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30 High-Paying Direct Sales Companies In 2023 (100% Legit)

Legit direct sales companies now provide lucrative work-from-home sales jobs all over the globe. And even in the era of online sales and e-commerce domination, these companies are not even slowing down much! Many people still consider this a legit passive income idea to make a decent profit.

As per a new report by Expert Market Research, the direct sales industry will reach an operating revenue of $385.17 million by the end of 2028, with an expected CAGR of 5%. So, the direct sales market is still enormous!

But these companies are often dubbed straight-out scams, and many also follow the pyramid scheme, which is banned in the USA.

So, to find out the legit companies amongst the sea of MLM and pyramids, I decided to try some direct sales companies myself.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What Are Direct Sales Companies?

direct sales companies

Direct sales companies are those establishments that sell their products directly to consumers. And they appoint people looking for side hustle ideas as their independent contractors or brand advocates as a middleman.

These companies are not multi-level marketing campaigners or don’t offer pyramid schemes. However, some unique direct sales companies are now incorporating MLM models in their established selling channels.

Independent contractors or brand advocates of direct sales companies don’t have any fixed hourly wage. Instead, they generate profit through their qualified sales.

My Findings: Most direct sales companies pay around 25% to 50% commission to their agents. And they stay away from any unethical practices and false claims!

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Key Difference Between Direct Sales Business And Pyramid Scheme

At first glance, many direct sales companies look quite similar to MLM or pyramid schemes, as DS companies also offer a tiering system where anyone gets a commission when the people they recruited make a sale.

The pyramid scheme is an illegal side hustle banned in the USA and most other developed countries.

These companies don’t offer any actual product or service. Instead, they solely rely on subscription models, joining fees, and tiering systems.

You’ll only get paid when you recruit others and collect their subscription fees or joining fees on behalf of those pyramid scheme companies.

On the contrary, direct sales companies offer actual products and services. You’ll make a profit if you can sell those products to consumers through your own channels. But several best companies to sell for, right from home, now also offers MLM scheme to boost their expansion.

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Pros And Cons Of Direct Sales Companies

Although direct sales companies are completely different from MLM and pyramid scheme companies, there is no guarantee that you’ll make money by joining these establishments.

Like most other legit businesses, this business also has certain advantages and disadvantages.

  • You can start a full-scale business with just $50 to $100 worth of investment.
  • Offers flexible timing. You can kickstart from your home.
  • Offers comprehensive training and support to independent contractors.
  • Companies will take care of all the backend jobs, such as shipping, fulfillment, and after-sales support.
  • You don’t need to invest your time and money to make a new product.
  • You’ll start working for a recognized brand from the very first day.
  • Besides commission, you will earn incentives, bonuses, and rewards.

  • It is tough to distinguish between legit direct sales companies and MLM.
  • Not every person trusts direct sales companies. Many even call it a straight-out scam!
  • You’ll need exceptional networking and selling skills to flourish.
  • It is very difficult to push sales, especially if the product is mediocre.
  • Very difficult to retain customers.
  • You may need to keep an inventory (paid) in your place.


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How To Become A Direct Sales Consultant?

direct sales consultant

Becoming a direct sales consultant is among the best side hustle for stay-at-home moms, no doubt about that! And there are top direct-selling companies in the USA that provide money-making opportunities to moms, parents, side hustlers, and even retired persons.

You can easily become a Direct sales agent or consultant by following a few steps.

  • Step 1: Choose a company that matches your interest.
  • Step 2: Research the Direct sales company for its trustworthiness and payment terms.
  • Step 3: Select the products that you think you can promote.
  • Step 4: Make a comprehensive plan to promote the products through offline and online channels.
  • Step 5: Once you start generating sales, slowly build your inventory.

My Take: You must also consider the training and support factors while choosing the company. I even look for companies that give me a discount for personal shopping rather than just a commission for sales.


How Much Money Can You Make As A Direct Sales Consultant?

If you are looking for legit second job ideas, becoming a direct sales consultant can be a lucrative option. People who can generate sales through their networking skills can even make six digits.

According to a 2023 report by ZipRecruiter, the annual income of a direct sales agent now stands at $63,644 in the USA.

There are five ways to make money as a direct sales agent.

  • Commission from direct sales.
  • Tired commission on total sales a month or year.
  • Incentives and rewards for meeting sales targets.
  • Referral joining bonus for recruiting others.
  • Sales commission for recruit’s total sales.

Most companies offer a 25% commission on average. So, if you can generate $1,000 worth of gross sales in a week, your weekly income will be $250. And your monthly income will be $1,000.

Note: The earning potential of this job also depends on your demographic profile, as direct sales companies in the USA or Canada tend to pay more than in other countries.

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20 Legit & High-Paying Direct Sales Companies

I’ve personally researched at least hundreds of DS and MLM companies to make this direct sales companies list in 2023.

And my top recommendations are,


1. Avon

Landing page of Avon website.


  • Products: Beauty
  • Starter Kit: $25 to $100
  • Commissions: 40% discount on first order + 40% commission on sales
  • Target Audience: Women (mid-20s to mid-60s)
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Stay-at-home parents, Side hustlers

American-British beauty giant Avon came into the direct sales market in 1886. And since then, it has been providing non-phone WFH jobs to thousands of Americans.

They have an exclusive range of skincare, makeup, anti-aging, and wellness products. Although they witnessed a dip in their sales, Avon still touched $2.77 billion in yearly revenue in 2022.

Avon reviews - direct sales companies


You can sell both offline and online, as you’ll get a free Avon online store with your starter kit.


2. Amway

Homepage of Amway website.


  • Products: Beauty & Health
  • Starter Kit: $99.99 onwards
  • Commissions: 3% to 21%
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Housewives, Fitness enthusiasts

There is no denying that Amway is among the most profitable direct sales companies for women. Many even consider this a gateway to making $50K a year or more!

Amway is primarily geared toward beauty products and health supplements. But it has also started a range of home care products recently.

Amway reviews - direct sales companies


This company has a $76 registration charge. Besides, you can opt for a starter kit ranging from $99.99 to $245. With the latter one, you’ll get 10 full-sized products, free samples, and catalogs.


3. Tupperware

Landing page of the Tupperwear website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Kitchen storage containers
  • Starter Kit: $100
  • Commissions: Up to 35%
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Housewives

Tupperware is surely one of the best direct sales companies for moms, as they encourage women to host parties where they can display their food storage containers.

This company will give you free products to display at your party. But on the downside, you need to keep a small inventory all the time.



Tupperware now provides legit online works for housewives with a small investment. You can pay $39 in advance and the rest in two parts to get your starter kit.

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4. Mary Kay

Homepage of Mary Kay website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Beauty Products
  • Starter Kit: $100
  • Commissions: Up to 50%
  • Target Audience: Women
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Housewives, Beauty Influencers

If you are looking for direct sales companies that are not MLM, Mary Kay can be the best suit! You can generate money through sales even without recruiting others.

It is among the best jobs for pregnant women, as they can start selling without leaving their houses. And you can make around 25% to 50% commission while becoming their beauty consultant.

Mary Kay Reviews


Although Mary Kay is known for female beauty products, they have recently launched a men’s line for skincare and shaving.


5. Pampered Chef

Landing page of Pampered Chef website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Cooking accessories
  • Starter Kit: $149 to $249
  • Commissions: Up to 27% (individual), 33% (team)
  • Target Audience: Anyone who loves cooking
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Housewives, Chefs

Pampered Chef deals in kitchenware and follows a similar selling model to Tupperware. You need to host parties and display their unique products to generate sales.

However, this company now also offers a personalized online Pampered Chef store to make it easy job for lazy people to generate money.

Pampered Chef Reviews - direct sales companies


It is ideal for those who love cooking! Pampered Chef will give you party plans and products when you organize a cooking party at your place.


6. PartyLite

LKanding page of PartyLite direct sales company website.


  • Products: Fragrant & Candles
  • Starter Kit: $99
  • Commissions: Up to 25%
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Fragrance lovers, Influencers

PartyLite deals in easy things to make and sell in the fragrance category, such as candles and wax warmers. They also have other fragrant products.

The selling channel will depend on you, as they offer both offline and online sales support. You can even host a party to let others feel how good your house smells with their products.

PartyLite Reviews - direct sales companies


The best thing is that PartyLite lets you add more products for free to your starter kit if you reach $500 in sales in your first month.


7. Beachbody

Homepage of Beachbody website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Fitness programs & supplements
  • Starter Kit: $39.95
  • Commissions: Up to 25%
  • Target Audience: Fitness enthusiasts
  • Best Suited For: Fitness coach, Trainers

There are very few direct sales companies exist that are geared toward guys. And Beachbody is one such organization that focuses on men and their fitness products.

Besides health supplements, they also sell popular fitness and nutritional plans, such as P90X and 21-Day Fix. You need to work as a fitness coach and highlight their products to other fitness enthusiasts.

Beachbody Reviews


The only downside is that you need to pay a recurring fee of $15.95/month to remain as their fitness coach.


8. Thrive Life

Landing page of Thrive Life website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Gourmet Food, snacks, meal
  • Starter Kit: $100 and $220
  • Commissions: 10% to 20%
  • Target Audience: Foodies, Homemakers
  • Best Suited For: Food influencers, housewives, moms

I first found Thrive Life while searching for direct sales companies near me. By joining this company, you’ll get paid to eat, as they deal with frozen snacks, seasoning, dips, and sauces!

They also have an exclusive range of gourmet food. Selling for this company is relatively easy as there are millions of foodies out there (like me!).

Thrive Life Reviews


You not just make a commission for your sales but also get a cut for the sales generated by other people you recruit.


9. Thirty-One Gifts

Homepage of Thirty-One Gifts website.


  • Products: Home décor & improvements
  • Starter Kit: $99
  • Commissions: 25% and above
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Outdoor buffs, Influencers, Housewives

Thirty-One Gifts is a company that deals with various home décor, improvements, and accessories. From tote bags to pillows, from pillows to backpacks, they focus on various items.

You can make up to 40% commission with a minimum guarantee of 25%. But besides the $99 starter kit, you also need to pay a $14.95/month subscription fee.

Thirty-One Gifts


On the upside, Thirty-One Gifts will give you a personalized branded website for that subscription cost.


10. Tastefully Simple

Homepage of Tastefully SImple website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Meal kits
  • Starter Kit: $39.95 (+ $69.95 for meal kits)
  • Commissions: 15% to 40%
  • Target Audience: Working professionals
  • Best Suited For: Chefs, homemakers, moms

Meal kits are the new trend in the USA market, and Tastefully Simple tries to tap that! They offer time-saving meal kits that are delicious and nutrient-rich to ensure a complete diet.

It offers niche meal kits with specialty ranges, such as vegan, gluten-free, dairy-free, and for kids. And you can sell these kits through online and offline channels.

Tastefully Simple direct sales company reviews


It is probably among the very few direct sales companies that witnessed a boom after the post-pandemic situation.

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11. Scentsy

Homepage of Scentsy website.


  • Products: Aromatic items
  • Starter Kit: $99
  • Commissions: 20% to 25%
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Housewives, moms, stay-at-home parents

Who doesn’t love perfumes? I myself am a fan of free perfume samples of niche EDPs. And Scentsy matches my liking as they deal with awesome fragrance-related items.

From wax warmers to bathing kits, from essential oil diffusers to fabric deodorizers, Scentsy offers anything aromatic. You can host a party to showcase their products or can even sell those online.

Direct Sales Companies


With just a $10/month fee, this company offers a free branded website to kickstart your online business.


12. Gold Canyon

Landing page of Gold Canyon website.


  • Products: Aromatic items
  • Starter Kit: $200
  • Commissions: Up to 25%
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Housewives, moms, stay-at-home parents

Gold Canyon also deals with fragrant products like Scentsy. They sell candles, holders, wax warmers, essential oil diffusers, and a lot more!

With your starter kit, you’ll get samples of their best products and their tested business plans. And it offers up to 25% commission on direct sales through its Gold Canyon executives.

Gold Canyon Reviews


This company also has an MLM model where you’ll get a 10% commission for every sale generated by your recruits.


13. Young Living

Landing page of Young Living website.


  • Products: Essential oil and related
  • Starter Kit: Starts from $35
  • Commissions: 8% to 24%
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Housewives, moms, influencers

Besides DoTerra, Young Living is one of the only two direct sales companies that deal with essential oil on a huge scale. They also have an exclusive range of personal care items and herbal cleaning products.

You can buy a starter kit for as low as $35. But to get their best samples, you need to go with the $260 (including taxes) ones.

Young Living Reviews - Direct Sales Companies


You’ll get a flat 24% off on products you purchase and will make at least an 8% commission for the product you sell.


14. Stella & Dot

Landing page of Stella & Dot website.


  • Products: Fashion & accessories
  • Starter Kit: $99
  • Commissions: 20% to 35%
  • Target Audience: Women (Teen to mid-60s)
  • Best Suited For: Housewives, moms, fashion influencers

Ladies! If you love exquisite jewelry, handbags, designer clothing, and fashion accessories, Stella & Dot can be the best fit for you. They are a household name in the USA fashion industry.

People already love their products, so selling will be a lot easier, especially if you can tap the right target group. You can arrange truck shows at your place to display their items.

Stella & Dot Reviews


For every item you sell, you’ll get a minimum 20% commission. But yes, you need to be updated about the latest fashion and styling trends.


15. Paparazzi

Homepage of Paparazzi Accessories website.


  • Products: Jewelry
  • Starter Kit: $99 to $499
  • Commissions: Up to 45%
  • Target Audience: Women (Teen to mid-30s)
  • Best Suited For: Housewives, moms, fashion influencers

No, no, we are not talking about that paparazzi! Instead, if you are desperately searching for the best places to sell jewelry, Paparazzi is the company to try in 2023.

Almost all their jewelry costs a flat $5/product. Besides, they also have an exclusive kids’ line that comes in just $1/item.

Paparazzi Reviews


You can host a Paparazzi party at your place and display their unique jewelry. And for every item you sell, you’ll get up to 45% commission.


16. Traveling Vineyard

Homepage of Traveling Vineyard direct sales company website.


  • Products: Wine
  • Starter Kit: $179.99 (+ Shipping & taxes)
  • Commissions: Up to 35%
  • Target Audience: Wine lovers
  • Best Suited For: Wine testers, party hosts, Liquor influencers

Do you know that it is now even possible to get paid to drink beer and wine? Traveling Vineyard gives you a similar opportunity where you can make a decent profit by selling their exclusive wines.

As a wine consultant, you need to host wine-testing programs and small parties at your place. But try to invite wine lovers to secure guaranteed sales.

Travelling Vienyard Reviews


For a nominal charge of just $15.95/month, you can also get a free branded website to establish an online selling channel.

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17. Usborne Books

Homepage of Usborne website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Books & learning materials
  • Starter Kit: $75 to $125
  • Commissions: Up to 24%
  • Target Audience: Kids, teens, young adults
  • Best Suited For: Moms, grannies, book lovers

The 21st century is the era of newly emerging professions, as you can now even get paid to read books. And Usborne Books encourages people to develop their reading habits.

This company mainly offers direct sales opportunities to moms and grandparents who can implement reading habits in young kids.

Usborne Books Reviews


They sell learning modules and interesting books for toddlers to young adults. And with just $12 additional cost, you’ll get ten book catalogs with your starter pack.


18. Discovery Toys

Homepage of Discovery Toys website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Toys & learning modules
  • Starter Kit: $155
  • Commissions: Up to 34%
  • Target Audience: Kids, teens, young adults
  • Best Suited For: Moms, toy lovers, collectors, tutors

I got to know about this company while I was looking for the best places to sell beanie babies and other plush toys. Discovery Toys deals with kid-safe and premium toys.

This one also sells kid-powered learning products for teens and high schoolers. So, you can start your selling campaign right from your home.

Discovery Toys Reviews


Besides offering a commission of up to 34%, Discovery Toys also offers a flat 7% commission on the sales generated by the people you recruit.


19. BeneYOU

Landing page of BeneYOU website - direct sales companies


  • Products: Beauty products, wellness kits, supplements
  • Starter Kit: $29.95
  • Commissions: Up to 30%
  • Target Audience: Universal
  • Best Suited For: Women, Fitness enthusiasts, Wellness influencers

Selling beauty and wellness products is a fun job that pays well. And it is also the main theme of BeneYOU as they focus on health supplements, beauty products, and wellness kits.

It is also among the handful of direct sales companies that offer personalized websites. For just $10 a month, BeneYOU will secure your online presence and selling channel.

BeneYOU Reviews - Direct Sales Companies


They will also waive the $10/month fee for the first three months to encourage your sales model.


20. Beauty Counter

Homepage of Beauty Counter website- direct sales companies


  • Products: Beauty products
  • Starter Kit: $132 to $715
  • Commissions: 25% to 35%
  • Target Audience: Women (Teens to mid-50s)
  • Best Suited For: Moms, Housewives, Beauty influencers

You can make $50 fast and easily by selling fantastic skincare and cosmetic products. By becoming their brand advocate, you can fetch up to 35% commission.

Beauty Counter also promises to revolutionize the beauty industry, as they have banned 2,800 harmful chemicals from their ingredients.

Beauty Counter - Direct Sales Companies


There are more than 50K brand advocates in the USA alone who are now making a decent income. And with the starter pack, this organization also offers a branded website to boost online sales.


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10 New Direct Sales Companies That You Can Also Try

Homepage of LuLaRoe website - direct sales companies


Besides the 20 I’ve mentioned above, there are many other new direct sales companies that are also emerging in the USA market. And my top picks in this category are,

My Take: Commission slabs are not everything, although it is the most attractive part for any seller. But you also need to consider other initial costs, such as starter kit price and establishment cost.


How to Choose The Right Direct Sales Company For You?

You need to be extremely selective and should conduct extensive research while choosing any direct sales or MLM companies.

It is mandatory that you have a clear vision of how this company actually operates and what is the revenue model.

If they are focusing more on recruiting rather than sales, stay away! And follow some simple rules while choosing a company.

  • Select a sales niche in which you have some expertise.
  • Predetermine how much time you can allot to this profession.
  • Stick to those companies that have brand awareness and market reputation.
  • Choose only the products that you personally use or consume.
  • Decide how much you can invest and plan accordingly.
  • Once you start selling, maintain a good relationship with customers.

My Take: You can now also use online channels to sell your direct sales products. You can either have your own website or can use sites like craigslist to attract potential customers.

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Final Note

Direct sales companies are not bad, as you can even start a new career at 40 by becoming a consultant. But selecting the company to join can be a tough job. So, it is better to rely on actual user reviews and first-hand experiences.

Try to talk to some of its existing and previous consultants for insight. You must also check their presence on social media platforms to know if people are complaining about this company or not. So, look for every red flag to be on the safe side.



Is MLM illegal?

No, MLM or multi-level marketing is not illegal in the USA. It is strictly regulated and follows state and federal rules to operate within specific parameters.

However, it is banned in some parts of China and a few other countries. On the contrary, pyramid schemes are banned in most countries.


Can you work for multiple MLM companies at the same time?

Yes, you can work for multiple MLM or direct sales companies simultaneously.

However, there are some restrictions on cross-selling and cross-promotion. And these restrictions can vary from company to company.


What is the biggest MLM company in 2023?

With $8.1 billion worth of total sales last year, Amway is the biggest MLM company right now.

Herbalife comes second with $5.2 billion worth of total sales in the 2022 calendar year.


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