80 companies offering non-phone work from home jobs

80+ Companies Offering Non-Phone Work From Home Jobs

Are you working from home or from office or any part of the world, in a field where you are forced to answer phone calls even after your official working hours?

Do you feel uncomfortable to take calls? Do you have an infant or a toddler in your home? Or do you live in a noisy neighborhood?

15 companies offering home based transcription jobs

15 Companies that offer Home-Based Transcription Jobs

Hustling a lot with your lives? Looking to earn a few pennies more for your pocket?

Thinking about free time in your lives to be occupied with something more interesting with some currencies in your accounts too…

Here is a small solution for it, if you want to.

The basic topic is to handle your lives with home-based transcription jobs.

15 companies that offer vitual assistant jobs online

15 Legit Companies That Offer Virtual Assistant Jobs

Are you a skill full person who has the ability to organize meet-ups, design and implement strategies and managing people? Are you looking for virtual assistant jobs? If your answer is yes then you’re in the right place.

You can try yourself as a virtual assistant to earn that extra dollar. If you’re competent enough, you can start working full time.

As promised earlier, here comes the second article in the series explaining you the details about virtual assistant jobs.