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9 Ways to Get Free Address Labels Mailed to You [2024 Guide]

‘How to get free address labels?’, ‘Please let us know where to get address labels for free,’ and there are many other such requests I received in my chat box right after I mentioned ways to get free perfume samples on our website.

I personally accept that we all have a special place for freebies in our hearts, be it free books for kids or even as simple as free address labels; nothing disappoints us when it is free.

With the less usage of letter mails these days, it’s heartwarming to see people are still putting effort into making their packages special with unique address labels.

So, to fulfill the request of our readers, I’ve gone the extra mile to research and compile all the possible ways where you can get free address labels.

Have a clean glance with patience, as the list goes a bit lengthy as all this you are definitely doing for a reason. So, without any delay, let’s find these ways.


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9 Ways To Get Free Address Labels This Year

Starting with a special list where you can donate to get these address labels:


1. Make Donations To Get Free Address Labels

Make Donations To Get Free Address Labels

It may surprise you, but donating to certain Institutions, non-profit organizations, or community fundraisers can actually earn you personalized free address labels!

This is becoming increasingly common these days as many of these organizations also rely on donations to remain active, and they use address labels as a way to thank donors and raise more awareness of their cause.

Yet, the availability of address labels is completely optional with the organization you are donating to. However, donating to a good cause can still provide you with a sense of personal satisfaction and a perception that your contribution is helping others.

So next time you are looking to donate, don’t miss these below-mentioned organizations where you can donate to a cause and receive free address labels.

Organizations To Donate For Free Address Labels

  • American Red Cross: Donations here are utilized to help people who are affected by disasters.
  • National Wildlife Federation: It is on a mission to conserve wildlife and land resources.
  • The Humane Society Of The US: They Operate to end the suffering of all kinds of animals.
  • ASPCA(Against Animal Cruelty): This 150 years+ institution accepts anything you donate to animals.
  • Susan G. Komen: Every sum you donate doubles up here for a special cause of cancer patients.
  • Feeding America: This hunger relief NGO offers labels for donations of anything you can offer.
  • Habit For Humanity: They build strength, stability, and self-reliance by providing shelter to the homeless.
  • Smile Train: Any monthly contribution here can help numerous babies without clefts.
  • Doctors Without Borders: They provide emergency medical aid to people who are in an actual crisis.
  • The Nature Conservancy: This world’s largest organization to protect lands and water accepts any level of donations.
  • World Wildlife Fund: They tend to conserve nature and reduce the most potential threats to the diversity of life.
  • Amnesty International: Donations here are used to spending to curb the abuses of human rights.
  • The Salvation Army: They participate in the advancement of religion, contain poverty, and offer educational benefits.
  • The Sierra Club: They defend everyone’s right to a healthy world with pure air, water, and place.

Note: Though every institution mentioned above offers free labels, you cannot always anticipate receiving them.

But likely, you can get it most of the time, or you can also raise a request to get free address labels by mail.

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2. Get Free Address Labels from Charities

Get Free Address Labels from Charities

From donating blood plasma at local centers to financial support, there are many ways to support charities that are striving their heart out to serve a specific purpose.

No contribution is considered small when it comes to aiding these organizations to make a difference. So to show their gratitude towards your donations, many charities also provide address labels and Thank you- letters to their donors.

With these donations, you can not only learn the importance of giving but can also gain tax benefits.

So for more details, check the below list:

Charities That Send Free Address Labels

Apart from donations, you can also gain these address labels in other ways. Here are a few easy ways to grab them.

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3. Get From Shipping Companies

Get From Shipping Companies

Shipping companies are the other source where you can take hold of the address labels printed on your name.

Whether you require return address labels or personalized name labels, you can receive them along with your shipping information after the order processing.

Shipping Companies That May Offer Address Labels

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4. Request Samples From Printing Companies

Request Free address Labels Samples From Printing Companies

Are you thinking about why any of the printing company wants to offer you address labels for free?

Firstly, by providing these samples, they can build trust with the customer, and by watermarking, they can turn this into a brilliant marketing strategy to reach a wide range of audience.

And with all your genuine reviews, they can work on quality enrichment to compete with the market-level competition.

So, basically, providing address labels is an absolute win-win situation for printing companies and the receiver.


List Of Printing Companies To Get Free Address Label Samples

a) PrintDirtCheap

This company keeps its quality over every other aspect, so in order to check its standards and models, you can try ordering its products in the PDC samples section.

By choosing USPS priority mail, you can get a sample delivered on the same day. Or else UPS may take 1 or 2 days with a nominal shipping charge.

b) UPrinting.Com

It is a custom printing service for any small business. So if you want to start any side business income idea, try ordering address labels upfront to check their reliability.

You can build custom products using this platform with timely mails forwarded. Order your free sample kit any time you want by sharing your email with

c) NextDayFlyers

If you are looking for a printing company that offers better quality with faster deliveries, NextDayFlyers is the best choice. Along with free labels, they also provide various other free samples of custom cards, greetings, unity labels, business flyers, etc.

By signing up with your email, you can order their print-friendly label samples that also include paper stocks and coatings.


The sheet labels platform offers you fast, easy, and premium quality labels for a competitive price. However, it is advisable to order sample address labels for free to get an idea of shape, size, and durability. The only catch here is that it takes around 7-10 business to get your sample delivered to the home.

For faster delivery, you need to opt for United Parcel Service(UPS) delivery added with some premium price.

e) Lightening Labels

Lightening Labels has been providing high-quality custom labels for the past 20 years. You can choose from their sample section to order your label pack sample, ranging from BOPP material stickers to elegant address labels.

The best part is that it ships for free all across the USA and Canada by simply filling out a form.

f) PsPrint Labels

Printing custom address labels is always a preferred choice as we can get what we anticipated as output. PsPrintLabels is one of those platforms where you can design your own label and raise a request for a sample to get delivered.

All you need to do is register, create a label, and just pay for shipping to get your free label sample.

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5. Grab from Newsletters

Grab Free Address Labels from Newsletters

Newsletters are the most common things we subscribe to, but more often than not, we leave them untouched. However, if you are looking for free address labels, these subscriptions can be a goldmine.

The reason is that most brands use newsletters to provide free address labels of varied choices to attract your attention and for more referrals.

The only catch here is that you can get a pile of emails, which could turn annoying. But don’t worry! As we outlined on our website, you can get paid to read emails to save your time and money.

Additionally, you can also get exclusive offers on product discounts and membership coupons along with these labels through the mail.

So, here are a few newsletters you may consider to get a chance for free address labels when you purchase products from them or by subscribing.

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6. Create Your Own Address Label with Free Templates

Create Your Own Free Address Labels with Free Templates

Creating your own address labels is a great way to get them for free and also customize them as per your liking.

With numerous free templates available online, it’s easy to design unique and creative address labels.

Though funding and subscriptions earn you these labels easily, designing them on your own can definitely help you gain satisfaction. But how to design these labels?

Designing them is very easy, as you need to redirect to the template page and edit all the desired details you need. Right after entering the address, you will extract the file to get printed.

Here are the popular platforms where you can find these free templates for designing your address labels.

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7. Companies That Offer Free Address Labels: Samples & Discounts

Apart from printing companies, there are also a few other companies that offer free address labels to promote their presence and foster goodwill.

If you out-utilized your free templates and are looking for some other free labels, there are also other options worth exploring. These gained free address labels not only serve your purpose but can also present you with an opportunity to try some free-time envelope-stuffing jobs.

So, here are a few options you can consider to help you get those labels:

a) Vistaprint

A homepage image of Vistaprint website


Vistaprint is one of the popular platforms where you can give your brand a life with quality labels and logos. Starting from business cards, envelope stickers, roll address labels, foldable prints, etc., there is everything you are looking for your purpose on this platform.

Order your samples by email request, and make sure you mention your choice clearly to get delivered your desired item. 

b) Shutterfly Free Address Labels

A homepage image of Shutterfly website


Simply signing up with Shutterfly can fetch you one proper set of address labels, a one-foot art print, five free magnets, and unlimited photo storage. Amazing right?

This platform is our favorite choice on the list as apart from custom welcome gifts, there are quite a lot of things you can explore. Sign up now to get some exclusive offers in your mail!

c) Current Labels

A homepage image of Current Labels website


Current Labels has been a trusted source for valuable address labels since 1950. Quite old, right? But truly, it can mesmerize with its label designs.

Rolled address labels, designer address labels, holiday labels, premium sheeted address labels, and personalized stationery are the best in their category. You can customize and raise a request for a free sample!

d) Tiny Prints

A homepage image of Tiny prints website


Do you want to send a holiday card or any special greeting cards with attractive address labels? Tiny Prints can surely serve your purpose. As they have many customized textures and patterns for most of their return labels, they can surely make your envelope more impressive.

It is easy and fast to create on this website; apply for a free sample through a website request or email.

e) Zazzle

A homepage image of Zazzle website


Zazzle has a collection of hundreds of return address labels that can finely fit any special occasion you are looking for.

You can also try their design tool to create your own customized address label with ease. It also offers a few free samples, but the catch is that not every label is eligible for a sample dispatch.

f) USPS Free Address Labels

USPS also offers address labels for free for its supplies and shipments for its users. You can also get other supplies, free envelopes, packaging boxes, and marking stickers, along with a free shipping kit.

The best part about this company is that it completely free ships military supplies as a clasp of gratitude for their efforts.

g) Walgreens Photo

A homepage image of Wallgreens website


Whether for business address labels or any other custom address labels, Walgreens Photo can offer you a wide range of options to design.

They offer many elegant labels for a very nominal price, and you can also request a sample label to know its value and quality.

Special Tip: Downloading any of these templates may take additional Internet data, which you can easily manage by referring to our article on ways to get free-wifi at home.

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8. Places To Print Your Own Address Labels

Printing your own address labels is always an absolutely delightful work! If you feel the same, this section is for you to explore the options to do so.

Once you have finished designing here, you can easily print them out at your own convenience. Anyone can design them without leaving the comfort of their home.

Here are the platforms to print your own labels:

a) Canva

A homepage image of Canva website - to get free address labels


Using Canva software, you can create your label from the beginning or can also use Canva labeled templates from its gallery to make necessary arrangements.

This platform surely is one of the top choices for all designers. You will also become fond of this software if you adapt to its features. Using it, you can create an output that can be printed on your own or exported.

b) Online Labels

Online Labels offers various sizes, shapes, and designs for the address labels in which you can fill in details.

After designing, you can check the output and process for printing. Added pro is that most of the templates here are free to use.

c) Avery

Avery can also turn your favorite choice to print address labels as it has any of your desired sizes and models. After the design, you need to check the compatibility with Microsoft Word to make it print-friendly.

You can also have a glance at other items like T-shirt labels, DVDs, Table stickers, and various shapes of address labels to print.

Special Tip: After designing your own stickers using these platforms, not only can you use them for your purpose, but you can also sell your digital stickers for some additional money.

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9. Cheap Alternatives For Free Address Labels

Not every time can we grab address labels for free. This could be due to a lack of available free giveaways or stock shortages, causing charities or printing companies to be unable to provide them to every registered user.

In such situations, what can be done? How can we fulfill your need for address labels? For this, we tried a few cheap alternatives that won’t put any financial strain and can be claimed at a minimal cost.

  • Amazon: Claim around 500 labels for a mere $10.
  • Etsy: You can explore many sellers and get them for reasonable prices.
  • 500 Labels: A roll of 500 address labels hardly costs you $10.99.
  • Walmart Checks: Check the best designs for the best price on this platform.

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Final Takeaways

So that’s how easy the ways to get your free address labels are to make your motive beautiful.

Even if you are ready to spend a few bucks on them, we want to take this as a chance to make it more special by letting you know ways that you can also get them for absolutely free.

And finally, as a goodwill gesture to our readers, we also tried mentioning ways to get free food and free milk crates. You can read and share them with the needy to create a special impact from your end. Thanks In Advance!

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How To Get Free Address Labels From St Judes?

The one way to get free address labels from St Judes is by buying its checks, which will hardly cost us $23 and $11 of the purchase price.

These funds will be directed into the St. Jude Hospital trust to cure needy children.


How Can I Get Free Address Labels By Mail?

A simple way to get free address labels by mail is to apply for the respected company’s or NGO’s newsletter.

And depending on the terms, you can also raise a request mail for a sample label.


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