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25 Places To Sell Baseball & Sports Cards [For Huge Amounts]

We all love to collect sports cards, especially if it is one of the big four! There is also a vast market where these cards sell at an unimaginable price, all thanks to fanatic collectors. So, it is now time to know about the best places to sell baseball cards.

From vintage baseball cards produced before 1970 to the modern-day cards of the MLB, each card has unique properties and demarking.

And depending on that, the actual price of a baseball card is determined. But certain websites, apps, and forums are available where you can get the best price while selling your cards.


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What Baseball Cards Are Worth Selling?

Baseball cards are definitely worth selling, but not every baseball card can fetch the right price. If you have any cards designed after 1980, or any cards of recent players, there is a high chance that you won’t get more than a dollar or two for those cards.

However, if you have any card designed before 1970, it will be considered a vintage card, which can surely fetch a great price. Besides, there are several such limited-edition cards and collectibles available that can even fetch a million dollars.

Any card that includes Babe Ruth, TY Cobb, or Mickey Mantle can fetch a much higher price than other players. But, not just baseball cards; there are now ways available to sell Pokémon cards for money.


What Are the Most Valuable Baseball Cards Ever Sold?

The price of any baseball card directly depends on its rarity, condition, and collector’s value. You may have seen some cards fetching exorbitant prices while some cards sell for a mere dollar or so.

But there are several such baseball cards exist that can even fetch a million dollars. And five of the priciest baseball cards ever sold are as follows.

Rank Year Card Number Card Name Estimated Value
1 1909-11 T206 White Border Honus Wagner $4,000,000
2 1952 T311 Mickey Mantle $2,500,000
3 1916 M101-5 Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Card $1,350,000
4 1916 M101-4 Sporting News Babe Ruth Rookie Card $1,350,000
5 1909-11 T206 Ty Cobb Tobacco (Ty Cobb Back) $1,100,000


Tips to Sell Baseball Cards

tips to sell


25 Places To Sell Baseball Cards

You may not fetch the best price for your card until you connect with the collectors and card connoisseurs. And there are many ways to do that!

So, without further ado, let’s check out these best places to sell baseball cards.


1. eBay

Not just baseball cards, you can list and sell almost any sports card on eBay. You can either choose a fixed price listing or an auction-style bidding process to sell your card.

Become a seller on this company simply by opening a free account. Your seller’s account will also come in handy if you want to know how to make $300 fast.

But the downside is you need to bear the entire shipping cost. Besides, eBay will charge a fixed 12.5% commission on the sales value.


2. Amazon

You must have already noticed some of the most overpriced baseball cards listed on Amazon.

If you have any limited-edition cards with you, you can also list them on this eCommerce site. And not just that, you can now even make money on Amazon through various means.

You can open a free seller’s account that needs you to pay a per-item listing fee. Otherwise, you can also opt for a professional plan that will be going to cost you $39.99/year.

You also need to pay a small fee for Amazon’s fulfillment.


3. Facebook

With close to 4 billion global members, Facebook enables you to connect with your long-lost friends and family members.

However, you can even earn money on Facebook nowadays. Besides, you can use the Facebook Marketplace to sell your baseball cards.

You are free to join the marketplace to start listing anything you want to sell. But you’ll only get local buyers that enable you for a F2F deal.

But to attract potential customers, you need to list your cards nicely with proper tags and photos.


4. Instagram

Available under the umbrella of Meta, Instagram is an excellent app for photo sharing.

But, if you can use it right, you can also sell your valuable baseball cards on this app. Besides, you can now even start a business on Instagram.

There is no direct selling facility available on this website. Instead, you can create a professional profile and start uploading photos of your card. And if you find anyone interested, you can lock the deal through DM.


5. Etsy

Etsy is primarily known for selling handmade crafts and personalized items.

And there are money-making crafts to sell online that you can try on this website. You can now list and sell your valuable baseball cards as well, although it involves small fees.

Although you are free to open a seller’s account without paying any fee, you need to pay a fixed listing fee for each item. Besides, you need to pay up to 20% commission on the final value of your cards.


6. Craigslist

Craigslist is the best platform to post free ads, although there are several other websites like Craigslist where you can also post classified ads without any fees.

Through this website, you can easily connect with prospective card collectors in your locality.

But to start with, you need to create a free profile and then post an ad depicting the value and condition of your cards. You don’t need to pay any listing fee, but you need to bear the entire shipping cost while selling your cards.


7. Beckett

Beckett is truly one of the best places to sell baseball cards this year. Besides, it is loaded with various pricing guides and checklists to help you fetch the best price for your cards.

But to start with, you need to first open a collector’s account. The monthly cost for an individual account is $6.99, although you get a 30-day free trial with that.

And if you want to opt for an annual plan, that will be going to cost you $64.99. Besides, there is an attractive loyalty program.


8. OfferUp

Not just locally, OfferUp enables you to sell your baseball cards worldwide. You can get started by downloading the app on your smartphone and then creating a seller’s account.

You can then take some clicks and upload it with proper tags. There is a unique chat feature with which you can directly communicate with prospective buyers.

But you need to pay a 12.9% service fee on the final face value or $1.99/item, whichever is higher. You don’t need to pay for anything else, as buyers will bear the entire shipping cost.

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9. Blowout Forums

Blowout Forums is not a traditional website but a fan forum instead. Here, you can connect with various card and memento collectors from all over the world.

And it’s not just baseball! You can also sell your basketball, soccer, and even fantasy football cards on this forum.

You can either sell your cards or can trade them with other forum members. Besides, you can respond to any collector’s “wanted” list to sell your cards instantly. You can now also list your items on its Blowout Store.


10. Dean’s Cards

I can confidently tell that Dean’s Cards is one of the best places to sell baseball cards, as I have tried it myself.

If you have a massive collection of cards to sell off, it is truly the best place to try this year. It sells more than a thousand cards on any given day.

From vintage to limited-edition cards, you can sell almost any baseball card at the right price. And if you have any card dated before 1969, you can fetch an unimaginable value through this website.


11. Kruk Cards

Not just baseball cards, you can sell Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh, and even Magic cards on Kruk Cards.

Besides its user-friendly website, it has a physical store in Michigan, United States. If you have a valuable card, it is better to visit the shop personally.

You can check the “Wanted” list on this website. And if you have any cards to sell from that wanted list, you can ask for a price quotation. Upon agreeing with the price, you need to ship them the actual card to their office address.


12. Just Collect

You can either opt for a F2F deal or can ship your card to the buyers through physical mail on this website named Just Collect.

However, you can get the best price possible if you have any card dated 1979 or earlier.

You can opt for a free appraisal on this website to know about the current market value of your baseball card.

And then, you can easily list that card in this website’s selling section. But you need to bear the shipping cost.

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13. eBid

If you want to sell anything through a bidding process to fetch the highest price possible, you must try this website called eBid.

It is also one of the best places to sell baseball cards, especially if you have a rare or limited-edition card that collectors can bid for.

You can sell any gift cards for PayPal money instantly on this website. And with a 4.2 rating on Trustpilot, you can definitely rely on this site. But like most other websites, you may need to bear the shipping cost here too.


14. COMC

COMC stands for Check Out My Collectibles. This company does not just sell sports cards, but it also deals with various collectibles, souvenirs, and even fantasy cards.

You can consider this website as an online consignment store where you can display your items to sell.

Now, you can also cross-post your cards on eBay through this website. You need to pay a small processing fee between $0.50 and $2/card, depending on the actual face value.

However, the processing can take as much as 16 weeks, which can be problematic for a few sellers.


15. Dave & Adam’s

Dave & Adam’s is genuinely among the best places to sell baseball cards, no doubt about it.

But to sell through this website, you must have a professional grade (PSA/BGS/SGC) card or any card that has a face value of more than $50. Besides, you can sell cards dated 1970 or earlier.

You can sell a complete deck or a sealed pack on this collectors’ website. However, you need to ship it at your own cost via UPS and FedEx.

You can expect to get the payment processing done within 48 hours of receiving your card in its warehouse.


16. Otia Sports

Not every website or forum can give you the right price for your baseball cards dated 1975 or earlier.

So, it is better to try Otia Sports, as this company mainly deals with vintage cards and rare collectibles. However, you can now sell your modern cards as well.

You need to send this company the photos of your card to get an appraisal beforehand. And once you ship those, you can expect to receive your payment within 30 days. This company mainly pays through PayPal and direct cash deposits.


17. SlabStox

SlabStox is not just a typical online trading platform but is also among the best places to sell baseball cards in 2024.

It is actually a close-knit community of sports card and souvenir collectors. And you are free to connect with them by becoming a member.

You need to click some good images of your card and then post them on the forum describing your asking price. If anyone gets interested, you can proceed with a F2F deal or can ship it directly.

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18. Bonanza

With more than 25,000 listed sellers and bidders, Bonanza is one of the most popular online auctioning websites.

This company currently has a 25-million-strong user base that regularly bids and buys from this user-friendly website.

While you need to pay a listing fee between $0.30 and $0.70/card to display your items on other auction sites like eBay, you can list those cards here without spending a single cent.

However, this company may take a bit more time to dispatch your payment.


19. Webstore

Besides eBay and eBid, Webstore is another accredited auctioning site that recently witnessed a massive surge in its popularity.

It has multiple categories to choose from. But you’ll be noticed if you list your valuable baseball cards in the Sports section.

You don’t need to bear any listing fee at all, and the buyer will pay for the shipping. Besides, there is no commission involved as well.

So, you can take 100% of the face value of your cards from this auctioning website.


20. TonyeTrade

TonyeTrade now mainly deals with vintage baseball cards and rare collectibles. However, this website recently launched a new segment where you can also sell off your comic strips for the right piece.

But you will get the most money by selling your sports cards and memorabilia.

You can be assured of the best price if you list any card dated 1970 or earlier. However, you can also get a reasonable price for your modern cards.

You need to pay a small selling fee which will depend on the final face value of your baseball card.


21. PSA

PSA or Professional Sports Authenticator is among the best places to sell baseball cards, especially if you are from the States.

It is mainly an appraisal service where you can freely evaluate your card to know about its current market price.

You can also sell or trade your valuable baseball cards with fellow members. But to do that, you first need to upload some photos and describe the rarity and current condition of your cards.

You can then negotiate the final price directly with the prospective buyers.


22. SportsCardPro

One of the most popular sports-oriented websites, SportsCardPro mainly deals with various sports cards from different eras.

It is now liked by serious card collectors and hobbyists alike, mainly due to its massive collection of cards at any given time.

You need to pay a small processing fee of 2.9% of the final face value of your cards. Besides, you need to pay a fixed $0.30/card listing fee.

You must also link your PayPal account, as this company exclusively pays through its PayPal account.


23. StockX

Not just valuable cards and collectibles, you can now also sell streetwear, watches, and sneakers on StockX. But to sell any costly sports card, you need to open an account and get an appraisal first.

You need to pay a fixed transaction fee of 10% of the final face value of your card. Besides, you need to pay a 3% payment processing charge.

But you can eliminate this entire transaction fee if you complete at least three sales in a month or sell any card valued at $500 or over.


24. The Cardboard Connection

One of the major card-selling websites, The Cardboard Connection, has already facilitated card sales for more than $1 million.

It mainly deals with limited-edition cards, vintage cards, and rare collectibles. You can buy or sell memorabilia as well.

However, your cards must be dated back to 1974 or earlier to get enlisted, as this company doesn’t accept modern cards or full decks.

And to get an advance appraisal, you can submit your card details through an online form, which they typically respond to within two working days.


25. 2nd Markets

With more than 30 years of expertise in the sports collectible industry, 2nd Markets is genuinely one of the best places to sell baseball cards.

Let it be a vintage card, a limited-edition card, or an entire card collection; you can sell almost any kind of sports card here.

This company says no collection is too large. So, you can easily sell off your entire collection at the right price. However, you need to get an appraisal beforehand, and it can also take up to 7 working days to dispatch your payment.

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How Can I Check The Value of My Baseball Cards?

There are many ways to check the current market value of your baseball cards, mainly through a dedicated appraisal service.

If you want to enlist your cards on Beckett, it has a massive database that will instantly tally and find the appropriate asking price for your baseball cards.

CardMavin is another website from which you can know about the right price for your cards. You need to enter the card details on the designated search field to get the current price of the card.

You can also take a different route, such as asking for the expected price for your baseball cards on Quora or Reddit. Besides, you can personally contact any accredited appraiser or a card collector to get an estimation for your cards.



There are now several best places to sell baseball cards which we have already discussed above.

But, before you list your cards on any such websites or apps, it is better to opt for an appraisal service to know about the current worth of your cards.

Otherwise, you may get below the current industry rate for your cards.



Is selling baseball cards worth it?

Baseball cards are definitely worth selling, especially if you have any rare or limited-edition cards in your collection.

Besides, you can get attractive offers if you want to sell any card dated 1970 or earlier. But your cards need to be kept in mint condition to get the best price.


Does anyone buy baseball cards anymore?

Yes, there are many collectors and hobbyists who regularly buy baseball cards to enrich their collections.

And you may not believe it, but the baseball card collection witnessed a record high during the pandemic when it witnessed a 142% surge in sales between 2019 and 2021.


What is the best way to sell a baseball card?

The best way to sell any baseball card is by listing it on auctioning websites like eBay and eBid. Etsy is another platform where you can list your card to fetch the right price.

Besides, you can try Facebook Marketplace and Craigslist if you are looking for prospective local buyers.


How do I find out how much a baseball card is worth?

You can take the dedicated appraisal service of Beckett or Card Mavin to know about the actual price of your baseball cards.

Besides, you can ask fellow collectors on platforms like Reddit and Quora, as they are more than willing to help.


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