your website link in the bio.
  5. Start uploading images and short clips with the right hashtags.
  6. Once you start receiving comments, be active and engage with fans.
  7. If anyone shows interest in your feet pics, quote them for the right price.
  8. Take the payment online and send the feet pics.

If you use Tumblr the right way and connect with the right people, it will not be difficult for you to make $300 or more fast this year.

Tips to get more views on Tumblr:

  • Post your feet pics and short clips on Monday to Thursday between 7 PM and 10 PM.
  • Get a Tumblr Post+ subscription for $1.99/month and start offering exclusive content to your fans.
  • Reblog other unique content from other creators in feet pics and feet fetish niche.

My Take: Consistency is the key here! You need to post image-rich content daily to make your microblog active first. And don’t forget to communicate directly with your fans in the comment section.


22. Sell It To Buyers Directly On Reddit

Screenshot of Reddit Website Homepage

Source: Reddit

Reddit is a difficult thing to crack, especially for the feet pics seller and feet models. It doesn’t give you the option to promote your links too much. Instead, it encourages you to connect with like-minded people and share genuine experiences.

However, if you can play it smart, it can be an amazing marketing tool for your feet pics. Don’t forget it has 60 million users to cater to. So, you can surely make use of this user base.

How to sell feet pics on Reddit:

  1. Open a Reddit account and use a suitable feet-related profile name.
  2. Join feet-related subreddits and start conversations with like-minded people.
  3. Once you start getting “Karma,” slowly post your experience with a couple of pics on subreddits.
  4. Encourage your fans to give you upvotes.
  5. Once someone approaches you, close the deal through email.

There are several feet-related subreddits you can find on Reddit. Some of my personal favorites are:

Note: Don’t SPAM! You’ll get banned in no time if you start spamming subreddits with your links. Be subtle, and never overdo it on Reddit.


23. Use Quora

Screenshot of Quora Homepage

Source: Quora

If you have to name a question-answer platform, the first site that will pop up in your mind will be Quora. It is the most popular of its kind, with over 300+ million active users each month.

Quora is also among the very few platforms that let you add your own links to your post.

So, if you already have a FeetFinder, Feetify, or OnlyFans account, you can easily market those through your Quora feed.

How to use Quora to sell feet pics:

  • Open a free account on Quora and complete your profile.
  • Use a feet-related alias name and use a niche-specific profile image.
  • Search for the Quora threads where people talk about feet, feet fetishes, and selling feet pics.
  • Give them genuine answers, share your experience, and include your links.
  • Once someone clicks on your link, they will be redirected to your actual feet-selling profile of yours.

My Take: If you have your own blog or a website where you sell your feet pics, you can easily get some good traffic by using Quora properly. But yes, you need to invest time and be active.


24. Start Etsy Feet Pics Selling Business

Screenshot of etsy Website Homepage

Etsy Website Homepage

Do you know that you can make $50 really fast just by becoming a seller on Etsy? You can now actually start making money without paying anything on Etsy.

It is also one of the best apps to sell feet pics if you are willing to try something creative.

Feet-related things you can sell on Etsy:

  • Feet photos
  • Feet art posters
  • Footcare products
  • Feet accessories
  • Merchandizes (t-shirts, mugs, keychains)

Opening a storefront on Etsy is easy, and you can do it within half an hour. However, for every sale you make here, you need to pay some charges.

Seller’s fees on Etsy:

  • Listing fee: $0.20/item (Auto renewed every four months)
  • Transaction fee: 6.5% of the listing price/item
  • Payment processing fee: Variable (depends on the location of your bank)
  • Currency conversion fee: 2.5% (for Etsy Payments users)

Subscription Plan: You can get a premium subscription plan on Etsy for just $10/month. You’ll get 15 listing credits and $5 in Etsy ads credits.


25. Sell It on eBay

Screenshot of ebay Website Homepage

ebay Website Homepage

eBay is indeed among the best and most trusted apps to sell feet pics, feet posters, and merchandise related to feet. If you are looking for ways to make money without a job, it is the best place to start your journey.

You cannot sell the softcopy of your feet pics, such as JPEG or PNG, on eBay. Instead, you can print a poster or wall art with your feet photos and sell those.

How to get started on eBay:

  • Create an account on eBay (you can also log in through Google, Apple, and FB account).
  • Design your storefront, give it a unique name, and add a short description in the “About” section.
  • Start uploading HD images of your feet-related items.
  • Optimize them with the right description and tags.
  • Fix a price for each product and publish.
  • Ask buyers to give you feedback to increase your seller’s rating.

eBay is not a free platform, although you don’t need to pay any fees to create an account here. Instead, eBay takes commissions and other fees for each sale.

Selling fees on eBay:

  • Final value fee: 3% to 15% of the listing price + $0.30 per order
  • International fee: 1.65% (For sellers outside the USA)
  • International site visibility: $0.50/item (if you want to sell globally)

My Take: Don’t fix a high price for your items on initial days. If you are selling foot-related posters, give a good discount and ask for positive feedback in return.


26. Sell Your Merchandise With Printify

Screenshot of Printify Website Homepage

Printify Website Homepage

Printify specializes in digital printing arts on collectibles and daily household items.

From coffee mugs to tee shirts, from resin crafts to tote bags, you can print your impressive feet photos to any item you want.

More than 4 million sellers use Printify nowadays to reach a larger group of buyers worldwide. You can use that print-on-demand platform to make and sell your merchandise.

How to sell feet pics with Printify:

  1. Open a free account on Printify.
  2. Select a product that suits your category or caters to your fans.
  3. Design the product with your feet photos.
  4. Publish your design and integrate it with Shopify, WooCommerce, eBay, or Etsy.

USP: While you’ll take care of just the designing process, Printify will take care of everything else, including printing, packaging, and shipping. And you will get up to 50% commission on the selling price.

My Take: If you are an existing model and have a fanbase, you can design some t-shirts and posters with your feet pics on Printify. Integrate those to your personal website, eBay, or Etsy. Just encourage your fans to buy those merchandise to make a profit without any additional work.


27. Sell Feet Pics On Craigslist

Screenshot of Craigslist Website Homepage

Craigslist Website Homepage

Without any doubt, Craigslist is one of the best platforms to get under-the-table jobs nowadays. But do you know that you can even sell your feet pics through this site?

But yes, you need to take a different route if you want to sell feet pics on Craigslist. I have a detailed guide on it; do check that out!

I have also discussed some of the similar legit sites like Craigslist where you can start selling feet pics.

How to get started:

  1. Create a free account on Craigslist and choose your location.
  2. Submit an ad with sharp and vibrant feet images and compelling captions.
  3. Use your social media handles to reach a larger audience.
  4. When someone shows interest, communicate through email.
  5. Get the payment and mail them the pictures.

Safety Precautions: You should avoid any F2F deal on Craigslist, especially while selling foot pics or any other fetish-related things. It will not only reveal your real identity but will also make you unsafe.


28. Get Fans’ Support On Patreon

Screenshot of Patreon Website Homepage

Patreon Website Homepage

Patreon, a popular membership platform, receives 3 million monthly users. And it gives creators an opportunity to collect funds, monetary support, and subscriptions.

But wait; let me make one thing clear first. Patreon is not for newcomers! It is for existing and popular feet models who already have a decent fan following.

You can create a subscription plan on Patreon for your fans and also ask for tips. But you need to pay certain charges depending on your membership plan.

Charges of Patreon in 2024:

  • Lite: 5% of your monthly income + Payment processing
  • Pro: 8% of your monthly income + Payment processing
  • Premium: 12% of your monthly income + Payment processing

The payment processing fee will depend on the subscription rate or the individual contribution value. And the current payment processing fees are:

  • For payments below $3: 5% + $0.10 per payment
  • For payment above $3: 2.9% + $0.30 per payment

My Take: Not just foot models; if you are a YouTuber, a streamer, a blogger, or an influencer, you can use Patreon to make money.


29. Use Stock Photo Websites To Sell Feet Pics

Screenshot of Deposit Photos Website Homepage

Deposit Photos Website Homepage

If you are selling creative feet pics that modeling agencies and brands will love to use, nothing can be a better option than stock photo sites. And there are hundreds of them!

There are some best platforms to sell photos online where you can sell your feet pics for as high as $500/photo. However, most models on stock photo sites stick to $10 to $20/photo.

Where to start: Deposit Photos can be a nice place to start. You can upload as many feet photos as you want, as it already has more than 300k feet photos in stock. And you can fetch around $0.30 to $0.50/photo download on average.

Some of the most popular stock photo sites to sell feet pics:

My Findings: Don’t try to sell NSFW or adult photos on stock photo sites, as most stock photo sites don’t allow it. You may face a permanent ban for posting the wrong content.


More Best Platforms And Apps To Sell Feet Pics

  • StudioNow: Earn money with your best feet shots and videos (Fix your own price)
  • Agora Awards: One of the easily downloadable apps on the play store for your pic selling business
  • Scoopshot: Become a freelance photographer and get hired by many clients from all nooks
  • EyeEm App: Start selling your creative photos and start your own business using this platform
  • Stokimo.Co: This is the largest stock photo agency to cash in on your creativity
  • Envato Elements: Stock photo website where users can enjoy unlimited downloads
  • Stocksy: This stock photo and video-sharing website also allows you to share your feet’ pics
  • Dreamstime: With over 48 million active users, you can also market your feet pics and videos
  • Alamy: Show your creative work in stock photos, vectors, videos, and panoramic shots


What Are The Feet Poses For Selling Feet Pics?

No matter how much you are striving to boost your feet, pics selling a business without proper pose will not sustain the market.

Here are a few types of foot poses you can take reference to make your feet pics business stand out.


1. Forward Fold

forward feet pose

This is one of the unique ways to sell feet and hand pics together. Here you tend to bend forward and join both your hands and feet together to make them more appealing.


2. Feet With Nature Touch

nature touch pose

Nature always enhances the aesthetic appeal of everything. You can also take leverage of any natural elements like flowers, leaves, or water to touch your feet to make them sensual.


3. Tree Pose

tree pose feet

This creative pose can let you flex one leg, folding and touching the other, making it resemble a tree.

This pose mainly reduces the flat feet and makes them more interesting.


4. Plank Pose

plant pose

Here you lie down, balancing on your elbows and placing your back parallel to your feet. This activates your calves and adds additional flex to your feet.


5. Make Them Look Dirty

dirty feet pics pose

Here dirty doesn’t mean you are not grooming your feet, but you add an additional mess to the well-maintained feet.

You can take the help of sand, pebbles, dried leaves, etc.


6. Oiled Feet Images

Oiled feet pics pose

You can use various massaging oils and add that extra shine to your feet pics or videos. This way, your feet can attract more foot-fetish people.


Apps To Sell Feet Pics: Legal Or Not?

apps to sell feet pics

Selling feet pics is absolutely legal in most places and can definitely be a lucrative side income idea.

But there are a few important guidelines that you must follow in order to auger this business. The seller must be at least 18 years old, which can also vary with your country.

With the surge more technological advances, there are many online scams in the name of free-feeing-selling apps. So we advise you to be aware and follow the above steps strictly.

And for your convenience, we have clearly compiled this list of genuine apps to sell feet pics. So you need not surf the web for any other better platforms.

Lastly, make sure you only pick the feet pics selling app after reading its clear terms and conditions.


What Are The Best Apps To Sell Feet Pics Online?

apps to sell feet pics

There are many legit apps to sell feet pics available nowadays, although nothing can beat the trust factor and legitimacy of Feetify and Instafeet.

Feetify currently has a 4.5-star rating on Trustpilot. Besides, it now also has more than 300k active users on this platform.

Instafeet, on the other hand, is one of the oldest players in this industry with a global reputation.

This platform currently has more than a million active users from all over the world. Feetfinder is another app that comes next on the line with a massive user base.

Make Money by selling Feet pics with Fun With Feet

If you are not looking for a direct approach, you can use the Facebook marketplace, subreddits, and even Quora threads to attract customers to your sales landing page.

You can also launch your website and app to sell your feet’ pics directly to your admirers.


How Much Money Can You Make Selling Feet Pics?

apps to sell feet pics

How much you can earn by selling your feet pics depends on the target group you are catering to and the quality of your images.

Your social media following also plays a crucial role in your overall earnings. You can fetch anywhere between $5 to $100/pics from this industry.

If you are a newbie in this field, you need to keep the price tag on the lower side, probably between $5 to $20/photo. And if you have experience in this field, you can claim between $20 to $100/pics.

If you have a decent social media following and an active user base on platforms like OnlyFans or Instafeet, you can even claim up to $500/photo.

On average, a typical feet pics seller earns between $1k to $6k/month. As a newbie in this field, you can expect to make between $15k to $40k/year on average.

And for experienced models, this income can even touch up to $100k/year or more. If you plan to launch your blog, this can be even doubled with the right strategy.


Do You Need To Pay Taxes While Selling Feet Pics?

apps to sell feet pics

Yes, like any other industry, you also need to pay taxes for selling feet pics online.

According to the current American standard, the IRS evaluates feet pics selling the business as a regular online business. As per the current taxation rules, you must pay taxes if your yearly earnings exceed the $600 benchmark.

And there are many apps to sell feet pics where you can keep track of your earnings and expenditure right on the app itself.

So, the accounting part becomes almost effortless. You can also directly export the earnings to free software like QuickBooks and keep a tab on the amount of taxes you need to pay.


Pros And Cons Of Selling Feet Pics

Selling feet pics online is among the highest-earning businesses this year.

However, you need to have a clear understanding of the pros and cons of selling feet pics before you dive into this industry.

Pros Of Selling Feet Pics
  • You can earn easily from a smartphone and an active internet connection
  • With preference, you can opt for this as a full-time or part-time job
  • No need for any  academic certification and prior business knowledge
  • Save your privacy without revealing your face and personal details
  • You’ll have instant access to millions of people having foot fetishes
  • Earn around $1k-$10k/Month with your quality content.

Cons Of Selling Feet Pics
  • This online market is filled with full of creeps and perverted people
  • There is a high chance for your pics to get misused with your knowledge
  • You can encounter thousands of scammers and fake websites in this industry
  • Must be aware of clear skills of self-promotion and ways to boost your traffic
  • Experience gained here cannot be used anywhere to get a full-time job.

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Make Money by selling your Feet pics on Fun With Feet


As you must have understood, many apps are now available to sell feet pics all over this blue planet.

However, you need to take cautious steps and trust only your instincts before joining any of those platforms. You can even take this profession a step forward as there are now ways to get paid for pictures of your body as well.

So, these are all the legit platforms we have that you can try with confidence. But if you think we have missed any legit platform, don’t wait to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Where can I sell pictures of my feet for money?

You can sell pictures of your feet in many places for money. Instafeet and Feetify are the most sought-after platforms in this industry.

Feetfiner comes next on the line. Many feet models also prefer OnlyFans to sell their pics. Besides, you can even try FB groups and subreddits to get potential buyers.


How much money can you make selling photos of your feet?

Depending on the appearance and quality of your feet pics, you can earn between $5 to $100/photo on average.

A typical seller in this industry now makes around $1k to $6k/month on average, totaling $12k to $40k/year on average. If you have a considerable social media following, you can even earn up to $100k/year.


What Is One Best App To Sell Feet Pics?

When it comes to deciding what app to sell feet pics from the rest, you can directly turn your head tilted towards FOAP.

Here, you can get a decent rate for your feet pics and also the far-reached market. The only downturn here is that this platform charges 50% as commissions.


Can you sell feet pics on OnlyFans?

Yes, you can definitely sell feet pics on OnlyFans. And not just images; you can even sell short clips and videos on this platform.

First, you must open a free account on this platform to start. Once you get the approval, you can begin uploading your clips and images to create your inventory.


Is the FOAP app legit for selling feet pics?

Yes, FOAP is a completely legit app to sell feet pics online. This one is now available in both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.

All you need is to download and install the FOAP app on your smartphone to get started. You can also create a free account by using your existing Google account.


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