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90+ Best Freelance Jobs Websites To Find Remote Freelance Work

Passion is the key difference between having a job and having a career. If you want to choose freelance jobs as your career, it works wonders for both part-timers and full-timers.

Finding the right website to work as a freelance writer who is both legit and pays on time is the key concern here; till then, it turns hectic in all terms.

Today’s article will help you with the list of such wonderful websites that will make your work easier.

Trust me; thorough research has been done before putting the details in front of you. Even I understand that time is money and how the whole world is in the urge to make some as early as possible.

Frankly speaking, easy money does not exist, and if it does so, it will not last long. So, stop running behind easy ways to make plenty. Rely on the cool, simple, and long-run process to make a healthy income.

For sure, a good network with tremendous connections is all that important to get a kick start with your freelance jobs.

For the same, it would be quite good if you could start with a minimum pay scale and slowly build up your portfolio to get a great reputation.

Gaining a good name and fame is as easy and tough as you be honest.

Usually, freelancing is a slow business with the least earnings (sometimes), but starting at any time is a great idea.

The below list of freelance jobs will surely help you to have a clear idea. Also, it will guide you in the right direction to start one of your careers as a freelancer with relevant websites.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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Things To Know About Freelance Jobs

As a freelancer, the basic step you need to do is to expose yourself to the world, either online or offline.

There are plenty of websites for freelance jobs that will help you to get associated with each company after the sign-up procedure. 

You need to fill up your details and upload the samples of your tasks, which will help prove your skills.

With the basic registration procedure, you will be associated with the websites. This becomes easier for you to get individual clients or contracts depending on your capability and ethical and moral values.

Usually, freelance opportunities should come up with pre-designed templates that are risk savers.

A random lawyer who knows all the legal procedures prepares such templates. These templates help you to protect your business legally.

Also, legal procedures are important for such freelance jobs to stay away from unnecessary issues, if any.

Now, falling for the list, first, remember to select an opportunity that suits your niche and skills to gain success and experience.


General Websites With Freelance Jobs

By general websites, all I mean to say is you can find a little bit of anything you search on these portals. Freelance jobs are wide and vast – so search for anything you want.

You can find a varied sample of various categories under freelance opportunities. These websites provide an opportunity for a developer or marketer, salesperson, photographer, or maybe a designer or anything you ask for.


1. Fiverr

freelance jobs websites- fiverr

One of the best places to start your career as a freelancer and slowly create a unique portfolio is Fiverr.

As the motto of the company states, “Don’t Just Dream, Do” this website makes it easier for all beginners to start earning with a simple click.

Here you can offer any type of service, and you can fix your prices. The minimum price of a gig you offer on Fiverr is $5, and the maximum is up to you.

The marketplace at Fiverr consists of Animation and Video tasks or Writing and Translation sections and Digital Marketing, Graphics and Design, Business, Lifestyle, and many more.

Select any occupation – whether Logo Designing or maybe a Marketing Expertise or Voice Overs or Blogger or Social Media Advertiser- pick the one you are most passionate about and start earning.


2. Fiverr Pro

freelance jobs websites - fiverr pro

Fiverr Pro is an extension within the website, Fiverr, which further precedes you to have a professional touch in any field you opt for.

The FiverrPro helps you to get associated with exceptionally talented and verified quality service. This section makes the clients more reliable on the website by helping them to create the perfect image they are looking for.

The freelance job employees of this section are surely paid high compared to Fiverr. Try this link if you are certified and a hand-vetted professional in your field.


3. Twine


Twine is another great website for freelancers to offer their services. This company matches companies with the best creative freelancers all around the world.

With over 370,000 registered freelancers and 250+ different services to offer, Twine is the proven best platform to start leveraging your skills by offering your services to the right people in the industry.

Here, as a freelancer, you need to signup with this form, complete your profile, and list your service. Whenever an employer posts a job, this platform suggests your services to them. In another way, you can search for recently posted jobs and pitch on the jobs you are interested in.

So, head over to Twine and browse the available jobs to start your journey as a freelancer.


4. The Muse

freelance jobs - the muse

To get tied up with a particular location for all flexible or remote jobs, The Muse is considered as one of the great options.

Depending upon the job level, company size, keyword, location, and career, you can browse your search on the job board.

You can apply directly from the website to find the perfect match for your freelance jobs. Whether it could be customer support, writing, design, development, and many others, you can try The Muse.


5. Upwork

freelance jobs - upwork

Upwork creates an ideal place with a competitive pay scale with various freelance jobs to market their services on a global platform.

This website usually boasts about being one of the largest employment finders pools, which effectively links the buyers to sellers and vice versa.

From the basic tasks of customer service or writing, you can find anything as complicated as Data Science and Analytics or Architecture and Engineering.

Upwork usually connects its talented employees to various organizations and provides certified service in all related fields required.

This website not only deals with short-term contracts but also handles complex projects. It makes sure to expand the team with skilled resources.

All you need to do is post your freelance job (which is for free) and get qualified proposals.

Finally, collaborate with the companies or individuals through a chat or video call. Hourly payment or fixed prices make it easier to receive your invoices and payouts on time.

Try to signup at Upwork to earn your portion of the hard work or skill.


6. FlexJobs

freelance jobs - flexjobs

For all the flexible and curated remote jobs, FlexJobs is considered one of the biggest and best websites. This provides you with excellent freelance job career options for both part-time and full-time categories.

The certified members of FlexJobs can have special deals and offer applicable to their needs in the form of various perks.

For sure, creating an account at FlexJobs is not free, so you can be sure about this, being a legit website.

Listing at FlexJobs is updated daily, and so the team at FlexJobs makes sure for that new members to view only the scam-free opportunities.

The list is quite unusual, as it consists of Customer Support-bilingual or Environmental and Green Job opportunities.


7. Indeed

freelance jobs - indeed

On the Indeed website, searching for your profile makes it easier with your extensive list. Depending upon your job title or the skill you possess, you can search for a specific job in relative content.

The option of entering your email address in the details makes it easier to get your freelance job at your doorstep with a click.

Depending upon your job type and the salary you need, the related clients get directly associated with you through your email address.

Not only the Hi-Fi companies, but you can also choose from the local companies as they are on the list of Indeed too.

Are you looking to search for an earning for your profile near your area? Try Indeed now.


8. SolidGigs

freelance jobs - solid gigs

Usually, all freelancers work depending on the number of hours they work and make their earnings accordingly.

In simple words, the freelance job will only work well if they are good at picking up clients in a choosey manner. Always remember that time is money for a freelancer.

SolidGigs is considered as one of the best places for freelancers to find quick liable jobs. The backend team helps you find the best freelance gigs every week by filtering other opportunities that can be neglected.

The website has a grand library with various templates, interviews, scripts, courses, and other tools which will help you in focusing on your relevant searches.

Also, at SolidGigs, you can negotiate your pricing and select your clients, which will help you to grow your business.

This website has a lethal combination of training resources and curated gigs weekly which helps you make a good monthly income in the long run.


9. CloudPeeps

freelance jobs - cloudpeeps

CloudPeeps needs your upgraded profile with a great experience in your niche of work.

The website promises its clients to provide professionals and trusted freelancers to offer their services. If you are ready with great experience and talent, then try the exclusive marketplace CloudPeeps.

Surely, it becomes harder for you to join the organization, but finding related jobs is much easier once you are in.

The employers at CloudPeeps are usually in search of (or focus on) Social Media Marketers, General Marketing People, or maybe the usual Copywriting Professionals.


10. Guru

freelance jobs - guru

This website makes sure to get connected with quality employers and talented freelancers and offer services smoothly.

Sign-Up at Guru with an experienced and talented portfolio that helps you to a smooth collaboration with clients.

At Guru, you will be charged around 9% as a commission amount ( for freelance jobs ) to let you collaborate with legit companies or individuals.

The applications at Guru are limited and free, and so they are rationed every year uniquely.


11. Craigslist

freelance jobs - craiglist

Craigslist is one such option where you can sell anything on the portal and also check on some job opportunities in the related sections too.

You can just get logged in or sign up and can offer your services on the website.

Any client who is interested in setting the deal will pick up your services, and the information is made through email or call.

Craigslist is a vast area, so you should meet up in person or fix up a contract before offering your services.

This website is considered one of the best remote job sites. You need to be sure to pick up your part of the legit employer.


12. Freelancer

freelance job - freelancer is one of the best platforms that has made a reputation for providing wonderful opportunities for beginners.

Even though negative viewers are a part of any organization and so does has theirs. 

Yet, this website provides more than 15000 various jobs you can opt for. This website deals in the bidding system so that you can view all the various bids for your search. 

There are also reward contests where you can make some extra money after signing up for these freelance jobs.

Surely, signing up at Freelancer is chargeable as they provide only eight free applications.

You can select your portion of the job from a huge variety of projects on the relevant list. 3 – 3.5% is the commission rate you are applying for. 


13. PeoplePerHour

people per hour

Approximately 1 million people are happy with the PeoplePerHour website. This website is similar to that of Upwork, with similar fee structures and positive feedback.

Depending upon your earnings, you will be paying some percent of it as a service fee to the website.

Based on the client’s search request, if your profile matches his requirements, the client can directly deal with you and fix your payment.

From writing content to translation or from web designing to software development, you can apply for any possible category.

Check for freelance jobs at PeoplePerHour and start working.


14. ServiceScape


With good experience and skills, you can make a good amount at ServiceScape for various freelance jobs.

This is one of the global marketplaces for all freelancers who are good at writing, editing, graphic designing, and translating.

From 2009 to date, they have around 259000 projects completed with clients of more than 79000. This website is good for all the starters and SMBs that have already ruled online businesses.

On signing up, you will be added to the ServiceScape directory for the clients to view your profile.

You can upload your portfolio regarding your works, and interested clients will reach you through the inbuilt communication system (Call, Online Chat, or emails).


15. Toptal


Toptal deals with all basic category searches under freelance services. This website ensures you pick the right contact, as only 3% of talented freelancers are hired for the posts.

The company hires only talented and passionate people to work for all basic freelance jobs. Toptal is usually used by reputed companies like Airbnb, Pfizer, and Hewlett-Packard.

With such tough competition to get through the sign-up procedure, you will surely make good profits once you are in.


Freelance Job Websites For Beginners

Freelancing for beginners is a big task. They must gain experience and a reputation in the related field to make it through any sections.

For such newcomers, many websites usually help with entry-level positions. Also, websites with freelance jobs are lenient enough for new activations.

Either a student or maybe a graduate of any new commercial can take the help of the below websites to get introduced to the field of freelancers.


16. Freelanced


Freelanced is a social network for freelancers where you can connect to clients or any other similar employers. With a clear sign-up, you can create your profile and upload your portfolio and view your relevant jobs on board.

This website does not allow you to you have a look at the quotation, whether it could be a client’s budget or a freelancer’s proposal. 

If you find a relevant freelance job, you can have a clear chat or contact the client to discuss the payment details.


17. Broxer


If you are looking for on-location work or remote work, you can try Broxer. You can apply or search from the basics – the content writers or translators to anything like video creation or designing or SEO.

Create your profile and signup at the “Apply For Job” button by sending clear details to the company’s mail id. If through, you will get a revert mail from the company.


18. Nexxt


There are various jobs with different websites and vast scope of companies within the list of Nexxt.

They promise to offer many positions to people of this caliber and are sure they will keep the promise. There are various other career websites that Nexxt focuses on to employ freelancers. 

With the right keyword, you can be redirected to related websites. This helps save you time in getting confused with the right place to apply.

  • Local Focus (e.g.,,,
  • Career Focus (e.g.,,,
  • Global Focus (e.g., Boomerang Latin America, Zhaopin China, Naukri India)
  • Diversity Focus (e.g., Disability.Job.Site,,


19. Truelancer


Truelancer is worth checking out, as it is considered one of the popular websites for bidding-based panels. With the overall glance at the job boards, you can bifurcate projects depending on various categories.

Popular, latest, featured, expiring soon, and many others are the categories that will help you make your bid unique and grab the deal.

If you are good at being a developer, designer, writer, blogger, or SEP specialist for having caliber in sales or marketing, you can surely try Truelancer.


20. Damongo


You can find all the micro-jobs under the section called Damongo.

Depending upon the projects, you can either post your talent on the website or maybe choose within the list of clients under relevant searches.

If you could match your profile to your client’s budget, you can try to grab the deal by fixing an offer.

Or either you can post your offer online with relevant prices and skills and can wait for the client to reach you.


21. We Work Remotely

we work remotely

This website is a place for people who are looking to work remotely. Whether as a customer support agent, programmer, designer, copywriter, or business manager, you can choose WeWorkRemotely.

You can get detailed information about the companies or the clients within the portal. In turn, you can expect reliable clients with decent pay for your tasks offered.


 22. Hireable

freelance jobs - hireable

Hireable is a place for entry-level positions for people who can perform simple tasks. The basic positions could be a driver to anything until an assistant manager. 

Depending upon your category of work, you can read the simple description on the website. Once you select the real category, you will be redirected to any organization or an individual client.

With clear negotiation, you can fix your deal.


23. XPlace

freelance jobs - xplace

XPlace is a marketplace that is based on a subscription policy with a varied range of 675 categories of work profiles. Depending upon your job category, you will be assisted to the list of freelancers after finishing your sign-up procedure.

As this place is for beginners, the competition is too high compared to the projects available.

Remember to tag all the effective skills and talents with your profile to create uniqueness in your portfolio and to mark your presence.


24. FreelanceMyWay

freelancemyway - freelance job sites

For categories like designing, writing, smartphone development, data entry, marketing, web development, admin, or SEO – FreelanceMyWay is one of the best places to start your job with.

This website offers jobs based on the bidding system. Under each section, you can see several bids that have to coincide with the client’s budget for each project.

If the client’s requirement matches your profile and your quotation, he can assign you to his project.


25. CollegeRecruiter

freelance job sites- ccollege recruiter

CollegeRecruiter is eager to provide a mode of earning for every college student.

This website is totally for beginners who have their degree certificate in hand and are in search to gain experience on a practical basis.

If you are a graduate or a student, you can apply at CollegeRecruiter as a part-time or internship, or seasonal worker and for any entry-level jobs you are looking for.


Freelance Jobs For Customer Support Agents

For fresh students or anybody who is jobless, one of the easiest ways to grab a job is to apply at a BPO.

The basic work at a BPO is a customer support job. By getting associated with a particular industry or company, you can gain clear training with the team and can convey the same to your customers.

Usually, the idea of helping people will prove more helpful if you can do a similar job from home or maybe online.


26. VirtualVocations

freelance jobs - virtualvocations

Virtual Vocations is a small company with a big mission of finding legit telecommunication jobs easily and quickly.

As a 100% telecommuting company, you can utilize this opportunity to make your step in the world of freelancers.

At VirtualVocations, you can find numerous customer support opportunities, and you can opt for your relevant sections.


27. Support Drivensupportdriven - freelance jobsCompanies like Freshdesk, Zapier, Help Scout, and many similar have collaborated with SupportDriven for customer support agents.

With a typical search based on job type and location, you can opt for your picks at SupportDriven.


Freelance Jobs For Writers

Are you good at playing with words, then pick writing as your profession?  

There are many writing jobs through which you can make your sensational words into hard cash. Take a look to pick some valuable sites for the same.


28. Contently

contently - freelance jobs

For highly paid freelance writing jobs, Contently is considered one of the high-quality platforms which connect you to clients directly.

Depending upon the project’s scope and the article’s length, you can earn around $600 to $1600 per article.

Through this website, freelancers can submit their work by pitching creative ideas and then instantly receive their payments.

Also, you need to create a portfolio that will enhance your professional expertise regarding your projects.


29. Publoft

publoft - freelance jobs

Publoft is a well-paid freelance opportunity for all clients without even the need to interact with other clients.

All you need to do is apply at Publoft and show your talent for playing with the words for content writing.

You must provide all the details (skill level) about magical avenues for fluency or topic research, including grammar.

Though the company charges its customers monthly, the payment to the freelancers is made bi-monthly. You can also earn instantly if the clients make the payment directly.


30. PaidToBlog

paid to blog - freelance job sites

The team at PaidToBlog reviews all the writing gigs and selects the best ones, as the website promises to provide quality work to its clients.

The selected pins are included within the list of job boards where you can find detailed searches regarding pay rate, word count, client information, and so on.

For sure, this is considered a profitable deal because you need to pay $30 as a subscription fee, and you will make profits without fail.


31. DUE

freelance jobs sites - due

By considering content writers in mind, we sure can’t neglect the technical ones.

DUE is a place where the technical writers for invoice making, payment slip making, block-chain currencies, and many related works are carried out.

As this website deals with technicality, it becomes tough to get into DUE as a fresher. But if you have experience in the related field, this can turn your efforts into money.


32. MediaBistro

mediabistro - freelance jobs

For basic job categories like editing, writing, marketing, and creativity – MediaBistro is considered one of the best places.

With good experience, you can apply to this website and associate with various companies rather than individuals.

Also, for any further assistance, you can learn new skills and techniques to enhance your freelancing career. Apply at MediaBistro with a resume and portfolio and start earning.


33. Freelance Writing

freelance writing

If you wish to be a part of NBCUniversal, Adobe, Bustle, Benefit cosmetics, Facebook, Netflix, and many more, you can first get associated FreelanceWriting and earn the opportunity to do so.

Apart from just applying as a freelancer and waiting for the clients, you can also take part in contests that will let you earn rewards in the form of money or points.

Morning Coffee Newsletter is a subscription corner where you can receive new updates on freshly listed jobs in your email every morning.


34. Freedom With Writing

freedom with writing

FreedomWithWriting is a content writing panel that provides a various number of opportunities for writing that are sent regularly to your email.

The team goes through various writing gigs online, and selects the best after a thorough review. Fiction contests, Journalism work, essays, and lists of various blogs are the available subheadings you can opt for.


35. Journalism Jobs


As the name suggests, you will find all the journalism jobs under one roof. Dan Rather’s dreams are not to let go of easily, so try to concentrate and shape the iron. 

This website will let you earn from the selective job board of a relative search. Also, you can opt for editing posts and general content writing.

Check here if you want to try Journalism Jobs.


36. All Freelance Writing


To find any quick freelance jobs regarding content writing, this is the best place to find one.

You can also subscribe to the job feed to quickly get aware of the fresh jobs on the job board. This website helps you by displaying the rate on the mainboard. 

Get started with AllFreelanceWriting here.


37. BloggingPro

blogging pro

BloggingPro is the place to search for all types of content writing, proofreading, and editing jobs in one place.

This website provides detailed information about how to start a blog as well.

The team makes it mandatory to pick all the best articles to help the clients provide better support. You will be redirected to the client’s company when selecting your project(as a freelancer). 


38. Freelance Writing Gigs

freelance writing jobs

This website provides opportunities for reviewed writings to its subscribers every weekday.

You can make money on hourly rates, which is one of the remotely based works available. 

Whether it could be writing or editing or being a blogger, you can apply and pick up by clients for good profits.

Check FreelanceWritingGigs here and get started.


39. Contena

contena - freelance jobs

Contena is considered as one of the top platforms featuring a mixture of freelance writing jobs and full-time remote jobs.

Usually, jobs are always available for editors, writers, or content creators of any stream with high-quality and well-paid clients.

If you are looking for a freelance opportunity or a full-time earning procedure, Contena is the best platform to make your earnings.

Recently it has offered $10000 monthly for writing an ebook, the position of sportswriter, content writing jobs focused on photography, and various other opportunities with the reputed industries.


Freelance Jobs For Video Editors

Video editing is a creative job, and not everybody has the inborn talent for editing appropriately.

This requires pure concentration and training to start your career as a video editor.

Below are a few websites that will let you learn the techniques and earn accordingly.


40. Behance

freelance jobs - behance

It is one of the great opportunities for all video editors to get associated with reliable clients to make a healthy income.

Once you sign up and upload your portfolio, the team at Behance makes it clear to get you to collaborate with wonderful clients to make your reputation.


41. Assemble


A successful video project depends upon various other factors like creative directors, motion artists, photographers, copywriters, and many more.

The team’s task is to work together to produce a remarkable out piece with all the quality assurance. is a place that provides the network of all such creatures’ minds under one roof.


42. CultJobs

cultjobs - freelance jobs

For a Freelancer’s job in Singapore, CultJobs is a wonderful platform to try.

Graduates with a background in Media, Designing, Marketing Business, or Advertisements can surely try this website.

The job board makes it easier to find the related keywords or job types, or companies. Also, you can get direct alerts in your mail regarding your placements, if any.


43. Stage32

stage32 - freelance jobs

This is a place where the job boards connect you to various others on similar platforms for great video editing content.

With various educational videos, you can slowly improvise your talents and achieve a much high rank in related fields.

Stage32 provides various opportunities for its freelancers who are associated with 500 various organizations to provide never-ending work schedules.


44. Production Hub

production hub

A ProductionHub is a place for video editing content by focusing on media production.

There are different professional profiles designed under different categories.

You need to select your specialization and submit your sign-up form, and in turn, the team will get back to you with the selected profile.

Directly get hired by the clients whose projects match your portfolio.


45. Mandy

freelance jobs - mandy

A sole dedication to TV and film production works for all simple and tough schedules. As this is merely constrained to the on-screen section, the competition is too high.

Remember to mark your place with all the hidden talent in you and grab the right client with profitable amounts.

Sign-up is free and does require a correct portfolio to stand out in the crowd. Join Mandy for all crew, cast, and dramatic creative professionals on board.


Freelance Jobs For Virtual Assistants

Depending upon the background of your profile, you can apply as a VA with a varied range.

Whether it could be bookkeeping, making phone calls, accounting, editing, copywriting,  email correspondence, and many more. 

Below are the various websites where you can apply and check your luck working as a VA.


46. VA Networking

va networking

Usually, a virtual assistant is an independent professional with high skills who provide technical or administrative, or creative business support – remotely.

As the name suggests, VA Networking helps you to get connected to various other virtual assistants online.

For a beginner, this portal will be a great support and provides wonderful advice in the field of work.


47. ClickWorker

clickworker - freelance jobs

With a small assessment test, you can view all the openings on the job board ClickWorker.

This website is keen on searching for internet users who can participate in various surveys, create text, and categorize the different data together.

With an independent and flexible works schedule, you can sign up at ClickWorker for free. All you need is a device to work on with a great internet connection.


48. Amazon Mechanical Turk

mechanical turk - freelance jobs

This is a place to find small works on a quick basis. The website has a lot of virtual assistant schedules available at their portal.

A good portion of the website is you can finish your use schedule in not more than an hour and make income.

The drawback of Amazon Mechanical Turk is that the jobs are not well paid for. So, you need to be choosy in selecting your projects.


49. Zirtual

zirtual - freelance jobs

For full-time and remote working schedules, Zirtual could be a great option.  To get a chance to serve various small-scale firms or entrepreneurs as VAs, you can opt for Zirtual.

Various unique and different perks are available at Zirtual.  The website has limited openings, yet they are worth keeping an eye on. 

Booking flights, data entry, and email correspondence are the simple tasks you must handle.


50. Boldly

worldwide 101

Formerly known as Boldly, with specialized skills and creative experience, you can try your foot at Worldwide 101.

You will get premium quality clients with very good pay and continuous work for the virtual assistant post. This works on a subscription system by providing quality work to quality clients from quality freelancers.


51. Assistant Match

assistant match

One place where you can find resources and resources with quality training for virtual assistants is Assistant Match.

Depending upon your various talents or skills, the website itself will fetch you clients based on your keywords. Though the pay scale is not much large, yet for a trainee or fresher assistant match is considered as one place to get experience.


52. Fancy Hands

freelance jobs - fancy hands

From the basic tasks of making phone calls or data entry and any tough tasks like fixing a confirmed appointment, a freelance virtual assistant is assigned through Fancy Hands.

Various other positions are also available at FancyHands, so you can surely give it a try. Depending on various tasks, you can make money and associate with different clients.


53. Time Etc

freelance jobs - timeetc

One place for Virtual Assistants with a varied class of clients and the perfect match for your profile.  You can become a personal, executive, or administrative assistant at Time Etc.

With a good experience of around three years, you can apply at TimeEtc. Frankly, this is not the right place for the freshers.


54. Belay

belay - freelance jobs

For remote virtual assistant works, Belay is one more option. In specific, you can surely check their website for specialized works as well.


Freelance Websites for Designers

Designers make the world a better and more innovative place to live in. With creative talents and wonderful designs, we can give a unique look to any product.

Below are a few websites which help freelance designers to develop their level of creativity. Discover a better way to get digital projects done.


55. Dribble

freelance jobs - dribble

A Dribble is a place where you will upload your work and get advisors from other freelance designers or potential clients about your work.

This is another way to get people’s attention. This feedback helps you to improvise your talent, so try to accept them positively.

Also, this website lets you view other freelancers’ works. This will guide you in different kinds of projects that maybe you want to work on in the future.


56. EnvatoStudio

envato studio - freelance jobs

If you are good at designing logos, you can surely try this place.

For beginners, this is considered an easy platform with a win-win situation for freshers. Join Envato today and become a designer.


57. Art Wanted

at wanted - freelance job sites

If you have design skills and are sure about the digitalized section, you can apply on this website. Whether it could be a digital illustrator or a graphic designer –  ArtWanted could be your choice.

This website provides you the potential to connect with various clients and freelancers when people search with specific keywords.


58. Coroflot

coroflot - freelance job sites

If you are experienced and have a unique portfolio, there are chances you will get picked up by premium clients.

This site helps you to get connected with the clients as well as with the freelancers to gain advice. Join Coroflot here.


59. Design Crowd

design crowd - freelance jobs

The design crowd is similar to 99 Designs, with basic differences. The contests at DesignCrowd will pay you a bit lower amounts comparatively.

This sounds like an advantage for the freshers. The competition would be for the base-level talents, and the chances of getting selected are high.


60. AngelList

angellist - freelance job sites

This website will let you your dream come true about starting your own design company.

For all basic startup companies, you can select Angel List to establish yourself as a brand-new designer.  You can also collaborate with good companies for long-term projects and earn well.


61. Behance

freelance jobs - behance

Behance is a freelancer job website that helps designers to showcase their art.

Any level designer can portray their art and can make money. Join Behance here and get started to showcase your creative work.


62. 99 Designs

freelance jobs - 99 designs

This website helps freelancer designers to make healthy money through their designing context. With wonderful and unique designs, you can win the game of the best designer.

If not, the designs will get listed in the portfolio and let you grab your experience daily—signup for 99 Designs here.


63. Working Not Working

working not working - freelance job sites

This is one of the high-quality freelance websites that are choosey in selecting their applicants. Companies like Facebook, Apple, Google, and many others, have openings for artists, designers, producers, and photographers.

This website helps you to get connected with various brands and build your reputation. Join WorkingNotWorking here today.


64. Smashing Magazine

smashing magazine - freelance jobs

Smashing Magazine is considered a resource for both designers and developers with a vast job board.

With pure talent and creativity, you can get associated with Smashing Magazines.


65. CrowdSpring

crowdspring - freelance jobs sites

For customized and high-quality logos, you can try Crowd Spring. This is one of the secret weapons for high-rated companies.

Sign-up is simple and easy and does not require any specific code or need not wait for your resume to get approved.


Freelance Websites For Developers

Especially for the development and engineering zone, it becomes hard to find good help.

A full-time worker with the right qualification becomes almost impossible to continue to work in a single organization.

This situation gives rise to the freelancers who are developers with such alternation. With short-term services or specific projects, freelancers can get an opportunity to work with reputed organizations.

Earlier, we have already discussed various organizations like Freelancer, Toptal, Upwork, Craigslist, PeoplePerHour, Guru, and many others, which also deal with a similar section.

Further, to be more clear in the specific area, below are a few websites that help you make some money as a developer in the world of engineering.


66. Gigster

gigster - freelance jobs

This website helps you in building better software in delivering good business outputs from the basic level. Gigster is keen on picking employees with good expertise to deliver its clients reliable and fast service possible.

The team or the designers at Gigster provides you with vetted talent and lets you explore various new technologies.

The usual development sections at Gigster are product and design management, mobile development, web development, artificial intelligence, and many others.


67. Rent A Coder

freelance jobs - rent a coder

Are you looking for the right freelancer?

With the correct manpower and resources usually, Rent-a-Coder clients find it convenient to get their work done with expertise and full-time satisfaction.

All the developers on this website come with a positive attitude to help the clients to fix their requirements within a  specified range.


68. freelance jobs

A good website for both freelancers and companies to get their work done with clear satisfaction.

Freelancers with good talents usually get hired within 48 hours. And so the clients get their work done quickly with expertise. Join now.


69. Joomlancers

joomlancers - freelance jobs

With a clear and easy signup procedure, you can start to bid on the openings and check your skills.

Don’t forget to apply with good experience as the clients need the best work from the website. Join Joomlancers here.


70. Lorem


Lorem helps you take care of your website for all your businesses. With one time investment, you will get service for a specific period you sign your contract for. 

This is considered a great place to start your career as a freelancer.


71. 10xManagement

10x management - freelance job sites

The clients are open to hiring freelancers based on their requirements. Not only with technical skills, but 10xManagement also has a good team who are expertise in client management sections.

Clients are happy with freelancers at this organization.


72. Talent Cupboard

talent cup board - freelanc

For basic starters, Talent Cupboard is the place to make your career as a developer. Digital support for small businesses is the motto of this website. This is helpful for both freelancers as well as for clients.


73. YouTeam

you team - freelance jobs

One place to hire offshore developers who work remotely. Also, you can get hired by clients for long-term projects. 

To join YouTeam, you need to gain good experience as a developer, which helps in adding credentials to your portfolio.


74. Codeable


From WordPress themes to plugins, Codeable is ready to offer its clients the perfect service.

You can opt for Codeable for a reliable dealer to find WordPress experts. This could be one best options for the freelance jobs you are searching for.


75. Programmer Meet Designer

programmer meet designer

Making a good website requires many people to work hard on it—developers, designers, programmers, and whatnot could find at Programmer Meet Designer.


Freelance Websites For Photographers

There are plenty of websites for talented photographers around. If you are mostly seen with your camera and like to click a different angle, try any of the below websites. Your hobby could help you with making some healthy money.


76. Airbnb Photography

Airbnb associates hire photographers to picture verified photos of their homes.  Try to get connected with Airbnb and check if there are any openings in your area.

This freelance job could be a great opportunity to go around different places and click shots accordingly.


77. Craigslist

freelance jobs - craiglist

For a photographer to find a freelance job, this could also be one option. Many aspiring models are in search of modeling as a career.

So, there is a requirement for talented yet fresh photographers. This could help both the models (to get work done within the budget) and photographers ( to gain experience and some money). Check Craigslist here.


78. CreativeJobsCentral


Also known as Photography Jobs Central, it is a place for freelance photographers to build up some standards.  With a basic investment in the membership card, you will be able to view the virtual openings available. 

This website helps you gain your job by reducing the competition, as it only deals with talented photographers.


79. CruiseShipsBoard

cruise ship board

This will sound great for people with different interests. Don’t you think Cruise Ship Boards have a different angle on the list?

Not only you earn good money, but also you will be traveling to various destinations with this website.

With good talents and clear certification, you will earn a chance to enroll yourself to become a photographer on board.  Try your luck at Cruise Ships Board and travel the world.


80. Photography Jobs Finder

photography jobs finder

For all photography jobs, this could be the right place for you—a simple sign-up procedure and you to upload your resume and portfolio.

Based on your experience and talent, you will be redirected to relevant clients. Join Photography Jobs Finder and get started.


81. Photography Jobs Online

photography jobs online

This is a bit different place for your talent. It does not pay you; instead, you will earn your photographs.

You can upload your pics and make money through it. Roughly speaking, this is one kind of marketplace for your photos. For every photo of your click that gets downloaded, you will make money.

Find more details here.


Freelance Websites For Marketers

It is not enough to just start your business and let them run on its own. You will need a good marketing strategy and the finest people to get their best for your company.

Many people in the market are good at marketing strategies and are waiting for companies to hire them. The below websites will let you introduce various freelance options for marketers.


82. Aquent


Aquent is a staffing company founded in 1986, specializing in placing temporary employees in marketing and creative industries.

Clients are usually fixed and visit the company with standard requirements. Creative jobs with marketing skills are important for various organizations, so you can make money here.


83. People Per Hour

people per hour

PeoplePerHour is a UK-based company that gives business access to freelance workers. This website is always in search of great talents within their finest hours.

This website is ready to hire talented people and so allows only 15 applications daily. You can always give it a try at people per hour and check if you can make it through.


84. Remotive


The name suggests it all – find remote jobs as a marketer with Remotive. It has a regular job board, which helps you to pick your standard client and vice versa.

Depending on the requirements and the area of the job, you can opt for one. 


Freelance Job Websites For SalesPeople

Usually, the above category falls in a similar tray, yet there is a minute difference between the two.

Sales Persons will have the capability to put the marketer’s strategy into action. 

Try the below websites if you are talented enough to sell any sort of product to anybody.


85. Red Hat


This website usually works with higher-end clients and reputed firms. Make sure you have the experience before checking out with RedHat.

The work is basically for freelancers and remote workers, for sure. 


86. Skip The Drive


One place for remote or work-from-home opportunities. SkipTheDrive website helps you grab good clients and handle your work life with ease.

As the name suggests, you will receive a calculation on how much you have saved for not driving to the office.


87. Zip Recruiter

zip recruiter

ZipRecruiter is known for its full-time freelance jobs with unlimited talents. Also, they are in search of freelancers who can make sales for their various associated companies.

As a contractor, you can make around $500-$10000 monthly, depending upon your skills.


88. Salesforce App Exchange


The jobs here will make sure you are totally satisfied and will help you in reaching your destination. Depending upon the vast job board panel, you can search for your position and get hired.

You can check Salesforce AppExchange here.


Freelance Jobs Website For Tutors

If teaching is your niche, you can pick jobs as a freelancer to teach many people online.

Depending upon the relevant skills and experience, you can start your online teaching schedules. Teach either a student or a college-going graduate or maybe an adult.

Below are a few websites that will help you make money as a freelancer in the teaching field.




This helps you on a small scale with specific subjects, whether it could be any language or any other subject or any preparation for competitive examinations.

You could have the related requirements to apply to this website. Try the TutorPace website here.




TutorVista is one on one online tutoring panel which lets you deal with various subjects within the job board.

With a postgraduate degree in a specific subject and a dedication of four hours daily, you can get wonderfully paid on this website.




This is one more tutoring panel for both online and offline sessions. The students on this website could be from elementary school, middle high school, or any college.

If you have a bachelor’s degree or a Ph.D. and a teaching certification, you can enroll on this website and start your teaching profession as a freelancer.

Skooli pays $25 per hour, and the payments are made via PayPal.


92. lets you earn by providing a part-time schedule for people with the right qualifications. There are various subjects listed in the job search, and you can pick any of your choices and provide your resume.

As a basic demo, you need to give a mock lesson or may have to attend the basic examination. To qualify to be a tutor on the site, you have to be a US or Canadian citizen and be available at least 5 hours a week.

If the company finds you relevant to the job, you can start your career as an online tutor.



udemy helps you to advertise your special talents in the field of IT and Software, Personal Development, Designing, and many more.

You can start your teaching schedule in more than 50 different languages. All you need to do is, plan your teaching session and have a video recording of your demo.

This will help you in grabbing the opportunity with the sign-in process.



tutoreye is another platform that helps you to teach algebra, literature, biology, or any other related subjects.

The sign-up process is to get through the basic examination. Depending upon your vocabulary and teaching skills, you could get associated with the organization.


Freelance Job Websites For Translators

Translators, in the real sense, make healthy money by just repeating the already said words in a different language.

It is such an easy job unless and until you are familiar with various languages.

Further, the below websites will help you to earn some money if you have a multilingual talent.


95. Unbabel


Luckily, Unbabel is a platform for translation reviewing and improvement. You must be sure about the natural sounds and contextually accurate translations at Unbabel.

The competition on this website is tough as it requires only one professional for a particular language. So, you need to check if you can find your match, and if so you have found one, you need to go through a proficiency test.

Depending upon your expertise, you can get associated with the organization and fix a deal.


96. Translator Base


TranslatorBase is one of the great platforms for finding freelance jobs as a translator. However, with various knowledge about languages, you can try as a freelance translator at Translator Base.

You can do a specific search based on your requirements.


97. GlobTra


GlobTra is a community for translators where you can connect to various clients depending on your projects. With the free sign-up account, you must give your examination to get fixed with the website.

Within GlobTra, you are free to run a small-scale translation business by responding to projects from clients.

Luckily, payment will be made through PayPal or wire transfers, but the invoice will be processed through the website.


98. Gengo


Gengo is another great platform to browse freelance jobs in the translation field. It is a difficult task to get associated with Gengo, but once you are in, you will have plenty of benefits.

However, with great talent, you should ultimately earn healthily.



That’s it. A big list of freelance jobs you can pick from and make some benefits for yourself as a freelancer. Stop dreaming of what you want to achieve. Go work for it. Honestly saying, results are not far away! 

Simply try to analyze all sorts of options as some efforts turn things to work for you. If you still want to know about various other options, please lemme know. I’ll be happy to help you.


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