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50 Best Cash App Boosts List 2024 (Get Up To 99% Discount)

Boosts are great in Cash App, as they can offer up to 99% discount while you shop from your favorite retailers. But there are no such catalogs available where you can get all the boosts in a single place. So, I took up the challenge to make the working (and tested) Cash App boosts list in 2024.

We all know that Cash App is the most rewarding app, as you can earn good discounts, cashback, and even bitcoins while you shop using your Cash Card. And new boosts are added every week, and you’ll surely find the one that you are looking for.

I am personally a fan of these boosts as they ensure a handsome saving on each qualified purchase. But not everyone is fond of every boost available right now.

So, check out the entire list to find your favorite deal. Let’s get started!


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are Cash App Boosts?

Cash App Boost List

Boosts are Cash App deals exclusively for users where they can get handsome discounts on online and offline purchases. With Boosts, Cash App users can also earn cash, stocks, and even Bitcoins.

Boosts give around 5% to 20% discount on your qualified purchases. And to get these, all you need is to become a Cash App user and then order a free Cash App card linked to your original account.

You can then just load the balance on your Cash Card and apply different boosts to get a discounted shopping experience.

Once you activate any boost on your card, it will be automatically applied to the billing once you make that respective purchase.

Although only one boost can be applied at a time, you can opt for unlimited swaps to unlock your favorite deals whenever you need those.

Note: There are many scams revolving around Boosts and giveaways where scammers extort money with fake screenshots. Follow my latest guide on spotting a fake Cash App screenshot to remain safe!

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What Types Of Boosts Can You Find On Cash App?

Cash App Boost List

You can get free cashback on Cash App with boosts. However, there are different types of Boosts available on Cash App right now.

Besides, you can also find various Boosts even on Cash App for kids. Mainly, there are five major types of Boosts available on Cash App right now (along with some minor types).

  • Discount In (%) Percentage: These boosts ensure a certain percentage of discount (5% to 20% of the MRP on average) when you make a specific purchase from a specific merchant.
  • Cash Discount: You can get a flat discount (in dollars) with these boosts. But you need to buy a certain amount to unlock these deals.
  • Category Boosts: Rather than a specific merchant, these boosts apply to a whole category, like grocery and coffee shops.
  • Locked Boosts: You can only unlock these exclusive boosts once you make a specific number of purchases with your Cash Card.
  • Premium Boosts: These premium boosts unlock your account once you visit a specific retailer over and over again (surely your favorite one).

There are several other types of Boosts also available on Cash App from time to time.

With some boosts, you can even get cryptocurrencies and stocks right on your Cash App account.


How Does Cash App Boost Work?

If you know how to use Cash App boosts the right way, your shopping experience will surely get better and more affordable.

And here is how it works in 2024:

  • Users download the Cash App on their smartphones and open an account.
  • They then apply for a Cash Card linked to their Cash App account.
  • Within a maximum of 10 working days, Cash Card reaches the user.
  • They can then visit the “Saving With Boost” section to unlock various exclusive deals.
  • Once activated, you then go for the respective shopping deal, and the discount is automatically applied when you pay through your Cash Card.

Bonus: Do you know that your profile name of Cash App can be customized and also printed on your card? Check out the unique Cash App names to remain in the trend!


How To Add Boosts To Your Cash Card?

Cash App Boost List

You need to know how to add a boost on Cash App, as without it, you cannot activate any deal on your linked Cash Card. It is easy, though, and takes just a few seconds to do it!

  • Step 1: Open Cash App on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: On the home screen, tap on the “Cash Card” tab.
  • Step 3: Tap on the “Add Boost” option.
  • Step 4: Navigate to your preferred boost on the available list and tap to select it.
  • Step 5: Tap on the “Add” button, and your boost is now activated.

My Take: Besides activating various boosts on your Cash App, you can also try other means to make money or to have better savings. You can also try some legit surveys that pay through Cash App to top-up your income.


How To Get The Details And Expiry Date Of A Specific Boost In Cash App?

I’ve already shown you how to find and add boost on Cash App.

But every boost has a specific expiry date that also gets activated whenever you add any boost to your card. And you need to use that specific boost by that specific date.

However, finding the details of any boost on Cash App is super easy.

Here are the steps!

  • Step 1: Log in to your Cash App account and tap on the “Cash Card” tab.
  • Step 2: Tap on the “Save With Boost” option (you can also do the same with current boosts).
  • Step 3: Tap on any boost, and all the details will be popped up along with the expiry date.

You can swap boosts any time you want to activate your favorite deal whenever you need them.

Swapping is also very easy!

  • Step 1: launch Cash App and tap on the “Cash Card” tab.
  • Step 2: Tap on “Swap Boost” (you can also tap “Current Boost” and follow the same steps).
  • Step 3: Tap on the boost that you want, and it will automatically swap with your current boost.

Bonus: Gen-Y is a fan of minimalistic design, while Gen-Z is up for punk and neon! Check out some of the coolest Cash Card designs that you’ll fall in love with instantly!


How Often Do Cash App Boosts Get Updated?

There is no set frequency of how often these boosts get updated by Cash App.

But yes, they keep on adding and altering new boosts every week. Besides, some user-specific boosts get updated even on a daily basis.

Start by creating an account while using the free money code on Cash App and then order a Cash Card. Once you get that, activate it, and go to the boosts section to find out the live boosts.

Check the boost page every now and then to know about the latest boosts.


10 Best & All-around Boosts On Cash App

Cash App offers various types of boosts. Some boost only apply to specific stores, while some boosts can give you a decent cut in a full category.

And here are my top 10 recommendations of dedicated deals on our exclusive Cash App boosts list 2024.


1. 99% Off On Cash App

The 99% off deal is undoubtedly the best Cash App boost available this year.

You can get up to $50 (or 99% of the price, whichever is lower) off while using this boost. And you can unlock this deal for a minimum purchase of just $1.50.

As of writing this post, there is a 99% deal going on for American Eagle. You can claim up to $50 off while using this boost while you buy something at any American Eagle store with your Cash Card.

Cash App regularly updates these deals on their official Instagram and Twitter handle. You can also find it on social media platforms with the #cashapp99off hashtag.


2. $100 Off Cash App Boost

Cash App Boost List


You can get the highest discount on Cash App with this $100 off boost. It is technically free money that you can earn by activating this deal on your Cash Card.

When you make a top-up worth at least $300 through direct deposit or paychecks on Cash App, this deal gets automatically unlocked.

According to this subreddit, you can make a purchase of at least $101 with your Cash Card to get a flat $100 discount. So, you need to pay just $1.


3. $50 Cash App Boost

cash app boost list 2022

This is another lucrative deal on our Cash App boosts list 2024!

Cash App first rolled out this boost to promote the VUDU streaming service on the American consumer market. And since then, they have launched this deal for various other partners.

With this boost, you can get up to a $50 discount when you make a purchase of $51 and above. Here, the final payment will be just $1, and you get an item worth at least $51!


4. Cash App Anywhere Boost

Cash App Boost List

Also lovingly called the “$30 Cash App boost,” these “Anywhere” boosts give you the freedom to shop and save from almost anywhere.

From grocery stores to electronic shops, from restaurants to OTT recharge, you can unlock this deal for everything. Once activated, you’ll get a flat $30 discount when you make a purchase worth $31 or above.

My Findings: This boost is only available to verified profiles on Cash App. So, include your physical address and SSN, and then verify your account to unlock this deal.


5. Grocery Store Boost

Cash App Boost List

Do you want to get a great discount every time you purchase your groceries and staples? Then you need to keep an eye on the grocery store list on Cash App Boost. It is an easy job, even for lazy people!

You can get up to a 10% flat discount on a minimum purchase of $1.50. Using this deal, you can buy grocery items for up to $75 and get $7.50 off.

My Findings: These boosts only work on standalone or chain grocery shops. And you can’t use this deal in supermarkets and retail stores like Walmart and Target, although they also sell groceries.


6. Cash App Restaurant Boost

It is the same as the grocery boost but for restaurants and eateries. And it will be unlocked once you make a direct deposit to your Cash App account.

You can get up to a 10% discount (without any upper cap) on your restaurant bills once a week with this deal.

Recently, Cash App also revamped this deal, where you can now earn 10% of the bill value in Bitcoin. You can use this deal once every week.


7. Coffee Boost On Cash App

This is surely the best deal for coffee aficionados! And this also supports heavy caffeine drinkers a big time as these deals usually get refreshed every 30 minutes.

So, you can use this deal up to 48 times a day (but don’t drink that much coffee).

You can get up to a $1 discount for a cup of coffee worth $1.5 at your favorite coffee shop. The maximum discount that you can avail of is $7.50.

My Findings: Although coffee shops like Starbucks and Dunkin’ have their standalone boosts, you can also use the coffee boost in these shops.


8. Cash App Debit Card Boost

I personally love this deal on this Cash App boosts list this year, as I’m a big-time debit card user (I would rather opt for debit cards than credit).

All you need is to make a $300 or more direct deposit to your Cash App account using your debit card. And in return, you get $100 right on your account.


9. Bitcoin Boost (Cryptocurrency Boost)

is cash app boost free

We all know Cash App, along with its parent organization Block, is a big-time advocate of cryptocurrency, especially bitcoins, in the USA.

According to the May report of Financial Express, Cash App booked $2.2 billion worth of Bitcoin sales in the first quarter of the 2023-24 financial year.

You can start trading crypto for an initial investment of just $1 on Cash App. And every time you make a purchase or pay any bill after unlocking this boost, you’ll get up to 10% cashback in bitcoins.

My Finding: You can easily find ongoing Bitcoin boosts while searching for #CashAppBTCWeek and #CashAppBoostWeek hashtags on social media.


10. Earn Stocks With Cash App Boost

Yes, it is possible to invest in different instruments right from your Cash App account. And nothing can be better if you get an incentive (as a boost) for your investments.

Cash App unlocks this offer from time to time to encourage investment in stocks. You can start with just $1 and get fractional shares as cashback.

Investment Tips: Stock trading and systematic investment are the two main ingredients of financial success. And if you are into investing, you need to check out these best investment apps to maximize your profit.


18 Best Discount Offers – Cash App Boosts List 2024

Besides the generic and niche-specific deals, you can find many different boosts in Cash App that are geared towards specific stores.

Here are my top 18 recommendations in this segment of our Cash App boosts list for 2024.


11. Instacart

Cash App Boost List - Instacart

Source: Instacart

Instacart is the largest grocery delivery portal in the USA that serves more than 40,000 standalone grocery stores and grocery retail chains. It has 500+ million grocery items in its current catalog.

With the Instacart boost, you can get a flat 99% discount on your Instacart+ subscription, which costs $9.99/month or $99/year. So, with this boost, you can get an annual membership for just $1. 

My Take: Instacart doesn’t just serve in close to 6,000 cities across the USA and Canada; it also offers high-paying food delivery jobs to enthusiastic people.


12. DoorDash

Cash App Boost List - DoorDash

Source: DoorDash

What Instacart is for groceries DoorDash is for restaurants and eateries. It delivers food throughout the USA and now has close competition with Uber Eats.

By unlocking this deal, you can get a flat 10% discount of up to $50 for your first order on Instacart using your Cash Card.

The minimum purchase amount is $2 for the first order and $5 for the second order.

Cash App Boost List

Bonus: If you are a Dasher and have already taken it as your side hustle besides your regular job, there are many ways to boost that income. Check out the tested DoorDash hacks to know more!


13. Lyft

Cash App Boost List - Lyft

Source: Lyft

Lyft, America’s favorite rideshare service, is now giving tough competition to the global leader, Uber! And you can also find it in the Cash App boosts list for this year.

You can get up to an 8% discount (up to $5) on your Lyft fare by unlocking this boost. However, your total fare for a ride needs to be at least $1.50.


14. Starbucks

Cash App Boost List - Starbucks

Source: Starbucks

Who doesn’t love a fresh cup of hazelnut latte or a Frappuccino from Starbucks? It is truly a coffee aficionado’s paradise. And what can be better if you get a handsome discount on your Starbucks experience?

With this boost, you can purchase up to $50 from Starbucks and gets a flat 15% off (up to $7.50 per bill). The minimum purchase value is just $1.50 (that covers an espresso shot).

Bonus: Do you know that there are money-making opportunities available for coffee lovers? Check out Dreamshala’s top recommendations to get paid to drink coffee in 2024.


15. Sam’s Club

Cash App Boost List - Sam's Club

Source: Sam’s Club

It is almost a rule; when you need something in bulk, you visit your nearby Sam’s Club. This membership-only retail club is now present in 600+ locations throughout the USA.

You can buy groceries, daily supplies, clothing, accessories, home décor, gardening needs, and many more in bulk packs at Sam’s Club.

With this deal, you can get a flat 8% off on a bill up to $250 at Sam’s Club. You’ll get a maximum discount of $20, and the minimum purchase amount is $1.50.


16. Albertsons

Cash App Boost List - Alberstones

Source: Alberstones

Albertsons is a grocery and drug retail chain that is present in more than 2,200 locations across the USA. I even found one Cash App Atm near me in one of the Albertsons.

By unlocking this deal from the Cash App boosts list for this year, you can avail yourself of a flat 5% discount.

You can buy for up to $200 from Albertsons and get $10 off. The minimum purchase amount is just $5.

My Take: If you purchase groceries and drugs online pretty frequently, this deal is for you! You can use this boost once every 24 hours.


17. Burger King

Cash App Boost List - BurgerKing

Source: BurgerKing

I already started dreaming about the whoppers from Burger King! This fast-food chain has been serving American citizens for seven decades now. And it is now also present in 61 countries!

This deal is a gem if you are a big-time Whopper lover like me! By unlocking this boost, you can get a 5% discount (maximum of $7.50) on Burger King.

The highest bill coverage is $150, and the minimum purchase amount is just $1.50.


18. Domino’s

Cash App Boost List - Dominoes

Source: Dominoes

I know, I know; real Italians don’t love Domino’s, but real Americans do! There are 6,700+ outlets of this pizza giant in the USA alone, with a massive global presence.

You can unlock this boost and get a flat 5% off on your food bill. The max discount is $3, which covers up to a $60 bill. The minimum purchase amount is also $1.50 here.

Bonus: If you are a foodie, there are some legit opportunities for you in 2023. Do check out my exclusive list of companies where you can get paid just to eat. Can you believe that?


19. Little Caesars

Little Caesears

Source: Little Caesars

If any pizza is as tempting as Domino’s, then it is surely from Little Caesars! They are also known for super-fast serving, where you can get your freshly baked pizza in minutes.

With the Little Caesars boost, you can get 6% off on your bill. The maximum discount that you can avail is $10, while the minimum purchase requirement is just $1.

cash app boost list 2023

This boost gets refreshed every day. So, you can use it once every 24 hours, which is a great deal for a foodie like me!


20. Taco Bell


Source: Tacobell

If you love tacos, you must have already started loving Taco Bell. This fast-food chain is known for its Mexican delicacies (and my personal favorite for late-night snacks!).

You can get up to $5 off on your Taco Bell bill (5% discount). This boost can be redeemable for up to a $100 food bill, and the minimum purchase amount is $1.50.


21. Popeyes


Source: Popeyas

Are you in love with Louisiana-style fried chicken? Then Popeyes is surely on your go-to list besides visiting Uncle (Colonel) Sanders! You can find Popeyes throughout the central states.

It is one of my personal favorites on this Cash App boosts list. And with it, you can get up to 15% off.

You can get up to a $7.50 discount (that covers a $50 bill). Like most other deals, the minimum purchase amount is also $1.50 here.


22. 7-Eleven


Source: 7Eleven

America’s favorite convenience store is surely 7-Eleven. And you can find it in numerous gas stations throughout the nation. Right now, 7-Eleven is available in close to 9,500 locations.

You can shop for a max of $50 and get a flat 15% discount capped at $7.50 by unlocking this boost. The minimum purchase price is also $1.50.


23. Xbox


Source: Xbox

Cash App knows the potential of the gaming market, and they are also associated with the gaming giants of America. You can find boosts related to Microsoft-owned Xbox in Cash App.

With this boost, you can claim a flat 15% discount for a bill up to $33. You can get a maximum discount of $7.50 per bill. And the minimum purchase is $1.50 here.

You can buy a variety of games and accessories from the Xbox store itself. And here are the ways to get free Xbox gift cards that you can use to purchase those.


24. PlayStation


Source: PlayStation

Owned by Sony Interactive, PlayStation is one of the most popular consoles not only just in the USA but in the rest of the world. And with the unveiling of PS5, Sony has also created a buzz in the gaming market recently.

By unlocking this deal from this year’s Cash App boosts list, you can get up to a 15% discount. The minimum purchase amount is $1.50, and the max discount you can get is $5.

Bonus: If you are an avid gamer, you can now make good use of your Cash App account. There are many such platforms available these days where you can play games and get paid through Cash App.


25. Vudu


Source: Vudu

Vudu is among the most used video-on-demand platforms in the USA that offers exclusive video content, daily soaps, web series, movies, documentaries, and a lot more.

You can get up to 5% off (maximum $50 discount per user) if you pay Vudu with your Cash Card after unlocking this deal. The minimum purchase price is just $1.

If you love binge-watching, you can now even get paid to watch movies, as there are many such legit platforms available.


26. Dell


Source: Dell

Dell is a known name in the computer industry, as they do make some of the best laptops and other computer accessories. They even dominate the gaming laptop segment with their Alienware series.

So, if you are a geek and love tech items, this boost is just for you! You can get up to 5% off on all Dell products by unlocking this deal.

You can get a discount of up to $75 (disbursed for a purchase of $1,500). And the minimum purchase amount is $5.


27. GOAT

No, we are not talking about Tom Brady or Babe Ruth (they are definitely the greatest of all time). GOAT is a global community where you can buy and sell used items.

You can also become a reseller on this website and take it as a rewarding passive income opportunity.

With this boost, you can get up to a 5% discount capped at $15. So, you can purchase items worth $300 on this site and get them for $285. The minimum purchase price is just $5.


28. Adidas


Source: Adidas

If anything can compete with Nike in the sports accessories and equipment market, it is Adidas. And we all love to have a pair of our favorite sneakers from Adidas.

Cash App also has a boost dedicated to this amazing company where you can get up to $5 off. The maximum discount is capped at $75, and the minimum purchase amount remains just $1.

Do you know that you can now become an Adidas product tester and get a free pair of shoes right at your home? It’s a great deal for the sneakerheads, indeed!


22 Amazing Cash App Boosts That You Can Also Try In 2024

Boost Discount(%) Max Discount($) Max Bill Value($) Minimum purchase ($)
Twitch 50% $15 $30 $1
Mattress Firm 5% $300 $6,000 $1.50
Flight Club 5% $15 $300 $5
Walmart 5% $7.50 $150 $1.50
Chewy 5% $7.50 $150 $1
Wendy’s 10% $75 $750 NA
Chick-fil-A 5% $7.50 $150 $1.50
GoPuff 10% $5 $50 $5
Walgreens 10% $7.50 $750 $1.50
Whole Foods 10% $7.50 $750 $1.50
Shake Shack 15% $7.50 $50 $1
Panda Express 10% $75 $750 $1.50
Whataburger 5% $7.50 $150 $1.50
Pollo Tropical 10% $7.50 $75 $1.50
Dairy Queen 10% $75 $750 $1.50
Ale House 10% $7.50 $75 $1.50
USPS 20% $7.50 $37 $1.50
Groupon 5% $7.50 $150 $1.50
Target 10% $7.50 $75 $1.50
CVS 10% $5 $50 $1.50
Bath & Body 10% $7.50 $75 $1.50
Crocs 10% $50 $500 $1.50


How To Get More Boosts On Cash App?

All the active deals that I’ve already mentioned on this Cash App boosts list are highly rewarding, especially if you are a frequent buyer.

But not every user gets all the deals, as these boosts depend on your profile and its activity.

If you are looking for a discount at a coffee shop, try to buy some coffee from your favorite coffee shop using your Cash Card. Do the same for groceries if you are expecting a grocery boost.

Many people can’t find Bitcoin and stock investment boosts on their Cash App account. If you also can’t find any in your account, invest a small amount in Bitcoins and fractional shares with your Cash Card.

Money-Making Idea: Do you know that you can now win $750 as a reward and get it directly into your Cash App account? Check out the details of the $750 reward on Cash App to know more!


What To Do If Your Cash App Boosts Are Missing?

I had to look for ways a few days ago as one Cash App boost was not working on my account. Cash App boosts offer instant discount that reflects on your account instantly.

So, if you have a 20% discount boost activated and then you make a purchase of $50 from that merchant using your Cash Card, $40 will be deducted from your account rather than $50.

But at times, you may see that the discount is not automatically applied, and the whole money gets deducted from your account.

In such cases, you need to submit it for review. The steps are easy!

  • Step 1: Launch the Cash App on your smartphone and log in to your account.
  • Step 2: On your dashboard, tap on the “Activity” tab.
  • Step 3: Navigate to the transaction where the boost was not auto-applied and tap to select it.
  • Step 4: Tap on the three dots icon at the top of your smartphone screen.
  • Step 5: Tap on the “Missing Boost” option.
  • Step 6: Once you get a new popup-up window, tap on the “Submit For Review” option.

Kindly note that Cash App often declines payment due to various reasons.

If you are facing this issue on your Cash App account, do check out this detailed guide on how to stop Cash App from declining payments.


Final Note – Is Cash App Boost Worth It?

Yes, Cash app boosts are definitely worth it, as they can assure up to 99% discount at times. And in many big purchases, you can easily get up to $100 off. Even for regular purchases, you can get around 5% to 10% off.

These deals also get updated frequently, and you keep on receiving new deals from this Cash App boosts list at frequent intervals.

But don’t fall for the trap if any unknown guy just shows up and asks for a Cash App flip! That’s a scam. So, please don’t rely on any deals or boosts if it is not from the Cash App itself.



Is It Free To Use Cash App Boosts?

Yes, it is completely free, and you can use available boosts on your account without paying any money.

All you need is to buy from the respective merchant with your Cash Card to activate the deal.

There is a minimum purchase amount associated with every boost. You need to buy above that minimum price.


Do Cash App Boosts Expire?

Yes, Cash App boosts do expire, as every boost comes with a specific expiry date. And you need to use that boost within that date to get the deal.

You can check the expiry date of any boost by clicking on it from the “Saving With Boost” segment.


Can You Swap Boosts?

Yes, you can surely swap boosts as many times as you want, as there is no restriction for it on Cash App.

Only one boost can be activated at a time on Cash App. So, if you want to use a different boost, you need to first swap it with your active boost.

To do that, first, click on the “Cash Card” on your Cash App dashboard. Now, click on the “Swap” option followed by the “Add Boost” option to select a new boost.


Is There Any Cash App Boost Hacks?

No, there is no such thing called Cash App boost hacks exist. If anyone claims to give you any hacks for money, it is a red flag! Don’t fall for it, and don’t pay any money.

On top of that, if Cash App finds that you are trying to game their system through any hacks, your profile will be banned in no time. You may even get criminal charges for that!


How Often Does Cash App Boost Change?

There are no set rules stipulated by Cash App regarding the frequency of new Cash App boosts. Sometimes it changes every day, and sometimes it takes up to a month to get a new boost.

Keep an eye on the available boost from your Cash App to get your preferred deal.


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