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25 Best Free VIN Check Websites To Try | 2024 Ranking

Do you want to purchase an old or refurbished car? Have you already decided to buy an old car but still not been able to fetch the vehicle record?

If yes, you can now just do that, that too, without leaving your home. There are now several sites and apps available to get the most trusted and best free VIN check reports.

However, not every site and app in this niche is legit. Besides, most sites don’t even store the updated data on their database, and they often fetch the data of vehicles from other third-party sites. And for that, you may get wrong and manipulated VIN reports.

So, our team of automobile experts has dived deep into the industry to filter legit platforms for a free VIN checking option.

But before we reveal those, let’s clear some doubts about the most crucial aspects of the vehicle identification number.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Is VIN?

VIN stands for “Vehicle Identification Number,” which is typically used in the automobile sectors of the USA, UK, and Canada. In other countries, it is known as the chassis number or the frame number.

It is actually a 17-digit number that acts as the identifier of any vehicle. So, even if anyone changes their license plate, the VIN remains the same. So, VIN is an essential parameter to verify the identity of the vehicle owner.

VIN was first introduced in the United States way back in 1954. However, there were no strict regulations to implement the VIN and no standardization as well. So, different car manufacturers started using different VIN number formats that were mismatched with each other.

But in 1980, ISO (International Organization for Standardization) decided to take a concrete step to standardize the VIN system and assigned a 17-digit VIN code in the United States. And since 1981, all the car manufacturers in the USA started to use the same standard format.

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Why Should You Check The VIN Number Before Buying An Used Car?

Checking the VIN number before buying any vehicle, especially the used one, is absolutely necessary. And you can now get a free vehicle history report with the VIN through several sites available nowadays.

This VIN check is also necessary even if you are looking for used cars to get high-paying driving jobs for retirees.

Not just a comprehensive vehicle history, you’ll also get the details about the faulty design and mismatched specification of the car.

If you don’t check the VIN thoroughly, you may get scammed where the con man can sell you a stolen car.

You can also keep a tab on the correct odometer reading through VIN, as manipulated odometer readings can create confusion for any buyer.


Where Can You Find The VIN Of Any Vehicle?

There is no doubt that cars are among the best things to rent out for money. And if you are looking to buy used cars, you must check the VIN status beforehand to remain on the safer side.

But before you try any of the best free VIN check tools, you must know how to find the VIN of any car. Typically, VIN numbers are stamped or engraved in four main places, which are as follows.

  • Dashboard: You can check the engraved VIN number where the windshield and the dashboard meet. Several car manufacturers also stick the VIN number on a metal plate in that area.
  • Doorjamb On Driver’s Side: Look for the doorjamb on the driver’s side, as it is quite easy to locate even with bare eyes. If you can’t find it, just open the driver-side door, and look at the edges.
  • Insurance Card: You can find the VIN on the insurance card of the vehicle. If it is not with the owner, look for the insurance papers in the glove box or inside the drawers on your dashboard.
  • Other Locations: Start by checking under the hood of your car. And then you should also check the firewall of the engine, as most car manufacturers nowadays engrave the VIN on engines for security reasons.


How To Decode The VIN (Vehicle Identification Number)?

Knowing the VIN number won’t sort out your problem if you don’t know how to decode the vehicle identification number in the first place.

You may not know, but it is the number that consists of all the details of a vehicle. And you can decode the VIN in a few simple steps.

  • WMI (World Manufacturer Identifier): The first 3 digits of VIN is the WMI, which describes the details about the country of origin of the vehicle, the type of vehicle, and the original manufacturer.
  • VDS (Vehicle Description Section): The next 6 digits (from the 4th to the 9th digit of VIN) are the VDS. It tells you about the details of the engine type, the size of the engine, and the transmission type.
  • VIS (Vehicle Identification Section): The last 8 digits of VIN (from the 10th to 17th digit) is the VIS. This part will disclose all the information about the car type, the manufacturing plant, along with the unique serial code of the car.


From Where Do VIN Decoders Get Information From?

Driving cars or using the car for other business means is undoubtedly among the best money-making hobbies that pay nowadays.

But before that, you need to have the correct understanding of VIN to safeguard yourself from various unfortunate events. And there are several best free VIN check tools available that you can use for free.

But do you know where these platforms get the VIN information from? Most VIN platforms mainly fetch data from state agencies, traffic regulation authorities, and law enforcement departments. Besides, they also get data from the manufacturers of the vehicles.

In the USA, most VIN checking tools fetch the core data from three main agencies.

Besides these state agencies, most VIN checking sites also fetch data from insurance companies, towing companies, scrap yards, and even vehicle recycling plants.


25 Best Free VIN Check Services In 2024

Although there are several best free VIN check tools available all over the globe, not every platform is legit and gives you real-time data.

So, our team of experts dived deep into the automobile industry to filter the top 25 options for you.


1. National Insurance Crime Bureau

There is no better option than resorting to NICB VIN check if you are willing to purchase a used car. The official site of the National Insurance Crime Bureau currently has a VIN search tool that anyone can use, that too without paying any money.

It is free for every citizen in the United States. And not just the detailed report of the car, you can also get the stealing information, accident claims, and salvaged incident records through this unique tool.

However, you can only use the tool a maximum of five times within a period of 24 hours. And you just need to click the “Look Up a VIN” button found on the website, enter the car registration number, and get the report instantly.


2. VehicleHistory

Independently serving the people of the United States since 2015, VehicleHistory is one of the most trusted sites to get a free VIN report.

You will get a detailed sales history, recall information, expiration of the manufacturer’s warranty, and price prediction at the same time.

And not just that, you’ll also get several other data about the car, such as the current fuel economy, estimated cost of purchase, and detailed price analysis. So, it will give you complete confidence before buying any car.

You don’t even need to create an account on this platform. Instead, you need to click on the “Research” tab found on the website, type the registration number in the designated box, and you are done.



If you want to get a trusted VIN report before purchasing any used car, you must resort to the CARFAX free VIN check. This company has been delivering VIN assistance in the United States and Canada since 1981.

This company has already compiled vehicle reports from more than 100k distributors and retail outlets in the USA and Canada. Besides they also get detailed data from the vehicle registration authorities of both these countries.

However, this company won’t give you a comprehensive report that will show the unreported damage to the vehicle. Besides, it can be altered from the outlet or manufacturer’s site nowadays. But yes, it is still among the most used VIN tools in the USA.


4. CarVertical

CarVertical is probably the only VIN-checking website that uses a blockchain mechanism to safeguard its data from illegal manipulation. So, you can be extra sure about the VIN report generated by this unique platform.

It actually collects detailed reports of vehicles from various sources, such as national registries, car auctions, accident records, and even fire brigade reports, and then analyze them in real time to get a comprehensive report that everyone can rely on.

As of now, this tool is completely free to use. And you don’t even need to create an account to use these tools. However, you can only use it for a limited time within a 24-hour timeframe.


5. AutoCheck

If you are looking for a legit tool for free VIN check DMV, AutoCheck is the place where your quest should end. Right now, this website has a detailed report and historical analysis of more than 500 million vehicles.

It mainly acquires vehicle reports from the National Vehicle Database of the United States. This website will give you a complete analysis of the real-time history, engine type, accident claims, and a lot more to analyze before you purchase any car.

Besides, it also has a unique rating system where it will automatically rank a vehicle through a point system between 1 and 100. However, you need to pay $24.99 for a single report of a single car.


6. VinPit

Not just VIN check, VinPit is among the very few sites that also lets you decode any VIN report that you have already generated. Besides, it is also the place to get a detailed vehicle history report as well as the license plate report checking service.

From criminal records to unreported damage, from ownership details to VIN authentication, you can do almost anything on this fantastic platform. So, you must try this site before making any purchase decision for an old car.

You can also inspect several hidden issues of the vehicle through this report. Besides, this platform is also free to use, and you can generate a comprehensive report with just a click of a button.


7. EpicVIN

If you are looking for the best free VIN check services, you must try this brilliant site called EpicVIN. This website mainly generates a detailed report of any vehicle through the NMVTIS database, the biggest vehicle database in the United States.

Right now, this company has detailed records of more than 4 million vehicles registered in the USA. Besides, it has recently started offering the VIN service in the UK as well. So, from engine type to car history, you can get all the data that you need.

Using this site is also pretty straightforward as you don’t need to disclose your identity while searching for a car report. Besides, this platform is also a free-to-use platform.


8. VinFreeCheck

Not just NMVTIS, VinFreeCheck has recently also partnered with the NHTSA in the United States to deliver more accurate reports to its customers. From engine type to car brand, from model number to service record, you can get almost all the details right here.

This platform allows you to generate a comprehensive vehicle inspection report before you buy any used car. Besides, it has massive coverage in the United States, United Kingdom, and Canada.

Like most other websites in this segment, this one is also free-to-use, and you don’t need to pay a single dollar to use its service. You’ll also now get the detailed criminal record with the report.


9. VINinspect

Without any doubt, VINinspect is truly among the best free VIN check services in the USA. It has already associated with NMVTIS to get a detailed report of any car registered in the United States to deliver a comprehensive performance card.

However, there are a few things that make this company stands apart from its competitors. It has developed a system for car retailers and dealers to ensure a genuine report for both parties.

Besides the car details, this platform also offers discounts on old-car purchases. Moreover, you can also get a delivery schedule through this site. It is also among the platforms that emphasize fast reporting.


10. ClearVin

If you are looking for a genuine VIN decoder, you must try this amazing site called ClearVin. It has already partnered with several state agencies and financial institutes to ensure a detailed and comprehensive report of any car.

From loan status to ownership status, from criminal records to service book, you can get almost anything you want from this platform to ensure a full-proof buying decision. Besides, you can also check recall documents on this site.

However, this site often works pretty slow, and you may get irritated with the time it takes to generate a single report. But yes, this platform is completely free, and you don’t need to create an account to get started.


11. VINCheck

There are very few websites that deliver a comprehensive updated report after a legit VIN lookup. But you can do almost everything on this unique site called VINCheck. From manufacturing details to brand name, from engine type to production year, you can check almost anything on this site.

Right now, it is available in both the United States and Canada. Besides, this company is now also planning to ensure a global foothold in the next few years. You will also get a detailed insurance quote with the report.

But yes, you do need to pay $9.95 per vehicle report while using this site. Besides, you can also get a bundle package of five reports for just $34.75.


12. VinAudit

If you are looking for the best free VIN check service in the United States, you should try this amazing platform called VinAudit. It is known for delivering an accurate report of any old vehicle registered after 1981.

It has also built a nexus with state agencies, car manufacturers, car dealers, retailers, and insurance institutes to get a comprehensive report for the customers. This company also works with the source data to eliminate misinformation.

You can easily generate a detailed report within just a minute, that too without paying anything. You also don’t need to disclose your identity while searching for any vehicle report on this platform.


13. MyFreeVIN

MyFreeVIN is actually an affiliate site of the CarVertical Project. So, you’ll get almost the same report on both platforms. However, these reports are more accurate and updated than any other free VIN checking tool.

However, there are certain limitations of this site. Right now, it has a database of US-built and sold in the USA cars, along with a few cars from European manufacturers. So, if you search for a detailed report of an exotic car, this is not the right place.

But this company delivers various information about the vehicle if that already registered in the database. So, you will get a comprehensive report in no time, that too, without paying any money.


14. VINdecoderz

As the name itself suggest, VINdecoderz mainly focuses on VIN decoding rather than generating a real-time report. Besides, it can also give you a comprehensive report of the vehicles registered in the United States alone.

But you can search for each of the manufacturers in the USA and get a detailed report for the cars from that company. It is also a free-to-use service that any United States citizen can take advantage of.

At times, this platform feels a little slow, and you’ll get a feel of the old-school manual checking of a registered vehicle. However, you don’t need to open an account on this platform to avail its services.


15. VINformer

If you are looking for the best and free title check by VIN, VINformer is the best place to hop for. By entering the 17-digit registration number or the VIN number, you can generate a detailed report of the old vehicles.

From model year to model type, from engine condition to manufacturing year, you can get a detailed report of all the aspects of a car. Besides, you’ll get the criminal records and service status of the car as well.

And not just US-made cars, you can even generate detailed reports of UK-made cars as well. The basic report is completely free, although you need to pay the price if you want a detailed report.


16. VINDecoder.Net

Needless to say, VINDecoder is one of the best free VIN check services available in the United States. But the only drawback is it only allows you to generate comprehensive reports of US-made cars.

From the manufacturing year to vehicle type, from engine type to registration year, you’ll get a lot of data in a single report sheet with this unique platform. You can search vehicles with factory specifications as well.

Besides the free option that generates a few reports, you can also get a more detailed report through its paid service, which is generated by the VinAudit service. However, this company takes complete care of your privacy.


17. AutoDNA

There are very few companies that generate an accurate report of the VIN in Europe. And among those, AutoDNA is probably among the forerunners. It collects and analyzes data from car manufacturers, retailers, and dealers.

So, you are bound to get a real-time report of any vehicle registered in the United Kingdom. However, this company has also started its operation in the United States too, although the database is quite limited.

Besides all the vital data, you can also perform a real-time price check of any vehicle through this platform before buying an old car. And it has both free and paid services on the forum.


18. iSeeCars

iSeeCars is genuinely among the best free VIN check services to try if you are living in the United States. However, you’ll get a comprehensive report of the cars from a few selected European manufacturers as well.

This company doesn’t charge a single dollar to generate any VIN report. Instead, it fetches 200 data points to generate the report. And with that, you’ll not just get the price history but will also get a detailed price analysis.

This platform also tells you the best time to purchase a car from a specific manufacturer. All you need is to enter the 17-digit VIN number and hit the “Analyze” button to generate a complete record card.



If you are looking for the best platform to avail a free VIN report of almost any vehicle, you should try LemonChecks. This site generates detailed and comprehensive information with just a click of a button. It is also a pretty fast site to try.

You’ll get major accident details, car damage reports, odometer rollback, undisclosed liens, and theft reporting on this site. Besides, you can also check the full title history if you have any doubts about a car.

You also don’t need to create an account on this platform to begin your car hunt. Instead, you need to enter just the registration number to get a detailed report in no time.


20. SearchQuarry

Using SearchQuarry is pretty simple! All you need is to open the site, enter the 17-digit VIN number of any car registered after 1981, and hit the analyze button to get a detailed and comprehensive report in real-time.

From vehicle background to criminal records, from court cases database to CIVIL score, you can check almost anything you want before making a purchasing decision on an old car. Besides, it has nationwide coverage in the USA.

You can also generate the owners’ information sheet along with the safety report through this unique site. Besides, you don’t need to pay the price to avail of this service.


21. Bumper

There are several best free VIN check tools available nowadays. However, Bumper is probably the fastest one that can generate a comprehensive report of any car within a few seconds. That too, without charging a single penny.

It collects data from various car manufacturers, car dealers, state agencies, insurance companies, financial institutes, and scrapyards to get a detailed report. Besides, it collects reports from towing agencies as well.

If you are looking for a free tool to check the current market value of the car, it is also among the best option to try. Besides, it is now available in both the United States and Canada.



FAXVIN is a well-known service provider in the USA car market that now also has a free VIN checking tool. And with this unique tool, you can generate a comprehensive report of any vehicle with just a click of a button.

From odometer rollback to accident history, from manufacturer’s recall to repossession report, you can get almost any data you want to take a robust purchasing decision in no time. Besides, it shows a lien and repossession records as well.

You just need to visit the site and put the registration number to get a detailed report. And now, this company is also planning for a global expansion to cover all the UK-made cars.


23. DecodeThis

If your primary concern is to get make-year-model details of any car, DecodeThis is the best place to try this year. It generates a comprehensive real-time report with just a click of a button on the site.

Besides, it also gives you details of similar vehicles to compare whenever you generate a report on the site. It helps you to make your purchasing decision for any vehicle registered after 1981 as well.

If you want to know the original MSRP price, it is also the best platform to try. And now, it has partnered with several state agencies, vehicle manufacturing companies, and car dealers to get more accurate reports.


24. Cebia

Without any doubt, Cebia is among the most reliable VIN checking tools available nowadays. And if you are looking for a free VIN check in Europe, it is also among the best place to hop for. Besides, it is also known for its unique auto tracer system.

You don’t need to pay the price for accessing this site, as it is completely free-to-use for any customer. And it has already partnered with state agencies and car dealers to fetch the real-time report of any vehicle.

However, you will get more data if you look for vehicles registered in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, as they collect data from the local automobile markets of these two countries.


25. CarProof

CarProof is genuinely among the best free VIN check tools you can try this year with complete confidence. You can check all the vehicle details with this free VIN tool. So, before making any buying decision, you must try this site.

Right now, it has associated with several car manufacturers and car dealers in both the United States and the United Kingdom. So, from supercars to high-end sedans, you can generate the report in real-time for almost any car you wish to.

This website also offers an easy interface for the customers, where you can generate a comprehensive report in real-time, that too, within a few seconds.


How To Get Free VIN Report From NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau)?

NICB is definitely the best free VIN check tool available nowadays, as it provides the most accurate data. You can check all the basic status of the vehicle along with other specifications, such as stealing information, insurance claim details, and even odometer rollback.

However, NICB currently restricts all its users from exceeding more than 5 VIN searches/day. But yes, you can do it in a few simple steps.

  • Step 1: Open any of your web browsers and visit the official NICB website.
  • Step 2: Locate the search bar and enter the 17-digit VIN number of the vehicle.
  • Step 3: Click the “I agree to the terms and conditions” options, and when you get a new prompt, click on the “I’m not a robot” option.
  • Step 4: Wait for a few seconds until the detailed VIN report is fetched from the database.

Note: Beware of the duplicate sites that may have a similar name to NICB. Otherwise, you will become vulnerable to phishing attacks and data theft.


How To Check The VIN Of Any Car Registered Before 1980?

As we have already said, VIN was not standardized before 1980 and was also not implemented before 1981. But what about the cars that were registered before 1980, especially the vintage ones? It is now possible, although you need to take a longer route.

  • Step 1: Contact the first owner of the car and ask if they have the original purchase paper still with them.
  • Step 2: If the original purchasing receipt is not available, note down the vehicle year, engine type, chassis number (if any), and transmission type, and then contact the manufacturer with these details.
  • Step 3: If you think the vehicle was repaired, just note down the parts number and contact the automobile parts manufacturer through phone or email and ask them to give you the details.

Alternatively, you can also contact the state agencies and your local authorities to fetch the available details of a specific car.

Besides, you can also contact the police department to know if the car was previously stolen or salvaged.



Checking the VIN status thoroughly before buying any used vehicle can save you from several unforeseen circumstances.

Many times, thieves and burglars sell cars without the papers for a lower price. And many people fall into the trap and then face a lot of hassle. However, these are not the only personal finance hacks that can make you rich, as there are many that we’ll reveal soon.

So, these are all the legit and best free VIN check tools you can safely try this year. But, if you think we have missed any site or app, don’t hesitate to drop your feedback and suggestion in the comment box below.



What is the best free VIN check site?

NICB (National Insurance Crime Bureau) is definitely the best and the most-trusted VIN checking site that provides accurate data.

Besides, you can also try several other legit platforms, such as Carfax, Vehicle History, Car Verticals, and iSeeCars, which also provide detailed and accurate VIN information.


Is free VIN check legit?

VIN checking through free sites are completely legal, and you can try those with absolute confidence.

Besides, it is also necessary to check for the VIN status before you make any purchasing decision on old cars.

And if you are not ready to pay money for a detailed report, you can definitely opt for a short free report.


How can I get a free CARFAX report without paying?

Visit the official CARFAX site and navigate to the inventory of the used car dealers. After locating the dealers, click the “free CARFAX reports” link just beside the name of the dealers.

If the link is not available, you can contact the dealer directly, as free Carfax reports are now available at many dealers throughout the USA.


Can you check if a car has been in an accident?

Most likely, you’ll get the accident details of your car in the VIN report if the case has been registered against the accident or if there is an insurance claim.

If you can’t find any, just check the paintwork of the vehicle to check if there are any marks or scratches, mismatched colors, and any sign of other body jobs.

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