best business books

101 Best Business Books Every Entrepreneurs Should Read in 2020

The Wonderful Journey of Life Starts When You Start Turning Pages. You start to rediscover and reinvent yourself every time you read a good book. A book can make you a better and updated version of yourself.

“That’s the thing about Books. They let you travel without moving your feet”- JUMPA LAHARI.

It applies to your business as well. The greatest habit one can have in life is reading. Books are the fountainheads of knowledge. The more you read, the more you rediscover and reinvent the entrepreneur in you.

trusted house sitters review

Trusted House Sitters Review 2020 – Is It a Legit or a Scam?

If you came here looking for a Trusted House Sitters Review, chances you already know what house sitting is and you’re about to get a membership.

If not; Trusted House Sitters is the most popular online platform out there, that connects the house owners with people who are looking to house sit.

Trusted House Sitters is the biggest source to find both the house sitting opportunities and house sitters around the world.

userzoom testing reviews

UserZoom (IntelliZoom) Testing Job Review – A Legit Company or Fake?

Money is a friend of everyone. Who doesn’t want it when there is a chance to earn extra cash just by sharing our experiences. But what type of experiences?

Let me get to the point. If your friend takes you to shop, and she/he trails a nice outfit and asks you to share your experience or views. Right?

Similarly, here you visit a website or download an app to use and share your experiences. If you find a website loading at low speed or an app having bugs, you just let them know about those issues. That’s it.

qkids review

Qkids Teacher Review – Genuine Teaching Job or Another Scam?

Are you good in the English language? or you belong to any western country where English is everyone’s mother tongue?

If yes, you can pocket some extra bucks every month by teaching the English language to other country people or kids. If English was your favorite subject and you have experience in teaching, then it is an added advantage which really helps you earn more.

mobee app review

Mobee App Review – Money Making App or Waste Of Time?

Who doesn’t want to get the money back that they spent? Probably no one. Nowadays, many apps are coming up with this offer that they will give you cashback for shopping or dining at restaurants and more… Mobee is one of them which claims to give you cash backs.

You may shop groceries at a nearby store, go-to restaurant for dinner, make trails on your products. To make all these missions (as per the Mobee app this term is used) you can use this app.

VIPKID Review: Extra $2000/Month Side Hustle or Scam?

Want to make extra cash working from home or anywhere by sharing your knowledge with others? Are you still searching for a job even having a college degree and great English language skills? Here we are giving a great solution to your problem through our VIPKid review.

If you like spending time with kids, then VIPKID is a great solution to your problem of getting a job.