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Daily Transcription Review – Is It Legit or Scam? ($1000/Month)

It is almost impossible that you haven’t heard of DailyTranscription while searching for legit transcription projects. And in this Daily Transcription review, you will learn about all the good and bad about this USA-based company.

Besides a steady supply of projects and job opportunities for newbies, this company has many amazing things to offer. So, without further ado, let’s dive deep!


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What is Transcription?

In simple terms, transcription is converting audio or video files into texts. You mainly need to create closed captions or video subtitles of pre-recorded or even live sessions.

It is currently used in several industries, including medical and legal services.

Primarily, it is to save storage space and also to make any data searchable. Besides, it is now also used to aid differently-abled people with hearing disabilities.

There are different types of transcription jobs that need different skill sets and equipment.

The different types of transcriptions are

1. General Transcription

In this, we are normally required to type in audio files from seminars, webinars, workshops, speeches, etc.

This does not require any specific certificate. This includes data entry, legal transcription, financial/corporate transcription, and offline captioning.

2. Medical Transcription

This transcription process relates to the medical field wherein the transcribers transcribe the dictation of the doctors, which later on will be added to the patient’s medical records.

This requires training which will be a one-year certificate course or a degree.

3. Legal Transcription

Legal transcription is the process of typing legal proceedings, hearings, or any other audio files into a written document.

This job is no less than that of a court reporter. You must have a solid understanding of legal terminology.

4. Real-Time Transcription

This transcription process requires the transcribers to listen to live audio and convert it to a document.

This transcription work needs good typing and listening skills. Transcription companies normally hire very experienced transcribers for this job role.

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What is DailyTranscription?

what is daily transcription

Source: DailyTranscription

Headquartered in Los Angeles, USA, Daily Transcription was founded by Jason Reeves a decade back.

And now, it provides transcription, translation, and closed captioning services in more than 30 languages around the globe.

It has now also started venturing into the entertainment, medical, and legal sectors after almost dominating the corporate industry.

Besides, this company now started working with academic institutes to transcribe lectures, seminars, and webinars.

Daily Transcription now has an immense clientele that consists of global giants like the Bank of America, HBO, MTV, and Harvard Business School.


Daily Transcription Jobs

All Daily Transcription reviews remain incomplete without analyzing the kind of jobs that this company is now offering.

Right now, they mainly provide three services; transcriptions, translation, and CC.

And in transcription, you may need to transcribe the following things:

  • Official voice memos and dictations
  • Personal & professional voicemail
  • Video conferences and con calls
  • Sermons and legal hearings
  • Web series, TV soaps, blogs, and movies

Besides these, you may also get post-production projects like creating subtitles and CCs for seminars and lectures.

And in more advanced projects, you may also need to include action lines and time codes.


Is Daily Transcription Legit?

daily transcription reviews

If you look for Daily Transcription reviews on Reddit, you will see a lot of guys getting a good amount of projects, even outside the United States. So, it is definitely a legit site!

And it got the same vibe in Indeed and Glassdoor as well. No complaints of frauds or scams against anyone till now.

So, you can surely trust this company and make around $250/week even as a newbie, as the company itself claims.

But yes, you do need to invest your time to earn more, as many top earners are now fetching close to a grand each week.


Who Makes a Good Fit for Daily Transcription?

If you are 18-year-old or above with 50+ WPM typing speed with minimal error, you are good to go. However, you also need to have native-level language proficiency.

This company currently accepts applications from students, retirees, homemakers, and stay-at-home parents too. It also has excellent opportunities for bilinguals with expertise in foreign languages, including Arabic, Japanese, French, Spanish, and even Russian.

You may get preference sometimes if you have any, but it is not mandatory to have previous experience in the transcription industry to join here.

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Daily Transcription Requirements

Before you dive deep into this Daily Transcription review, you need to understand that you should meet both skills and technical requirements to get started.

As the personal skills are concerned, you mainly need,

  • At least 50 WPM typing speed with the highest accuracy
  • Excellent hearing ability
  • Optimum hand-ear coordination to type fast while listening
  • Excellent grammatical, punctuation, and syntactical understanding

But besides these, you also need to meet a few technical requirements as well to make the work smoother and less time-consuming. And they are as follows.

  • Updated computer with stable internet connectivity, preferably a broadband
  • Excellent headphones, preferably a cushioned and noise-canceling one
  • A high-quality foot pedal that offers minimal lag

You also need transcription software like Express Scribe or OTranscribe.

And if you have your own quiet and personal WFH setup, transcription is surely among the highest-paying late-night jobs where you can earn well.


Free Transcription Training

Although it is available, you will find it extremely difficult to crack high-paying transcription projects as a beginner.

And for that, one of the maestros of the transcription industry and the owner of Zoom Transcription Services, Janet Shaughnessy, came forward to help newbies like you.

She recently introduced a completely free mini-course on general transcription to help you become a pro within just 2 to 4 months. You’ll not only just learn the craft but will also learn to market your skills properly.

Besides, she has also introduced a free legal transcription course if you are eyeing specialized projects that fetch a better rate.

join the free course

Daily Transcription Hiring Process?

If you meet the criteria we have mentioned above, you can submit your resume directly on the website to initiate the selection process.

You can also pre-select your preferred area of work as they now offer general transcription, bilingual transcription, and captioning.

However, they are exclusively offering transcription opportunities to people from the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia. Besides, you should have proficiency in American English.

After the initial resume submission, you need to go through both the skills assessment and rapid transcription test to get the final joining approval.

But yes, you also need to complete a W-8 or W-9 to receive a 1099 form at the end of each tax assessment year.

signup here

Daily Transcription Test Answers

You surely want to know all the Daily transcription test answers beforehand to play on the safe side, isn’t it? But don’t worry at all!

You don’t need to take any written tests or participate in quizzes or questionnaires. Instead, you need to go through a skill assessment test.

You need to transcribe a small video file within a specific time to let them judge your skills and efficiency.

But, push yourself to the limit to achieve the maximum accuracy possible in that TAT. And in general, they will contact you within a week of your final transcription test.


Daily Transcription Work Schedule

Do you know what the best thing is about working for Daily transcription?

They offer complete flexibility of work hours. You are free to choose how much you want to work and which time of the day you want to work. Besides, you can take as little or as much as you want.

But yes, every project has specific TAT that you need to strictly abide by. You need to make sure to submit the assigned work within that time frame or earlier. Otherwise, your project may get rejected.

Once this is done within the specified time, the work accuracy will be checked. Once the accuracy is over 98%, your payments will be sent via cheque, which is very good.


Daily Transcription Pay & Payment Method?

You can expect to get around $0.75/minute of audio or video file, although it goes up to $0.85/minute in many cases.

For every audio or video hour (60 minutes of playtime), you can expect to make around $45 to $50. But yes, you need to work for at least 3-4 hours to transcribe one audio hour.

So, your Daily transcription pay rate will range from $15 to $17/hour on average. Several top earners also reported earning up to $950/week.

However, Daily Transcription’s average earnings lie at $250/week in the initial days if you take it as a full-time opportunity. This company releases payments every week via Cheque.


Daily Transcription Alternatives

Daily Transcription is not the only one that now assures transcription jobs for beginners. Many legit companies are now paying up to $1/minute.

And some of the most trusted among those are,

Besides these, you can also create your free profile on freelance marketplaces like Fiverr and Upwork to get transcription projects.


What’s Hot About Daily Transcription- Pros

daily transcription review - pros and cons

  • Industry Standard Rate: Daily Transcription is now offering around $0.75 per audio minute on average. However, specialized legal or medical projects can fetch up to $2/audio minute.
  • Automated Weekly Payment: It pays weekly through PayPal and direct deposits. And you also don’t need to raise an invoice or request a withdrawal. It’s fully automated now.
  • Open Arms For Beginners: It now accepts newbies without any previous experience in the transcription industry. However, you do need at least 50+ WPM typing speed.
  • Steady Project Availability: Assures a continuous availability of projects throughout the year.


What’s Not – Cons

  • Limited Demographic Availability: Right now, it is only available in five countries; the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, South Africa, and Australia.
  • Tougher Projects: You may get tougher and more difficult-to-understand projects, even with thicker accents.
  • Delayed Communication: It may take a full day to get a reply mail from their side, even for a simple query.


FAQs About Daily Transcription

Can workers outside of the United States work at Daily Transcription?

Yes, you can definitely join Daily Transcription even if you reside outside the USA.

This company currently accepts talented transcribers from the United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, and South Africa as well.


What are the work hours at Daily Transcription?

Daily Transcription offers complete flexibility of work schedule.

You can choose your preferred time of work. However, you definitely need to submit the project within the specified turn-around time.


How will the payment process work?

Right now, Daily Transcription pays weekly to all its transcribers.

The preferred withdrawal method is PayPal, although they offer direct deposit and check withdrawal in the United States.


Will my pay rate change depending on the quality of the work?

Yes, definitely! It will increase in two ways. First, your speed and accuracy will increase, which will aid you in converting the audio at a faster pace, thus more income per hour.

And secondly, you’ll be eligible for more specialized projects with a better pay rate once you establish yourself as a pro here.


Daily Transcription Review- Final Words

One thing is clear in this daily transcription review; anyone can do this job, even pensioners, homemakers, and students.

But yes, you need some specialized equipment to start with. And for that, it requires some initial investment. But if you can invest that, it can give you sweeter fruits.

So, this is all, folks! Feel free to drop your opinion and feedback in the comment box below.


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