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20 Best Freelance Apps To Find Freelance Jobs

Since the rise of smartphones and handheld mobile devices, people can easily communicate on the go. And with the advancement of mobile technology, we also started doing our work even while traveling.

So, the same effect also came into the freelance industry as people are now looking for the best freelance apps to utilize their time more smartly.

Days are gone when we used to have a fixed day job to earn big. Now, anyone can make a six-figure income per month just by doing remote jobs.

And there are several millions of freelancers worldwide who earn a considerable remuneration each month only by doing freelancing projects.

Besides, the freelance industry is now rapidly growing while creating more opportunities each day. According to an economic report by Forbes, about 36% of people in the United States are now part of the gig economy.

And all this is possible due to the rise of several freelance marketplaces. Another 2019 financial study also reveals that more than 30% of freelancers worldwide are now earning more than $75k per year.

But, it is not very easy to find the best freelance apps that also offer high-paying projects. Besides, it is too tough to get legit projects through platforms. So, we tried and tested several apps to make this unique list of the best apps to try.


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20 Best Freelance Apps To Find Your First Gig


1. Fiverr

Without a doubt, Fiverr is one of the most popular and best freelance apps trusted by millions of freelancers all over the world.

This app provides the platform to connect individual freelancers and companies looking for enthusiastic people. Besides, it is trusted by newbies and pro players in the freelance industry alike.

While many freelancers take this only for part-time projects, many also use this as a full-time job. This app has a unique interface where you can track your open orders and pending payments.

Besides, you can easily create your own gig and set your asking rate. Although the desktop website offers much better customization, the mobile app provides a smoother communication option.

Website: Fiverr.


2. Upwork

With close to two million freelancers, Upwork also made its name one of the most popular freelance apps. It has a vast network of legit clients that offer freelance opportunities on a daily basis.

From graphic designing to video editing, you can get almost any kind of home-based freelance opportunity through this unique app. Besides, it also offers complete flexibility in time and project selection.

You can connect directly with your client right through this app after receiving your order. It has a chat room where you can communicate with your clients.

Apart from this, the client can also check out your progress through a unique interface. You can directly bid your asking price on any open project on this platform.

Website: Upwork.


3. LinkedIn

It is a social media platform for corporate workers and business-minded people all over the world. You can seamlessly connect with your coworkers and companies through this unique platform.

LinkedIn is also one of the leading recruitment platforms that have millions of new job openings listed each day. If you are a freelancer, you can easily find project opportunities through this platform.

This website and the associated app let you upload your current resume and also enlist your area of expertise. Besides, you can also directly link your work experience and certification.

A client can easily check your complete profile to know if you are perfect for the project or not. And the best thing is that this platform will never charge you any commission.

Website: LinkedIn.


4. Freelancer

As the name itself suggests, Freelancer is one of the best freelance apps. It is one of the leading forces in this industry, with millions of legit clients and talented professionals.

So, it is an excellent platform for both part-time and full-time project opportunities. Clients from all over the world list their open projects on this platform, which you can bid for.

Once approved, you can directly communicate with the clients through this app. Creating an account on this platform is also very easy, although you will get a limited number of bidding opportunities for free.

However, you can purchase bidding points to apply to more projects. The app itself is very user-friendly and lightweight. So, you can continue your communication on the go.

Website: Freelancer.


5. Truelancer

It is one of the fastest-growing freelance communities in the world. More than millions of freelancers worldwide now trust Truelancer to get high-paying freelance projects.

Clients can directly post their projects and requirements on this platform. And they can also instantly see which freelancers are matching with the criteria that they are looking for.

From virtual assistance to UX designing, this app covers almost every freelance project opportunity you can think of. Besides, the clients tend to offer a better rate than other platforms.

It is also an excellent alternative for Fiverr and Upwork, where you need specific criteria to fulfill before opening an account. You can easily open an account on this app; that takes just a few minutes.

Website: Truelancer.


6. Craigslist

Although it is one of the most popular buy-sell platforms all over the world, Craigslist now has a unique segment for freelancers. However, it mainly explores the local market and finds the best local projects for you.

Companies can easily list their open projects, and you can directly connect with them through this unique app. It also gives you the freedom to search for projects through city and location filters.

This USA-based classified website does not guarantee you any payment protection as it is an open platform where anyone can post. However, you can directly communicate with the clients and sort your priorities.

Besides looking for freelance projects, you can also instantly create your freelance posts to let everyone know that you are looking for freelance projects.

Website: Craigslist.

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7. Gigwalk

This unique app offers physical projects rather than traditional home-based freelance jobs. You can get various projects through Gigwalk and that too in your own area.

From taking someone’s dog for a walk to buying groceries for a family, you can get various short-term projects.

Besides, it also offers rates according to your local market. So, you don’t need to worry about the asking rates for the jobs.

Although it is mainly suitable for side jobs, you can also take this as a full-time job opportunity. However, it depends on the availability of the project in your area.

The app has an in-built map option. So, you can directly filter available short-term projects in your area.

Website: Gigwalk.


8. Indeed

Who doesn’t know about this great job search engine called Indeed? But it now has a freelance segment too.

Several leading players in the consumer market worldwide are currently looking for talented professionals through this platform.

And you can easily grab that opportunity to get high-paying freelance projects. You can also create your own freelance profile and highlight your area of work and previous experience to attract more clients.

This app has an “Apply Easily” segment where you can list your profile to get freelance offers right in your inbox. So, you will never miss any available projects.

The app also provides the option for complete autonomy and flexibility. Besides the usual part-time opportunities, several companies also offer full-time jobs through this app.

Website: Indeed.


9. TaskRabbit

Although it is one of the best freelance apps in the United States, TaskRabbit does not offer any technical projects. Instead, it provides daily chores and labor-oriented tasks.

From assembling furniture to buying groceries, you can get various short-term projects through this unique platform.

Besides, it has a unique filter option with which you can check the available projects in your own locality. It will not offer you a lot of money, but it is an extremely convenient option for side jobs.

This app lets you have an endless supply of local projects. So, you will never face any shortage of work. However, it will be great if you have any expertise in a specific job.

Website: TaskRabbit.


10. Toptal

Trusted by top-tier freelancers from all over the world, the popularity of Toptal is rapidly increasing with the passing of time. As the company claims, it has the top 3% of freelance professionals worldwide.

And for that, it also offers a much higher rate than other freelance marketplaces in that same genre. Besides, it also has a vast network of clients. And for that, you will never face any shortage of available projects.

From JPMorgan to Airbnb, several of the most prominent players in the corporate world are now looking for talented professionals through this platform.

So, you will get the opportunity to work with great clients besides having a reasonable payment. Creating a profile is also very easy and will take hardly a few minutes to complete.

Website: Toptal.


11. PeoplePerHour

This UK-based freelance marketplace now has more than 3 million talented freelancers in its network. And now, you can also become a part of PeoplePerHour to get high-paying projects.

If you have web-oriented skills like SEO, SEM, and Web Development, then it is probably the best option for you. However, it has freelance opportunities in other genres as well.

Creating a profile is also very easy on this unique app. And it is entirely free for any freelancer. Once any client posts a freelance project, you can directly bid on that project and send your application.

The client will then visit your profile and be able to connect directly with you. However, you need to highlight your expertise on your profile to attract clients.

Website: PeoplePerHour.


12. Instajobs

It is a Sweden-based job search engine that recently witnessed a remarkable surge in its popularity worldwide. And with its growing client base, more and more talented freelancers are now joining Instajobs.

While using this app, you can see the heavy influence of Instagram. Clients can click a photo and then post it as a project template.

This app offers a fun way to communicate between clients and freelancers. However, this app is not free, and you need to pay a small fee of $2.99 to open an account.

Once you create your account, this app will let you do various customizations. Besides, you can directly check out the company profile before applying for a specific project.

Website: Instajobs.

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13. Guru

This unique freelance marketplace now has more than 3 million active professionals in its network. And now, you can also become part of Guru to get high-paying freelancing opportunities.

One of the best things about this app is that it offers unconventional projects like architectural drawing and scriptwriting. So, you can completely expose your talent in any field through this platform.

Once you create an account, the unique algorithm will automatically search for the best-suited projects for you. And once you are interested in any specific project, you can directly communicate with the clients through this app.

Besides, it has a unique feature called the “Guru Work Room,” where you can easily manage all your projects.

Website: Guru.


14. Fancy Hands

Although it is mainly known for providing opportunities to virtual assistants, Fancy Hands is one of the best freelance apps where you can earn more than $20 per hour.

Besides virtual jobs like booking a table or making an appointment, it also offers local jobs like pet walking or furniture assembling.

However, you need to check your locality to know about the project availability. You can create an account completely free of cost on this platform.

However, you need to buy “Requests” to bid for available projects. You can get five requests for thirty bucks while you get 50 requests for just $200.

Once any client approves your bid, you can then directly communicate with the client through this app.

Website: Fancy Hands.


15. Simply Hired

Based in California, the USA, the company has witnessed massive popularity since its launch in 2003. And now, Simply Hired has become one of the most trusted platforms for talented freelancers from all over the world.

One of the best things about this app is that it lets you filter freelance projects according to your location. You can simply your preferred area and then check out the available projects.

This platform has a unique tool where you can calculate your expected remuneration. Besides, you can check out the current top salaries on the platform to get inspired.

Moreover, it has a blog where you can get all the tips and tricks to get more clients. This app is completely free, and you can easily make an account in just a few minutes.

Website: Simply Hired.


16. Aquent

This app mainly focuses on the marketing and creative industry. So, if you are from a creative background, then Aquent can be the ideal place to get freelance opportunities.

Although you will get preference if you have more than two years of experience in the industry, you can still apply even if you are a fresh graduate.

As a freelancing firm, this company has already achieved several awards in the United States. And it is working to create a global footprint. So, grab your opportunity to have early access to this unique platform.

You also don’t need to worry about the asking price while joining this company. It has a segment called the salary guide, which will let you understand your earning potential.

Website: Aquent.


17. Wage

If you are looking for non-technical jobs in your own locality, Wage is one of the best freelance apps to try. From assembling for IKEA to plumbing jobs, you can get various short-term work opportunities through this app.

Besides, you can also get projects related to daily chores like painting the garage or buying groceries for the family.

For each project, the payment is different. However, the price is fixed, and you cannot negotiate with the client.

Joining this app is also quite simple as you can easily create an account completely free of cost.

Once approved, you can then directly apply for the available projects. This app will let you find opportunities according to your preferred location.

Website: Wage.

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18. Hireable

There are very few websites that let you have high-paying freelance projects outside the United States and the European continent. But Hireable is now offering this thing.

So, you can get lucrative freelance opportunities even if you are from a remote corner of this planet.

However, the hourly rate can vary depending on your location and the availability of projects in your location.

This app has a unique interface. You can seamlessly connect with clients looking for talented freelancers. However, it would be great if you could make a detailed profile highlighting all your key expertise.

Besides, you can also list your previous experience to get more clients. You can also subscribe to its newsletter service to get timely job alerts and recommendations.

Website: Hireable.


19. Nexxt

Founded way back in 1996, Nexxt has delivered high-paying freelance projects over the last 24 years. And in its present condition, it has maintained its reputation as one of the best freelance apps.

It has four significant criteria while doing a job search for you. This app concentrates on career focus, global focus, local focus, and diversity focus to get the best match for you.

This United States-based company offers freelance job opportunities to talented people all over the world. And in each genre, it has high-paying projects from reputed clients.

Joining this app is also relatively easy, as it takes just a few minutes to complete the account creation process. After you get the approval, you can directly apply for the available projects.

Website: Nexxt.


20. Facebook

Surprising, isn’t it? Although you know Facebook as the most popular social network, it is also one of the best freelance apps.

You already use Facebook for everything after the recent inclusion of Marketplace.

But it has another unique feature where a client can directly offer jobs on its profile or page. And you can also apply directly for the position through the Facebook app itself.

There are many ways to use Facebook to get the project. Besides directly applying for the vacant opportunity, you can also directly communicate with clients through the messenger app.

It is also very easy to point out fake companies and jobs as you can scroll through their walls and decide for yourself.

Website: Facebook.

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So, these are the best freelance apps you can try in 2024 to get legit projects. However, you need to sharpen your skills to get the best opportunities and the best rates.

Several clients also prefer freelancers with previous experience in the industry. So, you also need to work on gathering experience in your area of expertise.


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