24 Best Weekend Jobs To Make Extra Money in 2021

The growing expenses and the everlasting price hikes in the market create a need for extra income. Though there are many ways to make extra income most of the time we may not be able to find time after our full-time jobs to do a part-time job or a regular side hustle.

So in such cases why not work on weekends to make some side income.

Cool idea right? But what jobs to do on weekends is your question and my answer is in this article.

It is not easy to find the best weekend jobs for yourselves though there are many available out there. Because few of them don’t pay well, while few are not worth the time.

However, there are weekend jobs that are pretty flexible and help you earn decent cash. In this article, I curated a list of best weekend jobs that you can choose among to do and make some extra income. Keep reading on…


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Best Weekend Jobs That Pay Well In 2021

When you have decided to hustle on your weekends to make extra money, you must spend quality time searching for the right job. 

I hope this article is worth your time and you find a weekend job that suits your abilities and pays for your needs. So without any delay dive in to know some of the best weekend jobs available.


1. Drive to Deliver

Food, Groceries, Drinks, and what not deliver anything to make money. With companies offering door delivery services to their customers there came a ton of delivery driver jobs. These delivery drivers are responsible to deliver the goods to the customers’ doorstep.

So why not be a delivery driver and deliver stuff on weekends to make some side income?

However, you might be worried about the timings and working days. But there are companies such as Postmates, Doordash, etc. where you are flexible to work according to your terms.

There are companies like Instacart for grocery delivery that also offer flexible work options.

Start delivering with Postmates or Doordash and earn up to $20 an hour. 

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2. Voice Out Your Opinion

Start filling surveys on different survey platforms available online to earn side cash. This is an easy money-making idea that doesn’t consume much time. With this hack, you can earn money not only on weekends but also in your spare time.

Survey sites like InboxDollars offer you cash to take surveys and do other silly jobs such as watching videos, playing games, shopping online, referring friends, etc.

Earn an instant signup bonus of $5 by joining InboxDollars now.

There are many other survey sites such as Swagbucks that pay you for doing a similar set of tasks. I listed a few below. 

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3. Share Your Rides With Lyft

You ride every day for some reason, so why not earn on the way by sharing your ride. This is a great idea with which you can make some side money every time you ride.

Try ridesharing with apps like Lyft and Uber to make a decent income. However, there is no fixed price for sharing rides as it depends on different factors.

With companies like Lyft, you have different bonuses to ride for them. One of which is earning $1000 after your first 125 rides. However, you are flexible to work according to your schedule.

This is a perfect weekend job idea if you are ready to hustle more. Don’t miss this as there is a chance to earn more on weekends in this job.


4. Rent Your Car With Getaround

This is a passive income idea where you need not do anything, just rent your car and relax.

If you want to rest in your weekend or try one more weekend gig alongside then renting your car out is a great idea. You can rent your car with trusted companies like Getaround or Turo to make an adequate side income.

The best part about renting your car with these companies is they get you covered and also allow you to fix the rental price. This is the best weekend job that you shouldn’t miss.

Signup to rent your car with “Getaround” now and earn around $500-$1000 per month.


5. Become an Online Tutor

If you are good in any subject and have some considerable teaching skills, then try teaching online on weekends to students around the world.

There are many online tutoring services online like CourseHero for whom you can work as a teacher. Just from the comfort of your home teach any subject online on weekends and make $12-$20 per hour. To get hired by these companies you need to have a degree in the respective subject you want to teach.

However, if you are not any subject expert still you can be an online teacher by trying your luck in English teaching. 

Teach English to Chinese kids online and make $22 per hour with VIPKID.

ESL teachers are in great demand these days, especially in China. So don’t waste this amazing job making money on weekends.

Teach with MagicEars from your home and make $20-$26 an hour.

For more, check 43 Best Online Tutoring Jobs for Everyone in 2021.


6. Start a Blog 

Blogging takes a bit more time and effort than any other job but it definitely pays you off. However, you can also make this a side gig by starting a personal blog and sharing things on weekends and whenever you are free.

Blogging requires dedicated hard work and strategy. By mastering both of these, one can easily earn a couple of thousands every month sitting at home.

This side hustle comes with a lot of different tasks and you need to manage all of these on your own to enjoy its fruits. If you feel you need guidance to start blogging, then take a look at the Earn More Blogging course by Holly Johnson, a successful blogger who earns more than half a million every year from her blog.

Must Check, How to Start a Blog and Make Money From it in 2021.


7. OutSource With Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is a crowdsourcing company where you can offer different services such as writing short gigs, transcription, take surveys, etc.

This is a small gig that you can do alongside other part-time hustles but it is completely worth your time. You can make $6-$10 an hour by doing these small tasks. 

Keep an eye on MTurk for tasks and grab them as soon as they are available. These tasks don’t require much time, so you can do them easily anytime and even on weekends.

To know more head over to my review on Amazon MTurk.

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8. Flip Stuff

Flipping stuff means buying a product and sell it immediately to make huge profits.

This is one of the most underrated ways to make money. But this can be a great side gig if you know that people who made six-figure income from this gig exist. Unbelievable right?

Want to know how much earning potential this business has? Then you should have a look at how Rob & Melissa Stephenson from Flipper University made $120,000/year flipping items online.

This is one of the best jobs that you can do at weekends relaxing in your home.


9. Make Research Online

Answer questionnaires, take surveys and fill forms by making online research for different companies. You need to collect information from the internet to do these tasks. This is what you need to do as an Online Researcher.

You can find an Online Researcher job with companies like Wonder. Earn an average amount of $24-$32 an hour in this job.

If you wish you can also do this as a freelance so that you can work whenever you wish.

Find freelance online researcher jobs on Fiverr and make money on weekends.

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10. Become A Virtual Assistant

With several online ventures popping up the need for people who can sort out simple tasks such as administration work, email management, scheduling appointments, etc has grown up.

You can offer these services and much more virtually from the comfort of your home. These jobs are called Virtual Assistant jobs. There are several companies and business owners looking for virtual assistants, so go grab them from job boards like Fiverr.

To become a skillful virtual assistant grab this free course by Gina Horkey. This is one of the best weekend jobs that you can do and earn $15-$30 per hour.

Do Check, 15 legit Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs.


11. Become A Freelance Writer

If you love to write use the time on your weekends to write for advertisement companies or professional bloggers, publishing houses, etc.

There is always something to write and a lot of genres to explore. If you are more fascinated by writing you can work on writing and publishing your book that can bring a lot of flowing incoming to you.

Freelance writing jobs are everywhere on the Internet and you can earn up to $50 per 1000 words article as a beginner. As you get the experience, you can demand more for your work.

This is one of the highest paying online jobs available almost for everyone. So, if you want to hustle on weekends, this would be a great opportunity for you.

Also, take a look at the Earn More Writing course by Holly Johnson to learn more about starting your own freelance writing business.

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12. Take Dogs to Walk & Get Paid For That

Are you an animal lover? If yes, then this job is for you.

Take a dog for a walk or simply spend time playing and taking care of it to earn money. If you love pets then this would not even sound work for you but still, you will be paid.

There are apps like Rover and DogVacay which you can join and list your prices to grab deals for pet sitting. These are high-paying apps and allow you to work in your own schedule.

By downloading the signing up with those apps, you can find the gigs in your local area. Generally, these gigs pay you nearly $10 – $15 per each walk. The more dogs you take, the more you will get paid.

So signup now at Rover and start hustling in your free time.


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13. Become A Babysitter

Do you love spending time with babies and kids? Then I’m sure you will be jumping to grab this opportunity.

There are many companies that hire people to take care of children when their parents are out of the house or out of the station. 

You can find the best weekend babysitter jobs with companies like Care.com and Sittercity.

One can earn $17 per hour on average as a babysitter and the pay rates vary with the number of children you should take care of. This is a fun and lovely job to do on weekends.

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14. Stay in Luxury Homes

Yes, you heard it right! You can get paid for staying in a luxury house.

However, you are required to take care of the house and pets in it when the owners are off to some other place. This is a cool job where you can earn up to $100 per day.

So find a house in your locality whose owners are going out for a day or more and deal with them to get paid for spending your weekends there.

You can find some great housesitting jobs at TrustedhouseSitters.com.

For more detailed information, read our Trusted House Sitters Review here.


15. Proofread Documents

Do you find a minute of things like a hawk? Then with some good grammar skills, you can be a proofreader.

Proofread documents, articles, or any other written texts assigned by a company on your weekends and earn for spotting grammatical errors in them. An average proofreader can earn $10-$45 per hour.

There are many websites hiring work from home proofreaders or you can even find customized gigs on Fiverr. This is one of the finest jobs you can start without much experience. If you are a native English speaker, with a normal college degree, you can apply for this job.

If English is not your mother tongue and you want to do this job, then you need to have a degree in the English language or you need to prove your English language skills while they test.

Want to ace this field in less time? then Join this free course by Caitlin Pyle to learn the tips and tricks in proofreading.

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16. Mystery Shopper

Walk into a store or a mall and get paid for shopping there.


Yes, you are paid because you are doing this for that store itself to access their quality, pricing, customer service, staff behavior, etc.  

Mystery Shopper means you should do this like a detective, the store or its staff should think that you are a common customer. Enjoy everything you want to in the mall because apart from the payment you will also be reimbursed for your expenses at the mall.

A cool thing you can do on weekends! what say? Get a chance to become a Mystery Shopper here.


17. Social Media Consultant

If you are a social media lover then you would love doing this job.

Are you familiar with all the trending social media apps, their working, and updates? If yes, then this job is a game for you. You will be paid for handling social media accounts of companies, brands, celebrities, etc.

All you need to do keep the followers engaging with posts and attract new followers.

Most of the companies expect a qualification to hire you as a social media consultant. However, you can also freelance this service.

Find some credible social media consultant jobs on Fiverr now.


18. Moderate Groups And Forums

If you are good at handling a large set of people, then this is job suits.

As a moderator, your job is something like a WhatsApp group admin. But here you will not be participating directly in the group.

You will be just monitoring the group or forum and protecting it from being attacked by toxic persons i.e. you need to block or remove participants who are controversial and harass, etc.

Find companies that have weekend moderators jobs on Fiverr.

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19. Dinner Hosting

Sounds New right? But this is one of the latest money-making ideas that is getting popular.

Do you have good culinary skills? Then use them to the full potential and make yummy dishes. And then invite people to taste this food and make money.

You can do this with the help of companies that help people host dinners and invite via their app. 

One such app is EatWith. All you need to do is cook, display the menu, invite people, and earn money.

This is a great idea to make side income on weekends. Anyhow there would be some special dish on weekends add one or two more to them and make a menu and then money.


20. Stage Homes

This is another one of the best weekend jobs that you can do. If you are not aware of what is staging homes find them here.

Whenever we go hunting houses for rent or to buy we find them very clean and pretty right. This is because they are made to look so. People are hired to do this job called staging homes.

This is a great side hustle that can earn $25-$150 an hour or $500 -$5000 per project depending on the square foot of the house.

You can also develop this as a full-time career if you are interested.


21. Become a Tour Guide

Going to take a tour of your city at the weekend? Then why not make some cash simultaneously.

Become a tour guide to the foreigners visiting your city and earn while enjoying your weekend. Introduce them to the landscapes, eateries, and monuments, etc in your city while taking your tour.

You can earn on average $13 per hour or $50-$150 per day. That’s a great deal!!! I feel this is one of the best weekend jobs that one can actually do.


22. Lend Your Voice

Don’t worry you are not going to be dumb after that. Because you will be lending a voice to movie or animation characters.

Dub in your weekends for brands and projects and make money. You can find some great dubbing jobs with companies like Voices.com, VoiceBunny, etc.

As a dubbing artist, you can earn from $20 to some couple of hundred dollars per hour. So what are you waiting for? Enjoy your weekends by dubbing.

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23. Rent Space For Pets

How about renting your backyard or any unused area in your compound to make money? Nice right!

Just rent that extra space in your compound to people for their pets to play and relax in your weekend making money.

There are websites or apps such as Sniffspot where you can list your backyard for rent and make a passive income. Their website claims that there are people who make $1000 per month by renting with them.

Moreover, this company covers you with a $1M insurance so no need to worry about anything else. If you are a pet lover then this is an amazing job for you where you can enjoy and earn at the same time.


24. Work As A Customer Service Representative

Attend calls from customers of different companies and earn on weekends. This job has endless opportunities and you can find one anytime.

This is a flexible job that you can do in your PJs anytime. Apply with trusted companies like Amazon, LiveOps, etc. for customer service agent jobs.

It is a perfect weekend job that pays around $17-$20 an hour on average.

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25. List Your Extra Space on Airbnb

Have an extra room? Or planning to out on your weekend? Then why leave your house vacant?

List your house on Airbnb and make it available every weekend for guests to make money while you enjoy your weekend away from home.

This is a great idea where you get to make a steady income every weekend. You can earn an average of $924 per month by listing your space with Airbnb.



So this is a list of best side hustles that you can go through on your weekends for making extra cash. I hope you find it helpful and also already found a suitable one for yourself too.

Now that you got to know what are all the best weekend jobs available it is your choice to decide which one you will go with based on your schedule. I hope you make the right choice and end up making a handful of extra income.

Most of the weekend jobs I mentioned here are helpful for full-time employees as well as college students to make a side income. Besides you can do them from the comfort of your home except for a few.

Share in the comments if you ever hustled on weekends and what kind of experiences you had in the weekend jobs you did. Also, feel free to add some more jobs if you know of any.


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