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32 Super Easy Things To Make And Sell Online From Home

Are you a creative soul? Do you love making things with your hands? If your answer is yes, then I’m sure that you know doing a craft or a DIY product. This is what I am going to talk about in this article. 

Do you know there are a huge market and demand for handmade goods out there? Then why not cash it by making and selling things?

Making money by doing the things we love is something that gives us the utmost satisfaction. And also one doesn’t feel bored or feels like working while doing it. Moreover, earning by doing the work we love doing creates a great work-life balance.

So if you have an interest in making handmade goods or crafts or DIYs or anything creative, then check out the list below to know which kind of things to make and sell. The list also includes things other than crafts because the talk here is all about creativity. So create anything and sell.


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Super Easy Things To Make And Sell

Most of us, when having an idea of selling something online several things run through our minds like what to make, how to make, where to sell, etc. I will give you details about all these later.

But the first thing that you should keep in mind is whatever you want to make, it must take less time and effort so that you can make them easily in bulk. Think! if a single piece itself is taking a lot of time, then how will you make them in bulk to sell and make profits?

Keeping this key point in mind, I prepared a list of things that you can make and sell online. All of them are easy and less time-consuming, and profitable to do.


1. Sew Clothes

If you are versed in sewing clothes, then there are a ton of varieties of clothing ranging from socks for newborns to designer clothes for brides to make and sell. You can choose the one apparel that you are good at sewing and start making money by selling online.


2. Carve Wooden Toys

Wooden toys are the most sort after to use as home decor or for children to play with. If you are good at carving miniatures, then this is a perfectly suitable craft for you to do and earn. You need not make big toys; small handy ones are enough and attractive.


3. Design Handmade Handbags

things to make and sell

Handbags are always key fashion accessories among women. They always look for new models. Handmade and Boho-style bags are a trend now. So why not try different materials and designs to make some trendy handbags?


4. Make Hair Accessories 

Hair accessories are hit products that you can make and sell online. Starting from hats, beaded hair clips, and bands to beautiful hairpins, buns, etc., you can make different hair accessories to sell and make profits.


5. Create Greeting Cards

Let that creativity in you flow out and make some adorable greeting cards. Handmade or personalized cards are always kickass; they touch the hearts of people receiving them. All you need is paper, pens, colors, decorative items, and loads of creativity. 


6. Print Logo T-Shirts

There are different t-shirt printing techniques, like screen printing or digital printing. Master any one of these techniques and start printing logos on t-shirts to sell. Since T-shirts are a staple fashion, you will always have a steady income flow.


7. Scented Candles

Candles are the majorly sold decoration items. In restaurants, Candlelight dinners, weddings, and parties and not candles always create the ambiance. So why not make candles at home and make a profit? All you need is some best wax-like palm wax or beeswax.


8. Customize Gift baskets

There are several events and festivals around the year. And gift baskets are the new gifting trend. So make gift baskets suitable for each occasion and sell them in your store. Trust me, you will not go wrong.


9. Shoot Videos Of Your DIYs

Do you know more than one DIY hack? And you are good in front of the camera? Then make videos teaching all the DIY hacks you know and post them on your youtube channel as they are the most viewed ones if you observe. 


10. Sew Pillows

People are after this seasonal pillow trend, where they keep changing pillows seasonally. So why not make cash out of this trend? Sew the most sought-after or attractive pillows and cushions with some stylish fabric and patterns.


11. Sell Your Art

If you are someone good at arts, painting, or drawing, then add a theme to it and start selling them. Let the world know your best creations, and who knows, you may end up with some other big creative deals through the process.


12. Printables

things to make and sell - printables

This is the same as the above one. Let your art be in everyone’s house. You can do this by digitally printing your creations and selling them. This is a great way you can keep making money without having to sell the original piece that is so precious to you.


13. String Beaded Jewelry

Beadwork is an art in itself. Do you know how to string beads together? then start making different jewelry using your beading needle, beads, thread, or wire. Beaded jewelry is always an eye feast and is also back to trend these days.

Modern outfits or traditional beaded jewelry are the ones used to compliment them lately.


14. Personalize Napkins

Napkins are great things to make and sell. However, you need not make the actual napkin. You just need to personalize them by sewing or printing, or painting according to the occasion and need.

This is a great idea, as customized napkins are one of the complimentary items that people are giving away on occasion these days.


15. Cook Dog Treats

There is a dog in almost every house these days. Cook dog food and publicize them, encouraging people to feed their pets healthily. And no one will ignore keeping their lovely pets healthy, and you create a market for your product.


16. Make Resin Jewelry At Home

Resin jewelry is my favorite jewelry item. How lovely they are!!?? They just keep your eyes locked on them. You can make them with different things like flowers, glitter, buttons, paper, colored sand, etc.

These are beautiful, and every piece remains unique, which is why resin jewelry attracts more customers.


17. Make Upcycled Items

Let nothing go in vain. Make use of that old and damaged wood or fabric or any other material and turn them into beautiful items like clips, pen stands, earrings, flower vases, bracelets, mobile holders, chains, etc. and sell them in your store. There is no limit to what you can upcycle.


18. Seasonal Festive Decoratives

Depending on the festival and the seasons, you can make decoratives at home and sell them in your store. Starting from sparkling baubles for Christmas to candies and eggs for easter, there is a whole range of decorative items that you can make at home.


19. Create Apps

Let the creative, techno-savvy in you take the lead. Create and sell apps from the comfort of your home to big brands or small businesses and make profits. Are coding skills on point? You are set for the game, don’t worry.


20. Manufacture Toiletries From Home

Starting from bath soaps to fresheners, shampoos, lotions, and bathroom cleaners to sanitizers, there are several toiletries that you can make easily and sell from home. Since these are daily needed items, your business will never go down.


21. Create Bath Bombs

things to make and sell - bathbombs

Who doesn’t like a soothing and refreshing bath after a long hectic day? People are head over heels for this product as they are the blessings that help you calm your body and also beautify your skin.

Mold and some fragrances, essential oils, moisturizing butter and oils, flower petals, and some glitters are all you need to make a bath bomb.


22. Design Planters

Make unique and beautiful planters with simple things like wood, glass jars, mugs, and any other material that your creativity can make from. Attract plant lovers and create a customer base for yourself to these planters. 


23. Customized Phone Cases

Use photos, flowers, glitters, text, or any other design and create attractive phone cases. You can make standard designs or personalize them for your customers according to their choice.

Everyone has a smartphone these days, and hence the market for phone cases is prevailing. People keep on changing phone covers and buying new ones, so you can have a profitable business for yourself if your designs have some aesthetic sense.


24. Make Key Chains From Wine Corks

Yes, why simply throw away the wine corks? Make key chains with them by painting them or gluing them with glitters or paper cuttings, etc. Key chains are always a good product to sell, and if you wish can try to make them with other materials too.


25. Sew Hot Handle Holders

All cooking freaks will be in your market with this product. Sew Handle holders of different designs for different utensils. A cloth near the stove is not durable, no matter how good quality it is. So hot handle holders are a thing for you to make and sell for profits.


26. Make Origami Bookmarks

There are many sorts of bookmarks that one can easily make from home. Of all the kinds, the most attractive ones are origami bookmarks. They are also cheap and easy to make. You can create a lot of models in this origami style and sell them in your store. All you need for this are colored paper, scissors, and glue.


27. Quirky Mirror Frames

Gather materials of all sorts like buttons, florals, leftover wood, colorful plastic spoons, glitter, seashells, etc, and make some quirky and unique mirror frames with each one of them. A mirror is something everyone uses, so this is also a great product to sell.


28. Handmade Clocks

Washi tape, wood, straws, pens, or simple white paper, you can make clocks with any of these materials. Clocks always have a place in everyone’s houses, so why not make money by selling them?


29. Sell Glass Pebble Magnets

Like Resin jewelry, glass pebble magnets are also my favs. But why not? How attractive and lovely they are! You can also customize them and sell them because these magnets have become great return gifts on any occasion.


30. Rope Fruit Bowls

Make Fruit bowls out of rope and paint or decorate them if you wish and sell them. Rope bowls are sustainable and leave no negative impact on the environment. Not only bowls, but you can also make bread baskets, vegetable baskets, shopping bags, etc with rope.


31. Homemade Coasters

You can make a variety of handmade coasters with different materials such as marble tiles, corks, cardboard, wood, or you can knit coasters out of wool, etc., and create a great collection for your store to display and sell.


32. Delicacies


What is a better thing than food to make and sell from home? If you are good at cooking and baking and can make delicious food, then there is a profitable delicacy to sell.

Cakes, Cookies, and Candies, can you imagine a party without them? Why late? let the cook in you cash this opportunity out.


So this is a list of a few easy and demanded products that you can make and sell for profit. However, if an idea isn’t sufficient, we should also know how to implement it. So let us now discuss how to set up a store for yourself to sell the items you made.


How You Can Setup A Store To Sell Your Handmade Goods?

You have an idea of what to make, but what about the question of how to sell it? A store or a shop is necessary to sell any product, whether offline or online. If you have a website beforehand, then no problem; you can set up your business on it. But what if you are completely new to the eCommerce game?

To help you with these many places on the internet, create a store for you easily. Of them, an easy one is Shopify. So let us see how simple and easy it is to start your store with this platform.


1. Decide The Product You Wish To Sell

The first and foremost step is deciding what to sell. I have given a list of things that you can make, choose one that is familiar or easy for you to do among them.

Or, if you have any other ideas for an easy and affordable product, you can make a start with it. Whatever you want to make, make sure that they suit your ability and interest. 


2. Name Your Shop/Product

Name is something that can change the game of your business. Some catchy and quirky names are the ones that can help you in the online selling business.

However, don’t waste too much time just thinking of the name. While it is one of the important things to do, there are many other important things to focus such as the quality of your product, your approach to customers, etc.

Just remember that the name of your shop/product should reflect the vibe and should be easy to pronounce.


3. Register Your Store For Free With Shopify

If you are a newbie, then Shopify is a great platform to start your store. You can save in your investment with their free service to set up a seller account. Everything from layouts to uploading pictures and product details is simple with this platform.

So without any second thought, register your shop name immediately while you get your other things ready.


4. Determine The Kind Of Business You Want To Run

You are responsible for your taxes as you are responsible for the revenue of your business. Handling taxes is not an easy deal, and you need to tackle this on your own.

So before deciding on the type of business, look into your local tax laws and choose the one that is flexible for you. Then you can easily decide if you want an LLC or a Sole Proprietor business, or some other model.


5. Go Sell!

That’s it! Once you are done with all the above things, you are ready to sell your products. Just focus on the quality of the product, manage your time, and advertise well.

Once you are doing well, you can even quit your full-time job and make your business the job of your dreams and live a fulfilling professional life.


Some Other Platforms That Can Help You Set Up a Store

Many other eCommerce shopping sites are also ready to host a store for you. However, they require you to pay a commission for your sales to them. Shopify is also no exception to this. And why not when they are helping you out create a store for you online?

Here is the list of some big and popular shopping hosts which are the best for beginners or anyone who wants to sell online.

And many more. You can know more about these platforms by visiting their websites.


Pros And Cons Involved

When you start a business, no matter what it is, there will be upsides and downsides to it. Only the one who takes advantage of the benefits and learns to cope with the cons becomes successful and consistent in their work.

Making and selling homemade goods also involves certain pros and cons to be discussed. They are as follows.


  • Making more money through your hobby.
  • Enhance your creativity while earning through it.
  • You are your boss.
  • Sell and change the inventory on your terms.
  • Many opportunities to sell your goods(online market and physical market).


  • Not as easy as it sounds.
  • It requires more time than we imagine.
  • Fluctuating Income.
  • Tax handling issues like whether to charge the customers for tax or not.
  • Sometimes you may feel monotonous.
  • Framing a proper return policy.

These are some of the benefits and drawbacks that you need to face in this business. But as I said, you must be able to make more of the pros and learn to handle the cons for a smooth experience.



So this was all about what I had to tell you regarding the things to make and sell. I hope this helps you to find a reliable idea for your handicraft business. You can choose any of the products from the above list to make and sell in your shop.

However, not one, but it is recommended to sell more than one item to create a huge customer base and keep your finances flowing. You can also sell seasonal items and run occasional offers to attract more customers.

Feel free to share your thoughts about the handicrafts business and the products you sell, if any.


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