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25 Best Stock Trading & Investment Apps For Everyone [2024]

Many new-age investors are making huge profits by trading stocks, mutual funds, cryptocurrencies, and even NFTs. But what if I say that you can even take this profit a step forward and make it many folds by simply using some of the best investment apps?

Yes, there are now several Robo-advisors and other types of investment apps available around the globe that can guide you in the right direction of profitable investments.

Besides, most of these apps also charge a nominal fee and fractional brokerage to maximize your profit.

But before we dive deep into the realm of these investment apps to find the best available options. Let’s clear your fundamental doubts about investments first!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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How Much Money Should You Invest Each Year?

There is no rule, and you can invest as much as you can. Modern financial experts always suggest everyone start investing early and often with a minimal amount.

That initial small investment cycle will develop an investing mindset. It is better to calculate your total monthly expenditure for a handsome living and invest the rest amount in a balanced portfolio.

You can also adjust the investment according to your earnings later on! Adjusting the right amount to invest is not all!

And you also need to increase your overall monthly income either by creating multiple income channels or by adapting to some of the legit passive income ideas.

More money will automatically lead you to more savings.

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How To Use An Investment App For More Profit?

Although there are several best investment apps that can almost guarantee you profit, you need to adapt to specific strategies to increase the profit many folds!

And if you are a new investor, a few simple steps will kickstart your journey into the realm of investing and profit-making.

  • Step 1: Download and install any of your favorite investment apps and create an account.
  • Step 2: Link your bank account, debit card, and credit card to make a pool of funds for your investment.
  • Step 3: Research and identify your preferred stocks, ETFs, bonds, or whatever investment portfolio you prefer.
  • Step 4: Track the performance of your funds on a daily basis
  • Step 5: Reinvest and recalibrate your total investment to make a healthy profit-making portfolio.

You should only rely on such apps that other people already trust. Besides, you should also select only those apps with lower brokerage fees.

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Can You Use Investment Apps For Stocks Trading?

There are several best investment apps available around the globe that now supports stock trading.

Moreover, several apps are available that even give the option to trade thousands of commission-free stocks.

Most investment apps now support a wide range of investment instruments to cater to every need of a modern-day investor.

So, these apps not only have the option to trade ETFs, stocks, bonds, and debentures but cryptocurrencies and NFTs as well.

However, different investment apps charge differently in terms of brokerage fees. So, compare a few apps to fetch the best rate.


25 Best Investment Apps To Try

Although several apps are available, not each of them is equally trustworthy and delivers a seamless user experience.

So, we have tried and tested hundreds of different options to filter out the best investment apps.


1. Betterment

best investing apps betterment

Source: Betterment

If you talk about one of the best investment apps for beginners, you definitely talk about Betterment! It is also one of the most sort-after Robo-advisors for the Gen-Z.

And the best thing; this app can calibrate your stocks and ETFs with your risk profile. They offer a complete cash-management option where you can trade or hold according to your preference.

And the charges are way lesser than traditional gateways. This company now charges just 0.25% for up to $10k transactions. And it goes till 0.4% beyond that!

Right now, this app doesn’t have any minimum account balance limit. But yes, you need to maintain at least $100k on your portfolio to get their premium asset management service.


2. Acorns

best investing apps - acorns

Source: Acorns

Acorns is not just a budget-friendly investment management app but also among the best investment apps for beginners in 2022.

It can automatically suggest a portfolio depending on your investment needs. And for just a $3/month maintenance fee, you’ll get at least three benefits.

First, you’ll get an investment account to keep a tab on all your existing investments. Second, you’ll get either a Roth, a SEP, or a traditional IRA account.

And thirdly, you’ll have a metal debit card for easy cash withdrawal directly from your investment profile.

Right now, they also support a family account with multiple users for just $5/month. Besides, you don’t need to bear a burden to maintain a minimum balance in any of your accounts.

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3. J.P. Morgan

best investing apps

Source: J.P. Morgan

No company is as famous in the USA as the investment giant J.P. Morgan. For ages, this company has managed most of the things that appreciate in value for their customers.

And with the recent roll-out of their revamped app, they are taking it a step forward. After downloading the app, you need to take a short quiz.

And the AI will automatically adjust your risk profile from your answers to give you more accurate investment tips. The in-built portfolio builder will help you to manage all your stocks and ETFs in a single place.

You don’t need to pay any commission other than options trading. And it will just charge around $0.65/option in most cases.

But yes, you must deposit at least $500 initially. Besides, you should maintain a minimum balance of $250.


4. E-Trade



As the name itself suggests, E-Trade is one of the best stock investment apps that you can blindly rely on!

From individual to joint, from IRA to custodial brokerage, you can open almost any account you can possibly think of. And from stocks to bonds, you can invest in any instrument.

Besides traditional stocks, this company also offers commission-free investment options in more than 4.5k mutual funds.

And if you declare your risk tolerance and time horizon, the AI engine will automatically guide you to the right investments.

You don’t need to maintain any minimum balance for the basic profile. However, you need to keep at least $500 for the core portfolio option. Right now, this company charges a 0% commission on stock trading.


5. Stash

best investing apps of 2022

Source: Stash

With more than 3k stocks under its umbrella, Stash now provides a lucrative investment opportunity for the new-age people. If you want ETFs, it is also the one to rely on.

It also has various funds where you can invest under an asset manager. Right now, this company gives you options to invest in giants of the industry, such as Tesla or Amazon.

Besides, you can invest in several other instruments, depending on your risk profile and investment capacity.

Right now, you need to maintain at least a $5 minimum balance. But the fees are on the lower side, as the basic one will cost you just $1, and the pro option will cost you up to $9.


6. TastyWorks


Source: Tastyworks

Nope, it isn’t a food app! Jokes apart, TastyWorks has already proved its worth as one of the best free investment apps to try this year.

And unlike most apps, it doesn’t have any minimum account limit burden. Besides, they also don’t charge any commission on most of the stocks.

For close trades, the commission is also 0%, although you need to pay $1/option for open option trading. The app itself is designed for better user-friendliness.

It will also automatically suggest you good stocks while calibrating your risk profile.

Besides, this app also has a resource option where you can analyze and recalibrate your old and existing stocks to match your profile.


7. Stockpile



If you want to concentrate solely on stocks, Stockpile is one of the best platforms to try your hands on this year.

And as we all know, stocks are definitely one of the best examples of portfolio income from where you can make even millions if done right!

But, investing in high-end stocks like Tesla or Amazon is not a cup of tea for everyone. So, this app gives you the freedom to buy even half or 1/3rd of the total stock of these costly purchases.

On top of that, it doesn’t charge you any trading fee at all!

You can also purchase gift cards from this platform for your money-minded friends. And they can easily redeem these gift cards while buying new stocks from this platform.


8. Webull

best investing apps

Source: Webull

From stocks to options, from traditional ETFs to new-age crypto, you just name any, and this brilliant platform called Webull has all the provisions of old-school and new-age investments.

And the best part, it offers a commission-free solution for each one. You will also have access to fractional shares of costly stocks and IPOs.

Besides you can also manage all three types of your IRA right from this app. You can also access the desktop app for a detailed and analytical view of each of your stocks.

Although they offer commission-free trading, you may need to pay a small regulatory transaction fee and a percentage of the transactional fee to maintain your investment account.


9. Robinhood

best investing apps - robinhood


If you are looking for the best personal investment apps that complement your investment needs, you should try this fantastic platform called Robinhood.

Not just traditional stock trading, this app gives you several ways to make extra money without vesting serious effort!

This app is exceptionally user-friendly and easy to navigate. And you can invest in a complete range of investment profiles, from ETFs to Crypto, depending on your preference.

Right now, this app is entirely free and doesn’t charge any commission or trading fee for ETFs, options, or even cryptocurrencies. Besides, there is no minimum balance required as well.


10. Ellevest

stock apps

Source: Ellevest

There are very few socially responsible investment apps available all over the globe. And out of those, Ellevest is definitely the forerunner.

And now, they have 53% of their entire portfolio invested in socially impactful funds.

Although there are several amazing jobs for pregnant women available, there are very few investment apps with a dedicated segment for female investors.

And this profile supports a relatively lower lifetime income profile as well.

A basic account will cost you just $1, while the advanced option can cost you up to $9. And if you want a core portfolio account, you can get it for as low as just $13.


11. Interactive Brokers

If you are looking for the best investment apps without any minimum balance requirement, you should try Interactive Brokers. It is widely regarded as the best active trading app in the USA.

Right now, this company has an excellent web-based desktop application called the Traders Workstation (TWS). Besides, you can also try their mobile app, which is equally well-suited for trading on the go!

This company charges around $0.005/share if you hold a pro account with them. However, it can be up to 1% of your total trade value, depending on your volume.

But if you use the IBKR Lite platform, you don’t need to pay any trading fee at all.


12. Charles Schwab

personal finance

Source: Charles Schwab

For a long time, Charles Schwab has constantly ranked among the best online investment apps that are beginner-friendly.

This company now offers an interactive platform where you can even manage some of the best examples of portfolio income.

From ETFs to commission-free stocks, you can invest in almost any instrument you can possibly think of!

Besides, this platform is equally well-suited for mutual fund investors as it now has more than 4k transaction-free funds.

Although there is no minimum balance requirement in any of their trading accounts, you’ll get an attractive cash bonus if you invest an initial amount of over $25k.


13. Twine

If you are planning for a long-term goal like your retirement or the education of your kids, Twine is the best platform to hop on.

It mainly specializes in long-term investment opportunities that offer a more profitable return.

Designed by John Hancock, this app also lets couples invest together to create a pool of money for their future goals.

Besides, you can even make a joint account on this platform. You can also set up a checking account and initiate all your recurring fees from that account.

You need just $5 as your initial investment to create an account. And now, they charge around 0.6% of your total trade value each year as their trading fee.


14. SoFi

stock investing apps

Source: Sofi

Many of us want to make our investment profile entirely based on ETFs. And for those, SoFi is genuinely among the best money investment apps to try this year.

And the best part; you can start investing as low as just $1 in any of your preferred funds.

It is also great for beginners as they recalibrate all your investments automatically at least once every quarter. And the pro-option has further tweaks for professional traders and investors.

You don’t need to pay any commission or trading fee at all for all your stocks and mutual fund investments. But for cryptocurrencies, this company charges up to a 1.25% markup fee as their trading commission.


15. Wealthfront

If you are looking for the best small investment apps, Wealthfront is undoubtedly among the top choices to try your hands on.

It is one of the best independent Robo-advisor with a solid AI backbone to pinpoint their trading predictions.

Depending on your risk profile and investment capacity, this company automatically suggests good stocks to hold.

Besides, you can even invest in other instruments like IPO and ETFs as well. You can even manage your IRA from that platform.

Right now, this company charges around 0.25%/year on your annual trading value. And you also need to maintain a minimum balance of $500.


16. Ally

money apps - ally


Investing in stocks, options, ETFs, and even IRAs are the best personal finance hacks that can make you rich. And if you want an all-in-one platform to trade all these options, Ally can be your ideal choice.

This platform comes with a customizable dashboard to cater to all your investment needs.

Besides traditional stocks, you can also invest in low-priced securities, futures, and even mutual funds. This company offers various commission-free stocks as well.

Right now, they are charging around $0.5/option. And they also charge $4.95 + $0.01/share each year as their service charge. But if you invest $10k, you’ll receive a $100 bonus to cover that charge.


17. M1 Finance

Not every legit platform offers commission-free ETFs and stocks. And among the very few, M1 Finance ranks among the top choices.

One of the best things about this platform is that you can set up recurring investments right from the account itself to automate your investment.

You can also link all your bank accounts and cards to fetch the best interest rates on the market. This platform automatically analyses all the accounts and suggests the best option to choose.

As of now, this company doesn’t have any minimum balance requirement for traditional accounts. But for IRA, you need to deposit at least $500 initially.


18. Moomoo

stocks for beginners

Source: Moomoo

The brainchild of Futu Holdings Ltd., Moomoo is an investment app available on iOS, Android, and Windows platforms.

Besides, it also has a web-based desktop platform to give you a detailed insight into all your investments.

This app is equipped with tons of investment tools equally suited for beginners and professionals alike. Besides, you can even get completely free level-2 quotes to increase your money-making potential.

Right now, this platform has more than 8k different stock options for short selling. Besides, it also delivers instant quotes during the market and post-market hours.

And now, they don’t have any minimum balance requirement as well.


19. Fidelity Investments

If you are looking for an integrated experience for all your investment needs, Fidelity Investments is truly among the best investment apps that suit your needs.

From savings to stock, from IRA to checking, you can open various kinds of accounts.

On a single dashboard, you can manage and control all your investments. Besides, this app also delivers pinpointed trading tips right on the app itself so that you won’t miss any chance of making a profit.

You don’t need to maintain any minimum balance at all. Besides, this platform offers the opportunity to trade commission-free stocks as well.


20. Fundrise

best investing apps

Source: Fundrise

You may not know, but there are now ways available where you can invest even in high-end real estate without spending a fortune.

Fundrise is one such app that lets you invest in all the best physical assets to buy nowadays.

Besides being one of the best real estate investment apps, you can also use this as a traditional investment app. And through that, you can micro-invest even on the posh properties in LA.

You can start a real estate investment with just a $500 initial deposit. But yes, they charge around 0.15% annually as their advisory fee.

And for their asset management service, they charge approximately 0.85% on average.


21. Delta App

A recent product of financial organization eToro, Delta App, is now available on both iOS and Android platforms.

Besides, it also has a fantastic desktop app that gives you complete control over your investment from your desktop as well.

Although the basic account is free, you can opt for a Pro account that supports simultaneous investment watches on five devices.

From traditional stocks to cryptocurrencies, you can trade almost anything related to investment opportunities.

Right now, this company has more than 300 commission-free stocks. Besides, you can invest in more than 7k cryptocurrencies with a minimal transaction fee.

This company is currently also offering a 1-week free trial of their Pro account.



investing apps - public


Without any doubt, is one of the best investment apps that everyone can completely rely on!

From stocks to ETFs, you can invest in various instruments through this unique app. Besides, it is absolutely beginner-friendly.

This platform has a unique thing called tipping. Besides, you can also gift someone a fractional share for their initial boost through your custom link. And both these services are absolutely free as of now.

This app has several commission-free stock options to trade with. Besides, you can also win a $10 signup bonus for a limited time for your eligible initial investment.


23. Wealthbase

Participating in the trading game is the best way if you don’t know how to make money without paying anything. And if it comes with a twist of online games, it creates even more impact for first-time investors.

Wealthbase is one such player in this stock market industry that culminated games and investments in a single platform.

Besides, it now supports a multiplayer option as well. So, you can also challenge your friends to take part in your investment games.

This app is pretty open-ended, and you can see what stocks your friends are picking. And in that way, you can also pick the right stocks to generate better profit.


24. Invstr

personal finance apps


If you want a nice concoction of trade training, real-life investment, and fun games, Invstr is one of the best options to choose from.

Believe it or not, it is not just one of the best interactive trading apps but also among the best platforms to get paid to play games.

Joining this fantastic platform is completely free. And you’ll get $1 million worth of virtual money to start trading with.

They mainly aid this money to let you learn to trade your own way. You can also ask for community support.

This company has recently introduced cryptocurrency trading on its platform as well.


25. Tornado

best stock trading apps

Source: Tornado

Needless to say, Tornado, formerly renowned as Nvstr, is one of the best starter investment apps that offers a one-click portfolio allocation for budding traders.

Depending on your preference, you can invest either in individual stocks or in ETFs.

You can join this platform without paying a single penny. And they also offer 20 free stock trading each month. But beyond that, you need to pay a nominal fee of $4.5/trade in your primary account.

You can easily opt for a pro account that currently costs around $4/month. However, you can also create a free custom referral link to earn a signup bonus.


What To Look For While Choosing an Investment App?

It is not easy to select the best investment apps that perfectly suit your needs and also assure a better brokerage rate.

But you can easily judge the worthiness and credibility of any investment app by considering just five parameters.

  • Minimum Balance: Always stick to those apps that offer minimal or no minimum balance requirement at all. In that way, you can use the entire investment amount.
  • Fees & Maintenance Charges: While most app charges annually, many also charge a specific amount for each trade. So, you need to select the app that not just offers a lower rate but also supports the kinds of trade you are looking for at lower fees.
  • Account Control: Many beginners look for guided support, while pro-investors always look for complete control over their investments. So, choose your app wisely that suits your requirement of control.
  • App Experience: You should have a fantastic app experience even on the first try. An investment app should be easy to use and navigate to deliver a better user experience.
  • Other App Features: If you are a newbie, you should stick to apps that offer educational resources and timely suggestions for trending stocks and other investments. And for pro-investors, look for add-ons and special-trade options.

Before you download any app, always look for genuine user reviews on Google Play Store and Apple App Store to understand its credibility and authenticity.


Are Investment Apps Safe?

Most investment apps these days offer a multi-layer of integrated security. And these robust security technologies are sufficient to keep your valuable information secret.

You can enable two-factor authentication in almost any app. Besides, most of the apps now also offer end-to-end encryption services to secure all your financial transactions.

But yes, you do need to change your password at timely intervals. Besides, it is also not advisable to use the investment apps on any public network or from any shared network atmosphere. It is also best to use a VPN to add an extra layer of security.

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Which are the best apps to invest?

There are several apps that prove their worthiness in the field of investment. Robinhood and Acorns are probably the most sort-after investment app you can try.

And if you are fond of old players, you can even rely on J.P. Morgan. Besides, new age investors like Betterment and WeBull apps as well.


What is the best investment app for beginners?

Robo-advisors are the best types of apps for investments that even a beginner can use.

These apps not just support complete customization that a new-age investor will prefer but also correctly suggest new ways to invest.

Most of these apps also analyze your investment goals and risk tolerance to fetch the best-performing investment tools that suit you.


What is the best investment app in the UK?

Three popular investment apps, Interactive Investor, Hargreaves Lansdown, and InvestEngin, are now dominating the field of investment in the United Kingdom.

Besides, many people also now prefer apps such as Stake, Degiro, e-Toro, and many more. Moneyfarm and Palm are now also building their presence in the UK.


What is the best investment app in the USA?

Two of the most trusted investment apps, Betterment, and Acorns, are now dominating the investment market in the USA.

However, many people also rely on traditional players like J.P. Morgan, E-Trade, and Stash.

Besides, new-age Gen-Z investors now prefer various apps, such as TastyWorks, Stockpile, Webull, Robinhood, and many more.



So, these are all the best investment apps you can try for your financial goals this year. But do remember that not every app is suitable for everyone.

So, you need to analyze and tally the fees, investment options, and other parameters to finally select the best option for you.

At the same time, you should also concentrate on increasing your monthly income. You should also know how to attract money to invest in bigger stakes.

So, that’s all for today, folks. Feel free to drop your feedback in the comment box.

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