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Searching for secondary income sources and didn’t find any way to fulfill your dream? Today, I came up to you to explain a way that will fulfill your secondary income dream. With this method, which I will discuss below, you are able to make thousands of dollars per month. Are you heard of Website Flipping? Let’s look at the strategy to be successful in blog flipping business.


Strategy to be successful in blog flipping:


Here we are going to learn from what is blog flipping to how to make thousands of dollars per month.

Unlike all the information from other sites, this will give a complete knowledge. So If you like blog flipping, you can directly start doing by following this article.


What Is Really Blog Flipping?

Eager to know what is blog flipping? It is nothing but creating blogs and selling them for profit.

Read the complete part to know how to start, tricks, tips and much more to make money with blog flipping.

Just like constructing a house and selling it for profit, blog flipping also follows the same rule. You will have to create or buy at less cost and sell them for profits.

However, it is not a rocket science to learn, it is a very simple process that anyone can start and make money.

Just a few stages include creating or buying a blog, let it be old for 2-3 months, fix your rate and flip it for profit.


Why People Buy Blogs?:

You may have a doubt why people interested in buying blogs for high prices, instead of creating own new blog?

Yes, you have a point! The answer is first, some people may don’t know how to deal with the domain, hosting, and other technical setups so they will go for blogs that already built and published.

Secondly, some people want to buy blogs with age of a few months and blogs with nice content and traffic related to their niche. So based on their requirement, they will buy websites.

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Domain Also Matters:

A good domain name is enough to grab the visitor’s first impression.

If you can find creative domain names for your blog, then blog flipping will be more work for you than others.

Buy a catchy and creative domain related to your niche, most people want to buy your site and sometimes they will go for auction.

In 2007, the domain name called sold out for 30 million dollars. How lucky was the seller?

Want to try yours, you can get a FREE domain when you buy a hosting plan with BlueHost. Or just register at Godaddy for just $0.99 per year.


First of All, Create or Buy a Blog:

Creating a new blog is a better way than buying it. Usually, it takes very less investment of time and money.

It hardly takes 30 minutes to create a blog with investment under $50. The main requirements for the new blog are

If you don’t want to create a new blog and want to buy instead, you can buy on websites like,, and more.

Before going to buy any blog, consider checking the site statistics, average visitors per day, visitors location, domain age etc.


Secondly, Build Your Blogs:

whether you bought or created, build your blog for some time to get indexed by search engines.

Because this will increase your blog’s reputation and you can sell for high prices.

These things you have to do before selling if you are aiming to sell at high prices:

  1. Upload content related to niche (publish articles, add pages, etc.)
  2. add social media profiles like facebook, twitter, google plus.
  3. Add widgets, menus, and change design (maintain a pretty look.)
  4. Share and get visitors.


Finally, Sell your Blogs:

Did you build blogs and ready to sell them? submit your blog details and your prices on some blog flipping platforms.

Buyers will find your blog and contact you if they are interested in buying your blog.

Fix your prices based on the reputation you brought to your blog up to that time.

Your blog with $50 investment may sell for $2000 and this is really great ROI. That’s why people love this business.
Benefits of Blog Flipping:

  1. High Returns on Investment
  2. Less time to create a blog.
  3. You can work part-time or full-time.

Where To Sell Blogs?

There are few platforms to buy or sell blogs and websites. Once you decided to sell your blogs, visit these platforms to find the best buyers.

Did you find any difficulty tasks in the process of blog flipping? You can create a blog, If you can’t, you have a guide to creating a blog with BlueHost.

Adding Content won’t need any investment. and still, you can sell them for good profits.

So, we just covered most of the concepts and strategies to make money with blog flipping. Hope this helps you to start making money online. If you have any other queries related to this or any topic, leave a comment or Contact Me personally, you are always welcome. I am always happy to help you.


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the ultimate guide to be successful in blog flipping

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