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Daily Transcription Review – Is It Legit or Scam? (2020 Update)

Daily Transcription review, is it legit or scam?

As a beginner, I use to wonder how and where to find information about certain queries. To help people like me, I started writing reviews specifically pointing to the mostly dealt with questions now and then.

Coming to the transcription job, this is for people with good listening and typing skills and is wondering what to do in their free time. Just imagine if someone is offering to pay you for your free time and for your special skills. Sounds great right?

So there you go. This, of course, is some serious means to make money and in a legitimate manner. 

Firstly I would like to mention that transcription as a profession is definitely good for freelancers who wish to work as per their convenience.

Who in this world will not love to earn money in free time? So this is it and this is your chance to get started and make use of your free time and make it productive.

In the Daily Transcription review, I will walk you through the company history, overview, and all major in and outs of this profession and Daily transcription company.

In the end, you will have a very clear picture of what the transcription profession is all about. Finally, you will also have a good idea about the prospects of this Daily Transcription company.

If you are looking to make extra money while staying at home and flexible work schedule. Well, in that case, this is the ideal work from home job for you. You will be paid here for your listening and typing skills.


About Transcription:

At transcription job, you are required to convert speech either recorded or live telecast sometimes on to a document.

Transcription services are extensively used for medical business and legal purposes. Some clients require video or audio to be transformed into text.

Transcription, in general, is to type in the audio files either recorded or live audio at times. There are different types of transcription jobs that need different skillsets and equipment.

The different types of transcriptions are

  1. General Transcription:

    In this, we are normally required to type in audio files from seminars, webinars, workshops, speeches, etc. This does not require any specific training. This includes data entry, legal transcription, financial/corporate transcription, and offline captioning.

  2. Medical Transcription:

    This transcription process relates to the medical field wherein the transcribers transcribe the dictation of the doctors which later on will be added to the patient’s medical records. This requires training which will be a one-year certificate course or a degree.

  3. Real-Time Transcription:

    This transcription process requires the transcribers to listen to live audio and convert to document. This transcription work needs good typing and listening skills. Transcription companies normally hire very experienced transcribers for this job role.


Daily Transcription Review – About The Company:

Jason Reeves started Daily Transcription in 2005. This makes it a company with a history of almost 14 years.

With the age of the company, it’s self-explanatory that it’s a legit company. Had it been anything fake would have already shut down by now.

Daily transcription has been hiring and paying people well and on time since it is in the business. This makes it easy to understand the financial stability of the Daily transcription company.

Daily Transcription claims that they underwent security audits from fortune 500 companies. They add on to claim that they are 98% on target.

Daily Transcription hires people to transcribe audio tapes to documents. They have business mostly with the entertainment industry transcribing their audiotapes.

The best part about this company is that they have transcription jobs in over 30 languages which means that anyone with a second language apart from English can easily transcribe in French, German, Spanish, etc.



As per my research with various transcription companies, the requirements are pretty much similar.

Unfortunately, Daily Transcription doesn’t clearly mention their specific requirements on their website. However, It should be pretty much the same as other companies in the same business. The basic requirements are,

  1. Good quality headset,
  2. A good and functioning computer,
  3.  Broadband internet connection,
  4.  A foot pedal (recommended but not compulsory).

The foot pedal will ease your job as with this you can play, pause so that our hands are free for typing.

I would also recommend the use of some word processing software like Word Perfect, MS Office. Grammarly is a software that can be a vital tool in this business.

Grammarly can detect your work for errors and red flag them and also suggests how that can be fixed.

In this business line payment is purely dependent on how many transcription projects we do. I suggest having good hardware and software is the key here.


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Daily Transcription Hiring Process:

Daily transcription normally hires people who are seriously committed and can follow instructions. This job is on call/ as needed and hence one can be assigned a task in the morning and might ask to be finished by evening.

You can apply online which might be a bit frustrating for some users. At times you don’t get a call for many weeks. This is how you apply to work with Daily Transcription.

Firstly you just need to fill in an online form on the Daily Transcription website and attach your resume. If you are already into this business make sure to specify your experience in detail.

Daily Transcription will ask you for your full name, email address, location, and how you got to know about this company.

Furthermore, you have to be over 18 years of age to get into this hiring process. Daily Transcription will hire people only from Canada and the US.

After filling up the online application form you will take an online test. It will be a simple transcription test to check and access your abilities.

Always bear in your mind that this will be a time-bound test so make sure you are focussed and ready to take the test.

Finally, once all this is done the company representative will get in touch with you. Be sure to check your email regularly.


Working Process:

Frankly speaking, this is purely based on when the company needs you so there will be no guarantee of the continual work. Hence at times, it can be a bit of a concern for some aspirants.

This means at times you might be idle and some time will be heck work. So be sure you are ready for this for motivational reasons.

As mentioned earlier, this is strictly a time-bound job so always keep an eye for any job postings so that you don’t miss out on any time to finish the task.

The company claims the workflow will be flexible but as this is seriously time-bound this will drive you to finish on time as per the company’s requirement.

Once this is done within the specified time the work accuracy will be checked. Once the accuracy is over 98% your payments will be available over PayPal which is very good.

As PayPal has its reputation for the fund’s mobility one can rest assured.

In my next section, I will brief you in detail about the way payments are carried out in Daily Transcription.


Daily Transcription Pay Rates Review:

Every company has a different pay process and rates depending on their financial policies in the transcription business.

It’s not an hourly pay mode instead it is based on the jobs that you are assigned and finished. At Daily Transcription you will be paid via PayPal on a weekly basis.

Daily transcription doesn’t outsource their jobs so basically available for American and Canadian citizens to be precise. Furthermore, let’s have a look at some benefits of working for this company and how much one can make on a weekly basis.

  1. A freelance transcriber can plan his work according to his feasibility.
  2. People can work from anywhere and anytime they want.
  3. Will be paid on a weekly basis through PayPal.
  4. Will get training and feedback will be given to communicate the fields of development.
  5. Daily transcription pays between 0.75$ to 0.85$ per minute which is higher than its competitors.
  6. The topmost transcriptionists working for Daily transcription make around 300 $ to 900 $ a week.


Our Recommendation:

Daily Transcription is definitely a legitimate and reliable company to work for.

They hire freelancers for transcribing audiotapes to text documents. They have clients mostly from the entertainment industry and various sectors, So work is more than enough for now and this changes from time to time.

As mentioned this definitely is not a stable job and one can end up weeks sometimes without any work, however, one can compensate this when there is work.

The payment process and system of Daily transcription are really good and people working for this are reasonably happy by the way the payments are carried out. Therefore it goes on like a happy employee and a happy employer.

Therefore if you are looking for a full-time job prospect this definitely is not the right place. However, this can be looked at as a passive income source when the company has much work to offer you.

Finally, my verdict about the Daily Transcription company is that its a legitimate company which is a very noteworthy point and also with a proven track record both in terms of having work density and also with the fair payment process.


Daily Transcription Review – FAQs:

It is quite obvious that people always have many questions in mind before taking up any job and hence I am posting some frequently asked questions about transcription jobs and Daily transcription company.

1) Can we work from any part of the world?

Currently, only US and Canadian nationals are allowed to work.

2) How long does it take for work to be reviewed?

It normally takes 1 to 3 working days for the work to be reviewed.

3) Is there any limit on the amount of work to be finished per day?

No, there is no specific limit for this on a daily basis, Instead meeting the deadlines to finish the work in assigned time is important

4) Is transcription work available in any other language than English?

Currently, this is available only in English.

5) Do I need a PayPal account?

Yes, you definitely need a PayPal account for the payments.

6) Will my pay rate change depending on the quality of my work?

For all the approved work payments will be made in full and no payments for rejected work.

7)  How will the payments process work?

Payments will be on a weekly basis via PayPal for all the approved work.



I conclude stating that Transcription as a job is good to take up as one is not bound by any timings and moreover no cubicle bounding issues.

Your special abilities in listening and typing will earn you money in your free time to make the most of it and start earning money with your special skills.

Furthermore, there is one important thing I would like to stress about transcription jobs is that these jobs are strictly time-bound and one needs to meet the deadlines well, Please bear this in mind.

Transcription jobs are not that tough as most people think, however many training programs are available to brush your skills in becoming a good transcriber.

I hope my review about Daily transcription and Transcription jobs is of some help to people who are stuck with many questions about the company and transcription jobs. All the best and happy transcribing.


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