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15 Genuine Entry-Level Jobs At Home With No Experience (2024 Update)

From recent college graduates to stay-at-home moms – many people, who want to have financial freedom, take up entry-level jobs at home.

It is a necessity to start the journey of financial independence from entry-level jobs until you gain the expertise to apply for higher positions. Besides, entry-level jobs are also necessary to build a strong resume.

Most of these beginner-level jobs also offer great flexibility to work timings. So, everyone can take up these jobs as a side gig or even as their full-time gig without facing any trouble.

Even students can make money while performing these types of jobs without jeopardizing their education. Basically, entry-level jobs are the kind of work that suits almost all people of all age groups.

Today, we are discussing 15 genuine entry-level jobs at home that require no experience and yet pay you decent hourly pay rates. So without making any delay, let’s get started!


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What Are The Basic Requirements of These Jobs?

Entry-level jobs don’t demand any special requirements. Besides, you can take up these jobs right after completing high school or after completing your graduation degree.

Most of these jobs don’t actually require any specific educational background. Most of these jobs require you to have a high-speed internet connection, along with an updated computer.

Besides, several jobs, like customer support, also need you to have audio equipment. You can now also use your smartphone or even your iPad to do these jobs.


What Are The Benefits of Working Online?

First of all, you don’t need any previous experience to do these types of jobs. For any entry-level job, companies never want to test their candidates in terms of experience. Instead, they judge the quality according to the candidate’s skills and education.

Most companies don’t need you to have any specific educational background or criteria, either, to apply for these entry-level jobs.

However, you should have at least a high-school degree to be considered for any entry-level projects. Nowadays, you need to have good communication skills to enter any job field.

And for entry-level jobs, it is an absolute necessity. Most companies will judge your conversation and presentation abilities. Besides, added expertise like good typing skills can be an advantage for any new applicant.


15 Genuine Entry Level Jobs At Home

There are now many companies that offer entry-level jobs. But finding legit websites that will actually pay you money after the project is quite difficult.

So, we have tried and tested several websites and platforms to make this list of entry-level jobs.


1. Vindale Research

Earning from the online survey is one of the best entry-level jobs at home because it doesn’t require any experience.  And Vindale Research offers this opportunity to the citizens of the USA, Europe, and Australia.

They have paid more than $7 million to its registered members since its establishment. A short survey on this platform can make you around $0.25.

However, you can earn as high as $50 per survey depending on the length and difficulty of that particular survey. This company now also has a great referral system where you can earn $5 per joining.


2. SurveyJunkie

If you are looking for genuine platforms that offer the highest-paying online surveys, then Survey Junkie is one of the best options for you.

Since its establishment, it has already paid millions of dollars in rewards. And they offer this opportunity to enthusiastic people from many countries around the world.

A typical survey can earn you around 100-500 points on this platform. However, you can earn much more depending on the type of survey.


3. AnySubjectBooks

Many of you like to read books during your spare time. And now, you can turn this favorite pastime into cash on an amazing platform called AnySubjectBooks.

This is actually a review site that wants you to give your valuable opinion about a particular book that they will assign to you.

They don’t want you to make any synopsis to just point out the good thing about the book. This website genuinely wants you to point out the flaws of the book.

A typical book review can earn you as high as $60, although it depends on the book type. You can easily join their team of reviewers as it takes a few minutes to complete.

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4. ClickNWork

Without any doubt, ClickNWork provides some of the best entry-level jobs at home. This home-based freelance agency mainly specializes in customer service-related projects.

However, you can also take up market research, consultancy, and web development projects through this platform.

You can easily take this as a full-time profession, as this platform offers various types of projects. The final payout depends on project length and type.

However, you can make around $10 per hour while working for this platform. Right now, they accept members from all over the globe.


5. Contemporary VA

Virtual assistants will soon become the new bitcoin of the global job market. And this sector has already started to provide some of the highest-paying entry-level jobs at home.

Contemporary VA is one such company that offers virtual assistance jobs to its members from all over the globe.

Starting from booking a table at a restaurant to fixing an appointment with dentists, virtual assistance jobs can be anything that can be done via the internet or telephone.

The good this is that you have absolutely no need to stress over the number of VA projects while working with this company, as they have already provided around 300k hours of assistance.


6. Cactus Global

If you have a good grip on the English language or have excellent proficiency in any foreign language, then CactusGlobal can give you the best money-making opportunity.

Starting from translation to editing, this company now provides high-paying projects to its freelance members.

You will get preference if you have any previous experience, although this company doesn’t strictly require any previous knowledge.

This website mainly focuses on medical communication writing. So, it will give you an edge if you are accustomed to medical terms. Right now, they offer competitive rates to their freelance members.


7. VoiceLog

Working as a customer support agent can be an ideal option if you have good communication skills. And to those talented youngsters, VoiceLog now offers high-paying customer support projects.

They now offer a minimum base rate of $8.50 per hour to all of their freelance agents. And the best thing is that you can apply from any corner of this planet.

This company offers great work-timing flexibility as you can choose up to a 6-hour shift. You need to have good communication skills, along with the capability to multitask, to get selected.

You also need to have an updated computer with audio equipment and high-speed internet connectivity to start this job.


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8. Avant Page

Many people have a good grip over a foreign language besides English. And for such people, AvantPage offers one of the best entry-level jobs at home.

If you understand the translation industry well, then this job can be a lot easier for you. Besides, the translation projects also make more money than any other projects for freelancers.

This company now specializes in translation services in more than 150 different languages.

So, you can apply for projects if you know almost any language. They don’t have any fixed rate yet, as the final payout will vary from project to project basis.


9. IXL Learning

It is not difficult to make a good amount of money by editing or proofreading content. However, you do need to have a keen eye for pointing out and correcting errors.

And now, IXL Learning offers this opportunity to freelance editors from all over the world. They have already solved more than 50 million queries that they received from 7 million students.

They now have a strong presence in more than 190 countries all over the globe. The application procedure is simple, although you may need to go through some writing and aptitude tests before the final selection.

According to recent statistics, the full-time workers of this platform earn up to $92,620 per year.


10. Way With Words

Since its establishment in 2002, WayWithWords has made its name in the transcription market. Besides, it has also made its name as one of the best platforms for freelance transcribers where they can get competitive rates.

Moreover, they are probably among the only websites that offer freelance transcription jobs all over the world.

The base rate of their transcription projects starts at $0.45 per audio or video minute. However, it can go as high as $1.73 per audio or video minute, depending on the difficulty of the project.

You need to have a good grip over the English language. Besides, they want you to have a good typing speed to get selected.


11. Cambridge Proofreading & Editing

Cambridge Proofreading & Editing now has more than 50k clients from every corner of the world. Headquartered in Chicago, this company has already processed more than 150k documents since its establishment.

And now, they have made their name as one of the best proofreading service providers all over the world.

Joining this company is quite easy as you need to fill up a simple form, along with submitting your updated resume.

Currently, this company offers a base rate of around $20 per hour to their freelance agents. However, it can go as high as $30 per hour with increased experience.


12. VerbalInk

It is not difficult to earn quite a good amount of money from entry-level jobs at home. But, you do need the help of websites like VerbalInk that offer genuine projects to freelance workers.

Since its establishment, it has made its name for providing the best translation, transcription, and editing services.

Besides having a strong flair for writing, you also need to have good knowledge of English grammar, punctuation, and syntax to make any document error-free.

Moreover, you need to have a good typing speed. Right now, this company offers a base rate of around $1.5 per audio minute to its members.


13. Great Escape Publishing

If you love to travel and want to publish your travelogue, then GreatEscapePublishing can give you the best opportunity. It will not just give you the platform to showcase your travel stories but can also make you money.

Right now, this company offers around $50 per travel story. However, you can earn as high as $200 per travel story if you are talented enough.

Besides travel stories and travelogues, this website also buys travel photos. So, you can make some money by selling your travel photos along with your unique travelogue. Right now, they accept content from all over the globe.


14. Alorica At Home

If you have strong communication skills and a passion for customer support, then Alorica At Home is the ideal option for you. It provides one of the best platforms for entry-level jobs at home.

However, this company currently accepts members strictly from the United States. You should have a minimum qualification of a GED degree before you can apply.

Formerly known as West at Home, this company currently pays around $9 per hour to its customer support agents. However, it can go higher with increased experience. This company also assures great flexibility of work timings.


What Are The Challenges Of These Beginner Level Jobs

It is not possible to make a massive amount of money with entry-level jobs. This job is for you to gather enough expertise so that you can apply for higher positions and earn the amount of money that you are dreaming of.

You need to invest quite a good amount of time in learning the inside knowledge of any industry you are actually getting into.

So, you need to invest your time to learn whatever comes in your way of working and make good use of those things.


Some Alternate Jobs For Beginners To Work At Home

The jobs that we have mentioned in this list are entry-level jobs that anyone can do without any experience.

But, if you have some previous experience or any specialized skills and are looking for well-paying jobs that can take away your financial worries, then you have different home-based job options to choose from.

Typing Jobs

If your typing speed is above 50 words per minute, then you should go for typing jobs.

Various companies now offer these projects to freelancers from all over the world. You can easily make around $5-$10 per hour just by taking typing as a full-time profession.


Your hands must work in sync with your ears if you want to take transcription as your profession. Besides, you also need to have a good typing speed.

Right now, there are several companies that offer these projects. And, you can expect around $10 per hour.


If you have a good grip over any other language besides English, then you should take translation projects as your full-time profession.

Right now, a good translator can easily make around $20 per hour. Besides, you will have enough flexibility in your work hours.


Some Important FAQs

How much money can we expect as a beginner?

For any kind of entry-level job, the earning potential is less than the income from specialized work.

But even then, you can expect a base rate of around $5-$8 per hour. This rate can go higher if you have specialized skills or experience.


Can we take this as a full-time profession?

Yes, you can definitely take this as a full-time profession. However, you can also take this solely as a side gig.

And the overall earnings will depend on the number of hours you are actually investing in these types of projects.


Do we need to pay any registration fees?

Most of the companies that offer entry-level jobs don’t require you to deposit any registration fee.

However, there are few companies, especially in the United States, which may need your background verified. And for that, they often charge a small fee.



So, these are the genuine and legit entry-level jobs at home that you can start immediately.

We hope that you don’t have any other doubts regarding this topic.

So, what are you waiting for? Start earning today!

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