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What Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs & How To Find Them?

Do you know there are envelope stuffing jobs? We all might have come across envelopes at some point or the other in our lives. We stuffed our own envelopes for personal use, But do you know the fact that some companies pay you for doing so?

Yes! By stuffing envelopes, you can earn real money. But how? Are they legit? How much can we earn? these are a few questions for us to start with.

Basically, Envelopes are as important as the message we are passing through them; They are the medium that acts as a package. Envelopes have the nature of introducing personality to the receiver. 

How advanced our communication is heading to doesn’t matter; paper representation never fades off its domination. Envelopes progress that domination. So there is no wrong thing about paying people who stuff our envelopes. So, getting into more details, Firstly;


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What Is An Envelope?

For those who have a minimum idea of the envelope and its importance, this is for you. The envelope is just a common packing item. As the envelope is mainly used to enclose paper documents, it is specially made of thin and flat material. This mainly resembles a letter or a card.

Old or standard envelopes are mainly cut into three different shapes like a short-arm cross, a kite, and a rhombus. This is done in order to enclose in a particular manner to hide the matter without an outside view.

The traditional envelope was first started by two people at different times. Jacques de Morgan, in 1901, and Roland de Mecquenem, in 1907. They are first developed in China. Archeological departments find envelopes are even used in the ancient age(Quite different from present age envelopes).

But when coming to the modern envelope, it started in the early 1900s. 


Envelope Types

There are different types of envelopes; everyone has their own purpose. They are as follows:

1. A-Style

A-Style square fold envelopes basically fall under the social declaration class of envelopes and normally have a square fold structure.

These envelopes are most ordinarily made with content-weight papers and arrive in a wide scope of hues and surfaces.

A-style envelopes can be utilized for solicitations, littler handouts, booklets, and limited timepieces, just as business writing material, for a one-of-a-kind premium look.


2. Baronial

Baronial envelopes basically have pointed flaps with a variety of sizes, textures, and colors. These envelopes are used for social and commercial purposes.


3. Square Envelope

The name itself says the shape and nature of this envelope. Square envelopes are mainly used for advertising, making announcements, special greetings, and even invitations.


4. Booklet Envelope

These are important envelopes in which they have a side opening and the standard fold style. This helps in automatic insertion. Booklet envelopes likewise accompany a strip and seal or square fold to fit any extended prerequisites.

Heavy-duty mailing and shipping can be done by using them. Sales materials, Marketing brochures, Definite reports, and Annual reports are a few examples.


5. Catalog Envelope

When you need to send documents of more weight, like presentation documents or project reports, then this could be the best alternative. They have strong center support, which helps them to hold more weight than the regular envelope.


6. Commercial Envelope

The name itself indicates there is more of a commercial purpose. They have unique shapes and sizes.

Commercial envelopes are mainly designed to serve as the best choice for sending invoices, checks, important messages, emails, and also bank statements. They hold diagonal seams.

There are 3 types of commercial envelopes available in the market:

  1. Policy Flap Commercial Envelope
  2. Square Flap Commercial Envelope
  3. Dimension Length Wise International Commercial Envelope(DL International)

If you are looking to join in Envelope Stuffing Jobs, you must be aware of all the envelope types and the purpose they serve. We hope the above details help you through.


What Exactly Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

Everything has a procedure in the same way. If you look to send a message offline by using post, you need to enclose it in an envelope, and a proper stamp must be attached. 

There are different name titles entitled to the person who involves in envelope stuffing jobs, But eventually, all you have to do is enclose the envelope. 

When coming to the job title, they can term you as a mailroom clerk, Office assistant, Enve Stuffer, etc. Since the evolution of envelopes, There has been a remarkable increase in the demand for envelope stuffers.

As we already know, the envelope is as important as the message. Even after the massive mechanization, Companies and entities know only humans can do this job effectively to cross-check the minimal details clearly. 

These cross-checks may involve checking whether the package is enclosed properly, Making sure the message is not visible from the outside, proper stamp attachment, etc.

When you choose to work from home in the field of envelope stuffing jobs, all you need to do is collect the documents as a person and enclose them in a respective envelope, depending upon their nature.

Then this enclosed envelope should be properly named, and required stamp should be attached and later posted. All you should possess is proper knowledge and patience.


Where To Find Companies That Offer Envelope Stuffing Jobs

After knowing the real details behind the envelope stuffing jobs, If you are interested in starting your side gig. You must be aware of where to find these jobs.

When you are looking for opportunities, they are never in fewer numbers, but the sources to find them are. So you need to go through thorough research before opting for it. 

Most envelope stuffing jobs are contract-based, So no companies offer huge recruitment, and you can be fired at any time. So choosing this as full-time can be risky. 

But, most companies require envelope stuffers. The most reliable source to find them is:

  • Newspaper
  • Local Magazines
  • Companies’ Portfolio of Careers
  • Job Listing Websites like and Simply Hired, etc.


Earning Potential Of Envelope Stuffing Jobs

Envelope stuffing earnings may vary along with the companies and the amount of work you do. Your payscale mainly depends on the number of envelopes you stuffed.

Most of the companies, on average, claim they offer $500-$1000 per week on rigorous work, But most of them remain fraud.

But when you really find the legit envelope stuffing jobs from the sources we mentioned above, check with the notification they published. And decide whether it is your cup of tea or not. 

On average, you will hardly be paid $0.35 per envelope you stuffed. And can be additionally charged on the wrongly dealt envelope. You must take the utmost care when you wrap them as they contain important messages and documents.

You can earn additional incentives on pick-and-ship envelopes and hikes depending on the shifts and efficiency of your work. 



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Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs Legit?

Due to high mechanization, Manual jobs are highly affected, and most people are left unemployed. People tend to surf the net to find jobs of various kinds.

One of the kinds is envelope stuffing jobs. Many fraudsters are catching this opportunity and cashing out by assuring the job to these people. 

Most companies mainly focus on the cost-benefit analysis than efficiency when coming to envelop handling. For this reason, they stop hiring people for this or only recruit on a short-term contractual basis.

Even after recruiting you were not prioritized for payments, You may find difficulties in receiving payments on time. 

If you choose to work remotely, Picking, Delivering, and taking care of stamps all serve you an additional burden.

Never ever get in the trap of assurance of these jobs with the high pay scale. Just remember one thing scope of this job is very less, How companies can offer you high pay that can cause additional charges on their financial pocket?

Make research and background check on the company you are about to be hired. Reviewing the reviews of the precious employees is as important as receiving your payments. 

And finally, our say on these jobs is: Yes! They are legit but the scope and opportunities are very less. You may hardly find them. 


Pros and Cons Of Envelope Stuffing Jobs

Every job has its own pros and cons. You must balance the sheet of both and decide whether to choose this as your career option or not.

When coming to the Envelope stuffing jobs we are listing out pros and cons and you balance your sheet and decide.


Pros Of Envelope Stuffing Jobs

  • Envelope stuffing jobs are easy to work.
  • No work burden and pressure.
  • You can work flexible hours.
  • One can work remotely.
  • Even plan as Part-time.
  • No experience is required.

Cons of Envelope Stuffing Jobs

  • Inconsistent payments.
  • High potential to turn into a scam.
  • Very low pay rates.
  • Very fewer opportunities.
  • Work may be boring
  • Fewer standards and no job security.
  • Fraudsters can lure your money.


Best Alternatives For Envelope Stuffing Jobs

When you are up to this section, then you might have decided to choose between these jobs or not. For people who stood on their stand to work in envelope stuffing jobs all the very best for your path.

Look after the best opportunities from the sources we mentioned and start working to make real cash. And this section is especially for the people who decided to choose alternatives for envelope stuffing jobs.

There is no job which is less or more. All it matters is our interest and passion. Maybe some jobs are not of interest. Then this is the right thing to find the best alternatives for that. 

So here are a few alternatives where you can start and make money in the instant.


1. Flipping Business

If there are some jobs to be mentioned where no experience is required, there comes to the list the Flipping Business. Here no experience is required, but all you have to do is proper research and the potential of the products you are about to be flipping. 

Flipping is nothing but the purchase of a product or an asset on the thought of selling in a short time to make instant profits. Here you can flip any items to make some instant profits.

But you must know the sources where you need to purchase and sell without losing your hard-earned money. The best thing to do is to start with less investment and more background research.

Check out how this couple has made $120,000 in just one year by flipping items online.

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2. Transcription Jobs

Transcription jobs are nothing but converting speech into text. Interesting right? They are easy as well. 

If you have confidence in your listening skills and grammatical knowledge, this job is for you. Along with those skills, you also need to hold good typing speed and great penning down the ability to cope with the nature of this job.

Opportunities in this field are high; You can find many sources and work with real and legit payments. Don’t get trapped by fraudsters. Choose legit sources to find your transcription jobs.

If you are a beginner but serious about transcription, then I recommend this FREE mini Transcription course to speed up your earnings within 30 days.

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3. Virtual Assistant Jobs

Virtual assistant jobs are in high demand in the corporate sector due to the paucity of time. This is mostly of self-employed nature where the work mainly of a managerial type of assistance to customers while working outside of the customer’s office.

A virtual assistant normally works from a home office however can get to the essential arranging archives, for example, shared schedules, calendar schedules, etc.

You may not have experience working for small companies. But all you have to acquire is patience, efficiency, and time sense. Have a look at this course if you want to start earning as a virtual assistant within the next 30 days.

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4. Bookkeeping Jobs

Where comes the responsibility, there comes the interest. Budgeting is the most important factor for any entity or individual to grow financially. This budgeting mainly depends on the accounting of the company. 

Every company needs bookkeepers to keep its expenses and revenues in check.  So the scope for bookkeepers is very high with decent pay rates. All you have to do as a bookkeeper is to maintain the financial records of the entity you were hired for.

Be conscious and cautious while making notes of financial tracks. Here is a useful course to learn more about Bookkeeping.

Do Check: 13 Best Bookkeeping Jobs That Pay Up to $60 Per Hour.


Frequently Asked Questions On Envelope Stuffing Jobs(FAQs)


Can you work from home for Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

Absolutely Yes! You can be hired as an envelope stuffing agent remotely by many companies. But make sure your employer is legit, and you get timely payments.


Are Envelope Stuffing Jobs Scam?

Yes! There is a high possibility for them to turn into scams.  As we already mentioned in the article above, due to the high mechanization scope for these jobs turned low.

Where fraudsters are catching this chance and making money by fake luring of job assurances. Make sure you won’t get into that trap.


What Is The Nature Of Scam Involved In Envelope Stuffing Jobs?

If someone is a rising request to know more about your details and the job nature, That is the point to be concerned about. This can be identity theft and can be used for various bad causes further.

Fake payments are another nature of scams involved here. You may receive a paycheck that is of no value. They make you work all the time and give you fake checks. 

Money laundering is another major scam. They urge money to offer you a job. No legit company asks for payments to employ you. 


How to Find Legit Companies?

If some companies promote on official websites like press and government job display websites, you can trust them. But reviewing even these companies is important. 

If you cannot find the legit things in your favorite section of jobs, choose the best alternative. Something is better than nothing. There are very opportunities for hard workers. Hunt for the best and leave the rest!



Finding a favorite, best, and most reliable job is what we want. But there is the most possibility of getting into traps on the ways to find them.

Involve in skill development, And invest in your knowledge. This is the best investment you can ever make. With this, you can ramify what is suitable for you and whatnot.

Not every company that offers jobs is legit, nor are they a fraud. This thing mainly and completely depends on your vision and knowledge to choose the best by striking out the fraud.


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