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Fancy Hands Review 2024 – Make Up To $15/Hr. As a Virtual Assistant

What could be a best place than home for work where you can create your own working environment and also can manage your time effectively?

Working from home is the most desired job for many people. Changing the nature of the jobs, there is increased demand for them, and with so many home-based jobs to choose from, one of the most common and best work-from-home jobs is a ‘Virtual Assistant.’

It is a kind of job that is open to anyone, regardless of any educational qualification or experience.

If you’re going to search on Google for virtual assistant job opportunities, you will be left with a lot of options within a few seconds.

This is because of the increasing demand for this field, and in a lot of businesses today, whether they are small or big, hiring a virtual assistant has become mandatory thing to them.

However, of many online sites that provide home-based work opportunities, one of the most popular ones is Fancy Hands. This is a company that provides virtual assistant services to many businesses.

Today, we’re going to review what Fancy Hands is, what it is all about, and whether it is really worth your time or not.


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About Fancy Hands

fancy hands review

Founded in 2010 by Ted Roden, Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant company located in New York City. offers virtual assistance services. This website is specially comprised of US-based virtual assistants.

Basically, this company hires individuals to work as virtual assistants to complete simple tasks for clients. And for every completed task, clients pay money as per the deal.

Unlike other virtual assistant companies, Fancy Hands offers request-based services to its customers. So, they have the option to choose the services plan according to their requirement instead of fixed monthly fees.


What Does It Take To Become a Fancy Hands’ Virtual Assistant?

If you’re interested in becoming a part of Fancy Hands’ Pool of virtual assistants, then you need to have some requirements, which include:

  • Excellent communication skills. Because in this role, you need to communicate with different people on the client’s behalf. Here, you will serve as a representative of the client; thus, you need to have excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  • Knowledge in a variety of fields- having such kind of qualification allows us to do more tasks, in turn, earn more money.
  • You’ll need to be a self-starter and must have initiative skills.
  • Should be willing to take on responsibilities.
  • You must also have the caliber to start new things in a productive way.
  • Must be a resident of the United States.

Apart from this list of personal qualifications, you’ll also need to meet some technical requirements as listed below:

  • A personal computer with a high-speed and reliable internet connection.
  • Must have a good audio headset (with a microphone).


How Do Fancy Hands Work?

When people have many things to do but do not have much time to do everything, they look for help by means of hiring virtual assistants. Then they pay their virtual assistants via sites like Fancy Hands.

Normally, they hire people to do tasks like making phone calls, booking flights, making appointments, and many more. So, at Fancy Hands, you get paid to complete these types of tasks on behalf of your clients and then update back to the website that your task is done successfully.

Generally speaking, you are actually getting paid to make life easier for busy people- This section is mainly comprised of businessmen and company bosses.

Fancy Hands virtual assistants are basically “In the cloud”– a largely part-time, on-demand, and remote workforce that can do many tasks as they come in.

Its virtual assistants would send their requests through their mobile app, email, or via text, and then all they get dumped into a common task feed.  From there, any qualified and available Fancy Hands virtual assistant can claim that work.

The most interesting part about Fancy Hands is that the team-based approach is 24/7/365 coverage for all requests from clients. Work is available all the time, so you can find work at any time without worries.


What Type Of Tasks Are Involved?

If you’re one who is not familiar with the work of a virtual assistant, then this one is for you. At Fancy Hands, all of its virtual assistants are expected to do any of these tasks:

  • Scheduling customer appointments like doctor’s appointments, business meetings, etc.
  • Booking flight tickets online.
  • Comparing the prices and visiting a variety of websites to find the best price.
  • Researching information on the internet.
  • Making dinner plans and reservations.
  • Do shopping on behalf of customers.
  • Data entry work.
  • Managing social media accounts.
  • Renting a car service over the phone.
  • Make and return phone calls.

These are just some of the sample tasks a virtual assistant may perform. Basically, a virtual assistant means a client’s secretary- doing him or her a favor by making their life easier and, in return, getting paid.

And, it doesn’t mean to do all these things every time; your workload depends specifically on your client’s requirements. So, it may vary every time accordingly to your client’s wish.


How To Become a Virtual Assistant At Fancy Hands?

Now, you already know what Fancy Hands’ requirements for this job are; the next thing is how to become a part of this company.

The process is pretty simple; all you need to do is follow these easy steps.

  1. Go to the FancyHands Careers page, read the guidelines, and hit the ‘Apply Now’ button.
  2. Before you start with the application process, Fancy Hands will ask you to download the Chrome Browser and also ask you to sign up with your Gmail Account to ensure the best experience on their website. Don’t worry about the spam; you’re not giving access to your account.
  3. Once you are done with this, you’ll be directed to their application process. There you will undergo a test. This test is done mainly to check your grammar skills, as well as verbal communication skills and ability to complete a simple task. Don’t worry about the test; it’s very simple and just takes only a few minutes to complete.
  4. Once you are done with the test, they’ll get back to you within one to seven days if you pass the test. If you’re approved as an assistant, you’ll receive a welcome email from Fancy Hands.
  5. However, job availability changes very often. When they have enough assistants to cover their job assignments, they’ll post a message saying, “Check Back Soon!” at the beginning of your application. So, if you get this message, don’t get disappointed; just keep on checking the website for future openings.


How Much Does Fancy Hands Pay?

Now, it’s time for the main question. How much can virtual assistants make with Fancy Hands?

It mainly depends on the type of tasks you perform and how well and quickly you complete them. Fancy Hands claims that a typical task can pay around $3- $7, assuming you complete the task within 15-20 minutes.

According to Glassdoor, most virtual assistants, on average, earn between $8- $12 per hour. Some ads on Craigslist say that beginner virtual assistants in Fancy Hands can make $50 per day.


How Do I Get Paid?

Payments are sent out every other week(on Tuesday) solemnly through DWOLLA.


Pros And Cons of Fancy Hands


  • All payments are made in the form of cash. Well, it is quite common to find online platforms that pay in the form of rewards, which is not a more beneficial thing than being paid in cash. However, Fancy Hands pay its virtual assistants in cash, which is a nice thing for most people.
  • Working for Fancy Hands allows you to work whenever you want. It allows you to manage your time and choose a time when you want to complete the task.


  • Fancy Hands will issue its payments only through DWOLLA, which is not the most popular payment service. Therefore, if you don’t have a DWOLLA account, you need to go through its signing-up process before you start making money with Fancy Hands.
  • It is exclusive only to US residents, which is not a good thing for other parties who are interested in working from other parts of the world.
  • The pay is sometimes good, but sometimes not so good. This is because sometimes the workload seems to be hefty than the payment.


Our Fancy Hands Review

Coming to our review, Fancy Hands is not at all a scam website. But, like other online jobs, this company also has both positive sides and negative sides.

The only negative side is that it has a low number of tasks available and less pay for some tasks. Unfortunately, Fancy Hands has only 3.7 on Glassdoor and 3.5 ratings on Indeed.

Overall, Fancy Hands has good reviews for its flexible work. If you’re new to the virtual assistant job and want to earn some extra money, choosing Fancy Hands would be a wise choice.


FAQs About Fancy Hands Virtual Assistant Job

Every individual has unique questions and some of the frequently asked questions by most of the users.


Do I need a designated Landline phone?

Unlike other phone jobs, Fancy Hands doesn’t require you to have a landline phone for work. Calls can be made through your computer system, then gradually routed to your designated phone. 


Is there any alternative payment other than DWOLLA?

No! FancyHands only issues its payments through DWOLLA.


Some Alternative Ways To Earn From Home


1. Become a Proofreader

If you are good at catching small errors and have excellent English grammar and punctuation skills, then try proofreading as a way to make money.

It is the most flexible job where you can work from the comfort of your home. The earning potential of this job depends on your experience, workability, and the company you’re working for.

On average, a proofreader can make up to $20 per hour, and it goes up to $50 an hour if you have experience in it. You can find legit websites that offer proofreading jobs here.

If you feel any need for expert guidance or coaching, then take a look at this amazing theory and practice webinar that will help you in becoming a successful proofreader.


2. Freelance Writing

If you have excellent writing skills with precise nature, then this job is for you. When someone requires content creation, then there is a scope for people looking to work as freelance writers.

Freelance writing has a close relation to blogging. Where blogging requires so much managing work, but as a freelance writer, you’re free from all those things except creating content.

The flexibility you will get from a freelance writer job is pretty good, and you can do it anywhere and whenever you wish. If you lack freelance writing skills, Don’t worry.

Read our full guide to learn how to start your own freelance writing business. And also, take a look at this FREE Workshop by Holly Johnson, who makes $200,000+ a year from her freelance writing business.


3. Try Transcription

Transcription jobs are another great opportunity to earn up to $15-$30 an hour by typing audio files into text. Good typing skills and listening skills are more than enough to step into this field.

There are many companies out there to hire you as a transcriptionist. As a transcriber, you can make an average of $4000 per month while working at home.

Here all you have to do is convert speech into text. Sign up for this FREE Theory & Practice webinar to learn the crucial transcription techniques within less time.


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