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100+ Cash App ATMs Near Me [Totally FREE to Withdraw Money]

Although Cash Card issued by Cash App is now supported by many banks, it is not easy to find an ATM that supports Cash App cards, especially if you live in the outskirts or in the suburbs. But I’ve already found Cash App ATM near me. Do you want to know how?

There are at least 100 different banks and financial institutions in the United States alone that now accept Cash Card. However, only nine such banks and companies allow direct cash deposits. But you can easily find one by using the “locator” feature in the app.

Besides, you can get a full list of available ATMs in your locality by visiting the official site of the Cash App. But, before we reveal our complete list, let’s first understand how you can transact using your Cash App card this year.


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How To Withdraw Money From Your Cash App Card?

Although every Cash Card issued by the Cash App has a money withdrawal facility, not every people know how to use Cash App at an ATM.

However, Cash Card is a VISA-approved card that you can use like any traditional debit card. You follow the steps mentioned below to get cash from any ATM in the United States.

  • Step 1: Insert your Cash Card into the ATM machine and put your PIN number when prompted.
  • Step 2: Now, tap on the “Debit” option (some ATMs may not have these options).
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Withdrawal” option and enter the amount when prompted.
  • Step 4: Tap on the “OK” button and accept the confirmation message on your Cash App account.
  • Step 5: Receive the amount in cash and then remove your card from the ATM.

There is no doubt that Cash App is genuinely among the highest-paying apps that you can try this year with complete confidence.

However, you can also transfer money to your Cash Card right from your bank account to use the Cash Card as a traditional debit card.



Cash App ATM Withdrawal Limits

Before you know about the Cash App ATM near me, you need to know about the withdrawal limits of your Cash Card, as it doesn’t support unlimited withdrawal even for premium members.

You can’t withdraw more than $350 at a single time from your Cash App card. You can only withdraw up to $1k in a day and up to $1k every week.

So, technically, you can only withdraw the highest amount ($350) around thrice a week. However, for each of these transactions through ATMs, you need to pay a charge between $2 and $2.5/transaction.

Cash App mainly puts this withdrawal limit to reduce the chance of card misuse. Besides, it also adds a layer of security to keep your money safe. But the best part is that you can now use your VISA Cash Card in almost any ATM in the USA.


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Cash App ATM Charges

You need to first understand that every transaction you make on any Cash App ATM in your locality will attract transaction fees.

And this fee can range from $2 to $2.5/transaction, although a few banks also charge up to $3/transaction. However, there is a catch to avoiding this transaction fee.

If you make or deposit at least $300 in your Cash App account, this company will reimburse 3 ATM transaction fees every 31-day cycle.

Besides, it will also reimburse up to a $7 fee per transaction through your Cash App card. And below is the list of banks that are now accepting Cash App cards.

No. Bank Name ATM Fee/Transaction (Non-Network)
1. Union Bank $2.00
2. First Horizon Bank $2.00
3. Frost Bank $2.00
4. Bank of America $2.50
5. HSBC Bank USA $2.50
6. Wells Fargo $2.50
7. JPMorgan Chase $2.50
8. Citibank $2.50
9. HSBC Bank $2.50
10. Citizens Bank $3.00
11. M&T Bank $3.00

Although all the 11 banks we have mentioned above will accept your VISA card from Cash App, Union Bank, Frost Bank, and the First Horizon Bank offer the lowest per-transaction fee.

However, you can withdraw money from any ATM using your Cash Card if you are ready to pay $3/transaction. But yes, you can earn back the amount by playing some of the best Cash App games.

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How To Avail Of The Direct Deposit Facility In Cash App?

You must have already understood the limits related to Cash App ATM withdrawal. But there are some specific terms that also apply even on the deposit.

You can now use your Cash App account to receive your paycheck on a monthly basis. Besides, you can also withdraw your unemployment insurance deposits through your Cash App card.

But, before you can receive direct money and even paychecks on your Cash App account, you need to activate the direct deposit facility first. And the steps are as follows.

  • Step 1: Open the “Cash App” on your smartphone and log into your account using the proper credentials.
  • Step 2: Once your account opens, tap on the “Banking/Money” tab at the bottom of the app.
  • Step 3: Tap on the routing or account number option beside your available balance.
  • Step 4: Now, type the account number and the routing number in the designated field.
  • Step 5: Save the settings and exit from the Cash App.

Once you successfully set up your deposit account by using your bank account and routing number, you also need to activate the direct deposit facility from a particular account or company. And the steps to enable that are as follows.

  • Step 1: Open the “Cash App” on your mobile phone and log into your account using your login credentials.
  • Step 2: Tap on the “Banking/Money” tab located at the bottom of the app.
  • Step 3: Once you get a new menu, tap on the “Direct Deposit” option from the list.
  • Step 4: From the new menu, tap on the “Get Direct Deposit Form” option.
  • Step 5: Now, type all the information of your employer or client, such as name, account number, and account type, on the designated fields.
  • Step 6: Tap on the “Email Form” option and put your employer or client’s email ID.
  • Step 7: Finally, tap on the “Send” button to complete the procedure.

Note: You can now check all the deposit forms in one place in your Cash App account. You need to start by tapping on the “Banking/Money” tab, followed by the “Get Direct Deposit Form” option. And then, you need to tap on the “View Previous Form” option to get the complete list.



Cash App ATM With Cash Deposit Facility Near Me

You can find many ATMs that accept Cash App cards in your locality, especially if you live in the United States or the United Kingdom.

However, not every ATM, bank, or financial institute accepts money deposits through Cash Card. And this year, there are just 11 platforms that accept direct deposits in Cash Card.

  • Walmart
  • Walgreens
  • GoMart
  • Dollar General
  • 7-Eleven
  • StopNGo
  • Family Dollar
  • Speedway
  • Sheetz
  • KwikTrip
  • H-E-B

If you don’t have any of the outlets we have mentioned above in your locality, you can also find one from the Cash App.

And the steps to locate a nearby ATM that accepts direct deposit facility to your Cash Card are as follows.

  • Step 1: Launch the “Cash App” on your smartphone and log into your account using your credentials.
  • Step 2: Once your account opens, tap on the “Banking” tab located at the bottom of the app.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the “Paper Money” option from the list.
  • Step 4: Type the locality or address in the designated field and hit the “Go” button (You can also use the GPS option to let Cash App automatically track your location)
  • Step 5: You can now check all the available ATM options with a direct cash deposit facility in your locality.

Besides cash deposit and withdrawal facility, Cash App also gives you ample options to indulge in a side hustle, as it is among the best platforms where you can make money fast and easily this year.



How To Find The Closest Cash App ATM Near Me?

Even I was truly confused when I first searched for a Cash App ATM near me, as I didn’t know the right way to find one.

You can now easily find your closest ATM that accepts Cash Card from your Cash App. And the steps are as follows.

  • Step 1: Launch the “Cash App” on your smartphone and log into your account using your account credentials.
  • Step 2: Once your homepage is opened, tap on the “ATM” option, and allow the app to track your current location.
  • Step 3: Now, tap on the “Get Location” button and wait till the app search for the nearest ATM.
  • Step 4: Choose any nearby ATM from the result page to deposit or withdraw money through your Cash Card.

Cash App is not limited to the money transfer facility, as you can now even watch ads for money on this fantastic app. Besides, there are several other ways to make money as well using this app.

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100+ Cash App ATMs Near Me

When I first searched for a Cash App ATM near me, I got to know that there are many major banks that now support Cash Card in the United States.

So, I’ve fetched hundred such banks, cooperatives, and financial institutes that now accept Cash Card for both money deposits and withdrawals.

  1. Ally Financial
  2. American Express
  3. Ameriprise
  4. Ameris Bancorp
  5. Arvest Bank
  6. Associated Banc-Corp
  7. Atlantic Union Bank
  8. Bank of America
  9. Bank of Hawaii
  10. BankUnited
  11. Barclays
  12. BCI Financial Group, Inc.
  13. BMO Harris Bank
  14. BNP Paribas / Bank of the West
  15. BOK Financial Corporation
  16. Cadence Bank
  17. Capital One
  18. Cathay Bank
  19. Charles Schwab Corporation
  20. CIBC Bank USA
  21. CIT Group
  22. Citigroup
  23. Citizens Financial Group
  24. City National Bank
  25. Comerica
  26. Commerce Bancshares
  27. Credit Suisse
  28. Cullen/Frost Bankers, Inc.
  29. Customers Bancorp, Inc.
  30. Deutsche Bank
  31. Discover Financial
  32. East West Bank
  33. EB Acquisition Company II LLC
  34. EB Acquisition Company LLC
  35. Fifth Third Bank
  36. First Bancorp
  37. First Citizens BancShares
  38. First Hawaiian Bank
  39. First Horizon National Corporation
  40. First Midwest Bank
  41. First National of Nebraska
  42. FirstBank Holding Co
  43. Flagstar Bank
  44. FNB Corporation
  45. Fulton Financial Corporation
  46. Glacier Bancorp, Inc
  47. Goldman Sachs
  48. Hancock Whitney
  49. HSBC Bank USA
  50. Huntington Bancshares
  51. Investors Bank
  52. John Deere Capital Corporation
  53. JPMorgan Chase
  54. KeyCorp
  55. M&T Bank
  56. Macy’s
  57. MidFirst Bank
  58. Mizuho Financial Group
  59. Morgan Stanley
  60. MUFG Union Bank
  61. New York Community Bank
  62. Northern Trust
  63. Old National Bank
  64. Pacific Premier Bancorp Inc.
  65. PacWest Bancorp
  66. People’s United Financial
  67. Pinnacle Financial Partners
  68. PNC Financial Services
  69. Popular, Inc.
  70. Prosperity Bancshares
  71. Raymond James Financial
  72. RBC Bank
  73. Regions Financial Corporation
  74. Santander Bank
  75. Simmons Bank
  76. SMBC Americas Holdings Inc.
  77. South State Bank
  78. State Farm
  79. State Street Corporation
  80. Sterling Bancorp
  81. Stifel
  82. SVB Financial Group
  83. Synchrony Financial
  84. Synovus
  85. TD Bank, N.A.
  86. Texas Capital Bank
  87. The Bank of New York Mellon
  88. TIAA
  89. Truist Financial
  90. S. Bancorp
  91. UBS
  92. UMB Financial Corporation
  93. Umpqua Holdings Corporation
  94. United Bank (West Virginia)
  95. USAA
  96. Valley National Bank
  97. Washington Federal
  98. Webster Bank
  99. Wells Fargo
  100. Western Alliance Bank

Note: If you don’t have any branches of the banks and financial institutes we have mentioned above in your locality, you can use the ATM locator option on the Cash App to track the nearest ATM that supports Cash Card.

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Advantages And Disadvantages Of ATM Withdrawals From Cash App Card

You must have already understood that you can easily withdraw money from Cash App. But not everything about this facility is great.

So, here are the pros and cons of using your Cash card for money withdrawals and deposits from ATMs.


  • ATMs that support Cash App cards are there in almost every major city in the United States.
  • You can use your Cash Card as a traditional debit card.
  • You can easily withdraw your funds from your Cash App account using the Cash Card.
  • Cash App will reimburse three transaction fees a month once you deposit at least $300.
  • You need to allow a confirmation message as a security layer to complete any ATM transaction.


  • Besides the USA, Canada, and the UK, you can barely find any ATM that supports Cash Card.
  • You can withdraw a maximum of $1k a day or a week.
  • You need to pay between $2 to $3 fees per transaction on an ATM.
  • It is not possible to withdraw more than three times a week using your Cash Card at an ATM.

Note: Like all other apps, this app, too, has some flaws. However, you can freely use your Cash App card without any maintenance fee. So, if you don’t have a personal debit card yet, it is the best way to get one, which you can use as a traditional card.

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How To Contact The Support Team Of Cash App?

It is quite easy to find a Cash App ATM near me by using the app itself. However, at times, this app may start malfunctioning. Sometimes, it can’t fetch the correct location due to any GPS issues.

And in that case, you need to contact the support team. Besides you can also contact them if you have any issues or want to raise a dispute regarding your recent transactions.

You can directly contact the support team by visiting the “Support” section in your Cash App. Besides, you can also visit the support page from any web browser and submit your concern.

You can also directly call them at 1 (800) 969-1940, although it works exclusively during work hours.

On a different note, you can now also take up customer care jobs to make money, as there are many online chat support jobs available that can easily fetch you more than $25/hour on average.

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Unless you deposit at least $300 a month on your Cash App account, each of your ATM transactions will cost you between $2 and $3, which is definitely on the higher side.

So, you shouldn’t use this card too frequently, as you may need to pay a hefty amount of transaction fees. So, this is all the information I could find while looking for a Cash App ATM near me.

But, if you think we have missed any name, or if you know about any other banks or ATMs that accept the VISA prepaid card from Cash App, feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below.



Do you need to pay any transaction fee to withdraw money using a Cash App card?

Yes, you need to pay between $2 and $3/transaction fee while using your Cash App card in any ATM.

But this company will reimburse three transaction fees each month if you make at least $300 worth of deposits in your Cash App wallet. However, you can’t withdraw more than $350 in a single shot using your Cash Card.


Which cards are now supported by Cash App?

Right now, Cash App supports all the debit and credit cards from VISA, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.

But sadly, you can’t use any PayPal or other business cards on your Cash App account. Although prepaid cards are also supported, you can’t make any deposit on these cards using Cash App.


Can you use Cash App without a bank account?

Yes, you can now use Cash App without even having a bank account, as you can use your Cash App account as a traditional account to transact money.

Besides, Cash App also issues prepaid VISA cards called Cash Card, which you can also use as a traditional debit card without having any bank account.


Can you deposit checks in your Cash App account?

Besides direct transfer from your linked bank account, you can now also deposit checks in your Cash App account.

Start by tapping on the balance on your Cash App and then tap on the “Deposit A Check” option. You need to then enter the amount and also take a photo of both the front and back sides of the check.


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