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35 Places To Get Free Air For Tires Near Me (Updated List 2024)

Do you know that you can easily save $500/year or more just by maintaining the proper air pressure of your tires? And if you can find any station that offers free air for tires near you, it will save another $50/year or more.

As per the US Department of Transportation, maintaining proper pressure in your tires can increase the mileage by up to 11% and adds up to 4,500 miles to the tire life. But sadly, 19% of car users don’t check their tire pressure regularly.

You must check your tires every week and replace them once every 2-3 years. And trust me, it is the best time to buy tires if you are losing pressure too rapidly or the mileage is dropping significantly.


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When Do You Need Air?

get free air for tires near me

You can easily find nearby gas stations with free air facilities. But you need to first understand the right time to check and refill your tires. If you don’t do that, you’ll see a significant mileage drop in no time.

You Need Air

  • When your tire is flat, leaking, or just replaced (uninflated)
  • When the pressure drops 25% below the recommended level (35-36 PSI in most cars)
  • If the low-pressure warning light is on

It is better to check your tires regularly and ensure proper pressure. You also need to rotate your tires in frequent intervals. You can even get paid to advertise on your car and use that amount to get a new set.

Can You Get Free Air At Gas Stations?

get free air for tires near me

Almost every gas station or automobile repair shop near you will offer air for tires, as it is their standard practice. I even found my gas stations helpful when I was searching for car keys made near me.

If you live in California or Connecticut, you’ll get free compressed air for all your tires every time you visit a gas station or service station.

  • California Law: According to CA Bus & Prof Code § 13651 (2017), all the gas and service stations must allow all the paying customers to access water, compressed air, and pressure metering gauge.
  • Connecticut Law: According to CGS § 14-325a, all gas stations must provide access to free compressed air to both paying and non-paying customers during business hours.

Although other states don’t have such strict rules, you can still get many gas stations and service centers that offer free compressed air throughout the USA.

How To Find Free Air For Tires Near You?

Map section of the FreeAirPump website- free air for tires near me


It can be complicated to find nearby stations that offer compressed air for free. But I’ve found a nice way to get free air near me. Sharing it with you!

  1. Go to the FreeAirPump website.
  2. Click on “Map,” located at the top-right corner.
  3. Enter your city or zip code in the designated field.
  4. Tap on the “Find free air” button.
  5. From the map, tap on any flag to get the address and other details.

Bonus: If you have a van or a truck, you can now even make money with a van. And most of these ways can generate more than $50/hour.


15 Best Places To Refill Air For Tires Near Me

free air for tires near me

Many places now offer complimentary air for tires near me. And many of those stores even offer complete automobile and tire solutions. So, here are my recommendations for this year!


1. Local Tire Shop

Local tire shops, dealerships, and even resellers often offer air refilling service to their customers for free. And for my car, I got a free air pump near me in one of my local tire shops.

They Offer

  • Checking the current air pressure
  • Refilling all tires to correct PSI
  • Resetting the low-pressure warning light
  • Replacing damaged valve caps

If there is no tire shop that offers this service in your area, you can even start your own, as it will be a perfect side hustle for engineers and mechanics.


2. Goodyear Auto Service

Landing page of Goodyear Auto Service website - free air for tires near me


Since 1898, Goodyear has remained a leading market force in the American tire industry. They are now pushing their limits in innovation and adapting new strategies to maintain a good relationship with their customers.

For that, Goodyear Auto Service is now offering free tire refilling in all their 2,000+ locations in the USA. And in many centers, they even offer free VIN checks for cars. You can easily check, replace, and align your tires here.


3. Firestone Complete Auto Care

Landing page of Firestone Complete Auto Care website.


One of the leading tire manufacturers, Firestone, now also provides complete automobile solutions in the USA. They are known for groundbreaking innovations and excellent customer service.

Location: Firestone is now available in more than 1,700 locations spread across 23 states.

Services Offered

  • Tire inflation, stabilization, and alignment.
  • Tread inspection and repair.
  • Air filter inspection and change.
  • Leak repairing and rethreading.

USP: Not just tires, Firestone offers complete auto care solutions. If you want to change your tires, they also have a huge collection of the latest tires, wheels, and wheel caps.


4. Discount Tire

Landing page of Discount Tire - free air for tires near me


With over 1035 outlets in 38 states, Discount Tire has the widest coverage in the USA as an independent tire, rim, and wheel retailer.

USP: It offers complete wheel-care solutions by expert technicians for any type of automobile.

Services Offered

  • Tire checking, refilling, repairing, and installation.
  • Replacement of tire, rim, wheel, and wheel caps
  • Repairing and replacement of tire pressure monitoring system

My Take: Visit your nearby Discount Tire store and drive to the bay with the “Free Air Check” sign. Avoid weekends!


5. Big O Tires

Website of Big O Tires.


Big O Tires has a massive presence throughout the USA, with 450+ outlets spread across 25 states. All these locations offer free tire refilling service from 8 AM to 6 PM, 7 days a week.

Service Offered

  • Tire refilling, repairing, and replacement
  • Complete tire protection package
  • Roadside assistance package

USP: Just drive at any bay and ask the technician to check your tire. They will check and refill those within minutes. They will also point out if you have any damage.


6. Just Tires

Homepage of Justtires Website.


Just Tires is another household name in the USA. It not only just offers a free tire pressure check but also offers a free tire installation if you purchase from them.

  • Wide Coverage: Just Tires is present in almost every major city in the USA. And they have also partnered with Goodyear to extend their coverage.
  • Complete Solution: From leak repair to new tire installation, from new threading to rim replacement, they offer complete care packages.

My Take: You can simply book an appointment to get a free tire checkup. Technicians will check your tires and refill them to the recommended level.


7. Auto Zone

Landing page of AutoZone website.


Auto Zone is the largest automobile parts dealer in the USA. Since its establishment in 1979, this company has become a household name in the American automobile sector.

  • Locations: 7,000 stores and retail chains spread across 48 states. Besides the USA, they are also present in Mexico, Brazil, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.
  • Services Offered: Auto Zone mainly deals with aftermarket automobile parts. But they also offer complete auto care solutions, including tire inflation and installation.

Visit your nearby Auto Zone store and ask for a free tire checkup. Expert technicians will check and ensure proper air pressure in your tires.


8. QuickChek

Homepage of QuickChek website.


QuickChek has regional convenience stores cum gas stations with air pumps in more than 150 locations in the USA, mostly in New Jersey and New York. I first visited their store while searching for ways to get quarters near me.

What They Offer

  • Food, snacks, and beverages
  • Gas refueling
  • Complimentary tire refilling
  • EV charging

My Take: You can enjoy complimentary air refilling with every gas refueling from QuickChek. Don’t hesitate to ask for free Wi-Fi and vacuum cleaning, as those are also free!


9. Kwik Trip

Landing page of Kwik Trip website.


Kwik Trip is a convenience store chain that now has a presence in more than 600 locations, primarily in 4 states. In Minnesota and Wisconsin, they are known as the Kwik Trip, while in Illinois and Iowa, they are known as Kwik Star.

If you stay in the Midwest, you can visit any of their stores to get a free air refill and checkup. Just use their locator service to know about the nearest store.

My Take: Grab a cup of latte or have your favorite snack while technicians do their job. Kwik Trip also offers fuel-saving cards if you hit the road frequently.


10. Sam’s Club

Landing page of Sam's Club website.


Sam’s Club is a leading membership club in the USA with its presence in more than 600+ locations. With their membership, you can enjoy various services throughout the states.

Membership Plans

  • Club: Costs $50/year. Doesn’t offer Sam’s cash or pharmacy/optical savings.
  • Plus: Costs $110/year with the complete range of services in all locations.

Services Offered: Auto care (including free tire inflation) and buying support, health service, travel service, home service, online shopping at discounted prices, and free shipping.


11. NTB

Homepage of NTB while I was searching for free compressed air for tires.


NTB is another big name in the American tire industry. They now have more than 600 outlets in 26 states. All these locations are equipped with expert technicians to take care of all your automobile needs.

What I Like

  • Quality and apt automobile service at an affordable price.
  • Vast selections of tires, rims, and wheels.
  • Complete solution for damaged, worn-out, and under-inflated tires.

USP: You can get typical maintenance servicing and oil changes at a much lower rate. Besides, tire refilling is also complimentary!


12. BP Gas Stations

Homepage of BP America website.


After dominating the UK territory, British Petroleum started operating in the USA under the name of Standard Oil Company. But now, they have revamped as BP America.

You can find BP America and Amoco stations in all the major cities in the USA. From gas to oil, they offer complete solutions. And most of their stations also offer free air for tires.

  • Locations: More than 7,200 stations in all 50 states in the USA. They either operate under BP or Amoco brand name.
  • Timing: All the BP America stations are open 24 hours a day. They also operate 7 days a week.
  • USP: They take customer care pretty seriously. So, in most of these stations, you can avail yourself of free air refilling, air filter cleaning, alignment, and other services.


13. Costco

Homepage of Costco website that I found while searching for free air for tires.


I first realized that Costco also offers air for tires near me when I visited one of their outlets with Cash App ATM. Even though they are primarily membership-only retail stores, they offer various services, including automobile maintenance.

  • Locations: 800+ outlets in 46 states
  • Timing: 10 AM – 8:30 PM (weekdays) / 10 AM – 6 PM (weekends)
  • Membership Plans: Gold Star ($60/year), Business ($60/year), Executive ($120/year)

You can easily find Costco Tire service centers nearby, especially in major cities. Just visit there and ask for a complimentary tire air refill to get it done within minutes. But avoid weekends!


14. WaWa

Homepage of WaWa convenience store's website.


If you live in the northeast, you must be already in love with WaWa. This regional convenience store chain is now expanding its coverage in other states, including New Jersey, Florida, Washington DC, Maryland, Delaware, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

  • Locations: 900+ convenience stores (600+ among those offer refueling and tire checkups)
  • Timings: Most outlets work round the clock. 24×7 – 365 days!
  • USP: With a WaWa Fuel card, you can save $0.50/gallon.

What I Like: Cool ambiance, great coffee sessions, and staple buying at discounted prices! I also love to avail complimentary tire checkups and air refilling.


15. Hy-Vee

Homepage of the Hy-Vee online store.


What WaWa is for the northeast, Hy-Vee is for Midwest! It is actually a supermarket chain that now has a presence in more than 285 locations in 8 states.

You can get various services from these Hy-Vee stores. From groceries to refueling, from delicious food to tire inflation, the range is massive. I even got their recommendation while I was looking for some places to buy kerosene near me.

But all Hy-Vee stores are extremely crowded on weekends. So, it is better to visit it on weekdays to get complimentary tire air refilling.


20 More Places To Get Free Tire Air

Landing page of Atlantic Tire website.


Besides my top recommendations (for guaranteed success) listed above, there are several other places that also offer refilling services. And I’ve found twenty such stores and chains that offer free air for tires nearby.

  1. Kroger
  2. Sheetz
  3. Atlantic Tire
  4. Royal Farms
  5. GetGo Cafe
  6. Stewart’s Shop
  7. QuikTrip
  8. Kum & Go
  9. Rutters
  10. GATE
  11. 7-Eleven
  12. Chevron
  13. Pep Boys
  14. BJ’s Wholesale Club
  15. Conoco
  16. MotoMart
  17. Casey’s General Stores
  18. On the Run
  19. Holiday Stationstores
  20. RaceTrac

My Take: If you live in any state where you don’t have these stores nearby, you can simply google it. Use search times like “air for tires <locality>” and “air for tire < zip code>” to get pinpoint locations.


Final Note

If you live in Connecticut or California, you can drive to any of your nearby gas stations or service centers to get free compressed air. And if you live in other states, you can visit any of the outlets I’ve mentioned above or can also use the FreeAirPump site to locate one nearby.

If you have any more queries regarding this or if you can’t find any place nearby that offers free air for tires, feel free to start a conversation with me in the comment section.


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