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30 Websites To Find Freelance Editing And Proofreading Jobs

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Do you have good language skills? Can you spot the typo errors while reading stuff? Then, lots of editing and proofreading jobs are waiting for you.

Online proofreading jobs are very high in demand as the number of websites and online content is increasing rapidly every day.

To get hired as a proofreader or editor, you just need to have good language skills. If you are a major English person, then these jobs are in your hands.

What To Do In Editing Jobs?

Even though both editing and proofreading jobs are looks similar, there are few differences in both the jobs.

Editing is meant to bring the changes in the overall cohesive structure of content. This job mainly deals with changing sentence structure and writing style.

What To Do In Proofreading Jobs?

Proofreading a job is quite different and easier than the editing job. As a proofreader, you need to correct spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, and punctuations in the content.


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Why Companies Hire Editors and Proofreaders?

Every day, so many new and existing companies are entering into the Internet world. These companies mainly publish content on their platforms and some social media platforms to get engaged with the audience.

With these increasing numbers, lots of other opportunities like online writing jobs, virtual assistance jobs, freelancing services, proofreading, and editing jobs are also increasing for work at home people.

Let’s check the best companies that offer editing and proofreading jobs for work at home people.


Platforms To Find Editing And Proofreading Jobs:


1. Upwork:

Upwork is a great platform to make money by offering your freelance services from home. You will find editing and proofreading jobs every day. You can choose the best offers and bid to get the deals.

Find Freelance Proofreading and editing jobs at Upwork. Visit Now.


2. Freelancer:

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer is also a popular platform to find freelance jobs. Freelancer also lists freelance proofreading jobs on their platforms. You can browse offers and bid to get hired.

Check the Proofreading jobs at Freelancer now. Visit Now.


3. Indeed:

Indeed helps you to get paid to proofread and edit content for their clients. On average, This platform pays $25 per hour for proofreading and editing professionals.

Visit and register at Indeed today.


4. PureContent:

PureContent hires freelance writers and editors as well. If you are interested in both the jobs, you can apply for both.

Apply for PureContent here and start making some bucks from this platform.


5. Scribe Media:

This website hires people for editing books and other stuff. Previously this website named as Book in a Box.

Scribe media hire editors and proofreaders when job positions are open. You can make up to $3000 per month from this platform.

Register today at Scribe Writing.


6. American Journal Experts – AJE:

Americal Journal Experts platform hire people for providing various content services like editing, proofreading and more. This platform has various opportunities in different niches.

A few topics demand you to have a college degree to join as an editor or proofreader. You can apply if you currently pursuing a college degree.

Visit and browse the job at AJE now.


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  3. OpinionCity (Up to $100 per survey & browse all high-paying offers at one place.)
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7. Cactus Communications:

This platform hires people who completed a Ph.D. or any other graduate degree. You still can apply, if you have any professional experience in editing.

Visit Cactus Communications today and apply.


8. Fiverr

Fiverr is another great platform to sell your freelance gigs online. Basically, most of the services on this platform are starts at $5. You can demand more when you have good reviews and ratings.

If you are completely new to proofreading or editing career, then Fiverr will give you a good start. Later you can fix your own prices.
Signup and Create your service gigs today at Fiverr.


9. Wordy:

Wordy hires freelance editors and proofreaders to provide online proofreading and copy-editing services to their clients.

You can register directly on their platform to join as a freelance editor. Their services are currently being updated. Once it has updated, you can start working with Wordy.


10. OneSpace:

OneSpace offers both editing and proofreading jobs. This site pays you instant payments through PayPal for every completed task.

Along with major tasks, you can make more money by doing data entry tasks. Signup for OneSpace now.


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11. Hello Essay:

HelloEssay mainly focuses on edit or proofread academic related essays. You need a college degree to get accepted by this website.

This website is a more flexible opportunity for college students who want to make money working online. Become an editor at Hello Essay today.



This platform allows you to work on your own hours. Payments are also good and higher than other platforms.

To start working with ProofreadingServices company, you need to pass a screening test. If you pass the test, you can make money more than any other platform by proofreading content. welcomes freelance proofreaders from all over the world. You need good English skills.


13. Edit 911:

Edit 911 hire people who have a Ph.D. in English or any related field with professional skills as a published writer. This company offer proofreading and editing services for authors, business and more. Join Edit 911 if you are eligible.


14. Proofread Now:

This platform asks you to have at least 5 years of experience and also have to pass several tests to get accepted. Openings here are also occasional. They will hire you to proofread their client’s files and stuff.

Apply for ProofreadNow.


15. Book-Editing:

This platform hires editors and proofreaders to modify books on different topics. They occasionally have openings. Signup here.


16. Domaniate:

Domaniate doesn’t demand any college degree to become an editor. With a simple test, you can be part of the company.

Apply for Domaniate today.


17. Proofreading Pal:

You must be a graduate or a current graduating student to get accepted by Proofreading Pal. This website pays you big bucks for proofreading documents and books.

You can earn up to $3000 per month working with Proofreading Pal. Signup today and start working.


18. Guru:

Guru is also a similar platform like Upwork and Freelancer. You can open a free account and browse the available jobs on their platforms.

It has different categories of topics for editors and proofreaders. Signup for Guru here.


19. Writer’s Relief:

Writer’s Relief is a popular platform for freelance editors and proofreaders. It offers services like editing documents, books, and other stuff for their clients.

The website accepts less than 5% of people who applied for a job at their company. Only selected candidates are allowed to work.

Apply for Writer’s Relief today.


20. Scribbr:

Scribbr services are limited to a few countries like the US/UK/Canada/Australia. You must be a native English speaker to join this company.

Apply here for Scribbr if you are eligible for this company.


21. FlexJobs:

FlexJobs is a great platform to find freelance editing and proofreading jobs online. But you need a Paid membership at their website to browse these jobs. This costs you around $15 per month.

This investment is worthy when you are a serious job seeker every day. You can find legit deals every day. You can cancel membership if you don’t like their service. Join FlexJobs today.


22. LifeTips:

This website hires editors to help them to edit the books and content from their clients. These clients are generally authors who write about Life Tips. You can join at LifeTips here for free.


23. IXL Learning:

IXL Learning is an education-related platform that hires freelance proofreaders occasionally. Sometimes, this platform also hires freelance writers too.

Check and apply for IXL Learning if you are interested.


24. Kirkus Media:

This platform hires people with experience and also take a test from applicants before accepting them. Kirkus media offer to edit services for authors and writers.

Try Kirkus Media if you are an experienced editor.


25. PeoplePerHour:

PeoplePerHour is an online marketplace for freelance job seekers. You can browse the editing or proofreading jobs posted by writers on this platform.

Signup and browse the available freelancing jobs for you.


26. Managed Editing:

You must have at least 3 years of editing experience to join as an editor at the Managed Editing platform. You need to edit or proofread education-related stuff.

This platform pays you on an hourly base. Check more about Managed Editing here.


27. Enago:

This company hires freelance editors from all countries. You must have a college degree and previous experience as an editor to join.
Check more about Enago here.


28. Sibia Proofreading:

Only native English speakers are eligible to apply for an editor job at SibiaProofreading. You also should have previous experience.
Read more about Sibia Proofreading If you are eligible.


29. Grammar Chic:

Grammar Chic offers editing, proofreading, and other content services to its clients. They occasionally hire editors to fill out vacant positions at their company.

Visit Grammar Chic today and get hired if they have open positions.


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Here we are at the end of the article. This is the list of 30 best websites that offer editing and proofreading jobs to freelancers around the world. Hope this list helps you to get side hustles from home.

Leave a comment below or contact me if you have any other queries about this list or about the companies listed above. I am always happy to help you.


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30 websites to find proofreading and editing jobs
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