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12 Best Data Entry Jobs For Everyone To Work At Home

As side hustlers, many of us have surely searched for data entry jobs. But finding reliable and trustworthy websites is the real task.

It is a flexible and easy technique to start with minimal requirements. These jobs usually help you handle and submit the work from wherever you are.

A dependable (reliable) data entry website is very helpful for people who are looking out for some side gigs.

With the help of the internet, you can easily find a few sites which can solve this problem. You can procure a decent income with such websites.

Today, we shall discuss a few such legitimate sites. Luckily, these websites are customer-tested and will not let you be disappointed.


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12 Best Data Entry Jobs For Everyone

 You can become a data entry operator and earn perks from it irrespective of your age, qualifications, experience, etc. if you just have good typing skills and computer knowledge.

This makes data entry jobs attractive for people to earn some extra income. Frankly speaking, during your search for data entry jobs online, you will face websites that are a perfect scam.  

This article will help you not get into that sort of ditch. Let’s read further and make some quality money for the valuable time we invested. 


Skills Required to Ace Data Entry Jobs

This job is something that requires skills from you rather than a degree. Some of the major skills you need to possess are as follows.

1. Patience: These jobs are not as easy as it seems. Also, it is not as difficult as some of them portray.

There is a similar sort of technique and procedure you need to follow for the whole schedule, which you may find monotonous and boring sometimes. You need to be patient enough to repeat the tasks.

2. Computer Usage: You need to have basic knowledge about the system and its software.

Installing and updating a few apps and software like Microsoft- Word, Excel, Spreadsheets, anti-virus, and others.

3. Efficiency:  Data entry jobs require you to have basic knowledge of typing, communication skills, and a good understanding of organizing your work.

Cross-checking the work before submission is mandatory. Accuracy is very important as the whole payment depends upon the output you submit in the end.

Some other important skills that you need to have are:

  • Written and verbal skills
  • Administrative skills
  • Good customer service skills
  • Self-motivation to prevent yourself from being low during deadlines and stress periods
  • A good understanding of data confidentiality issues
  • Good spelling, punctuation, and grammar skills


Equipment Required For Data Entry Jobs

Let me help you with the basic requirements. There are a few basic types of equipment that you require to do this work.

Without these, you cannot become a data entry operationist. For the same, check below if you have them so you can get started as one.

  1. A laptop or a personal computer with a good internet connection.
  2. Calm and convenient atmosphere to work
  3. An Ergonomic keyboard that can avoid strain.
  4. Speech-to-text software to avoid typographical errors.


Websites To Find Legit Data Entry Jobs


1. Amazon MTurk

Amazon Mechanical Turk is ruling the world among microtask sites. Among the various opportunities they provide, you can find data entry jobs as well.

With an easy signup process, you can get access to the vast options available at Amazon mTurk under the Human Intelligence Tasks corner.

You will have to get qualified to work on the task but should be careful while picking up a few tasks. There may be some flaws or wrong picks that you need to skip.

On average, you can make up to $15 an hour working for mTurk. Bank deposits or Amazon gift cards are the modes of payment at Amazon mTurk

For more details, check out our complete Amazon MTurk Review here.


2. FlexJobs

To find some of the remote, flexible jobs, you can opt for FlexJobs. This is one of the reputable sites for data entry jobs online.

You can be free from any scams or underpaying opportunities at FlexJobs. This website has every listed opportunity being monitored by a real human.

As it is sure that good things do not come for free, so is FlexJobs. You are charged to access their listings. With the basic plan of 14.95 dollars per month, you can achieve good and reliable job opportunities here.

Also, there are a few bulk packages that will help you in reducing the monthly basic plan. Luckily, you can check for some promotional codes, if applicable, which will help you pocket some extra pennies.


3. Scribie

When talking about data entry jobs, there are many other fields like transcription or non-verbal tasks that pay you equal money.

Scribie is one such option where you can start your career as a transcriptionist. Usually, companies that are associated with Scribie send the audio files that have to be transcribed into a written document.

Scribie is a website that hires freelance workers to do their jobs. It is a flexible opportunity where the transcribers have the option to pick the kind of work they can do.

There are a few tests to be passed during the sign-up procedure to join them and start earning.

One can expect a basic pay rate ranging from $5 to $ 25 at Scribie. Good communication skills and hearing abilities are required to grab this opportunity.

For more details, also check out our complete Scribie Review here.


4. Axion

This is one of the most trustworthy websites that rarely provide opportunities. Though the openings are limited, Axion has a good reputation for what they do. 

They usually look for independent contractors to work with. You also need to have 2-3 years of experience to join them at work.

Also, typing speed (50 words per minute) and accuracy are needed to make money as a data entry operationist.

They charge some amount during the signing-up process, and also, you also need to keep it updated for future opportunities.


5. DionData Solutions

For people with a caliber of working on various projects at a single time, Dion Data Solutions is a place to apply.  It is considered one of the legitimate data management service bureaus.

Usually, they have their openings and if you have good accuracy and typing speed (60 words per minute), try Dion Data Solutions. Working as an independent contractor, one should be ready to multitask. 

Specifically, only US citizens can grab an opportunity at DionData Solutions. They provide you with training programs free of cost.


6. Microworkers

As the name suggests, there are no projects or jobs available at Microworkers. It is a bit different from FlexJobs and its working process.

There are basic tasks handed over to its members, and they are requested to finish them to earn money. Though the payment is less than $1 per task, the work would take only a few minutes. 

Most of them are data entry works, and they can be fulfilled with a basic qualification as well.

For quick and easy money, Microworkers is a good place. With minimum time investment, you can pocket some money for yourself. 


7. Clickworker

Data entry jobs are one of the various openings at Clickworker, along with editing proofreading, and surveys. 

Upon signing up, you will be access to handle various tasks and make money accordingly.

Depending on your progress, you will be assigned different tasks. Completion of the various tasks assigned will automatically upgrade your bank balance. 

This is a part-time or a full-time schedule, depending upon your feasibility. Payments at Clickworker are processed on time through PayPal.


8. Working Solutions

This organization does not have openings all the time. Also, it offers data entry positions periodically.

The signing-up procedure is different at Working Solutions. After online registration, you need to continue to follow a few tasks to keep your profile updated. 

You will be updated within 2 weeks about the status of your registration i.e. whether you are approved or rejected.

Also, you can pick from either “work from home” or “to work directly” options. Later, on getting hired for Working Solutions, you will find an opportunity to pick tasks that match your profile.

The payment rate is unique for every single task, and processing will be through cheque or direct deposit.

For more details, also check out our complete Working Solutions Review here.


9. SigTrack

Mostly, SigTrack revolves its work procedures around the season of the petition. So we can understand that opportunities are occasional.

Also, SigTrack hires independent contractors to monitor their petition and vote tasks. 

Payment depends upon the kind of tasks assigned and is unique for every individual. It all depends upon the accuracy and perfection of the job. 

SigTrack has its terms and conditions, like holding US citizenship, as it deals with voters’ data.

Also, it wants you to hold dual monitors to improvise your work. This will help you view registrations and signatures simultaneously.

For more details, also check out our complete SigTrack Review here.


10. Kendall Creek Communications

This website is a place that hires independent contractors for its tasks. The tasks may include data processing, transcription, market research, and many others.

As the company is linked up with many government agencies in the US, the scope is high. To grab an opportunity, keep visiting their website regularly.

If you have the caliber to deliver confidential and professional services, this is the right place to start. 

Kendall Creek Communications has a good reputation for producing talented independent contractors.


11. Birch Creek Communications

They usually hire independent contractors who can work as a data entry operator for them. Payment depends upon individual caliber and performance.

With a high caliber, there are chances you can make it through the joining process at BCC. Also, you need to check to open for data entry or research positions occasionally. 

Even though this is a freelance job, most of the work starts on Monday and ends on Friday.


12. The Smart Crowd

One more place to check micro tasks and make money is The Smart Crowd. It is a segment of Lionbridge that helps these microtaskers earn some money.

Most of the micro-tasks available at The Smart Crowd are data entry jobs. This is the most feasible place to work on your terms. The pay rate is dynamic as it depends upon the work and the already advertised price.

Upon the registration process, you will be evaluated depending on your qualifications, and work is segregated consequently.

These are some legit companies that hire data entry clerks. Similarly, there are some career options like transcription, proofreading, and freelance writing.

These jobs also pay you interesting pay rates even though you don’t have much experience. Let’s take a look at some companies in these categories.


Other Alternative Work-At-Home Jobs



One such wonderful opportunity waiting for you could be Transcription.

In my early days of picking a career, I heard more about medical transcription opportunities which slowly let me learn the technique of starting a career for the same.

Gradually, I realized good hearing aids and knowledge of the language are all that are important to make money as a transcriptionist.

Frankly speaking, I have made enough money by continuing with this opportunity. Also, the work is flexible, but to be clear, there are some rules and regulations you need to follow to make transcription your first source of income.

It does not require any specialized or technical training, but it is usually challenging enough. Also, your brain should be equally alert and ready to work as a transcriptionist.

To list a few reliable companies, I have marked off some, where you can find legendary works that will pay you real money for your hard work.

Read More: 27 Companies That Offer Online Transcription Jobs.


Content Writer Or Freelance Writer

Content Writing is another opportunity that will equally help you in evolving yourself as a writer.

If you have the skills to do content writing or any similar jobs, you can pick this profession which will equally help you in advancing your self-esteem to a higher level.

Though data entry jobs and content writing seem to be similar, they have some type of minute differences. Frankly speaking, content writing or blog writing will help you make more potential income compared to the data entry positions.

Writing is one of the lucrative opportunities through which you can grow yourself by picking up specialized niches in copywriting content.

Read More: 51 Legit Websites That Pay Money For Freelance Writers.



So that’s all about data entry jobs and the reliable companies that you can work with as a data entry operator. Among many kinds of work-from-home or freelance or part-time, or full-time jobs, data entry jobs are always on the top of the list. 

If you ask me to suggest a good work-from-home or part-time job, I’ll suggest you work as a data entry operator without a doubt.

I hope you find the right pick for you to start as a data entry operator from among the above-listed companies. Share with us other reliable platforms or your experiences related to data entry jobs, if any, in the comments section.

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Friday 19th of February 2021

Hi I wanted to do data entry work from home. So please let me know how to proceed

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Hello Sharel, please follow the list of companies mentioned above.

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Hello Sharel, you can start proceeding by clicking on the respective link of any company listed here. Complete registration, and start working.

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Thursday 29th of October 2020

I'm an expert Bangladeshi data entry clerk. Being an I.C.T expert, now I'm working as a. ICT teacher in a secondary (High) School. I want to work as a part - time data entry clerk from remotely by using free times for upgrading my economical condition. Please help me to get such kind of jobs. Thanks.


Wednesday 13th of November 2019

I'm looking for something to supplement my income, but would like to be able to set my own hours, etc. I am going to look into some of these companies and see what is best for me. Thank you for publishing this!