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FeetFinder Review 2023 – Is It Legit? [Finally Exposed!]

Welcome to our FeetFinder review!

Incidentally, you might come across various FeetFinder reviews, but what exactly is this FeetFinder company? Is that legit? Can we really earn selling feet pics? Can we really make up to $100 per a feet pic?

One-strike solution for all these questions is a BIG YES!

People have uncovered many surprising ways to create a side hustle that pays some extra thousands every month and that digging for new side hustles has never seen an end.

From freelancing our own skills to selling photos of our body parts (like feet, hands, eyes, and face), we’ve got numerous ways.

I started my side hustle five years ago in Blogging, and it still pays me $7000+ every month on average. (Income Report here)

If you really want to create a side hustle, selling feet pics online isn’t a bad idea, though. Many people have already scaled this side hustle to make thousands of dollars every month.

And if you think this is a thing only for women, you are wrong. A 35-year-old man named Jason from Arizona earns $4000+ per month selling his feet pics.

So, if you want to make a side income from this gig, this Feetfinder review article is what you need.

Though there are many websites and apps to sell feet pics online, we can say Feetfinder is the leader in this industry.

Topics Covered In This FeetFinder Review:

  • Its legitimacy,
  • Whether it is safe or not,
  • How to sign up,
  • How to set up your account for sales,
  • How to avoid getting scammed,
  • How and when this company pays
  • Tips to make up to $100 per pic
  • Many important FAQs.

Informative, right? So, let’s start with the key points you should know about this company.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.

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FeetFinder Review Summary – Key Takeaways

Here is a quick overlook of the FeetFinder review and its features you can have a glance at:

Criteria Features
Name Feetfinder
Known for Buying and selling feet content (photos & videos)
Owner/Developer FLRT Inc
Established in 2019
Located In Carson City, Nevada
Age requirement 18 and above
Users Four million+ monthly visitors
Availability Open Worldwide. But currently verifying accounts of people from the US, Europe, Australia, and Canada
Platforms available Website only. No Android or iOS apps yet
Pricing (Basic Plan) $4.99 per month or $14.99 per year
Pricing (Premium Plan) $14.99 per month or $29.99 per year
Avg Income $20+ per pic or $19 per video
Revenue shares Feetfinder takes 20% of revenue, and the rest of the 80% is for sellers
Referral Program Available (10% commissions on sales)
Payment Threshold $30 only
Payout Frequency Weekly payouts
Payout Methods Segpay, Paxum
Trustpilot Ratings 4.9 out of 5 (based on 3455 reviews)
Our Rating 4.5 out of 5
Final Verdict 100% safe, secure, and worthy.
Website Link


Is FeetFinder Legit or Not?

user reviews of feetfinder


While researching for this FeetFinder review, we have examined several testimonials of actual users, furthermore trying it on our own.

We can now confidently say that the FeetFinder website is absolutely legit! This website gained a rating of 4.9/5 on TrustPilot with more than 5400+ reviews. That’s great, I would say. They also have the best customer care support to resolve your queries.

reddit discussions


Coming to the Reddit discussions, we didn’t find any complaints regarding its legitimacy or payment issues. Mostly, those questions are about getting sales, and that too not in a big number.

Since 2016, this website is almost dominating the market with absolute transparency. Not only just your anonymity and privacy, but this platform also takes care of timely payment and seamless support.

Here are a few more details to say this company is legit.

Trustpilot ratings 4.9 out of 5 (3455 reviews)
Trustindex ratings 4.9 out of 5 (3431 reviews)
Customer Support Yes
Social Media Channels Active
Payout Complaints Not Found
Reviews Positive
Privacy Policy & ToS Available
On-site Chat Not Available
Payout Threshold $30 (very low)
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What is FeetFinder Website?



FeetFinder is a marketplace that allows you to buy and sell exclusive feet pics. It is the brainchild of FLRT Inc started in 2019. And in the last few years, it also started allowing videos in addition to feet pictures.

If you are a buyer, it is a treasure trove to find impressive feet pictures to quench your feet fetish. And if you are a seller, you can make pretty good money just by selling your feet’ images.

This company also offers complete safety and privacy to the sellers through anonymity. Currently, this platform is only open to people who are above 18 years of age and is also available in countries like the USA, Europe, Australia, and Canada.


How Does FeetFinder Work?

how feetfinder works

Made with Love by Dreamshala Team

FeetFinder’s easy user interface will aid you in completing your sign-up process within minutes. Here while choosing the sign-up process, the website asks to opt for options like Buy Feet Pics/Sell Feet Pics.

Before choosing any one option, you are asked to verify your identification. This verification process helps people to access genuine content without getting into the hands of fraudsters.

As a seller, being above 18 years can fetch you varied chances to sell individual photos as well as videos to buyers. Refer FeetFinder’s privacy policy before trying to access this content.

You will fix a price on your end or can also accept the price quoted by the buyer. Once you accept the bid, they can access your feet pics/video. Till the transaction, your content will be blurred for protection from misuse.

Right now, this company charges a flat 20% commission for data security and maintenance. And you can withdraw the rest of your earnings on a weekly basis. They use Segpay to pay their US users and Paxum for international users.


FeetFinder Vs. Instafeet(Are They Both Same)?

Previously, Both were more or less the same, but the only difference rests with Instafeet, which only works on a subscription-based model.

But Feetfinder leads the segment with the best user review rating and its provisions for subscription services and verified creator opportunities.

instafeet redirecting to feetfinder

Recently, I tried to visit the Instafeet website, but the link has been redirecting to Feetfinder, which clearly states it got merged with Feetfinder without any official announcement.

The presumed reasons for the merger include poor customer care support, delayed approval, and sluggish growth, all of which could be better addressed through a merger.

So if you have a previous account on Instafeet, it is time for you to plunge your business from it and look for alternative platforms to sell your feet pics.


Is FeetFinder Safe?


Most people still have a doubt that ‘Is Feetfinder a trustworthy website?’

The answer is Yes! FeetFinder is 100% safe to use and trustworthy. There is no need to worry about your data or identity being compromised when you open an account on this platform.

Here are a few takeaways from this FeetFinder review:

Criteria Feetfinder Safety Features
SSL Certificate Available
SiteLock Available
Third-party Firewall Available
PCI Compliant Available
Privacy Policy & ToS Available
Do they sell user data? No
Do they share user data? No
Opt-out policy Available
Erase data policy Available
Delete my account feature Available

During the joining process, you need to go through a verification process that increases buyers’ and sellers’ overall trust factors.

FeetFinder encrypts its data to save user information from data breaches by scammers. They also keep a check on bot traffic which can effectively protect users’ data.

Although you need to verify your profile with your actual phone number, no one can see that publicly. This website never discloses any sensitive information like address or personal mail id to anyone.

All of the above information about FeetFinder assures you that you have nothing to worry about when signing up and becoming an active seller or buyer.


Is Selling Feet Pictures Legal?

Before we even go further into this FeetFinder review, let me tell you one simple thing; buying and selling feet pictures is legal in most countries around the globe.

feetfinder review

Even though feet pictures are not illegal to share, most of us believe they are not harmful. But this is evenly important for us to realize that feet pics of diverse categories can and do support sexual abuse and exploitation.

So here are a few things you need to keep in mind to avoid the above criteria. First, you must be at least 18 years old to sell/buy it. Second, you must not hurt any religious or cultural sentiments.

Apart from this, you also need to ensure that your feet pictures don’t portray any vulgarity or obscene nature. Firmly ensure you have complete authority and rights over the feet pics you sell.


Who Is FeetFinder For?

One thing that is probably clear from this FeetFinder review is that this website is primarily for people who want to sell their feet images. Yes, you heard it right!

If you wish to trade beautiful pics of your gorgeous legs and feet, it is the one to hop for.

This website is open worldwide, but currently, it is approving accounts of people from the USA, Canada, Australia, and the UK.

No need to worry if you are not from these countries. There are many ways to get paid online.

So, you should be from these places to become eligible to sell on this platform without any impediments. Before this, you must make yourself comfortable sharing your pics in public forums.

You can also boost your sales by chatting with people across the world. However, if you love hanging out and meeting new people, you can even get paid to chat online these days.

Even sometimes, potential buyers will contact you personally for specific feet pics. You can make a deal and can turn this into a fruitful opportunity.

Note: Always make sure to gain the identity of the people who buy feet pics from you to avoid your content from getting misused.


Who Buys Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

According to a recent study by Men’s Health, around 14%-15% of people fantasize about sensuous feet.

feetfinder buyer reviews

It is even more surprising that more than 18% of heterosexual men and 5% of heterosexual women have foot fetishes. Are you still worried about your sale conversions?

To be more precise, here are a few potential buyers who buy your feet pics on FeetFinder:

  • Feet Fetishists: In order to satisfy their sexual desires, they buy feet pictures. These sections of people are your best potential buyers.
  • Advertising Agencies: These agencies buy your pics/videos in order to use them in their advertising campaigns. This could be for various purposes like marketing cosmetic products, footwear, jewelry, etc.
  • Bloggers: On relevance to their content, bloggers always need images to strengthen their content. So here, the bloggers related to this niche will buy feet pics from you. This could be an added promotion for your feet pics.
  • Foot Picture Collectors: These are the section of people who likes to collect pictures of various kind, so if they find your feet pics interesting, they can possibly bid you with decent chunk.
  • Modeling Agencies: Modeling agencies usually choose pics of rich quality that can match the high standards. If they choose your pics, consider you have a high potential for your sale conversions.
  • Magazine Publishers: They buy feet pics to publish on their cover page or as highlighters to promote more content related to the subject.
  • Stock Photo Websites: These are the websites that promote various kinds of pics for sale, one of which is the fetish section. They can bid for your pics to add to this section.


Is FeetFinder Free To Use?

For all those who are searching for Feetfinder prices, note that this platform used to be free access to everyone.

But considering the competition in the market and to increase the ability of the sellers, this website started offering subscription plans.

apps to sell feet pics

If you are a buyer, there is no need to pay any fee, but for sellers to sell their photos, they need to select a subscription plan.

How To Upgrade To Premium On FeetFinder?

To upgrade, you need to signup with your account details and pay a premium charge to get access to a premium account.

For this, FeetFinder charges a monthly subscription fee of $4.99 or $14.99 as an annual fee. With added features, they also offer a FeetFinder premium plan which is $14.99/monthly or $29.99 as an annual subscription fee.

They use these funds to launch major marketing campaigns to attract new buyers and add new features to the platform. This, in return, help sellers to increase their chances of sales.

If you are a regular seller, we recommend you opt for their annual subscription plan to save money.

And if you don’t like to invest any bucks upfront, you can try these platforms to get paid to flirt online.


Is FeetFinder Premium Worth It?

We cannot skip opting for a subscription fee, as this platform has made it mandatory for sellers to access their portal.

But the main question here is, Is that really worth opting for a premium subscription? We strongly say a big Yes!

FeetFinder platform clearly mentioned the details of why they implemented subscriptions. They want to encourage sellers to be more serious about building business by selling feet pics.

They also clarify that they use this subscription money for their quality enrichment purpose as well as to attract more buyers through proper promotion works.

This could be quite beneficial for buyers as well as sellers.

feetfinder app user

Various engaging activities are also conducted by FeetFinder, like weekend giveaways, promotional cashback, rewards, etc., using these subscription fees.

Being an active member with rightful content can help you reach the premium list of FeetFinder, where the platform buys your content and the outward clients.

Note: Don’t worry about spending a few bucks on a subscription. It’s quite easy to earn back when you have creative and engaging content in little to no time.


How To Get Started With FeetFinder?

Getting started with FeetFinder is similar to a cakewalk; setting up and verifying your profile takes a few minutes.

The initial steps are as follows:

Step1: Create An Account On FeetFinder

Click on the “Sign Up” button on the landing page to initiate the process. You can use your Gmail account or any other personal mail account.

Step 2: Verify Your Identity

After the initial signup, you must verify your identity to start. All you need is to take a selfie with any of your government-issued ID cards.

Step 3: Complete The Profile

Once you verify your ID, you must fill up a few credentials to complete the registration process. You need to declare your mail id, date of birth, and age. But don’t worry! This data won’t be disclosed publicly.

Step 4: Upgrade To Premium

The last step in the process is that you will upgrade your profile with their subscription fees($4.99/Monthly or $14.99/Annually) and unlock additional features as a seller.

But don’t apply if you are under 18 years old. As of now, your account won’t get approval if you live outside the USA, UK, and Canada. I recommend checking these websites that pay you to be an online friend.


FeetFinder Login

After signing up for your FeetFinder account using the above steps, you will get your login credentials and confirmation to your registered email id. Keep them confidential to avoid misuse.

feetfinder sign in

You can sign into your FeetFinder account using those credentials after your account gets verified. The verification process won’t take long if you provide genuine details.

One can also upgrade this verified account to premium from their portal and enjoy this website’s possible features. We recommend you reset your password bimonthly to keep it more authentic and safe.


What About FeetFinder App?

No! FeetFinder doesn’t have any mobile application on Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Currently, the website is the only option we all have.

Their team initially tried to create an app. But both Apple and Google rejected their request for mobile app addition, as this company falls under the fetish” category.

On the contrary, the company says it will be the first to create an app when Google or Apple allows it. However, we find no information on when this app can be available.

If you seriously need an app, check out this list of apps to sell feet pics online.

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FeetFinder’s Most Popular Feet Categories

feetfinder categories

After going through the Official website and other FeetFinder review sites, we have categorized a popular list where you can pitch your pics and get top-rated on this website.

Always look for quality over quantity to make yourself stand out and make some passive income easily.

After referring to this list, you can also access the section of “Popular categories” section on the Feetfinder app and learn more about the requirements.

Referring to this can also help you to access the price quotes from your peers, and accordingly, you can plan your price slabs relevant to your content.

Most Popular Categories On FeetFinder:

  • Asian
  • Long Toes
  • Soles
  • Adorable
  • Showing Cute Face
  • Arched Feet
  • Threaded Socks
  • Nylon 
  • Lotions
  • Pedicure
  • Dirty/Sneaky Feet
  • Tattooed Feet
  • Designed feet
  • Fair/Dark skin

You can clearly find more categories on their portal listed in alphabetical order. You can pick them according to your relevance.


How to Make Money on FeetFinder?

You must have already understood the initial steps to create an account from these FeetFinder reviews.

feetfinder review

But you need to follow two more steps before you can start earning from this platform.

  • Step 1: Upload Pictures– Once your account is approved, you can upload your pictures and videos. However, you can upload up to 1 GB of photos and 10 minutes of feet videos. And each of your videos and photo will be blurred, and buyers need to pay to see the unblurred content.
  • Step 2: Upgrade Your Account– To unlock this website’s potential, you need to have a premium account. And for that, you need to pay a small subscription fee of $14.99/month or $29.99/year to start selling feet pictures.

Feet are not the only category that you can find on this platform. You can upload pictures of high heels, foot lotions, sandals, Aesthetic hand pics, and even nail art.

You can access the notification section to learn about new connections; for sales, you can directly contact them there.


How Much Money Can You Make On FeetFinder?

The average rate for standard feet images here is around $25/photo. However, several models reported earning up to $100/photo this year.

On the other hand, many buyers don’t hesitate to pay even a grand to get customized foot videos. You can earn around $25-$38/Video on average. For every sale conversion, you need to pay a 20% commission to FeetFinder.

You can also earn from their referral program, where you are provided with a referral link after signing up.

For every sale conversion of the people joined from your referral link, you can earn 10% as a commission.

And this 10% commission doesn’t affect sellers’ earnings as FeetFinder pays these commissions from the 20% fee it charges from sellers.

That’s a good thing because most of the platforms use sellers’ portion to issue commissions.

This may work wonders for you if you have a good following on social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, or Facebook.

Several social media influencers have scaled this selling business to make thousands of dollars monthly.

sell feet pics

This story blows your mind for sure. A 35-year-old man named Jason from Arizona, US, with only 4900 Instagram followers, is literally making $4000+ per month selling his feet pics. (Source)

And if you browse more, you can also find many girls who are making a living off this feet pic selling business.

So, the income can broadly differ depending on the type of photo or video you want to post, also the size of your follower base and commissions.

But yes, there are many other ways to make money, even if you are not comfortable selling your images.


How to Keep My FeetFinder Account Safe?

We can’t let this FeetFinder review go out without discussing enough safety measurements, as it could be sensitive for some.

Creating an account is quite easy and hardly takes minutes to do, but securing it needs some added effort.

Change your password bimonthly and track your account with all the traffic it gains. Please report to the support team if you find any bot traffic or suspicious comments on your feet pics.

Don’t run after money and accept every bid by your clients. Verify their identity before selling to avoid getting into a possible mess.

If you forget your password, you can reset your password, or in case of loss of identity, you can reach their customer support team to gain back your account. Premium account subscribers have better priority and high-safety access.


How To Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder Without Getting Scammed?

Considering its high potential for income in an easy way, most scammers spam genuine sellers into a trap by luring money.

is selling feet pics legal?

They simply offer you a huge bid for your pics, which you eventually accept through their spam links. Once you click on their link, your personal details are compromised and misused.

You can find different types of scammers on your way, like Sugar Daddy Scammers, Giftcard Scammers, Free content Scammers, and Chargeback scammers.

Depending on the nature of the scam, you can categorize them. Sometimes, some fraud sellers won’t share the pics even after the payment. Make sure to refer to the seller’s credibility before paying them.

Steps To Follow To Avoid Scammers

  • Always pick genuine online platforms
  • Conduct thorough research on the sellers/buyers
  • Don’t click on malicious links or emails
  • Never ever share your personal details
  • Immediately report your issues to the concerned team
  • Have a clear glance over the FeetFinder Review section before sales.

For complete details, check out our complete guide on How To Sell Feet Pics Without Getting Scammed [17 ACE Tips]


How Do FeetFinder’s Payouts and Payments Work?

You can judge whether a company is legit or not by finding its payout structure. No one among any FeetFinder reviews mentions any flaws in their payment system

FeetFinder has partnered with Segpay as well as Paxum companies, which handles the whole transaction status of this platform.

For those who have no idea about them, these are the most trusted and reliant payout models that engage and manage millions of transactions all over the world.

As we previously mentioned, United States transactions are managed by Segpay, and Paxum handles the rest.

Considering its fetish nature, it hasn’t gotten approval from famous online payment platforms like PayPal.


Taxes on FeetFinder Earnings

feetfinder taxes

One of the vital sections in this Feet Finder review is about taxation. Note that any amount you earn from genuine online platforms is liable to pay tax.

On FeetFinder, you earn money as weekly settlements by reaching a threshold of $30 via Paxum or Segpay.

FeetFinder is a legit and registered company, so you must pay tax when you reach the taxable slab. By crossing $600/annually, you must comply with the 1099 forms provided by Segpay and attest to your taxation.

Check your location’s taxation policies and calculate relatively to find and pay taxes to avoid penalties.


FeetFinder Review – Pros & Cons

Pros Of Feetfinder
  • Complete Transparency: This company doesn’t charge any hidden processing fee or servicing fee of any kind. Instead, they charge a flat 20% commission.
  • 14-Day Trial Period: Although you need to take a subscription to start selling, you can cancel it within 14 days to get a complete refund.
  • Complete Control: You can open, close, and reset your account any time you want.
  • Cash Giveaways: This company often offers cash giveaways to the most active sellers. Just stay active and communicate with their social media profiles to test your luck.
  • Excellent Reviews: FeetFinder now has a 4.5+ rating in almost all the user review platforms, including Trustpilot and Glassdoor.
Cons Of Feetfinder
  • Limited Availability: This company now supports only a handful of demographic profiles other than the USA and Canada.
  • ID Verification: You need to submit your government-issued ID during the account creation process. However, this company will not disclose that to anyone.
  • Subscription Fee: To get started, You need to pay $4.99/month or $29.99/year to buy a seller’s subscription on this platform.
  • Android or iOS App: This company hasn’t had any app. And they can’t confirm the future launching date as well.
What can be better than 0% commission and two revenue streams to ensure you make $5,000+ a month? Signup in FunWithFeet and make your dreams come true!


How Sellers Review FeetFinder?

The FeetFinder website is working tremendously in order to secure sellers’ authenticity and have chances for them to boost their sales.

This website contributes most of its earnings from commissions and subscriptions to kindle more on user interface and attract more clients.

So considering these facts, you can understand why FeetFinder has a 4.9 out of 5 stars rating on Trustpilot and 4.8 out of 5 stars on TrustIndex platforms(7000+ reviews).

FeetFinder doesn’t have any major complaints against it.

Apart from all, there are several threads on Reddit currently loaded with positive reviews about this company.

feetfinder review

As you can see from the above reviews of sellers, thousands of sellers rated this platform 5 out of 5 stars on Trustpilot and TrustIndex as well. The most common thing that they mentioned is FeetFinder’s customer support.

You can check the 2-star review in the above picture. He/She is saying this platform is full of bots, scams, and no sales. FeetFinder support responded immediately and answered the query.

They’ve updated their system to prevent bot traffic and scams. And this review was published in October 2021, nearly a year ago, and we haven’t seen any complaints about bots or scams in the most recent reviews. So, it seems like they fixed this issue.

However, according to a few FeetFinder seller reviews, several people find it hard to withdraw their earnings.

Later this company clarified that they had faced this issue because of not meeting the $30 minimal withdrawal limit.


FeetFinder Buyer And Beginner Reviews

It’s always important to optimize any website matchable to beginners’ usage. FeetFinder matches this to a far extent in this segment, but with few exceptions.

FeetFinder offers every user very good customer care support, regardless of seller/buyer. And most of them expressed their gratitude for addressing these issues in very less time.

Mainly take reference from the above FeetFinder user reviews; even beginners are finding it easy to sail through this platform with this platform’s user-friendly interface.

Almost 100+ users mentioned that this platform is the best feet company providing a safe and secure environment for buyers and sellers.

Positive reviews are not the two sides of the coin, as negative reviews are piled up for this website on the FeetFinder review section on Trust Pilot. And also needs to be addressed by FeetFinder to make it prosper.

In the above review, the user stated that he had been charged an extra premium than the prescribed range.

And one of the users also mentioned that there are fake buyers/scammers who ask you to message on Snapchat and iMessage.

I like this review as this user properly addressed the needed modifications, which Feetfinder must work on to improve its services.


Best FeetFinder Alternatives

Although several platforms are available where you can sell your feet pics online, we recommend only two.



With more than 3 million footfalls a month, FunWithFeet is the fastest-growing feet-pics selling platform in 2023.

According to BusinessInsider, top models at FunWithFeet make $5,000/month on average. They take 0% commission and offer two revenue streams (feet pics selling + paid chat) with a unique “Search And Filter” feature to ensure better visibility.



The grand old daddy of this genre, Instafeet is the highest-paying platform where you can fetch up to $100/pics.

And if you want to know about all the goodness this website offers, check out our in-depth Instafeet review.



With close to 20k active members right now, Feetify is one of the best players in this industry. This website, too, now offers up to $100/pics.

Check out our in-depth Feetify review.


Other Apps

Not only FeetFinder or Instafeet but there are also tens of legit platforms available on the internet to sell your feet pictures. Here are the 30+ best apps to sell feet pics.

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Stock Photo Websites

You can also sell your feet images to popular stock photo sites like Shutterstock, iStockPhoto, and Getty Images.

Do Check: 22 Best Platforms To Sell Photos Online (2023 Version)



You might already have heard about this OnlyFans website. You can also sell your feet pics & videos here, and it has much more earning potential than all of those mentioned above.

Also Check, How To Make Money On OnlyFans – Earn Up To $7500/Month.


Social Media

Instagram and TikTok also play a major role in this foot pic selling trend these days.

We already saw many influencers making thousands of dollars promoting their photos to their followers.

Also, check out our popular posts on how to sell feet pics:


Can FeetFinder Really Help You To Earn Passive Income?

We have already made it clear on this FeetFinder review that you can easily make up to $100/pic. And this platform pays you every time you get a sale. So, it can be a great side hustle to generate a steady passive income.

However, if you don’t have inhibitions and flaunt your eccentric personality, you can also try sites where you can get paid to date online this year.


Is Selling Feet Pics a Good Side Hustle? – FeetFinder Review

Considering varied opportunities and income ranges, selling feet pics is obviously a good side hustle you can choose.

sell feet pics online and make money

The demand for foot pics is tremendously expanded than we could even imagine, and there are various genuine online platforms where you can make some decent bucks.

Growth is not exponential as you expect, but you can find progress in your income if you have genuine and quality content.

Prior research, Quality maintenance, Branding, Cautious payments, Privacy engagement, and Rightful promotions are a few factors you need to consider to turn this into a profitable side hustle.

We assume that this detailed review of FeetFinder on our website has given you an overview of how good this side hustle can be.


How to Cancel FeetFinder Subscription?

As previously we have mentioned in this Feetfinder Review, a premium subscription will charge you around $4.99 or $14.99/Month.

Although your banking details are encrypted, the Premium charge will be automatically deducted from your payment method at the due date.

So always keep a check on whether your sale conversions are way higher than in lieu of this premium charge. If you are not satisfied, you can always cancel your subscription.

Steps to Cancel FeetFinder Subscription

Firstly check with the service provider of your business payments- Paxum or Segway. You can reach out to Paxum support via the following:

  • A Paxum in-app message can be sent to this 24/7 customer service team.
  • You can also reach them via Email at [email protected]
  • Dial +1 (866)347-4781 to state your purpose.

If you are using Segway, you need to contact them via the following:

  • You can have a chat with the Segway customer support agent via the on-page chat option (bottom right corner) called “Self-Service Portal.”
  • Or send an email to [email protected] and explain your issues.
  • For a quick solution, you can reach them via call at +1 (866)-450-4000

Note: If you want to hold your subscription temporarily, you can toggle the Auto-Renew option-On or Off, using the service portal.


How to Delete FeetFinder Account?

After serving the purpose of selling feet pics, some of the users may think of completely deleting their FeetFinder account along with the premium.

We have gone through many FAQs where people keep asking how to do this, so here is the step-by-step procedure for deleting your FeetFinder account.

Steps to Delete FeetFinder Account

Even though FeetFinder protects our data, it is advisable to delete the account once it is no longer in use or active. The process is very simple.

  • Open the FeetFinder website and then click on the Sign-In tab
  • Enter your credentials and redirect to the FeetFinder main page
  • Click on Feetfinder Logo and get access to the options listed
  • Select the “Delete My Account” option from the list
  • Mention the reason for your cause and click on “Ok.”
  • You’ll receive a confirmation email once you finish all these steps correctly.

That’s it! Your account will be deactivated, and all the data will be erased. And up on an email to the support team, you can also cross-verify your erased data.


FeeetFinder Customer Care Details

Here are the clear details of all the ways you can contact FeetFinder:

Platform Access Links
FeetFinder Origin City Carson City, Nevada
FeetFinder Email Support [email protected]
FeetFinder Twitter Handle
FeetFinder Customer Support
FeetFinder Instagram Handle
FeetFinder Youtube Channel
FeetFinder Reddit Thread
FeetFinder TikTok Account
FeetFinder Pinterest Handle
FeetFinder Link SIGNUP NOW


FeetFinder Review – FAQs

How much is FeetFinder premium?

This website subscription comes in two different plans. You can choose whatever you like to proceed with.

  • Basic Plan ($4.99 per month or $14.99 per year)
  • Premium Plan ($14.99 per month or 29.99 per year)


How do you get succeed in FeetFinder?

Consistency and quality are key to succeeding in this feet pic selling business. After this, find the best clients for your feet-selling business, and along with the popularity, you can start charging paid subscriptions.

For all those reading our FeetFinder review, remember one fact. It is highly important to charge economical to your clients to keep up with high foot-fetish engagement. And also negotiate when needed.


Why does FeetFinder need my ID?

FeetFinder needs your ID and Social Security Number(SSN) just to verify the user’s age and recognization.

The collected data is always encrypted and protected under their norms, so there is no need to worry about your personal data. Their main purpose is to contain underage and fake users. 


Does FeetFinder have a refund policy?

For a seller account, Yes, It has a refund policy. If you dislike continuing on the platform, you can cancel your subscription and request a refund.

But if you are a buyer, you might not be able to ask for a refund after getting access to the sellers’ content.

Considering its strong customer support team, you can only expect possible resolutions for fraudulent transactions. But you can not expect a return or refund for consensual client transactions.

Segpay monitors all the secure transactions and the user details to keep a check on malevolent transactions. Your cards will be blocked for future use if you expect a chargeback.


Is FeetFinder a scam website?

No, FeetFinder is not at all a scam website. On the contrary, it is one of the very few legit platforms where you can sell your feet pics for a great rate.

There have been no such significant complaints against this company that can challenge its legitimacy till now.


Is it legal to sell feet pics?

It is absolutely legal to sell feet pics. However, you need to follow three main rules. First, you need to be 18 years old to sell your pics.

Second, your feet pics should not be vulgar. Third and most importantly, your pics shouldn’t hurt religious or communal sentiments.


Does FeetFinder have an app?

As of now, FeetFinder has no mobile application either on android or in the Apple store. Considering its niche(Sensual/Fetish), this against has turned down the offer of app creation.

There are least to minimal chances to have the FeetFinder app.


Why do people sell feet pictures?

Let me tell you the primary reason; it is one of the highest-paying side hustles that requires minimal effort.

And secondly, a single feet photo can fetch up to $100, and a 10-minute video can fetch up to a grand.


Can I sell hand pics on FeetFinder?

No! By any chance, you cannot sell your hand pics.

This website is constantly working on its terms to keep content authentic. If anything they feel is inappropriate, there may be a high chance of your account getting blocked.


Can guys sell feet pics on FeetFinder?

As we previously mentioned above, there are no restrictions for your gender to sell your feet pics when you are above 18.

For more details, you can refer to their categories section to place your pics in the respective category.


How Can We Change From Buyer To Seller Account On FeetFinder?

You can change your preference from buyer to seller at anytime easily onFeetFinder. You must redirect to the ‘settings’ on your profile and then select ‘Change Role.’

If you want to switch from buyer to seller, toggle your role to the seller and vice versa to become a buyer.

By this, you can get access to the features relative to your role. And can also contact customer support for additional support.


What Type Of Content Is Prohibited On FeetFinder?

FeetFinder strictly prohibits the sale of any other things besides Feetpics/Feetvideos. Overruling this rule can simply lead to a permanent ban on your account.

Selling body fluids, Asking for escort services, selling additives, Weapons, etc., are highly punishable. And no 3rd party links must be linked to convert financial transactions without the notice of FeetFinder.


What Is The Best FeetFinder Hack?

One of the best FeetFinder hacks to stay active for a longer time is abiding by its policies and restrictions, valuing your clients, and maintaining a good relationship with quality content.


How Does FeetFinder Referral Program Works?

Every registered user on FeetFinder is assigned a unique referral code, which you can share anywhere to help other people to join.

Each person who joined on FeetFinder with your referral code helps you earn 10% of the commission from FeetFinder.


What is the FeetFinder Trustpilot rating?

FeetFinder currently has a 4.9 rating on Trustpilot. It has close to 3.5k reviews from active and previous users.

This company now has more than 92% excellent ratings with less than 1% negative reviews. This company now also has more than 133k followers on Twitter.


How much should I charge for feet pictures?

This completely depends on your choice and content. To gain more sales conversions, you must quote economical with quality.

This could fetch you additional sales with more genuine popularity. As a beginner, you can quote around $0.5-$5/pic.


Best Feet Poses To Sell Feet Pics On FeetFinder?

You can select any of the best pics in which your feet can be more appealing. Closed ankle shots, Oily feet, Feet pics with accessories, and Feet with a nature touch are some of the beautiful poses with which you take feet pics like a pro.


Are transactions safe and anonymous on FeetFinder?

As told, transactions are highly secured by Segpay and Paxum. Once you reach the threshold, you can encash using these platforms.

You can also report any suspicious transactions in their portal for easy resolutions.


How To Cancel FeetFinder Subscription On PayPal?

Alike other platforms, you can access your Paypal account and redirect to the ‘Manage Automatic Payments’ section.

Select the agreement of FeetFinder and choose the option ‘Cancel Automatic Payments’ and confirm with ‘Ok.’


Is Cancelling Seller Subscription Easy On FeetFinder?

Though there is an easy route to cancel your seller subscription, the users also expressed a few concerns. This can be like charging an extra monthly fee or no proper response from the team.

And also, you get piled-up messages mentioning the reason for withdrawal, which was clearly stated in the above FeetFinder user review.


How Do I Recover My Deleted FeetFinder Account?

The FeetFinder account, once deleted, can’t be recovered or reactivated easily. But up, contacting FeetFinder customer support and requesting may lead to account retrieval, but the previous data will not be recovered at any cost.


Who buys the feet pictures?

Although anyone can buy pics from FeetFinder, there are five main genres of feet pics buyers that are as follows:

  • Foot Fetish: People (mostly men) with foot fetishes frequently buy foot pictures and videos to satisfy their sexual urges.
  • Modeling Agencies: Several modeling agencies often buy feet images for their campaigns.
  • Magazines & News Portals: Many printing and digital publications frequently buy feet images to complement their writeups and stories.
  • Ad Agencies: Advertisement agencies dealing with nail accessories, waxing kits, feet cosmetics, ankle jewelry, and footwear frequently buy these images.
  • Bloggers & Social Media Influencers: People with niche blogs about feet or sexual wellness often buy these feet pics.


Conclusion – FeetFinder Review

feetfinder review

If you have really gorgeous feet and a nice fan following on social media, you can take this as a full-time profession. Otherwise, take it solely as a side hustle to boost your monthly income.

Before considering all the ways to sell your pics, solely find legit platforms to sell your feet pics.

Without researching and finding them, no matter how much content you have, it can’t help you to earn money.

So one among the legit list is FeetFinder. Hope this detailed FeetFinder review helps you gain its trust and make you join them to get started.

That’s all, folks! Send us your feedback and opinion in the comment box below.


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