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12 Best Consignment Stores Near Me (To Buy/Sell Stuff in 2024)

Consignment shops are great for making some quick cash. They give a far better rate than pawn shops or thrift stores. And I also rely on some of the best consignment stores near me to declutter my items.

According to First Research, there are more than 20K stores in the USA alone that deal with used items. And this industry witnesses a combined revenue of $15+ billion annually. And as per threadUP, this revenue will cross $53 billion by the end of this year.

So, the market is huge, and there is a lot of potential! But before you visit a store nearby, you need to make up your mind and figure out why you are choosing consignment stores over other selling channels.


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Why Sell Items At Consignment Shops?

You can indeed make money fast and easily by selling your unused items in consignment stores near you. But if you don’t want to put in an effort, many online options are also available.

There are many benefits to sticking to consignment stores rather than other selling channels.

  • You can find these stores in every major city. So, it is very convenient.
  • You can sell fast and save some time.
  • There is almost no risk involved in selling any legal item.
  • They have fixed offers, and you can cash out fast!

Even if you choose online consignment stores, you can get somewhat similar benefits. But yes, they will charge a small commission and possibly a processing fee.

What Do I Follow in Consignment Shops?

consignment stores near me

Spending less and saving money is my primary goal when I visit consignment stores near me. I choose not to go on a shopping spree. So, I have my strategy.

  • I put all the sale-worthy items in a single bag and then pay a visit. It saves a lot of effort.
  • Without selling something, I don’t buy anything from consignment stores.
  • I do my research (online and by calling them) to know which consignment stores pay the best.

I personally stick to local consignment stores rather than online ones. It saves me the shipping cost and commissions.

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6 Best Consignment Stores Near Me (Offline)

I visited many consignment stores near me and got some of the best offers! So now, I’m filtering my top six picks for you that you can trust in 2024.


1. Buffalo Exchange

Screenshot Of Buffalo Exchange homepage.


Buffalo Exchange is among the most popular consignment stores in the USA. I first found this one when I was looking for used prom dresses for sale near me for a cousin of mine.

Their first shop was opened way back in 1974, and right now, they have 49 stores covering 20 states.

How It Works

  • Visit any of their physical stores and get in the queue.
  • Let the storekeeper evaluate your items and quote a price.
  • Show a valid ID and walk away with cash!

What They Take: Buffalo Exchange mainly deals with clothing and fashion accessories. But they only take near-mint to mildly-used items. And they only accept trending and in-season clothing.

What You Get: They pay up to 30% of the market value in cash and up to 50% in-store credit.

2. Crossroads Trading

Screenshot Of Crossroad Trading landing page.


Crossroads Trading is another big name in the consignment sector in the USA, where you can sell used shoes and other fashion items. They have 37 stores (mainly in California) right now and have a presence in many states, including New York, Texas, and Washington.

USP: Crossroad offers four methods to buy and sell, which are consignment, in-store, drop-off, and main-in. So, you can still deal with them even if you don’t have a physical store nearby.

  • What do They Take?: They mainly take mint-conditioned designer labels. And they don’t accept mass-market products which you get from Walmart or Target.
  • What They Offer?: 30% cash or 50% in-store credit, whichever you choose. But payment processing can take up to 2 weeks.

My Take: The selling process is quite streamlined. Just check in at the store, sit back, and relax until they call you, get your bag evaluated, get paid, and have fun!


3. Wasteland

Screenshot Of Shop Wasteland landing page.


If you can’t find consignment stores near you, you should google Wasteland and visit their nearby store. I found this when I tried to sell sneakers for cash, and yes, they are good!

Locations: They have just four stores, all in California. You can find them in Hollywood, Studio City, Highland Park, and San Francisco.

How To Sell

  • Visit any of their stores and drop your bag.
  • Wait for 5 to 10 minutes (average queue time) to get your items evaluated.
  • Once they give you an offer, take it in cash (up to 35%) or store credit.

Timing: All four Wasteland stores are open throughout the year (even on weekends). But they only take items from 12 to 6 PM.

4. Well Suited

The Screenshot Of Well Suited Website I took while searching for consignment stores near me.


Well Suited is primarily geared toward men’s clothing and accessories. However, they have sister concerns like My Sister’s Closet (for women) and My Sister’s Attic (for furniture). They have 7 stores in total (4 in Arizona and 3 in California).

You can either visit their stores or can sell clothes online through their site. You can even ship your bag and get paid through direct deposit. However, they take only three types of items.

Three C’s of Well-Suited

  • Current: Trendy and should not be more than four years old.
  • Clean: Near-mint conditioned mass-market and ready-to-wear.
  • Cute: High-end brands and designer labels (with at least $75 retail value).

What They Offer: Up to 45% of retail value in cash or up to 55% in-store credit. But if the price exceeds $4,995, they will take a 70% commission.


5. Beacon’s Closet

Screenshot Of Beacon's Closet Website while i was looking for consignment shops near me.


I got to know about Beacon’s Closet when I was searching for the best consignment store near me. They have 4 physical stores right now, all in New York City (1 in Manhattan and 3 in Brooklyn).

All these stores are open 7 days a week. You need to be 18 years or above with a valid ID to sell here.

  • What They Take: Beacon’s Closet only takes almost new to gently used clothing (both vintage and modern) and accessories.
  • What They Offer: Up to 35% of market value in cash or up to 55% in-store credit.

USP: You don’t need to stand in a queue. Just drop your bag and revisit it a day later to get your price quote.

What I Like: The things that won’t sell from your bag, you can donate to charity through their shops.


6. Goodwill Finds

Screenshot Of Goodwill Finds Website.


A few days back, I was searching for where to sell used furniture in my place. And then I got to know about Goodwill Finds and paid a visit! I was shocked to know that they have already diverted more than 3 billion lbs. of used goods from landfills till now.

They are now present in more than 17 countries and have close to 4,500 thrift stores.

How It Works

  • Visit your nearby Goodwill store or the Goodwill Finds website.
  • Drop your items and get a price offer.
  • Once you accept the offer, get paid by cash, direct deposit, or store credit.

What They Take: Goodwill takes everything as long as it is mildly used and in good shape. But you’ll get the best price for high-end designer labels and rare items.


6 Best Online Consignment Stores

You still have an option if you don’t have any consignment store nearby or live on the outskirts. So, I’ve filtered some of the best consignment stores near me that operate online.


7. Poshmark

Screenshot Of Poshmark Website homepage.


Poshmark is now available in both the app and web versions. And from clothing to shoes to jewelry, you can buy or sell almost anything here. You can even sell beanie babies right here.

How It Works: Just open a free account, upload some HD photos of your clothing and accessories, include proper descriptions, and list it as a seller. Once it sells, you’ll get your cut through PayPal and direct deposit.


  • For items below the $15 listing price, you need to pay a flat $2.95/per item.
  • For items above $15, they take a flat 20% cut.

What I Like: You don’t need to pay any shipping fees at all. Once your items get sold, you’ll receive a prepaid shipping label. Stick it in your box and drop it in your nearby hub.

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8. The RealReal

Screenshot Of The RealReal landing page that i took while searching for best consignment shops near me.


The RealReal now has many stores in more than 20 metro cities in the USA, along with a massive online presence. It is basically one of the sites like Mercari where you can sell your high-end clothing, shoes, watches, and fashion accessories.

How To Sell: Once you open a free seller’s account, you can start listing your product with photos, descriptions, and an asking rate.

Commission Tiers

  • For any item listed below $99, you get 20%.
  • For products between $100 and $149, you’ll receive 30%.
  • Between 40% and 65% for a listing price between $150 and $4,999.
  • For items above that, you get 80%.

USP: They have a price estimation tool for the sellers to let them understand the expected price of their items. The RealReal also offers prepaid shipping labels.


9. thredUP

Screenshot Of thredUP Website homepage.


thredUP is the biggest online consignment shop with a massive global presence. It mainly focuses on mid to high-end women’s and kid’s fashion and accessories. It also offers a payout estimation tool to let you know an expected price quote beforehand.

The Clean-Out Kit

  • $16 Expedited Bag: You get paid for accepted products within a week. But $16 will be deducted from your earnings.
  • Standard Bag: No money will be deducted, although the processing time is up to 3 weeks. Non-accepted items will be sent back to you.
  • Donation Bag: Same as the standard one, but the remaining items will go to charity.

Commission: For any item less than $5, you get 3%. For items up to $199.99, you get between 3% and 60%. And for items over $200, you get a flat 80% cut.

10. OfferUp

Screenshot Of OfferUp homepage that i got while searching for consignment shops near me.


I tried but failed to find any kids’ consignment stores near me. So, when I searched online, I stumbled upon OfferUp. You can sell almost anything (legal) here, even the iconic Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

Listing: You need to open a seller’s account first. And once you upload some photos of your products and categorize them, you can directly publish them live.

Commission: If you don’t want cash directly and want to proceed with their payment system, OfferUp will charge a flat 9.9% commission plus 1% as the Stripe processing fee.

USP: Deals can be locked online, or you can also proceed with F2F (in major cities in the USA). And they have prefixed exchange spots called “safe trade spots” where you can meet personally.


11. Depop

Screenshot Of Depop homepage.


From menswear to womenswear to beauty products, you can buy and sell almost anything on Depop. And there are many other sites like Depop that operate almost in a similar fashion.

It has a presence in more than 150 countries and currently caters to more than 30 million users.

How It Works

  • Sign up for a free account and name your storefront.
  • Select the category of your product and create a listing.
  • Upload HD images, add descriptions, and go LIVE’.

Shipping: The entire shipping cost will be borne by you. But you can add it to your selling price to cover up.

Commission: Depop will charge a flat 10% commission on the final selling price. And you’ll receive your money after 21 days through PayPal.

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12. eBay

Screenshot Of eBay Website that i took while searching for consignment shops online.


eBay is still a market force in the online sector even after the dominance of other eCommerce giants. You can sell anything here, from clothing to antiques. And if you don’t know where to sell Jewelry these days, eBay can be a savior for you!

Selling Models

  • Standard Sale: You choose your asking price or the “best offer” from eBay.
  • Auction Sale: You list your item for auction, and the highest bidder gets it.

Listing: You don’t need to pay anything to create a listing, as they give you 50 free listings per month.

Commission: There is a commission tiering slab where you need to pay up to 10% of the final price. You also need to pay an additional payment processing fee.


Rules To Follow In Brick & Mortar Consignment Stores

You can cash out fast if you choose your local consignment stores over the online ones. But you need to consider a few things while selling offline.

  • You need to be at least 18 years old with a valid ID (such as a driving license).
  • Keep only the best (mint to almost new) items in your bag.
  • Wait for your turn in the queue; don’t rush! Weekdays are usually less crowded.
  • Ask for their pricing and payout terms beforehand.

You can find consignment stores that offer amazing prices for mid to high-end items in every major city in the USA. Some stores even have a presence in multiple cities. So, choose the nearest option.


Final Note

According to my own experience, it is a wasted effort if you try to sell mass-market or low-price products in consignment stores. They will not price those correctly. So it is better if you stick to just medium-range to high-range products. It is even better if you have designer labels.

So, these are all the best consignment stores near me that I could find. Feel free to drop your queries and start a conversation with me in the comment section.


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