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20 Best Odd Job Apps That Pay Up To $60/Hr In 2024

We all have to do unconventional work in our houses, don’t we? But do you even know that odd job apps do exist?

Yes, those apps even pay according to the industry-standard rates for freelance workers. On top of that, these odd jobs also offer complete flexibility of work hours.

Although it is pretty easy to make money while doing odd jobs, most people don’t know the initial steps that they need to take to get these jobs. And to solve all these issues, we have tried and tested all the odd jobs available on open platforms.

So, without further ado, let’s dive deep and uncover all the best and high-paying options in the odd job industry.


Disclaimer:  This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are Odd Jobs?

Before you even start looking for an odd jobs website, you must know the right definition of odd jobs and their working procedures. In simple terms, odd jobs are mainly casual work such as wedding photography or even dog walking.

Most of these odd jobs don’t require any specific academic qualification. Instead, you need to be good at your craft to shine in this industry. You also need to show affection besides true professionalism to get high-paying projects.

Right now, odd jobs are globally available. You just need to be at least 18 years old to get started. Oh yes, you also need a smartphone to bid on available odd jobs on various online platforms that we are going to discuss here.


Best Odd Job Apps to Make Extra Money

If you are looking for legit odd job apps, you are definitely in the right place. We have handpicked the companies mentioned below after trying each of those personally.

So, these opportunities are truly legit ones.


1. Swagbucks

swagbucks earnings

Nothing can be better than Swagbucks if you are looking for legit odd job apps that also pay well.

From participating in online surveys to installing new apps and even playing new games, you can do several fun activities to earn from this unique platform.

All you need is to download the app or just simply install the integrated toolbar to get started. The signing procedure is also like a cakewalk. And you can easily earn around 100 SB points (equivalent to $1) for taking part in a short questionnaire.

However, you need to accumulate at least 2.5k SB points to become eligible for a withdrawal. But right now, this app is only available in a handful of countries, including the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, and a few more.

Get a free $10 instant bonus just for creating an account.


2. Fiverr

This Israeli marketplace called Fiverr needs no introduction at all. It is surely one of the most popular odd job apps, especially in south-Asian countries like India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

And since it came into operation, it has almost dominated the worldwide freelance marketplace.

The working principle is a bit different, as you can create your own gig rather than just bidding on open projects.

You can also pre-select your asking rate, which ranges from $5 to $995 per gig. But yes, it will be a wise decision to keep it on the lower side in the initial days.

You need to pay a flat 20% commission fee to this company. However, it doesn’t have any signup or any other fees at all.


3. Flexjobs

If you are looking for some high-paying odd job apps in the UK, you should check out this unique platform called FlexJobs.

In 2007, it started working as a mediator between genuine clients looking for skilled freelancers and WFH agents looking for better opportunities.

Right now, it has huge vacancies in more than 50 job disciplines. And most of those jobs are now also paying the industry-standard rate. But yes, you do need to spend a small membership fee to enjoy all these benefits.

Once you create an account while describing your skills and experience, you can start bidding directly on the open projects. You need to submit that project within its specified TAT.


4. Amazon Mechanical Turk

Who doesn’t know about Amazon? But, do you know it is one of the best odd job apps that anyone can try?

Yes, you can simply open a free account on this interesting platform called Amazon MTurk to start doing jobs that require human intelligence or HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

You can choose several projects simultaneously to increase your income potential. And according to our estimate, you can make around $10 to $12/hour on average. However, manual typing jobs like captcha entry can hardly make you above 10 bucks an hour.

It is also a great platform for retirees, pensioners, and stay-at-home parents. And if you are comfortable working only at night, do check out these overnight jobs from home besides MTurk.

Also, read our complete Amazon Mechanical Turk (MTurk) Review here.


5. Survey Junkie

Without any doubt, Survey Junkie is truly among the most trusted odd job apps in Australia and other tier-1 countries.

It is also among the very few platforms that pay up to $50/survey. But yes, these broader and lengthier surveys can easily take around 2 hours to complete.

A typical survey here can take around 10 minutes to complete. And for that, you can easily make around $10 to $15/hour. But, there is a catch! You can earn as much as $150/hour if you can join their focus group.

But, the availability of projects can largely vary on your demographic profile. Right now, it is only available in a handful of nations like the USA, Canada, and Australia.

Read these Survey Junkie Hacks to maximize your profits from them.


6. FancyHands

You must have already heard about virtual assistance, right? Fancy Hands is the key player in the VA industry that now offers up to $7 per task.

Besides, you can easily apply to become a part of this company even if you are not from tier-1 countries like the USA and UK.

You mainly need to execute small tasks like booking tables, scheduling appointments, and keeping the daily official records. Many clients are now looking for VA to reduce their financial and employee burden.

You can get direct notification on available projects right after opening an account here. However, there are several other legit platforms that provide high-paying virtual assistant jobs throughout the world.

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7. RespondentApp

If you consider research and knowledge-based work as odd jobs, then Respondent App can be the top choice among the legit odd job apps. You mainly need to help researchers to obtain certain data or to be a part of their research project.

You don’t need to go anywhere as you can participate in the research or data collection program through video calls or short online questionnaires.

And for each of those projects, you can easily earn up to $300. It takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete single research work.

So, you can easily fetch around $150/hour just by working for this unique company.

It doesn’t require any qualifications as well. So, it can be an ideal online job for students this year.


8. HealthyWage

It is pretty hard to ignore this unique app called HealthyWage if you are a fitness buff. You can earn money through this platform just by following a healthy routine. Unbelievable, isn’t it?

But yes, you need to just lose your weight to earn real cash. You need to create a free account here to get started.

Once you get the approval, you can then set your target weight and duration to achieve that weight. After that, you need to place a small bet that starts with $6/campaign.

Once you achieve that weight within that specified time, your winnings will be automatically credited to the linked account.

You can even earn up to $10k per weight-loss challenge. But yes, there are many other legit ways to earn by losing weight that you can also try.


9. GigWalk

GigWalk is truly one of the best odd job apps if you are looking for small projects in your locality.

Yes, it is probably the most popular project search engine that has advanced filtering options for nearby projects. You can also sort the projects depending on their payout.

It can take from 5 minutes to an hour to complete a small task here. And for each of those small tasks, you can earn up to $100, although the average is around $10 to $15.

There are more specialized projects like mystery shopping where you can earn much more than that.

This app is now available for both Android and iOS platforms. And you can easily withdraw your earnings through direct PayPal transfer.


10. EasyShift

This amazing platform called EasyShift now provides fun projects in your locality. You mainly need to visit your pre-assigned local store, click some good images of specific products, and properly review the store and its management.

You may also need to visit a few local stores to know about their recent offers, sales, and discounts. But yes, it will mostly come under a specific radius of your own house.

Once you update all that information on the app, they will then review and approve that within a maximum of 48 hours.

Once approved, your money will be directly credited to your linked account. But sadly, this platform is now only available for permanent citizens of the United States and the United Kingdom.


11. Zaarly

A relatively new player on the block, Zaarly is a micro-tasking website that provides odd jobs to skilled workers.

From plumbing to repairing lofts, from assembling IKEA furniture to interior wall painting, you can get almost any task of your choice through this app.

Creating an account here is also pretty easy, and you don’t need to pay a single penny. Once you get the initial approval, you need to go through a 30-day training program in your own discipline to sharpen your skills.

Right after you complete the training, you can start getting local microtasks. And for each of those, you can earn around $10 to $20/hour on average. However, this platform now charges a flat 10% commission.


Odd Job Apps For Delivery Drivers

We all know how to drive, don’t we? Even if you don’t, you can learn it pretty fast. But do you know that you can now make a pretty good amount of money just with that single skill of yours?

Yes, there are now many odd job apps available that assure this opportunity these days. And the most legit ones are as follows.


12. DoorDash

When it comes to food delivery, nothing can be as good as DoorDash. All you need to do is to collect food orders from your nearby restaurants and deliver those to the designated customer. And in return, you get your cut from the total bill amount.

You can easily make up to $25/order depending on delivery distance and food amount. Besides, you can also keep 100% of the tips that you receive from the customers. You can also track your earnings right from the app itself.

You just need a car or a bike to get started with this company as a delivery agent. Not only a great option as a full-time opportunity, but this is also among the best driving jobs for retirees and stay-at-home parents.


13. Postmates

Postmates is undoubtedly among the most popular odd job apps that are currently active throughout the United States and Mexico.

They now have more than 500k fleet members covering across the nations. Besides, this company is also associated with more than 600k merchants.

You need to deliver food orders, groceries, and drinks to the customers from their selected restaurants or retail shops.

And for that, you can make around $13/hour on average, although several drivers reported earning around $20/hour as well.

You can start this if you just have a smartphone to get going. However, you do need to pass background verification before your final joining.

Right now, this company only allows direct transfers through a linked bank account.


14. Instacart

It’s the Instagram of the grocery market. You need to pick up small household items and groceries from your nearby retail stores and then deliver those consignments to the customer.

And in return, you can make at least $5/delivery.

Instacart also has a segment called full-service delivery, where you need to shop on behalf of your customer and then deliver it.

And for each of those assignments, you can make around $10 on average. Right now, it is available in more than 5k cities around the United States and Canada.

You need to go through a compulsory training program before joining. And once you get the final approval, your earnings will be directly deposited to your linked bank account each week.

Learn how to make $20/hour with Instacart here.


15. UberEats

You must have searched for errands and odd jobs near me during these tough times, isn’t it?

And the first thing that is bound to pop up is this unique platform called UberEats. It is a subsidiary of the famous app-cab company, Uber.

Having a global presence, this platform can guarantee around $10 to $15/hour on average if you take it as a full-time job.

And even if you take it as a part-time opportunity, you can easily make around $500/month.

You just need a smartphone and your own vehicle to get started. The joining procedure is also pretty easy and takes just a minute to complete.

And the best thing; you can track your earnings in real-time right from the app itself.


16. GoPuff

Although it is also a food delivery app, GoPuff works a bit differently than UberEats or DoorDash. You don’t need to deliver meals and food orders from your local restaurants.

Instead, you mainly need to deliver snacks, small toiletries, household items, and groceries.

And for each of those consignments, you can easily make around $10. So, you can surely fetch around $15 to $20/hour if you work as a full-time delivery agent.

But yes, you do need to be at least 21 years old to get started.

You should be a permanent citizen of the United States and should have a valid driver’s license and vehicle insurance. Besides, you also need an updated smartphone that supports this app.

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Apps To Find Part-Time Odd Jobs Near Me

If you don’t want to leave the comfort of your locality, many odd job apps now assure local opportunities. And the most legit and high-paying among those are as follows.


17. TaskRabbit

Currently available in more than 30 metro cities across the United States, TaskRabbit is truly one of the most popular platforms that provide odd jobs.

This company is now working on its global footprint as they have recently started catering in several countries, including Canada, the UK, and Germany.

All you need is to be just 18 years old to get started. And most interestingly, you can make around $30 to $60 on average for each of those odd jobs in your locality.

Several people also reported earning as much as $2k/week with this unique platform. Creating a free account here is almost like a cakewalk. And once your account is approved, you can directly bid on the available projects.


18. Rover

As an animal lover myself, I tried to find a few odd jobs near me related to pets and kettles. And do you know what comes at the top place?

Yes, it is this unique platform called Rover. You mainly need to work as a dog-sitter or dog-walker on this platform.

Besides spending fun time with adorable canines, you can fetch around $20/hour on average from this job.

However, this work doesn’t offer consistency as it solely depends on the number of pets you have in your neighborhood or locality.

Some members are now even earning more than a grand each week with this company.

Not only just Rover but there are also many high-paying jobs related to pets and animals that are now available across the globe.


19. Thumbtack

A relatively new kid on the odd job apps market, Thumbtack has recently witnessed a massive surge in popularity.

It is like TaskRabbit for more professional and skilled people. So, you can expect only specialized projects while working with this amazing platform.

From heat sink installation to wedding photography, you can choose almost any genre of your choice.

You can get unconventional jobs like DJing and party planning from this platform as well. And for each of those small jobs, you can get as much as $1500.

But yes, you need to make your profile attractive to get more projects. You should highlight your key expertise and also post some great images of your previous work to seal the deal here.


20. Shiftgig

I found this unique app called Shiftgig when I was searching for odd jobs near me that pay cash.

And since I started using it on a personal level, it is truly the best experience I could have. This company not only offers complete flexibility of work hours but also a steady flow of projects.

But yes, you can get maximum projects if you have any specialties or previous experience in hospitality, healthcare, marketing, and industrial work. You need to just create a free account, highlight your expertise, and bid for open projects.

The final payout of each project will largely vary on several factors like difficulty level and duration. But according to most sources, you can easily make around $15/hour on average.

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Is there an App For Odd Jobs?

According to our own experience, TaskRabbit is truly the best app to find odd jobs, especially if you are searching for local opportunities.

It has the widest variety of available projects at any point in time. From cleaning to furniture assembly, you can get almost any project of your choice.

Besides, it is also among the very few platforms that assure around $15/hour on average. However, there are several other online marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork that are also known for the best odd jobs.

Most of the websites and companies we have mentioned above do have their own apps. You just need to search the name of the platform in either the Android Play Store or Apple App Store to install it.



What odd jobs can I do for money?

There are many ways to make extra money while doing odd jobs. However, opportunities like plumbing and furniture assembling are among the always-trending genres.

But, there are many other lucrative opportunities available on the odd jobs list that are as follows.

  • Delivering food items, household goods, and groceries
  • Construction, repairing, and assembling works
  • Pet sitting and walking
  • Sole and rideshare driving
  • Cleaning, restoration, and reassembling works
  • Joining unique focus groups

You may find many other under-the-table jobs that perfectly suit the requirement and preferences in your locality. Keep in touch with your local community center to grab such work.


What are the examples of odd jobs?

Odd jobs are simply the odd men out there in the industry. So, the possibilities are almost endless. Other than the above list, there are some strange examples of odd jobs out there that actually exist!

  • Virtual friends and travel partners
  • Tea, caviar, truffle, and other expensive food testers
  • Professional sleeper and mattress testers
  • Attendees and guests in wedding and funeral programs

There are many other less-explored genres, like bicycle fishers and perfume testers, that you can also try.


What skills are required for odd jobs?

Firstly, you don’t need any specific academic qualification at all. Secondly, you also don’t need to have previous experience in most cases.

You just need to be the master of your craft. If you want to try furniture assembling, you need to be good at that; as simple as that.

You can say that odd jobs are almost any kind of freelancing work. Besides physical tasks, you can now opt for several virtual odd jobs as well.


Where can I find local odd jobs?

You can check all the available opportunities in your area if you just simply search for odd jobs near me on any search engine.

Besides you can also look for your local Facebook and Telegram groups to explore those opportunities.

There are websites like TaskRabbit and Rover that only show available odd jobs in your neighborhood.

Besides you can also check out websites like Craigslist and Yellow Pages to find these jobs.



It may not be a wise decision to take these odd jobs as your full-time profession. Instead, you can consider it as a side hustle to meet your financial goals.

However, if you are unemployed or a pensioner, you can definitely take this as your full-time profession.

But, there are many other ways, like blogging, that can make more money in a shorter time. You should check out my latest case study, where I revealed how I earn $7k+/month without spending much time each day.

So, these are all folks! Feel free to drop your feedback and suggestions in the comment box below.


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