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10 Companies Offering Flexible Food Delivery Jobs In 2024

It is really interesting and befitting if we observe that Food, Clothing, and Shelter are the basic needs of human life that have created the most successful and always high on-demand businesses.

Among these three,  food is something that is extremely necessary and thus has a continuous demand.

Starting from producing the food to cooking and serving it on the table, the food industry has a lot of good employment opportunities. 

As a part of it, several restaurants and eateries are popping up around. Along with jobs like cooking, serving, maintaining, etc, restaurants have created one more job, i.e., delivering their services to the customers’ doorstep.

And thus have been created food delivery executive jobs.

This is an excellent side job you can do if you just know how to drive. In this article, we are going to list and discuss the 10 best companies that offer food delivery jobs for everyone. So, Let’s check the list.


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Best Companies That Offer Food Delivery Driver Jobs

The demand for doorstep delivery is going high every day. This means a lot of delivery persons are required to meet the demand. This just adds up more hustle for the restaurants to manage.

Therefore, almost all restaurants are franchising with delivery companies to deliver their food in a hassle-free manner.

These delivery companies require people to deliver the food that we call food delivery drivers.

Food delivery jobs are gaining so much popularity due to the flexibility it is offering. So if you know how to drive and want flexibility in your job, then food delivery companies are the best place for you to work.

If you want to earn some money on a side hustle, then this one is the best for you. One major reason for it being best is these companies have apps that will enable you to do your job smoothly.

All you need to do is drive to the place of delivery. Here is a list of companies that are best to work with for food delivery jobs.


1. Doordash

Doordash is a San Francisco-based logistics company that provides food delivery services from restaurants on demand. It provides its services in more than 4000 cities across the US and Canada for selected stores.

To work with them as a delivery driver, which they call a dasher, you must have

  • 18 years or above age
  • a car, scooter, or bicycle
  • a valid driving license
  • social security number(only in the United States)

You can join them by submitting an application, choosing driver orientation, and giving your consent to a background check at Doordash.

When you become a dasher, you need to download their Doordash app and choose the delivery time slot that you wish to work in.

You can make it a full-time, part-time, or once-in-a-while job, as you will be a completely independent contractor.

You will be paid, on average, $10- $25 per hour ( if you work full-time). And all the tips you get you can keep for yourself. The dashers are usually paid weekly for the deliveries completed between Monday to Sunday of the previous week.


2. Grubhub

This is a Chicago-based American online and mobile food delivery company that connects diners with local restaurants. It provides its services in 2200 cities in the United States.

To deliver with Grubhub, you must

  • be 19+(21+ if in Chicago or las vegas)
  • have a valid driving license for at least 2 years, auto insurance(if car)
  • a valid State ID ( if using cycle)
  • own an iPhone or Android smartphone(updated versions recommended)

If you meet all these requirements, you can join them by signing up at Grubhub for Drivers.

In a food delivery job with Grubhub, you are your own boss setting up your work hours. You can do it by simply downloading the Grubhub for Drivers app and starting earning.

As a Grubhub driver, you can make nearly $12 per hour, and you get to keep the 100% tip for yourself. Grubhub pays its drivers weekly every Thursday.


3. Postmates

Postmates is a US-based logistics company that delivers goods to its customers on demand. As a delivery driver for Postmates, you are expected to deliver different items, such as groceries, food, or liquor, as demanded.

They render their services in dozens of cities in the United States.

Like every other delivering company, you need to have

  • a car or a bike
  • driving license for at least a year 
  • a smartphone
  • and go through a background check

If you want the job of a delivery driver with Postmates.

Once you fulfill these eligibility criteria, you can signup at Deliver with Postmates. Their app for drivers makes it easy to reach the delivery location. There are no time commitments; you can work in your own schedule.

One can earn up to $25 per hour (depending on the distance) and also tips. Postmates pay their delivery drivers through weekly deposits.

You can either wait for a week for your payment, or you can instantly cash out your earnings whenever necessary. There is no daily limit to cash out. Doesn’t that make it a great gig?!

Read our Postmates review for more detailed information regarding this opportunity.


4. Uber Eats

Launched in 2014, Ubereats is an American-based online food ordering and delivery platform. This company operates in almost all the major cities of Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

The requirements for you to be a delivery driver with Ubereats are the same as the above companies, except that you must be 19+ years of age.

In the Ubereats delivery driver job, you have no boss and can earn by working on your flexible schedules.

To work with them, you can just sign up at Deliver with UberEats.

You can download the Ubereats driver app once you join and keep track of your payments. They provide quick and hassle-free payments, usually every week. However, you can cash out daily or weekly.


5. Instacart

Instacart is an American-based technology company that deals with same-day grocery pick-up and delivery services. It has more than 350 national and regional retail partners whose groceries they deliver across the US and Canada on demand.

Delivery drivers at Instacart are known as Shoppers. They are required to receive orders from the Instacart Shoppers app, go shopping, and deliver the groceries.

To become a Shopper, you can sign up with Instacart. But before that, remember, apart from having a phone, vehicle, license, etc, etc., you must be able to lift 50lbs with or without accommodation.

You can shop on your fixed schedules without having to worry about working hours though you are a full-service or an Instore Shopper.

Shoppers at Instacart earn an average of $11 per hour.

Here weekly payments are made that depend on the size of the order, driver mileage, etc. However, you have a daily cashout option but at a fee of $0.50.

Read our complete Instacart Review here.

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6. Shipt

Shipt is an American-based delivery service owned by Target Corporation. It delivers groceries, home products, and certain selected electronics.

If you like the concept of Instacart, then it is more likely that you like Shipt, too, because it also mostly deals with grocery shopping and delivery.

While the eligibility criteria are similar to that of Instacart, you need to go through an Interview before your application to Shipt is approved. Once done, you can download the app and start working on flexible schedules for you.

An experienced shopper at Shipt usually earns an average of $22 per hour. Shoppers at Shipt are delivered paychecks weekly.


7. Caviar

This is an American-based online ordering and delivery platform that connects customers with local diners. Founded in 2012, this company provides its services in most of the major cities in the US.

The food delivery job at Caviar is called a Caviar Courier. Anyone who is 18 years or above age with a vehicle and smartphone can become a caviar courier subjected to a background check.

Couriers can get the payouts deposited into their bank accounts weekly. They will also be given a task-based fee for every successful delivery.

The couriers can also choose to get paid instantly through the Cash App. A Caviar courier usually earns up to $25 per hour.

Click here to apply now with Caviar.


8. Favor

Based in Austin, Texas, Favor is an on-demand food delivery company launched in 2013. They get you delivered anything under an hour across 50 cities in Texas. They deliver you anything starting from tacos, groceries, dry cleaning, etc. you just need to name it.

At Favor, a delivery driver is usually called a Runner. You can work as a full-time or part-time runner according to your flexible schedules.

To be a Favor Runner, you need to be 18+ years of age, have a smartphone, and have valid, reliable transportation with a clean record.

On average, a runner earns around $10-$18 per hour. You will, in addition, receive 100% of your tips. Here you can also earn referring your friends to be runners.

Favor processes the payments five days a week. You can keep track of all the payment deposits using the Runner app.

You can apply for Favor here.

Once you fill out the runner application, you need to go through a background check. Then you will be sent for a 45 mins orientation to learn certain tips. Once you are done with these formalities, you are ready to hit the road and run your first favor.


9. Thistle

This is an organic and nutrition company that delivers freshly prepared healthy meals at the doorstep of its customers.

It is a US-based company that started in 2014 and has its retail markets in San Francisco, East Bay, Los Angeles, and West bay.

The requirements are similar to that of other food delivery jobs. But not as flexible as them, i.e. you must be able to commit to a regular schedule of 2-3 days a week.

The delivery driver in Thistle is paid $15 per hour+$0.58 per mile. For more details and applications, please check the Thistle website.


10. OrderUp (Grubhub)

OrderUp is an online delivery services platform based in the United States. It is currently acquired by one of the food delivery giants Grubhub

This company operates in at least 37 markets. OrderUp drivers earned an average pay of between $9 and $26 per hour.

The signup process, schedules, etc., are pretty simple and flexible. Now that it has been acquired by Grubhub, you can check the above to know the details.

So this was a list of the best companies with which you can do food delivery driver jobs. These companies are perfectly suitable if you want a part-time side gig or even if you want to establish a full-time way to make cash.

Just like every coin has two sides, the food delivery jobs also have some positive as well as some negative sides to it. Let us know about them now.


Advantages of  Food Delivery Jobs

There are a number of advantages that make food delivery driver jobs the most sought-after ones when compared to other driver jobs. 

  • You can fix your own schedule.
  • One can work without the stress of the constant supervision of a boss.
  • Make some extra money through tips.
  • Minimum guaranteed earnings(varies from company to company)
  • Special perks and benefits if you maintain high attendance and acceptance rates( varies from company to company)
  • Like other driving jobs need not deal with passengers.
  • You can explore every nook and corner of your city.


What are the Challenges of Food Delivery Jobs?

Like any other job, food delivery jobs have a few drawbacks too.

  • As these are independent contracts, you need to pay your taxes.
  • Wear and tear of your vehicle(Fuel charges too, Very fewer companies offer fuel incentives).
  • Unpleasant when you face difficult/irritating customers.
  • You may be penalized for missed or rejected orders.
  • Inconsistent pay as it depends on several factors( traffic, number of workers, weather, etc.)

However, all these are the basic hurdles that one can face in any job. But if one overlooks them, this is a great and pretty flexible gig to make money.



Now it is up to you which company you want to partner with as a food delivery driver from the above list.

To say in a line, the food delivery jobs allow you to be relaxed and be on your own. So I can advise you to overlook the cons as they are common for any job and make much of this gig.


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