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10+ Blog Niche Ideas That has Six Figure Income Potential

Blogging is a wonderful game that you can play to earn a heavy source of income sitting at any corner of your comfort zones. Let me guide you with a few blog niche ideas which will let you earn money for sure.

Deciding to become a blogger will need to invest your time to finalize the niche of a blog. It is a tough job to be done because you have to research the market to attract a number of people to read your blogs.

Investing a lot of time has a final view of earning income from it. So, you need to be very clear in picking up the niche of your blogs to attract more traffic and make money accordingly.

There are many bloggers who continue their blogs without a particular niche yet are earning income to the fullest.

Frankly speaking, a person can pick 2 or 3 contexts that will attract similar interest traffic to view all your blogs and make them popular.

Ultimately, having the traffic and number of views will decide your portion of the payment.


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Blog Niche Ideas For Healthy Earnings

You need to understand that some blog niches have a good and wider audience to earn a healthy income.

So, before deciding to start your blog, it is a mandatory task to you have a clear idea about your blog niche. This will surely help you in grasping the maximum amount of traffic on your blog.

Your earning potential totally depends on how successful your blog is and how many people actually visit your website.

If you are planning to become a full-time blogger and want to invest much of your time in it, you need to find a good niche that will help you to reach your targets without fail.

Also, remember to have a clear view of your own topics of interest so that you don’t end up starting a blog with one point and later on get confused about the blog niche.

Below listed are a few of the best niches that will help you in acquiring the traffic which we are talking about.

There are many such wonderful topics that may wear out during some period of time. Let me help you with both the topics, which are a ‘yes’ and ‘no’ to start your blogging schedule on.

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Lifestyle Blog

blog niche ideas lifestyle blog

This is one of the very popular niches among all bloggers and attracts wide traffic, which we are talking about.

You can pick anything or any point in your daily life and start writing your articles based on them. This topic will let you help people with improvising their lifestyles. Also, you can guide a few things that can be included in life.

As every individual in today’s life is concentrating on his or her personality or the way they dress up or the way they look, I am sure this niche will attract plenty number of viewers.

Lifestyle may include fashion updates or maybe beauty grooming sessions, or maybe about bodybuilding and fitness.

Basically, people are very keen on their health, and so if you can include some tips regarding nutrition or health, it would be beneficial.

Occasionally, if the lifestyle blog becomes popular or famous enough, you will receive money or rewards which will also affiliate your income.

Also, you may get sponsorship from the related brands, and you can promote a few. These are the extra freebie offers which you can avail of on your reputation.


Including the above-mentioned subtopics, you can also add personal development or professional development to the list.

Also, you can discuss simple life hacks which will improve the ways of living. About Culture or religion, or relationships, advisors are also considered to be the trafficking areas where you can gather some more income.

If you start with the lifestyle niche, you can surely have many subtopics that you can include within your blog.

This will not only give you a vast scope for your writing skills but also will improvise your interest in continuing your blog in that particular niche.

Some Successful Lifestyle Blogs

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in a lifestyle niche and get paid forever for the work you do only once.


Food Blog

blog niche ideas - food blogging

This is one such topic that has a number of views for blogging.

Food niches usually have a long list of keywords that are included in the search engine. If you are good at cooking and experimental, you can really create great content in this niche.

Also, you can upload a number of photos or videos along with the text and make it more interesting to attract traffic.

You can add plenty of subtopics and improve the content of the niche at too many different levels.

Food niches are usually divided into recipes, baking, or cooking sections. Basically, you need to create recipes, do experiments, click photos, or record videos, and then upload them on your blog.

This is a very competitive niche, yet the scope is really vast because of its lengthy options of keywords.

Remember to create something unique because the competition is really high, and you may need to have marketing potential as well.

Usually, advertisements will also sponsor your income. But any other advertisements may not be of any use with the food niche, as people will clearly visit your website for the perfect recipes and ingredients only.

Finally, the ultimate reason for blogging is to earn money with the number of viewers.

So, at the end of the day, whether the advertisements make up your money or not does count. The number of people viewing your site will make your way easy.

Some Successful Blogs in Food Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the food niche and share your recipes worldwide.


Creativity Blog

blog niche ideas - creativity blogging

The creative section will allow you to get introduced yourself to the world and display your imagination or creativity.

You can choose any section for this niche and start your blog accordingly. Use your creativity or improvise your skills and start writing about your caliber or your creative tasks and let people know about you.

This section also attracts many views as most people are interested in creating something unique by themselves.

Students or homemakers, or retired persons are always in search of indulging themselves in some creative sides.

Also, you can create art and crafts and sell them online and earn money through that. Usually, art bloggers do such types of sales to improvise their way of living and their incomes.

Also you can also promote somebody else’s products to generate that portion of the income on a commission base.

Art niche also has a vast scope which will help you to continue your blog with the same interest as you had on the very first day.

Any of your hobbies will let you continue your job as a blogger in this sector.

Whether it could be designing tutorials or photography, calligraphy, woodwork, or anything else.

Some Successful Blogs in Creativity Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the Creativity niche and market your skills worldwide.


Do It Yourself (DIY) Blog

blog niche ideas - diy craft ideas

DIY is itself a vast ocean that will help you in earning money with the number of views you can get.

Surely, there are many people who are interested in doing things themselves with the help of such blogs.

With good technique and a full mindset, people are required to pick out unique things and make the best use of the waste things around them.

Ultimately, you will hit the traffic, and will be beneficial in improvising your bank balance through this.

Though every niche requires correct planning and plenty of days of hard work, the DIY section needs more and more of your time than you usually invest in the other things.

You should have a good camera and a small crew to help you record all the required things that you need to upload to your blog.

This niche is a point where Google search traffic falls behind Pinterest traffic. There are exclusively many numbers of keywords that will help you improvise the listing in the search engine.

DIY can be done for beauty or room decor, crafts for home improvement, or any special day preparation.

Also, you can earn revenue through advertisements and you can also earn freebies by promoting the products of other bloggers.

Some Successful Blogs in DIY Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the DIY niche and share your crafting skills with everyone.


Personal Finances and Money-Making Blog


Money blogs actually rule the internet because everybody is eager to make money and save some. Every individual needs backend support in money matters and so, these keywords are one of the popular ones on the search engine.

To plan a budget, or to excel in expense management, you need to have some personal knowledge. Though it seems a bit tough and boring yet, they are one of the useful things to make our lives better.

People only think of frugal living but are unaware of how to deal with it. The majority of us have no clue about handling our financial decisions wisely.

Financial niche or money-saving tips are always ruling Pinterest with many valued viewers. There are many keywords related to the above topic. Also, there is a group of bloggers just for the frugal living section.

You can literally start your blog with anything that has to do with business or with money to improvise it.

Try to suggest some keyholes or share your valuable information if you have any, about handling the money and letting it grow.

You can write on various human resources or marketing tips or entrepreneurship or investing or any related topics which are in the keyword section.

But remember to have real experience with the niche before starting your blog. Just reading about the related blogs and starting your own blog on this niche will never let you attract the traffic you wish to.

Some Successful Blogs in Finance Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the Finance niche and help people in making money online.

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Blog on Blogging

blog niche ideas - blogging

Time plays a maximum role in shelling out the earlier ways of making money.

People are searching for better ways to enhance their lifestyles and so the concept of blogging has emerged.

Blogging is such a wonderful thing that lets anyone earn a six-digit income sitting in their own comfort zones.

Unless you need to have a clear picture of what your blog actually needs the content of, you cannot start one.

When talking about the clear niche of a blog, the blogging niche does the right job. Every starter needs a clear idea of what the nature of the blog can be about.

It would be a great scope for you to get connected to you a lot of people through your content. You can also include the live entrepreneurship section which will give more details about earning money online.

 This section will surely create a good source of positivity for the people who are low with their incomes or maybe with blogging skills.


Advancing technology has made it easy to get people connected from any part of the world. This also helps with giving your views to a vast group that you may not usually know.

Blogs play a vital role in conveying the required information to people with similar interests. People do want to earn an easy income and so will surely find a way to start it right from their fingertips. 

So, giving people the right direction to start their careers as bloggers will surely help you in earning a passive income.

Some Successful Blogs in Blogging Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the blogging niche and teach people how to blog.


Travel and Tourism Blog

blog niche ideas travel blogging

Being a travel blogger is really not easy because you just can’t gather your imagination and put it into words.

Basically, you need to personally visit the places before writing something about a place. You just can’t Google search and then start writing a blog on a particular place or life there.

Usually, travel blogging is all about writing your views and experiences that you have handled in some particular city or a place.

Travel blogs actually require investment where you need to travel and then write about that city or attractions.

It is not only about writing about happening places within the city. You should also mention its safety measures and many other things.

You can attract millions of viewers through a good travel blog because everybody is interested in traveling.

Travel blogs need to play a role in boosting up a person. It should create a zeal to leave his regular job schedule and go for an outing for a minimum of days.

You need to mention all the details of how to visit the place, where to stay, what to eat, how to live, and many other tiny details.


Before starting a travel blog always try to put yourself in the shoes of a Traveller. Only then you would understand how to make your blog interesting.

Always try to bring that pinch of uniqueness to your blog to attract traffic. This will, in turn, let you earn the six-digit income you actually wished for.

You can also win free travel kits or free travel gear from reputed organizations if you are listed in the popular travel bloggers.

If you are looking for income and a refresher try to skip this niche. Because this needs a beforehand investment to fill in the content of your blog.

Some Successful Blogs in Travel Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the travel niche and explore the world while making a full-time income.


Parenting Blog Niche Ideas

parenting blog

Parenting is itself a vast ocean that one can indulge themselves in. People need tips and hack to do their parenting in line and in order. 

Parenting is a never-ending process and the cycle keeps on rotating on its own axis. Kids grow, become adolescents and they get married and give birth to new offspring, and on and on and on. 

Niche on parenting will keep on helping any category of individuals in their daily schedules. 

Frankly speaking, parenting isn’t easy and is a very tough job to handle. People fail in many cases as they get confused with their personal schedules and handling babies. 

This niche will help you earn that six-digit income because you will have that amount of traffic to the blogs in this niche.

Search from the date of delivery to an infant to a toddler to an adolescent to an adult, every growth has to be monitored. People have many doubts about parenting kids of different ages. 

It’s true that to become a parenting niche blogger, you need to have that personal experience about the topic. Yet you can observe people around you and can start writing equal content. 

Nappy changing, feeding, introducing weaning food, outing, first walk, first talk, schooling, pampering, attaining the right age, tantrums, anxiety, etc, are topics you can actually discuss. 

Advertisements also may add a portion to your income, yet your hard work will drive you through the rough hurdles if any.

Some Successful Blogs in Parenting Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the parenting niche and share your tips and advice with new parents.


Blog Niche Ideas – Entertainment

entertainment blog

This niche will also let you pocket healthy income as people urge you to have entertainment in their lives.

Either it may be self-entertainment or gossiping about others or reviewing a movie or a web series. The topics may also be about the magic shows or games or sports or anything where the sky is the limit.

Your passion for all the TV shows or kinds of music or any sports, then this will let you some income with this blog niche ideas. 

Select sections like celebrities and their total assets and you can write tremendous articles on that topic. Each week if you select at least one celeb, you can easily write millions of articles. 

This concept will work because people are really keen to know about other lifestyles. For sure this blog niche idea will attract traffic and you can make a healthy income.

Also, you can generate income by promoting products that are related to the same category. You can display advertisements or uplift any ideas where you can earn a commission.

For instance, if you writing an article based on some series or any particular topic, you can advertise the products related to the same section and can earn accordingly.

Some Successful Blogs in Entertainment Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the entertainment niche and earn money and popularity simultaneously.


Product Review – Blog Niche Ideas

blog niche ideas - review blog

Any blog in this niche is an excellent way to make some extra money through your writing skills. You can use your blog to place affiliate links in your articles.

All you need to do is to use the product and write a correct review about it on your blog. Also, through the affiliate links, if the reader clicks on the link and purchases something, you will be getting a commission from the related company.

However, a high-quality review is considered a difficult task as you would need to give a fair review of the particular product.

This blog idea has its own benefits like the companies may send you free products to use and give a review about. For this, you need to get qualified as one of their highest-rated bloggers.

This is surely one section that I love the most. Who doesn’t like free products? This blog niche idea will surely get you and your family good freebies. 

Remember that, you act as an influencer, you should try to form a trust bond which is very essential. 

With the process, you will surely have valued viewers for your blog and you can easily make money with this blog niche idea.

Some Successful Blogs in Product Reviews Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the product reviews niche and enjoy free products and money too.


Miscellaneous – Blog Niche Ideas

There are many other ideas that you can add to the list. The below-suggested topics also will help you in increasing your readers for sure.

You can work on various quotations – feelings – motivational ideas – any other topics. At the end of the day, we surely search for content that will match our present situation.

Ultimately, people are full of emotions and things happen every now and then. I, myself, search for such quotations that may suit my present situation and download them for my WhatsApp or Facebook, or Instagram status.

Select any emotion and start writing small and simple quotations which will surely attract many readers. 


To Code And Decode


Computer programming is one of the profitable blog niche ideas which brings millions of users to your blog every month.

You can also write about computer science and its coding procedures. But you need to have the technical knowledge to put this into your blog.

People are very fond of decoding and coding simple things, like the most searched item, is to hack somebody’s internet or wifi password.

If you have the caliber of coding and decoding you can surely write a blog on it and grab traffic accordingly.

You can also write about helping people with basic things like to create a Facebook account or tips to upload photos to your Instagram account.

People do search for these details as well and these are the basic steps to getting introduced to the social world. 

Some Successful Blogs in Programming Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the programming niche and market your coding skills on the Internet.


Pets and Animal Care

pets and animal caring

People need guidance about taking care of their pets or animals in and around.

So, this blog niche idea will surely give you some income. Your basic details would be about the bathing care, nursing care, or the vaccination your pets need.

You can even write about how to take care of your pets by taking them for a walk or maybe about the toys you need to purchase for them.

Basically, you can write about anything your pet needs and his belongings. You can also promote related things on your website which will grab you some more extra commission.

Some Successful Blogs in Pet Caring Niche

Want to become successful by creating a profitable blog that pays you for the rest of your life? Start your own blog in the pet caring niche and share your experience and skills with people like you.


Conclusion – Blog Niche Ideas

The above blog niche ideas are some of the best ones which will help you in making a good income as a blogger.

Firstly, before starting a blog, I personally recommend you make a list of various things that you are usually passionate about. This will help you in narrowing the list into a few selected areas which will further help you in making a wiser decision.

The secondary step is to minimize the above list to the concept that the topics which you are really good at.

Also, you need to shortlist your items depending on the articles which you can write about that niche.

Before attempting to write or select a topic you need to you decide on whether you can continue writing about that topic for the longer run.

Eventually means you have to select the topic which has the maximum pieces of information to be written about and the interest portion remains the same.

Lastly, you can select one or two particular topics to start your blog with. Ultimately, you can end up making a good blog with good pieces of information in it.

I wish you all the very best for your blog and wish you to become a successful blogger and earn that six-digit income in your life.

Feel free to drop any comments for any further queries on these blog niche ideas. I shall be glad to get back to you with the proper details.



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