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20 Crafts To Sell At A Farmers Market in 2024 (For Higher Profit)

We all love to visit our local farmers’ market, isn’t it? But do you know that there are even crafts to sell at a farmers’ market that can chunk out a significant amount of profit? Yes, it is now very much possible by adopting the right strategy with the right products.

A farmers’ market is not just an excellent place for the customers to get fresh items at the right price, but it is a great platform for the sellers, too!

A seller can easily start selling in these markets without heavy initial investments.

But before we reveal all the crafts that you can easily make and sell, not just in the farmers’ market but in any local market, let’s understand the basic steps to take to kickstart your journey as a seller.


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What Are The Steps To Take Before Selling Crafts At A Farmers Market?

Before you even know how to sell crafts at a farmers’ market, you should know the initial steps to create a sustainable business model for a farmers’ market. You mainly need to take three steps.

Step 1 – Quality: It is one of the most critical parameters in every place, not just farmers’ markets. If you really want to create a customer base, you need to keep your quality standard high. And if you can successfully create a quality standard, you’ll be bound to have repeat customers.

But you should also concentrate on variety! If you are selling mocktails, give those a twist. And if you are selling t-shirts, do print humorous lines on those. Do remember that customers love to shop for new things from old shops.

Step 2 – Packaging & Handling: How you present your items is as important as the item itself. So, you need to take extra care of packaging in the proper manner.

And if you are selling any fragile items, such as glass items or pottery, you should make an extra effort in packaging to make those absolutely safe.

Step 3 – Market Regulations: Not every people knows that every country and every state has its own set of rules. And you must follow those rules and norms while selling any item at any market.

You may also need to have certain licenses and permits, especially if you are selling food and beverages. So, be extra sure about the state law and obtain the necessary permissions beforehand.


6 Best Food Items To Sell At A Farmers Market

If you can prepare delicious food and beverages, you already have the crafts to sell at a farmers’ market in your inventory.

And believe me, cooking and food processing are definitely one of the best money-making hobbies that pay quite spectacular these days.


1. Gourmet Honey

crafts to sell at farmers market

For the last 5,000 years or so, honey has always remained a part of our healthy diet for its unmatched benefits.

And these days, gourmet and flavored honey are some of the highest-selling farmers’ market crafts. Almost everybody consumes it, so the market size is also pretty huge.

But if you want to sell gourmet honey at the best possible price, stick to the golden-amber variant, as it sells at a higher rate than the darker regular honey.

You can take the whole beehive with you to the market as well to prove its authenticity.

Raw honey is not the only thing that you can sell. From honey candy to wax-based lip balms, from honey-flavored straws to raw bee wax, you can also sell any byproduct of this fantastic ingredient.


2. Roasted Corn

best selling items at farmers market

If you talk about the cash crop of the USA, you definitely talk about corn. It has higher fiber content and is rich in dietary supplements.

And you can consume it in many forms, from roasted corn to popcorn, from boiled sweet corn to baked corn!

Rich with vitamin B and several vital minerals, corn is a part of daily American life. So, you are bound to make a profit with staggering sales at the farmers’ market if you sell anything made of just corn.

You can just pick matured corn and roast them on a hot grill to make the delicious and crunchy delicacy. And just top it off with salt and chilies to sell for at least $1 a piece.


3. Dried Herbs

things to sell local market

High-quality herbs are necessary for almost all the dishes of Mediterranean and continental cuisine.

And with each passing day, the use of herbs in the USA is also sharply increasing. So, if you are looking for farmers’ market craft ideas, think about herbs!

If you have a kitchen garden or a full-size field, you can just cultivate herbs and make a good profit from it. Besides the consumable herbs, you can also cultivate medicinal herbs as well on your place.

Chamomile, Feverfew, and Echinacea are the three most profitable herbs that you can rely on.

While Chamomile is excellent for anxiety, Feverfew works like a charm in arthritis and migraines. And Echinacea can quickly treat the common cold and flu!


4. Baked Items

Who doesn’t love to taste the baked goodness, especially in the festive season? Yes, baked items are truly among the highest-selling items in any farmer’s market.

However, you need permits to sell crafts at farmers’ markets if you deal in food items.

From cakes to pies, from butter cookies to turkey rolls, you just name anything baked, and it has a huge potential to sell at the market.

But yes, you should only use high-quality ingredients and prepare them with a lot of love!

You can either make a live counter where you can bake or can also bake it in your home and sell it on the market, depending on your preference.


5. Non-Alcoholic Beverages

things to sell at a market

Although you do need to get a license to sell alcoholic beverages, a non-alcoholic one doesn’t need to go through such strict procedures.

So, it is better to sell non-alcoholic mocktails and aerated drinks at a farmers’ craft market.

You should choose your beverage depending on the time and area of your market. If you live in a hotter place on a summer day, you should make lemonades and other fizzy drinks that will deliver instant freshness.

But if you live in an arctic-like atmosphere, a hot one with coffee, chocolate, or even tea will do wonders. But yes, you need to delve into your creativity to give a twist to your concoctions.


6. Pet Foods

We all love to spoil our pooches and fur babies, isn’t it? And for that, we often buy pet foods from farmers’ markets.

So, if you know how to make foods that four-legged friends just love, don’t hesitate to take that route and start right now!

But you need an FDA license to ensure the standard of your homemade pet food. So, always remember to opt for a permit to sell crafts at a farmers’ market if you really want to sell pet foods.

From peanut butter to crunchy beacons, give your pet food a delicious twist to create a USP. Besides, you can explore the niche market by making vegan or gluten-free pet food as well.

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4 Beauty And Lifestyle Products To Sell At A Farmers Market

We all love to have high-quality beauty and lifestyle products! And if we get those on a farmers’ market, it further increases its appeal.

So, if you can make these homemade items, earning a profit by selling those is not a big deal!


7. Soaps And Bath Bombs

money making crafts

Nothing can be better than having a bubbly bath with organic bath bombs and liquid soaps.

Believe it or not, soaps and aromatic bath bombs are the most profitable crafts to sell not just in farmers’ markets but in any market you can imagine. And these items also fetch a great price.

From lavender to charcoal, from rose or blueberry, you can use almost any natural ingredient to make soaps and bath bombs.

But beware, never use anything that can be harsh on human skin. It is better to stick to just natural ingredients.

Besides body soaps and shower gels, you can also make handwashes with these natural ingredients. But keep a tab on the price to increase the overall sales.


8. Quirky T-Shirts

We all love to wear trendy t-shirts loaded with cool doodles, tropical motifs, and quirky lines, isn’t it?

So, if you are good at art and can make good t-shirts that Gen-Z will love, you can start making those and sell them at a farmers’ market.

And if you talk about the farmers’ market craft prices, quirky t-shirts often guarantee not just grand sales but also a great price. You can also make multi-packs with three or more t-shirts to further boost your sales.

According to my own experience, sarcastic and dark humor lines are trending around the globe. And people love to wear those lines as well!


9. Recycled Clothes

Recycling is not just necessary for clothes but also for every item you can possibly imagine to make a sustainable ecosystem.

Recycling not just minimizes the overall carbon footprint to have a tab on global warming but also reduces waste disposal efforts.

Recycled clothes are not just among the best crafts to sell at a farmers’ market but also among the best money-making crafts to sell online. And you can often fetch a better rate than a new one.

But yes, you should make your own brand and market those clothes properly to fetch a better rate from your target buyers. Besides you can also use your social media handles to popularize those.


10. Candles


Nothing can be as romantic as an aromatic candle at the low-lit dinner table with the love of your life.

Yes, candles are not just charming and a great mood setter but also one of the best items to sell at the craft show and farmers’ market.

While traditional candles are top-selling items in almost any wax store, scented candles have been making their own space in the past few decades.

And you can now explore that field as the competition is low, and you can often fetch a better price.

But yes, you should only use natural bee wax or non-reacting paraffin to make these candles. You can also use natural colors and aromatic essences to give them a twist!

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5 Handmade Products To Sell At A Farmers Market

Handmade items have been in trend for ages. And with each passing day, the demand and price together are increasing sharply for handmade custom items.

Not just tier-1 countries but even developing continents also have a massive market for these items!


11. Wooden Crafts

wooden crafts

Although these are costly, wooden items are always in trend! And there are several wood crafts to sell at a farmers’ market that can fetch an unimaginable price if you can bag the right customers and wooden art admirers!

Believe it or not, there are many ways to make money with woodworking these days. And a farmers’ market can easily give you the right exposure to sell your wooden craft at the right price.

You should make and sell only those items at a farmers’ market, which a farmer can use on his field or in the household. Besides wood, you can work with mixed mediums like clay and metals as well.


12. Handmade Jewelry

new craft ideas

From ropes to straws, from beads to gemstones, people are now making homemade jewelry with various items. This jewelry not just sells a lot but also has its own charm!

And if you are planning to rent one of the farmers’ market craft stores, you should sell handmade jewelry to make a profit.

Trust me; although it sounds tough, handmade jewelry is one of the easy things to make and sell these days.

You can use unconventional items like seashells, recycled rubbers, and even discarded electronic items to create stunning jewelry.

You can further make it a one-of-a-kind piece by embedding some precious and semi-precious stones.


13. Pottery

The oldest kid on the block, pottery and clay-based items have been the top crafts to sell at a farmers’ market since ancient days.

And even while discovering civilizations lost in antiquity, we often see intricate pottery items.

From pot planters to jars, from bowls to large vessels, you can make almost anything you want with clay and ceramics and sell it. But to get more customers, try to keep a tab on the price of your clay items.

You can also give a mild twist to your pottery items by using other materials with clay. Besides, you can also embed stones and precious metals to further create a USP.


14. Personalized Coffee Mugs

innovative farmers market ideas

It is always good to start a day with a delicious cup of pure arabica coffee! And if it serves in a personalized cool coffee mug, it becomes an instant mood setter!

Yes, a personalized coffee mug is not just a nice collectible but also fetches a great price.

Since the last decade or so, personalized coffee mugs have become one of the common gifts, especially for the Gen-Y.

So, you can now also exploit that huge market and create your own personalized coffee mugs to sell at the market.

Depending on your choice, you can either completely hand paint these mugs or buy a high-quality printer. But yes, always use quality materials to stand out from the crowd!


15. Funky Coasters

Coffee mugs are not all, as we also need funky coasters to complement them!

Believe it or now, cool and trendy coasters are one of the best crafts to sell at a farmers’ market nowadays. And often, it sells at an unbelievable price.

There are two ways to make funky coasters. First, you can completely handmade and handprint those. And second, you can use printers to print it and casts to make it.

Although printers will speed up the process, completely handmade ones will fetch the best price.

Besides farmers’ markets, you can also sell those coasters in online stores. You can also use your social media handles to showcase your trendy designs.

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5 Customized Products To Sell At A Farmers Market

We all love customized products, isn’t it? Yes, it is always great to have name-printed and thematic items rather than having old-school traditional ones.

But you may not know that these customized items also sell like a hot cake in the farmers’ market!


16. Custom Notecards

Although the use of paper and paper-made products is sharply declining all over the globe, custom notecards are still in trend, as there are no alternatives to these beauties!

These notecards are not just great for personal use but also gift-worthy items.

Like coasters, there are two ways to make custom notecards. First, you can completely handmade it. But you do need the right calligraphy skills for that! And second, you can print it with a high-quality printer.

You can also create a full setup in the market where you can print the name card instantly. But yes, try to think out of the box to create a USP.


17. Custom Electronic Accessories

You may not believe it, but custom-made electronic items are among the best crafts to sell at a farmers’ market.

From custom iPhone covers to printed power banks, from themed earphones to smartphone vinyl, there are many things you can make.

First, you must bulk purchase those from either a local manufacturer or a foreign seller. And then, you can customize those with cool lines, new motifs, and trendy themes.

Don’t forget to showcase those on your social media handles to create a buzz.

You should concentrate on not just the theme and customization but also the product quality. And that combination will make you stand apart from the crowd.


18. Gardening Equipment

Gardening is one of the most popular hobbies that has billions of admirers all over the globe. And for them, nothing can be as appealing as custom gardening equipment.

They also never hesitate to pay a hefty price for those! From planters to shovels, from landscaping tools to sapling setters, you can make almost any item you want.

But yes, don’t forget to emphasize the usability of the product, as the gardeners will use them on a daily basis.

Never ever compromise on the quality of these products. Also, try to keep a tab on the price of those items in the initial phase to make your own customer base.


19. Custom Signboards

Signboards are not just easy to make but are also among the best crafts to sell at a farmers’ market. And you can often see custom boards embedded in vintage wooden plaques in any farmers’ market in your locality.

You mainly need simple woodworking skills to make the baseplate of these signboards. And on top of that, you can either print it or use your own calligraphy skills.

Besides, you can also make letters with other items like glitter. Many people also make signboards with old-school items like neon lights!

It is also good to bulk-produce these items and then sell them at a lower price to increase overall sales.


20. Seasonal Specialty Items

Needless to say, seasonal specialty items are among the best crafts to sell at a farmers’ market.

From Christmas trees to Easter eggs, you can sell almost any thematic items before and during the festive season and make a grand profit from that.

From Christmas ornaments to embroidered items, from plush toys to wooden carvings, you can make and sell almost any holiday-themed items at the farmer’s market. And for each of those, you can get a good price.

Not just the market, you can even showcase those items online to present them in front of a larger audience group.

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Tips To Increase Your Sales At A Farmers Market

As we all know, farmers’ markets can provide a lucrative platform to sell anything handmade. Besides, it is also a great one to sell customized items as well.

But you do need to follow certain unspoken rules to increase your profitability.

  • Your stall should look neat and properly organized. So, carefully design your layout! Every customer should be fully aware of your hygiene protocols.
  • Decorate your booth to catch the attention of the visitors. You can also implement your creativity to stand out from the crowd.
  • Be unique and make your inventory with rarely available items. You can easily popularize your stall if you sell something that no one else is selling.
  • Communicate with your customers, even if they buy anything from you. You should make good connections before you boost your sales.
  • Offer freebies and complementary items to promote your items. You should also ask customers to share their feedback online.
  • Have free water, trash cans, and tissue papers available in your store. It will be even better if you can offer free fizzy drinks and lollypops to the kids.



What sells best at a farmers’ market?

The best things to sell at farmers’ markets are definitely food products and beverages.

From human food to pet foods, from mocktails to fizzy drinks, you can sell almost anything you can possibly imagine.

Besides, you can sell other food items like honey, corn, and homemade wines as well. Many people also prefer to sell baked items like cookies and rolls.


What is the best way to make money at a farmers’ market?

If you can sell any fresh items, like homecooked food or lemonades, it will fetch the best profit for you in any farmers’ market.

Besides, you can also sell natural products like honey, wax, butter, wines, and more to make a good profit.

But yes, you should keep the price on the lower side to get as many customers as possible within the market span.


Is selling at a farmers’ market worth it?

Yes, selling at a farmers’ market, especially in tier-1 countries like the USA, Canada, England, France, and other European countries, is definitely worth it.

You’ll not only fetch a better rate than traditional shops but also get massive exposure in front of a huge customer base who love to buy fresh items exclusively from the farmer’s market.


What can I sell at markets?

Honestly saying, you can sell almost anything (that is legal) in the farmer’s market.

But yes, certain genres, such as food, beverages, jewelry, and custom-made items, fetch the best profit at those markets.

Besides, you can also sell other items like bath bombs, shower gels, hand washes, and more to make a decent profit.



So, here are all the great crafts to sell at a farmers’ market, and that too, at the right price. But always remember to use premium-grade materials to maintain the quality standards of your crafts.

Because your products shouldn’t just look nice, but they should also last long!

You should emphasize getting all the necessary licenses and permits from the right authority before you kickstart your business in these markets.

So, that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your queries in the comment box below!


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