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13 Best Bookkeeping Jobs That Pay Up To $60 Per Hour In 2024

How far are you good at handling big numbers? Do you think you can tackle well the digits and statistics? 

If so, bookkeeping jobs or accountant opportunities that are hitting the market are the best for you. There are many chances to grab if you have the right talent.

The true purpose of Bookkeeping is to track the financial activities of a business.

All kinds of businesses running across the world require keeping an up-to-date record of the current incoming and outgoing amounts, amounts owed by customers and by the business, and more.

Hence they are looking for financial professionals such as bookkeepers and accountants to run their business smoothly.

With all the above-said points in my mind, we can understand that the jobs of bookkeeping and accounting are in great demand and have a good future.

You have opportunities in this field to work from home, also. People who are in search of accounting or bookkeeping jobs should have the qualification and certifications required to fit into a perfect range of opportunities.

Today we shall discuss the important things to be known about bookkeeping jobs and the places where you can find these opportunities.

Before anything else, let us know who a bookkeeper is and what she/he is responsible for.


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What is a Bookkeeping Job & Who Is a Bookkeeper?

A physical bookkeeper is a person who has advanced skills and knowledge in handling financial statements and accounts.

As the name suggests, bookkeeping is the job of a bookkeeper. He/she is responsible for recording the day-to-day financial transactions of a business. A bookkeeper writes a daybook that usually contains a record of sales, purchases, payments, and receipts.

He/she is also responsible for recording whether a financial transaction is done through cash or credit into the correct daybook, such as the petty cash book, suppliers ledger, customer ledger, and general ledger.

With the help of all this work done by a bookkeeper, an accountant prepares the final financial report. This is usually done by a certified public accountant.

Although a certified public accountant should have a four-year graduation certificate and a master’s degree with a license to practice this opportunity, the basic difference between a licensed CPA and a normal bookkeeper is minimal.

A bookkeeper has to submit his documents to a certified accountant before submitting them to the government for approval.

Now let us know in detail about each responsibility that a bookkeeper has to fulfill.


Responsibilities Involved In Bookkeeping Jobs

If you know the responsibilities of a CPA, then you can understand that bookkeeping jobs also have similar responsibilities. Yet there are many other works that a bookkeeper needs to fulfill his job.

  • Handling annual budgets and maintaining their tune,
  • Updating or refurbishing the accounting system whenever needed,
  • Scrutinizing accounts and financial declarations,
  • Conducting occasional account reconciliation to calculate the budget and maintain it,
  • Processing Payrolls,
  • Reporting taxes according to law,
  • Performing other administrative support duties,
  • Maintaining records not to miss collecting the receivables,
  • Having clear cash records,
  • Managing invoices,
  • Monitoring the debt levels,
  • Controlling  the financial statements,
  • Rechecking and updating petty cash.

If you are interested, I can suggest a place where you can learn the art of bookkeeping.

Head on to to learn how to own a virtual bookkeeping business. Also, find out about the 1st most profitable little business there.

Claim a free spot on for 3 free classes where you can learn how to work from home, earn good money, and be your boss in the bookkeeping business.


Best Places To Find Bookkeeping Jobs

If you like to try yourself for bookkeeping jobs, many openings are waiting for you. 

Bookkeeping jobs need candidates with good practice and experience. Companies usually are in search of talented bookkeepers that can handle the company’s finances properly.

You can literally jump right into the jobs listed below if you fulfill the required eligibility criteria to become one.


1. UpWork To Find Bookkeeping Jobs

When you are truly confused about searching for a perfect job as an accountant, then UpWork is the right place. Especially speaking about bookkeeping jobs and accounting sections, it has always been one stable place to search for jobs.

It is simple and easy to find one here, as the UpWork website helps you in digging for the right openings. Along with the USA, you will have a chance to work in various companies all over the world.

Upwork makes it easier for home-based workers to choose accounting jobs in the comfort of their homes. 

There are many success stories at Upwork where you can understand that they can pocket $20 to $70 per hour. 


2. Book Minders

Book Minders is a place for people who are looking to start a home-based career. This organization focuses on supporting its clients by providing the best bookkeeping and accounting team.

This organization has a good reputation for maintaining a wonderful clientele and offering home community jobs.

Specifically, Book Minders need graduates with 5 years of experience in the related field. You also need to have a suitable workspace with a computer and internet facility.

This company looks to hire employees who live within the city limits so that they can reach for meetings and training when needed.

Pay rates at Book Minders: An average bookkeeper can make around $25 per hour, and an experienced bookkeeper earns up to $50 an hour.


3. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has a wide range of home-based opportunities you can select from. This is considered one of the perfect places to start your freelance career.

With a membership fee of $15 every month, you can look for paid bookkeeper opportunities. And if you are not satisfied with the leads, you can avail of money-back within 30 days.

Because FlexJobs has good dealing with many reliable companies, you can have a great scope of uniting with wonderful organizations.

Pay rates at FlexJobs: A bookkeeper with 1-year experience can make around $20 – $30 per hour.


4. Click N Work

This organization is in search of people who are good at statistics, economics papers, and market reviews. It is slightly different compared to regular bookkeeping jobs or accounting jobs.

Along with regular requirements like a degree certificate and experience, ClickNWork has a few things to be remembered too. ClickNWork has a different pay rate, so it is advisable to discuss the various pay structures before starting to work.

Along with accounting or bookkeeping jobs, you should be ready to work as an analyst or a consultant or a sector specialist as well.

Though the registration process requires your information, you should wait until the company chooses you as their best match.

Pay rates: An average experience bookkeeper at Click N Work can make around $30-$50 on an hourly basis.


5. Two Roads

To fulfill your passion for being a bookkeeper, you can drop your resume at Two Roads. This website has good openings for remote workers. 

You need to have a good work atmosphere and must be available during office hours without fail. This company is also flexible in terms of work provided, and you need not micromanage different tasks.

Pay rates: One can pocket around $30 per hour on average at TwoRoads as a bookkeeper.


6. Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services

Click Accountant Bookkeeping Services is an organization that offers professional services in the field of bookkeeping and stands on its word to deliver great outputs.

This company has branches throughout the world and is looking for freshers who can give their best. All you need to do is to send your resume through email to [email protected].

Before applying, remember you need to possess certain core values such as reliability, quality, teamwork, real-time management, and partnership.

Pay rates: An average experience bookkeeper at Click Accounts can make around $15-$40 on an hourly basis.


7. Indeed

Assurance Financial Management is one of the awesome companies which will help you to work from home for a bookkeeping or accounting niche.

It is one of the CPA firms which will surely not let you down and is worth trying out. You can take advantage and try to apply as there are multiple options available with this organization.

Pay rates: This company pays around $25 per hour on average. Experienced candidates will get more.


8. Find Bookkeeping Jobs on LinkedIn

For people who have no clue where to start their job search, this could be the right place. It is a Universal place to find ‘n’ a number of jobs with various companies.

All you need to do is to register and drop your niche. You can find different opportunities on search, or sometimes the employers may themselves may contact you. (provided you have an impressive resume).

You need to be sure to check your applications occasionally.


9. Accounting

This was initially launched as “Balance Your Books” in 2007. has home-based positions open for bookkeepers with CPA.

But you need to work from 8 to 5 with Accounting You can make hourly income along with paid holidays and good vacation packages.

Also, you have many additional perks like 401 k plans, medical, dental, life insurance, vision insurance, and accident insurance.

Pay rates: You can expect up to $50 per hour based on your experience and the companies you handle.


10. Belay Solutions

This Virtual Assistance company started in 2010 that includes virtual bookkeepers well.

Belay is in search of employees with at least 5 years of experience in accounting or bookkeeping fields. Also, it is looking out for people with advanced skills in using QuickBooks software.

Along with the work atmosphere, computer, and internet connection at home, you are also required to have QuickBooks software on your PC.

Your work profile at Belay would include reconciling bank statements. Also, you should be ready to handle other bank-related tasks like credit/debit cards, payroll, annual accounts, and cash management.

Pay rates: An average experience bookkeeper can pocket around $30 on an hourly basis.


11. Bateman & Co

This organization is a true example of being a true CPA and not a web designer. You can figure this out by looking at their old-fashioned website.

Also, get ready to choose between part-time or full-time or work-from-home openings at Bateman and Co.

Before applying to this company, try to surely have a CPA degree and a 3-year experience in the bookkeeping field.

Pay rates: An average experience bookkeeper can make around $25 on an hourly basis.



It started in 2008 with the motive to provide professional support to accounting and bookkeepers. With strict credentials, there are openings for home-based virtual bookkeepers and accountants.

You can either enroll for Agent License or have 2-year experience in the field to apply at BIDaWIZ. You will be hired through a third party which makes it mandatory for you to provide legit details.

Pay rates: Earnings can be around $20 – $30 per hour at BIDaWIZ.


13. TAD Accounts

TAD Accounts is a tiny firm and does not have regular openings. But it is advisable to keep in touch with their website to know about the latest openings so that you can enroll here and start working for them.

To apply for a job with them, upload your resume at [email protected] along with your 2-year experience certificate.

Provide all the necessary information and wait for the company to hire you and work for TAD Accounting.

Pay rates: Earnings can be around $15 – $40 per hour at TAD.


Starting Own Firm To Do Bookkeeping Jobs

The above are a few legit places you can start your career as a bookkeeper. If you are not willing to join some organization, you can try and start your firm. 

It surely requires some limitations to be followed. You can compare this to some sort of start-up for a traditional business.

You need to Invest in and require to do certain different things to start your bookkeeping firm. Some of them are:

  • You need to earn a certified bookkeeper identity,
  • Accounting Software such as QuickBooks,
  • Certain Online tools such as management software, electronic file-sharing software, etc.
  • Licenses,
  • Get bookkeeper insurance,
  • Set up a structure for your business,
  • Establish a business mailing account,
  • Hire an answering service,
  • Create a business bank account.

However, you should also allot different perks along with salaries to people you hire. Also, you will need some help from other accounting professionals. And these people also will charge you a good amount of income.

And we are not to forget about the investments in ongoing training. This could be both for managing the team or even for self-bookkeeping services.

Just like any other profession which handles finance, it is mandatory to be updated with online rules, laws, technology, and other related factors.

You will have to meet deadlines and maintain them. Handling clients and making the client believe you are only possible with your work output is a tough job.

Make sure your terms and conditions are very clear before starting your setup.



As long as the need persists, the work of a bookkeeper will surely be optimistic. Many companies that deal with traditional businesses or modern businesses, or E-Commerce sites are embracing online technologies.

These companies are also looking for freelancers who can take bookkeeping jobs rather than hiring one for their organization.

Both online and offline bookkeepers are surely in demand for future years. Most importantly, home-based jobs will give you a balance in both work life and personal life.

I am sure the above article is helpful for you. Please write your views about bookkeepers and their job opportunities in the comments section.


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