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15 Babysitting Jobs For 13 Years Old – $15 Per Hour

Starting out on your first job when you’re a preteen (or have just crossed the threshold to 13) automatically brings to mind the stereotypical first jobs like serving at a fast-food joint, being a cashier at a store, assisting at a laboratory, or freelance babysitting.

Among these three, babysitting is the only one that feels personally rewarding.

Developing bonds with the children you babysit, having tons of fun with them, and these kids looking up to you in life is an experience you can’t compare with whipping out perfect lattes or debugging issues with the printer.

Childcare is an important life lesson that will teach you cooperation, quick thinking, problem-solving, and, most importantly, compassion.

These babysitting jobs are the best fit for any 13 years or 14 years old as they teach responsibilities and also come with a nice hourly pay rate.

If you are not sure where to find these opportunities, then this article is the right place to find them as we are going to discuss some legit websites that have offered babysitting jobs for 13 years old. So, let’s jump into it.


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The Demand For Babysitting Jobs

babysitting jobs demand

Babysitting jobs are actually the most lucrative temporary jobs today for 13 years old. With most families comprising working parents or just parents who need some time for themselves, the demand for babysitters is higher than ever, which also leads to increasing their pay.

The job is not a cakewalk, though; it requires a lot of patience and a certain level of expertise in caregiving. It’s a good idea for you to weigh the pros against the cons first.

The Pros

The Cons

The hourly pay usually starts from $10, which is already higher than any similar job (say a cashier’s or a server’s). This pay varies with experience, usually increasing to even $15-$17 an hour when you become skilled enough to be called an expert caregiver!


With any luck, if the kids you’re babysitting are infants or just sleepy during your visit, you can put them to bed and spend some me-time while getting paid!


This job is much better than any conventional “first job” any day, with loads of fun time with kids, an enjoyable environment, and a welcoming family.

The job might be fun, but there are times when it can be challenging. Childcare is not always fun and games; it’s most often cleaning up their mess and coping with their hyperactivity.


If me-time doesn’t exactly sound like your thing, you will end up being bored for hours while the children sleep.


Babysitting gigs aren’t always available whenever you need some extra bucks. Families only call for sitters when they absolutely need to.

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Things You Must Know About Babysitting Jobs

babysitting jobs for 13 years old

We can’t stress enough how important it is to know basic childcare before getting yourself into this field.

Babysitting looks easy only on the surface since it involves children, but it takes a lot of knowledge and skill to be able to do it perfectly.

Possessing skills like changing diapers, making snacks, basic bathroom hygiene, etc., can take you a long way in the babysitting market.

Occasionally, you might also need to organize fun, kid-friendly activities to entertain the children you’re sitting with!

Landing a babysitting job will become a lot easier if you already possess these skills through previous experience or just having a younger sibling.


1. Assess Yourself

Kids are all different, and before stepping into babysitting jobs for 13 years old, you must know this: some kids will be angels in disguise, while some will truly test your patience.

It’s best to self-assess where your tolerance level stands before you involve yourself in anything you might not be able to handle.

Use age-specific information and put it to your advantage to prepare activities that both you and the kid will be able to enjoy!


2. Unexpected Circumstances

Accidents happen even in the most unlikely of situations, and it’s always wise to stay prepared for anything.

Acquire skills like first aid knowledge, safety training, and pediatric CPR for unexpected circumstances where you can help immediately.

As a teenage babysitter, you should also know how to help a choking kid, treat cuts and scrapes, and other accidents. Additionally, knowing whom to call during emergencies is information you should possess.


3. Pricing the Services You Offer

Take these 5 factors into consideration before setting an hourly rate for your babysitting job:-

  • Experience: Set your rate anywhere between $10 and $20 based on your experience. If you’re just starting out, ask other babysitters you know about their hourly rates and charges to get an idea of how much you should charge.
  • Minimum wage: It goes without saying that your hourly rate should be above the minimum wage in your area, even if you’re a complete fresher.
  • Number of Children: The average hourly rate for babysitting one child is approximately $16.25. At this rate, you can earn around $243 a day according to your neighborhood and the hours you work for. For more children, the rate increases steadily.
  • Special needs: When you decide on a rate, consider including children with special needs like providing their medication or feeding them through a feeding tube, along with your base rate.
  • Transportation: If you’re going to babysit for a family that lives far away from where you live, make sure to include the transportation charges into the hourly rate.


Websites To Find Babysitting Jobs for 13 Years Old



Pay rate: $15 an hour

Job role: Babysitting is one of the biggest and most successful babysitting websites in the world, with communities spread across countries like the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, and a lot of other places all around the world.

Besides babysitting, the platform houses several other caregiving services such as tutoring, pet care, caring for seniors, housekeeping, etc. is, essentially, a job board where you can post your skills and rates to attract clients who need babysitters.

Potential clients like families looking for a sitter will contact you via these job posts, and your babysitting career is most likely to quickly pick up from there. Being a popular website, there’s never the slightest scarcity of either job posts or caregivers.

Another great thing about this site is that, unlike most other third-party websites, they do not deduct any amount from the payments made through theirs. In our opinion, Care is definitely worth signing up and browsing through its boards for.


2. Bambino

Pay rate: $12 – $25

Job role: Babysitter

Bambino is a popular babysitting app in the United States that helps you discover babysitting jobs around you, right in your neighborhood or in one close to yours.

This app concentrates its radius on finding you babysitting jobs that you can easily book instead of unnecessarily showing you clients available all over the city.

This is also the perfect platform to get started with babysitting jobs for 13 years old since the app only allows teenagers aged 13 and above to register with them.

But the catch is that, before they make you visible to other clients as a registered babysitter, you have to be recommended by a parent on the app.

To get that recommendation and your profile officially ready to take babysitting jobs on the app, you’d have to have at least one prior babysitting experience.

Once the recommendation gets you listed on the platform, you can freely browse through babysitting jobs, go through their requirements, and decide whether you want to accept or decline them.

On Bambino, you can pick your own rate and get paid directly to your bank or Venmo account.


3. Babysits

Pay rate: Not disclosed

Job role: Babysitting

Babysits is another massive babysitting site that connects parents to their perfect sitters throughout the globe is Babysits.

Its territory includes the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Japan, and lots more.

This site, too, works as a job board, with families posting their babysitting needs and sitters connecting with them through the platform.

All the money you make through the platform is completely yours; they charge no commission, which is always an added advantage for babysitting sites.

You also get to negotiate payment and working hours directly with the parents without the site having any set restrictions for these.

A cool feature that makes Babysits unique is its badge system.

It awards you with badges as you keep gaining babysitting experience, which gains you more visibility to families looking for sitters, thus increasing your opportunities and boosting pay!



Pay rate: 10+ an hour

Job role: Babysitting, Nannying, Housekeeping, and Petsitting. is yet another website that works like a job board for babysitters with the added advantage that, at any given time, the site has over 60,000 babysitting jobs listed and ready to take on!

Applying for these babysitting jobs for 13 years old is the simplest thing: you don’t even need to open an account on the website!

But one pro of opening an account is that you get to contact the family directly (or rather, they get to locate or contact you directly).

Payments are usually decided by the family, with a few exceptions where the pay is negotiable. The platform does not mediate in the payment process at all. They only act as the means to an end; the payments have to be done directly between you and the family.


5. Bubble

Pay rate: Set your own

Job role: Babysitting

Bubble is a babysitting app in the UK that is simple, secure, and convenient. It’s free to join, all sitters are covered with £1m in public liability insurance, and you get to set your own price and availability.

One unique part of Bubble is that it requires you to have a Facebook account to sign up. This is for ID verification, but it also means you can find parents with whom you have friends in common, which can increase your chances of landing a job.

Payments happen directly through the Bubble, so everything is cashless and easy.


6. Sittercity

Pay rate: $12 an hour and above

Job role: Babysitting

Several babysitting jobs for 12-13 years old are offered in the form of simple job posts on a promising website dedicated to babysitters. Sittercity is another one of them.

Sittercity is widely popular as one of the best babysitting apps in the United States, thanks to its widespread coverage. It houses leads from all over its users’ city and has helped bag the best babysitting jobs for 13 years old.

Deciding hourly rates, schedules, localities, etc., are all responsibilities of the sitter, and that’s why we think this app is a helpful non-mediator for finding suitable babysitting jobs around the city for you.


7. Juggle

Pay rate: $11 – $15 an hour

Job role: Babysitting and Petsitting

A US-based babysitting website that also offers a plethora of other services like pet-sitting, housekeeping, party assistance, etc., Juggle has been a brilliant platform for bagging babysitting jobs for 14 years old.

They prefer hiring older teenagers, so this could be a great place for you to get involved in a short-term project or part-time job.

The joining process on Juggle is super simple; if you have a few minutes of your time, you can easily create a beautiful customized profile and profit off it! They offer a minimum hourly rate of $11, which can go as high as $15.

If there’s one downside to this otherwise awesome site, it’s that they charge a 20% commission off your total earnings.


8. SeekingSitters

Pay rate: $9 – $19 per hour

Job role: Babysitting and Nannying

SeekingSitters is a seriously well-maintained and no-nonsense platform for babysitters.

It allows you to decide how much work you want to do in a week: whether you want to keep your schedule packed full-time or just work 1-2 days a week.

The platform is super serious about its clients’ safety, and thus only accepts sitters with extensive babysitting, first aid, and CPR experience.

SeekingSitters hands out printed T-shirts with their name and logo on them to sitters for fast and easy identification.

The platform also has its own investigation team to screen applicants and look into events (if an incident is reported) before validating them.


9. UrbanSitter

Pay rate: $12+ per hour

Job role: Babysitting, Nannying, Tutoring, and Petsitting.

UrbanSitter allows you to advertise your skills and rates as job posts for potential clients.

Caregivers such as yourself can access the site for free; however, parents looking to hire sitters have to pay an annual $100 to use the platform.

UrbanSitter is, again, very serious about their client’s safety. They scrutinize each and every profile before officially listing it as an able caregiver.

Upload a clear photograph of yourself and be ready to go through intensive background checks. The site has a reputation for being so strict that they remove profiles based on minor inconsistencies.

UrbanSitter believes that, since parents pay a lot to leave their children with someone trustworthy, capable, and skilled, they have every right to crucially scrutinize and even inexplicably eliminate some of their sitters’ profiles.


10. Helpr

Pay rate: Not disclosed

Job role: Babysitting and Childcare.

Helpr is a one-of-a-kind babysitting platform built with the benefit of the sitters in mind.

It comes with a cancel protection feature for babysitters and guarantees a single screening test before offering a stream of different babysitting jobs for 13 years old.

Another feature they offer that benefits sitters is guaranteed pay!

The only limitation of this babysitting app is that it’s only available on iOS at the moment, with a bunch of states in the US under its radar. Great customer support and punctuality compensate for that, though.


11. Sittr

Pay rate: Not disclosed

Job role: Babysitting and Nannying

Exclusive to Australia, Sittr is a cool platform that calls itself the best for a reason. The site proves beneficial for both parents and babysitters.

With Sittr’s onsite insurance coverage, regular direct mails of job posts, and being able to set your own schedule to decide what times you want to work, babysitting jobs for 13 years old doesn’t get better than this.

Here’s a word of advice, though: before you start working on Sittr, make sure you have First Aid and Working With Children certificates in your name, along with identity proof and verification of your payment.

Sittr securely handles every payment for you after the successful completion of each job.



Pay rate: 8 euros per hour

Job role: Babysitting

When you list out the best babysitting jobs for 13 years old the UK has to offer, your research takes you directly to Sitter.

Their primary focus is to help families connect with capable babysitters and that both parties benefit from it.

Since this platform is truly serious about the quality of service they offer, they only hire sitters with over 2 years of caregiving experience and a few professional references.

The process involves a standard background check and a few interviews.

The payment methods they support (whether fixed or negotiable) aren’t very well known to us. Only someone on the inside can reveal more information about their workings.

Let’s hope we soon find out how this platform works on paying its sitters from clients, so more of us can consider registering on Sitter.


13. WeNeedDateNight

Pay rate: Not disclosed

Job role: Babysitting

This one’s kind of a startup babysitting app that’s rapidly growing by ticking just the right boxes!

WeNeedDateNight is an up-and-coming babysitting website in Canada that hires its sitters via Skype interviews and informs them about future jobs via text messages.

As a babysitter working for them, you can accept or decline any job text according to your wish and needs.

They claim to provide enough work to make sitters who work for them earn anywhere between $100 and $1500.

A really cool feature that’s unique to WeNeedDateNight is their Mentorship Program.

This program connects babysitters and professional parents in various fields like marketing, research, finance, etc., to counsel them on their careers.

This shows how much they truly care about the future of the babysitters who work for them.



Pay rate: $12+ per hour

Job role: Babysitting

BabysittersNow is another Australian website that turns the tables by charging not the parents but the babysitters to use the app.

$25 worth of one-time fees is enough to drive most competition away, which means now you can browse through a healthy amount of job posts from parents and comfortably choose which one you want to accept.

Creating a profile on BabysittersNow also has another great advantage: the platform lists your profile on Google search results, meaning that your profile is now visible through the largest search engine in the world.

This opens a wide array of opportunities, creating more babysitting jobs for 13 years old.



Pay rate: $18 per hour

Job role: Babysitting

BabysittersClub is a hassle-free, New Zealand-based babysitting platform that is relatively new and aims to provide flawless caregiving services to parents who need them.

Becoming a part of their babysitters’ team is simple: you just have to fill in an application, followed by an interview and a police check (to assure safety).

Once part of their team, they provide babysitters with an initial package containing $5 million insurance and guaranteed minimum payment for 3 hours every time you are booked for a babysitting job.

You’ll also receive direct mobile and email notifications about job requirements regularly.

According to the age and number of children per family, the hourly pay for each babysitting job varies between $18 and $31.50; they also take care of the payment process by themselves.


Other Fun Jobs For 13 Years Olds That Pay

Try Online Surveys

Answering paid online surveys is another great way to earn money as a teenager. This job feels more fascinating, and you can even work on your mobile in your free time.

One successful survey could help you get anywhere between $1 and $50.

Though there are several spam websites to trick you to waste your time but finding the legit platforms, and answering the right surveys are the key things here.

Here are some legit platforms that are worth your time.

  1. Freecash (Earn money in 3+ different ways + up to $250 signup bonus)
  2. Surveys2cash (Earn up to $100 on completing first survey)
  3. Vindale Research (Earn money in 6+ different ways. Up to $50 per survey)
  4. InboxDollars ($5 instant signup bonus + get paid to read emails)
  5. OpinionOutpost (Small and simple surveys – Up to $20 per survey)
  6. Pinecone Research (Up to $5 per survey and $7 per review)


Earn Money Playing Games

Did you know the Fortnite world cup winner Bugha is a teenager? He had made a whopping 3 million dollars in prize money from that championship.

Yes, it is possible to make money playing games, and that’s what most kids and teenagers would like to do. Several websites offer cash rewards for online gamers to play through their apps or platforms.

Here you can go through the list of websites that pay you to play games online.


Become a Petsitter

These gigs are for people who like to spend time with pets. As a pet sitter, you must take care of other people’s pets for a given time frame.

These jobs also come with equal pay rates to babysitting jobs. With the help of platforms like Rover, you can also make decent bucks by taking others’ pet dogs for walking.


FAQs About Babysitting Jobs For 13 Years Old


How Much Should I Charge For Babysitting?

The average per hour rates for babysitters vary according to your location, like in some US cities, the minimum hourly rate can be as high as $16.75, while in some others, it can be as low as $11.25.

This rate also depends upon the number of children you are sitting, special occasions, special needs of the children, added housework, and your expertise in the job.

Do some research on the average babysitting rate in your city, consider the circumstances, and charge your employers accordingly.


What Are The Job Responsibilities of a Babysitter or Nanny?

Job responsibilities of a babysitter include:

  • Ensuring the safety of the child.
  • If you’re sitting for an infant, changing their diapers, cleaning their bottles, and preparing the formula for them.
  • Preparing snacks or meals for the kids.
  • Helping them with school work, laundry, or light housework.
  • Coming up with games for the children and playing with them!
  • Bathing the kids and helping them dress.
  • Putting the children to bed for sleep.


How to Make More Money as a Babysitter?

Here are a few ways you can earn more from your babysitting gigs:

  • Become adept at negotiating a good per-hour rate upfront.
  • If you have a regular employer family, raise your rate with them.
  • Getting trained and certified in several caregiving skills will help you charge more.
  • Always be open to work on high-demand days like Valentine’s, New Year’s Eve, etc.
  • Charge extra for children who need special care.
  • Throw in some extra work along with babysitting, like cleaning or cooking the child’s meal.



Although working as a babysitter for some extra cash sounds exciting as a teenager, there’s nothing that can beat a little preparation before you truly commit to it and start working your part-time seriously.

A certification in childcare, first aid, CPR, or a few months of prior experience (even if it’s just your next-door neighbor’s kid) is always a winning factor that can keep you two steps ahead of other candidates when it comes to babysitting jobs for 13 years old.

Who knows, maybe you will enjoy your time as a babysitter so much that you grow up to remain a part of the caregiving family.

Becoming a teacher, a nurse, a pediatrician, or a freelance caregiver are noble professions that become a person’s passion from a young age like yours.

But no one truly knows the future, so it’s best to enjoy your time now as a babysitter and learn virtues like responsibility, compassion, and patience.


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