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Blog Income Report – How I Made $7147 In September 2020

So, I finally decided to publish my income report after receiving hundreds of comments and emails with questions like.

Are you making any money from this blog?

How much money do you make from this blog?

Are you still making money with your blog in 2024?

My answer is a big YES; I am making money from this blog. How much? A LOT (Heartful thanks to every reader of this blog – you people are the reason behind this achievement).

I started this blog in the middle of 2018 and started making money at the end of that year, probably in December 2018; I think ever since this blog has constantly been making something between $5000 and $7500 per month.

In the 2nd & 3rd Quarters of 2020, This blog had a significant drop (almost 70%) in traffic and revenue due to COVID-19. That was because of the global recession that happened this year. It happened to everyone, not only to me. This blog was down for almost four months, and fortunately, it started recovering slowly in July 2020.

Coming to the last month (September 2020), This blog generated $7147 (USD).

I should have published the income reports earlier, but I didn’t feel it was important then. However, I have received several comments and emails asking about my blog income for the last few months. So, I decided to publish one.

I was waiting to reach the $100,000 (total earnings). Currently, I am at $80,000+. I think I will achieve the $100k milestone by the end of 2020.


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How Has This Started?

Before starting this blog, I read a lot of other people’s income reports and thought those were totally fake. But I was wrong. I realized they were real figures after making similar figures from my blog.

I started my blog ultimately with zero knowledge but with hope. And at that time, my expectations were not to make multiple thousands per month. I started blogging expecting just 1000 bucks per month.

Now, this blog is my full-time income source, and this is not an accidental success.

Back then, all it started with mere hope; upon reaching a certain level, even after my efforts, I left with zero results. It was all about my thought process at that point; every thought was tenaciously calling for a halt.

My conscience pushed me further; I kept motivating myself by saying, ” We cannot control the fact that bad times are going to happen no matter what, but it’s all how we react to them that matters.”

I jotted down all my mistakes and figured out my main flaws are my nature of effort, procrastination, and not following a goal-oriented approach. Once I started making plans, results turned on in an eclectic manner.

Similarly, If you want to start a blog and achieve the same level, you don’t have to dedicate all your time and be seriously passionate about it. Even starting small as a part-time business can create wonders.

Blogging is the only business you can run on a $2.95 monthly investment with huge income potential. And it doesn’t take more than 30 minutes to get started.

I started because

  • I read many income reports of other successful bloggers like Michelle (of Making Sense of Cents) and Sireesha N (of CrowdWorkNews),
  • I was inspired by other bloggers’ success & income potential blogging.

I choose the topic that I am more familiar with and comfortable with. That’s it. This is how my blog “” has come to light.

And now, it has become a full-time income-generating machine for me. So, finally, I have some results to share with you guys through this income report.


Why Do Bloggers Write Income Reports?

Sharing knowledge is the most fundamental way where you can give something without losing something.”

Blogging is such a way that you can share your immense knowledge with the world. If one can share his expertise with these many people, imagine if all the potential people could share their respective knowledge and expertise in the same way.

To take it to another level, what if you can get paid by sharing your knowledge through blogging? Impressive right? This could be a luring factor for many aspiring bloggers to start their work.

But no one is ready in this competitive world to take such risks in their career and choose this as a full-time career option. Most of these people think bloggers show off their income reports, which is not the case

Bloggers try to mention their income reports mainly to maintain healthy rapport online and also to encourage aspirants. Those stats can help people to know what they can earn from blogging.


How Can Income Reports Help Our Readers?

As mentioned in the above section, income reports have multiple benefits and takeouts. It’s all about the perception of the reader to gain something productive. 

When I decided to mention my income report, I mainly came up with two reasons, and each one has its importance:


To Help You Start A Blog

Blogging is the field that changed the whole insights of my career. When I started blogging, I made many known and unknown mistakes all along the way. But today, I am here to assist you in avoiding those mistakes and match my pace in less time.

If anyone here has heard of the term blogging and tried giving it a shot but backstepped with fear, then you are in the right place. Blogging is as easy as it seems, but it only demands your presence of mind and patience.

Start writing your content now if you have knowledge in any respective field. Being a non-native English language resident, I have made a lot of phrasing errors in my content development. 

Even though my content is genuine, I lacked consistency in the beginning. Thanks to my genuine readers, they always backed me up and helped me all along by encouraging my efforts.

Remember, If you fail to plan, your plans remain a dream. Make sure to plan wisely and in realistic terms. My comments section & social media are open for you all. I am always here to help with your morale to kick start your career in this field.

But this alone is not enough for you to start blogging. For this, I have categorized and detailed a perfect step-by-step guide on How To Start A Money-Making Blog.

This can push you to start a blog immediately and make decent bucks in less time than you thought.


To Get You Know The Real Potential Of Blogging

“One will only get into the action when he is not afraid.”

What if your hard choices can make your life easy? This is the region where you are ready to take up this challenge, Right?

Most of us mainly focus on long-run security, whether financial or physical. Regardless of all our hard work, we landed into blogging and weren’t going to back down.

The same can be your scenario if you can manage the same way we did. Back then, I was on the same list of assuming blogging has fake income stats, but my whole intention turned wrong when I first received my payment.

Nearly $8000 a month by working at my flexible hours can surely outplay my full-time job. For this reason, I choose to blog as my full-time career option.

Not only me, but many successful bloggers also make millions out of this field without any hassles. Consistency of your efforts is everything for what you achieve here.

Here are my income stats for reference to make sure you gain confidence.


Income Breakdown

Mediavine Ads $2554.50
Affiliate Networks  
– Survey Junkie $946
– Panthera Network $1215.20
– Proofread Anywhere $1456.19
– Maxbounty $236.90
– Other Networks & Products combined $739
Total Income USD 7147.79


Income Proofs


Mediavine Ad Income:

mediavine ads


Proofread Anywhere

proofread anywhere


Survey Junkie

survey junkie


Panthera Network


These are the major income proofs of my blog. The majority of the income comes from Display ads and Affiliate Networks. Still, there are several other ways, such as courses, products, consulting, sponsorships, etc. But I haven’t started implementing them yet.

Still, there are a lot of posts that are waiting to be monetized & updated. That’s my biggest task, and I hope I will finish editing them by the end of 2020.

Once those posts get updated, I guess the income will increase a bit more. I started promoting the Proofread Anywhere course recently, and it went well last month.

Coming to the Mediavine ads, my RPM (Rate Per Thousand Impressions) is still down. It was around $25 before COVID-19. But, it got seriously affected, and I am waiting for it to be recovered.

Mediavine is a great ad network to work with. This company pays the highest rates to publishers. There is a certain criterion to get accepted to this network, but once approved, you’ll witness a 10X – 20x increase in your ad revenue compared to Google AdSense.

So, if you already have a blog running on Google Ads, head over to Mediavine and submit your application. If you don’t have a blog and want one, check out this step-by-step tutorial to create a blog in the next 20 minutes.


Blog Traffic


Coming to the traffic stats, last month went normally. No significant gains or drops. 80% of my traffic comes from Pinterest, and the search and direct traffic combinedly make the rest 20%.

We are trying our best to increase the search traffic, but we all know that SEO is a long game, so we have to wait a few months to see the results of the hard work we are putting in these days.

Anyway, I am thrilled with the result I am getting with my blog. I’m glad I started it earlier. But it’s never been late to start yours. No matter when you begin, you must put in some hard work in the beginning to enjoy the result later.


Future Goals & Milestones

As I said earlier, I am thrilled with what I get from this blog. But, still, there is a lot to do and achieve. And I feel sharing my future goals and milestones with you will make me more accountable.

Here are my future insights

  • Reach $10,000/month in revenue by the end of the year 2020.
  • Update at least 50 articles by the end of 2020.
  • Publish more fresh and engaging content.
  • And finally, I want to help at least 50 people through a free consultation to start their blog (for my self-satisfaction). You can ping me anytime here if you are interested.


Create Your Blog Now!

So, now you know the real potential of blogging. If a non-native English guy like me makes $7000+ per month working part-time, you can also do it.

If you have thought of starting a blog but haven’t taken action yet, I think it is time to do it now. It hardly takes 20 minutes to set up a blog & get started.

There is no other business you can start and run without leaving your home. Blogging is one of the best small-scale businesses that require no huge upfront investments. Just $2.95 a month to get started. That’s it.

start a blog button

And believe in yourself. You can earn anywhere between $1000 and $100,000 per month. All you need is patience.

If you are a work-from-home man or woman, a mom with kids, or a retired person who wants to make a high income, then you should try it.

Just click on the above button or here to go to the step-by-step tutorial to start your blog.

I wish you all good luck. See you guys in the following income report.


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Wednesday 24th of March 2021

Hi mr.Siva .. I wish that you have a great day.. so amazing work and nice motivation.. I hope if can tell me .. how can I get my payments .. I can't use PayPal as a personal user without have a registered company.. is there any legal way to receive my payments?? Thanks...

Dreamshala Staff Writer

Tuesday 30th of March 2021

Are you from India?

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