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20 Best Selling Items On Facebook Marketplace [2024 List]

Besides connecting with friends and foes, Facebook is also a place where you can buy or sell anything, especially from local guys. But do you know which are the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace this year?

Small furniture, books, toys, electronics, and mobile accessories sell the best on Facebook Marketplace. Things like kids’ supplies and junk jewelry also tend to fetch the right price on this social media site. And you can even now sell or trade your rare trading cards too.

However, like all the other social media platforms, there is always a chance of getting scammed online. So, we have complied with a detailed guide to starting your selling stint on FB Marketplace. Read on!


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How To List Items On Facebook Marketplace?

It is now very much possible to earn money on Facebook through various means. However, if you want some quick cash, selling through the Marketplace could be your best option.

And here goes the guide to listing any item on FB Marketplace.

  1. Click on the “Facebook Marketplace” option from the news feed of your FB profile.
  2. Tap on the “+” icon and click on the “Create New Listing” option.
  3. Select the “Item for Sale” option from the menu.
  4. Upload HD-quality photos of the product and write a suitable but descriptive title and product description.
  5. Choose the pricing you want to offer for the product.
  6. Finally, review the description, title, and images and click on the “Publish” button.

You need to make sure that all your listings are marked as “Public” in the sharing setting. Otherwise, people can’t see your FB Marketplace ad if you have published the listing with the “Private” sharing settings.

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Best Items That Sell Best On Facebook Marketplace

Although you can sell almost anything on Facebook Marketplace unless it is a restricted item, not every product fetches the right price on this social media site.

So, we have researched and found the twenty bestselling items on the Facebook marketplace, which are as follows.


1. Furniture

facebook marketplace

There are several side business ideas with Facebook that you can try this year, although nothing can be as lucrative as selling furniture online.

You can sell almost any furniture you want to your local buyers through Facebook Marketplace, although light and portable furniture sells the best. Try to highlight the portability and price factors in the product description while selling furniture.

And if you live in an area where renters, collegegoers, and migrant workers reside, you won’t face any trouble selling furniture. However, try to keep the price below $1,000, as costly items tend to sell less on FB.

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2. Books

Do you have a huge stack of old books? You can now sell those through Facebook Marketplace to make money. And according to recent market trends, kids’ and fiction books sell the best on Facebook.

get paid to read books

However, there are now even opportunities available where you can get paid to read books. Don’t forget to mention the name of the author and the ISBN of the book in the product description to catch the eyes of prospective buyers.

However, it will be best if you can make bundles with various books and then sell those in bulk. And in that way, you can book maximum profit.



3. Electronic Items

Electronics, mobiles, and tech products are undoubtedly the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace this year.

best selling items on facebook marketplace

If you have an old smartphone or a tablet, you can list those on FB to sell those to local buyers at great prices. However, don’t forget to reset your phone before selling it.

It would be better if you could mention the year of purchase, current conditions, and model number in the product description while putting ads.

You can also highlight the availability of the original bill and accessories. And according to the current trend, products from Apple, Google, and Samsung sell the best on FB.

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4. Mobile Accessories

If anything sells like crazy on Facebook, like mobiles, it is definitely mobile accessories. And not just old accessories; you can now even design custom accessories for smartphones and start selling those through Facebook Marketplace.

selling items on facebook marketplace

Designing cool mobile accessories is also one of the best ways if you want to make money without a job. While putting the ad on the FB marketplace, you need to make sure that you mention the model number of the phone for which you are selling the accessories.

Besides, try to stick to a lower price to get interested buyers. And don’t forget to upload some high-quality images.


5. Kids’ Uniform

Kids grow like anything during their toddler and adolescence days. After a year or so, you can’t make your kids wear the same dress, as those have already become shorter for your kids.

And for that, most new parents have a pile of old kids’ dresses and uniforms in their stock. However, you can now sell those online quite easily through Facebook Marketplace.

You can get the best prices if you live in the United States or Australia, as school uniforms are extremely costly in these two countries. But be as transparent as possible about the condition and size of the uniform.

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6. Toys

facebook marketplace

Toys and playing accessories are among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace, no doubt about it! And making dolls and selling those online is among the best money-making crafts to sell online.

Even if you have a stock of old toys, you can now sell those through the FB marketplace. It will be better if you have box-packed mint-conditioned toys in your inventory.

You can even get attractive prices if you want to sell rattles of teethers. Toys from Fisher-Price and Lego also tend to fetch better prices than other manufacturers. A limited-edition Lego set can fetch even thousands on FB.


7. Baby Supplies

You may not believe it if I say, but baby supplies are among the top-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. As these baby supplies are extremely costly, you can easily get buyers if you stick to the right pricing.

And most new parents have a stock of unused baby supplies they can sell and make money. Unopened diapers or bundle packs sell the best on FB Marketplace.

You can also sell baby care products and essentials, such as a Johnsons’ kid set. Baby gears like chairs, car seats, and strollers also tend to fetch good prices on FB.


8. Trading Cards

trading cards

Trading cards of various genres are not only among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace but also among the most sort-after collectibles for new-age people.

And you can even sell Pokémon cards online on Facebook Marketplace to get the best price possible for your limited-edition card. But don’t forget to mention the condition of the trading card, year of purchase, and current MRP.

Besides, it will be even better if you can highlight the rarity factor and collector’s value of your card in the product description while putting ads on FB.


9. Junk Jewelry

Junk jewelry not just sells the best on Facebook, but it is also among the easy things to make and sell online.

If you have a stack of old jewelry you don’t wear anymore; you can easily sell or trade it through Facebook Marketplace. Besides, you can also make your own jewelry and sell those through FB.

You need to be absolutely transparent about the size of the jewelry (for a perfect fit) and the current condition of those.

Besides, if the jewelry is from any reputed jeweler, you can even highlight that in the product description. However, it is better to go lowball to get more eyes on your product.

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10. Plants And Flowers

Although it sounds untrue while looking at the current climatic condition, more and more people are now taking gardening and plantation as their hobbies.

plants and flowers

And due to that, the demand for plants and saplings is rising all over the world. The demand is even better if you live in a Tier-I country.

First, take some HD-quality images of the saplings. Secondly, clearly state the breed and family of the plant in the product description.

And most importantly, you need to ensure you are selling the right sapling. You can get even better prices if you can sell planters and pots along with saplings.


11. Gardening Tools

best selling items on facebook marketplace

Besides plants and saplings, gardening tools are among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. As gardening is quite season-specific, it will be better if you can list your gardening tools on FB before monsoon or winter.

However, you can list those year-round if the tools are for indoor gardening. It is necessary to describe the current condition of your gardening tools in the product description.

Besides, you need to be transparent about the sharpness if you are willing to sell any cutting tools. You must also not sell those in faraway places as sharp items are extremely difficult to transport.


12. Musical Instruments

Music is the universal language of love and togetherness. And musical instruments are among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace, as there are numerous music and instrument connoisseurs present throughout the world who can give you the right price for the right musical instrument.

musical instruments

Guitars, drum kits, violins, and small pianos sell the best on Facebook Marketplace. Besides, you can also get the best prices for musical accessories, like amplifiers, speakers, and wireless microphones.

However, highlight the name of the maker and the year of purchase in the product description. On a different note, it is now also possible to get paid to listen to music online.


13. Sports Equipment

From baseball bats to basketball hoops, from skateboards to scootering accessories, from soccer balls to hockey sticks, you just name any, and you can sell that easily on Facebook Marketplace.

And the demand for sports equipment is also rapidly rising worldwide. However, you need to take some HD-quality photos of your sports equipment to list those on the FB marketplace.

Besides, you must also mention the maker of the sports equipment and the current condition of those products. Moreover, it will be better if you play a lowkey game to get more buyers in the shortest possible time.


14. Fitness Accessories

Facebook Marketplace

You must have already understood that any accessories to sports are among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. And the same thing is true for fitness accessories as well.

However, you can even make money through apps that pay you to walk, as more and more companies are now entering the fitness market.

If you have stationary bikes, treadmills, trainers, and benches, you can easily list those items on Facebook Marketplace.

And according to the current trend, yoga mats and hula hoops tend to fetch the best price on FB. However, it is necessary to highlight the manufacturer’s name and year of purchase in the product description.

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15. Seasonal Items

We only use seasonal items once or twice a year. And then, those items sit idle in the corner of our house. But now, you can easily sell those online on Facebook Marketplace to make money.

And if you can give the right discount for the seasonal items and decors, you won’t find it hard to get buyers.

However, it is better to choose a time for selling those items, as it is typically seen that seasonal items and decors sell the best during the easter and Christmas seasons.

And if you have something quirky, it is better to list those on the FB marketplace before Halloween.


16. Home Improvement Items

Home improvement items are definitely more difficult to sell than seasonal decors on FB. However, if you can stick to the right price and give value for money, you won’t find it hard to sell those.

But it may take a little time to get the best buyer as the choice of home improvement items is extremely specific.

It will be better if you start with portable and lightweight home improvement items that you can easily lift and transport. And if you have small appliances, such as a toaster or a microwave oven, you can also sell those through FB.


17. Power Tools

From hand grinders to lawnmowers, from drill machines to jet sprayers – all the heavy equipment we use in our daily lives falls in the power tools category.

best selling items on facebook marketplace

And you can fetch the best price possible by selling those through Facebook Marketplace if they are in decent working condition.

You need to mention the manufacturer of the tool, year of purchase, power capacity, and current condition of the power tools in the product description.

Besides, it will be better if you can stick to 50% or less of the original MRP of the tools. Don’t forget to mention if the tools are still under warranty.


18. Used Vehicles

Used vehicles, especially four-wheelers and pickup vans, are truly among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. However, you need to go for a VIN check before you sell or purchase any used cars.

And there are many best free VIN check apps and websites available where you can check it for free. However, selling used vehicles can be a painstaking job as it involves a lot of paperwork.

Besides, you may also need to arrange a test drive for the potential buyer before they can actually buy it. You must also follow the regulations while selling used vehicles through any channel.

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19. Collectibles

Rare and expensive collectibles are among the top-rated items to sell on Facebook. And collectibles can be anything, such as antique furniture, rare comic books, old books, medieval items, old postcards, currencies of different countries, and rare postage stamps.

Besides, there is also a huge market for vinyl records. However, it can take a little time to get the right buyer to offer the right price for your collectibles.

So, if you have any super-expensive or extremely rare items, you should stick to niche or private auctions rather than finding buyers for those items on Facebook.


20. Rare And Expensive Items

facebook marketplace

Do you have diamond jewelry or a solitaire ring that you don’t wear? Do you want to get rid of the wedding ring of your previous marriage?

Then Facebook Marketplace can be the best option for you to fetch the right price for those expensive items. You can even sell branded clothing at unbelievable prices.

Although expensive items are among the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace and also among the best physical assets to buy, it can be a little tricky to get the best price possible. So, you need to rely on your bargaining skills while selling those expensive items.

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Best Practices To Sell Items On Facebook Marketplace

We have already figured out the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. However, you need to follow some specific thumb rules to ensure your financial success.

And those are as follows:


1. Take High-Quality Product Photos

Visual appeal will create the most impact for any product. So, if you want to fetch a good price for any product, always start by taking some HD-quality pictures.

Besides, you must ensure that the photos have the luster to catch the eyes of potential buyers in a single go.

If the item you are trying to sell is costly, it will be best for you if you can hire a professional photographer to take studio-grade photos to create the most impact. On a different note, if you are a good photographer, there are many best platforms to sell photos online that you must try.


2. Curate In-Depth Descriptions

Even the best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace may not fetch the right price if you haven’t curated the product description the way it must be curated.

You need to write a short but definitive title first that can instantly highlight the key features of your product.

You also need to curate the product description with as many details about the product as possible, such as manufacturing year, current condition, color, and even rarity.

It will be even better if you can include why you are selling the product in the description to be transparent to the potential buyers.

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3. Use Relevant Keywords

The title and product description are different ballgames you need to learn first.

And to start with, you need to remember that you must include relevant keywords and associated phrases in the title and product descriptions to make it appear in different search results with the highest possibilities.

You also need to search for the right keyword if you want to curate an in-depth listing for the product. However, you can get keyword ideas from Google and other online sites. But try to be as relevant as possible.


4. Put Competitive Pricing

Pricing is the most crucial factor for any listing on the Facebook Marketplace. If you don’t stick to competitive pricing, the risk will always remain that your product will not sell through this website.

Besides, you must ensure that your product offers actual value for money once anyone buys it. To have an idea about the ongoing rate of any product in the second-hand market, you can check similar listings on FB.

And try to stick to the lower side to catch as many eyes as possible. The right pricing with the right photos can be your win-win option on this social media site.


5. Be Responsive To Queries

Whenever you want to sell something, especially through online channels, you need to consider yourself as an owner of a business rather than a normal guy trying to sell something spookily.

So, act like an enterprise and be extremely polite with your potential buyers. You must respond to all the buying queries as fast as possible to increase your average response time.

Besides, you need to ensure that you are not misbehaving with anyone or being aggressive toward any prospective buyer.

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Be extremely careful while selling items through Facebook Marketplace. As it will be mostly a hand-to-hand deal, always choose a secure location where many people are present.

Besides, you must keep a curtain on your real identity to safeguard yourself from perverted and ill-minded people.

You can easily make money through best-selling items on Facebook Marketplace. However, you can now make money from Instagram blogging as well. So, use multiple channels if possible.



What are the most popular items on Facebook Marketplace?

Fashion apparel, shoes, and junk jewelry are the most popular items on Facebook Marketplace, irrespective of the demographic profile.

Besides, it is also seen that small furniture, portable appliances, and home decor items also tend to fetch good prices on FB.


What sells big on Facebook Marketplace?

Women’s clothing, especially branded ones, toys, small furniture, shoes, and junk jewelry, are some of the items that sell like hotcakes on Facebook Marketplace.

Besides, you won’t find it hard to sell if you list items like sports and fitness equipment, kids’ supplies, seasonal, and décor.


What is the easiest thing to sell on Facebook Marketplace?

If you live in a place where migrant workers, collegegoers, and seasonal employees live, you will get the highest profit if you sell small furniture, small appliances, and portable items.

Moreover, you can also easily sell fashion accessories, mobile accessories, and toys quite easily on FB Marketplace.


How do you find hot-selling items on Facebook?

You can start by scrolling through the listings on Facebook Marketplace to have a clear idea of what now sells the best on this social media site.

Besides, you can also participate in buying groups to check the current trends. eBay and Amazon are other options from where you can figure out the trending items to sell online.


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