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17 Trusted & Free Form Filling Jobs in 2024 [Up to $10/Form]

Do you know which is the easiest online job that doesn’t require any specific qualification or even time commitment? Yes, free form-filling jobs can assure all of these.

And the best part; these freelance projects are now available around the globe, even in India and Bangladesh.

But, there is a major drawback! If you search for free form-filling jobs near me, you get to see a lot of platforms. But sadly, most of these platforms are fakes.

So, is there any way to check the legitimacy without even trying one? No, not possible at all!

So, we have done the tough part for you as we have tested each of the available platforms to find the best of the lot. But before that, let’s know some quick facts.


Disclaimer: This article contains affiliate links. We may receive a small commission when you make a purchase (No extra cost to you). Please read our Affiliate Disclosure for more information.


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What are Online Form Filling Jobs?

Online form-filling jobs are a variant of the classic Data Entry Jobs.

You mainly need to fill specific forms with specific textual inputs or numerical values, as you used to do during school or college admissions. Many online platforms now offer this opportunity.

You either need to fill up web-based forms or software-based forms in this job. But don’t worry; you’ll get the software or web access from the company with which you’ll start working.

Most companies also provide online training before you actually start working.


Why Should You Try Free Form Filling Jobs?

First, you don’t need any qualifications or experience to start these jobs. And second, you can start these projects with just a basic computer setup. But yes, these jobs are even well-suited –

  • If you are a pensioner, veteran, student, homemaker, or a stay-at-home parent looking for part-time jobs
  • If you are a full-time employee looking for a flexible side hustle to boost your income

Besides complete flexibility, these jobs also offer decent hourly rates. There is no registration or signup fee involved in most of the cases as well.


Requirements for Free Form Filling Jobs?

First, you need to be at least 18 years old to become legally eligible to do any free form-filling jobs. Besides, you should also have basic knowledge of English.

Other than these two, you need to meet a few technical and personal requirements that are as follows.

  • A personal computer with a stable internet connection.
  • Basic computer proficiency like surfing the net and typing in MS Word

A good typing speed, preferably more than 60 WPM. Besides, you also need to have your bank account to receive your payment. Many companies also pay through PayPal or Payoneer accounts.

Oh wait, don’t forget to check out our recent findings of legit online jobs that pay through PayPal.


How Much You Can Make With Free Form Filling Jobs?

data entry jobs from home

Two main factors can directly influence your earnings from these free form filling jobs. First, the working hours you invest each day, and second, the difficulty level of your specific project.

However, you can typically expect around –

  • Up to $10/form, although the average lies around $0.5 to $2/form
  • Around $200 (if you take it as a side hustle) or $700 to $1k/month (for full-time)

According to a recent 2021 Glassdoor report, the average salary is close to $600/month.

Not offering a reliable income, right? Yes, we also felt the same. But don’t worry. Let us suggest to you the best…

We are 1000% sure these above jobs are completely legit and reliable, and you’ll love them.

Are you still in love with trusted and free form-filling jobs? Let’s continue our discussion.


Best Places To Find Trusted Form Filling Jobs For Free

We have only selected the legit platforms that also offer timely payment and industry-standard hourly rates. So without further ado, let’s dive deep!


1. Fiverr

Israeli online marketplace Fiverr has already established itself as one of the leaders in the freelance industry.

However, many people still don’t realize that it is also one of the best places to get legit and high-paying form filling jobs online.

This platform works differently as you need to showcase your skills to get clients.

So, create a free account on Fiverr and highlight your key expertise. Besides, you should also create a gig that mainly emphasizes form filling and similar data entry jobs.

You can set your gig price anywhere between $5 and $995 or more for custom orders. But yes, you should stick to a lower gig price until you make your name in this industry. Right now, this company also offers complete payment protection.

Follow this link to check more online form filling jobs from home @Fiverr.


2. Pentagon

One of the oldest players on the block, the Pentagon, has been in the form-filling business for the last 15 years. And now, they have a clientele that consists of several global brands and corporate houses.

Although it is typically known for free form-filling jobs, this company also offers other data entry projects.

You just need to be 18 years old with basic computer knowledge to get started. Oh yes, you do need to have an updated computer with internet connectivity. You won’t face any issues regarding project availability as they have a steady flow.

You can earn $200/month quite easily, although several people reported up to $6K/month. If you opt for their survey projects, it can pay you up to $50/survey.

Besides, they also have a specialized focus group segment where you can even earn up to $150/hour.

Check out the daily payout form filling jobs without investment @Pentagon here.


3. Google

Do you even know any bigger online force than Google? We don’t!

And when this company is involved, you don’t need to worry about the trust factor, although the payment can be on the lower side. Yes, Google free form-filling jobs do exist, and it is not that difficult to get one.

Google rater jobs are among the most sought-after genres this year. This company provides several forms to each of its members each day. Each form can fetch you up to $10, although the average is around $2/form.

So, it is not difficult to earn around $20/day if you opt for 10 of those.

The forms can be in any format. It can be a PDF form that you need to fill out offline or can be an online form that you need to do on online portals. But the best part; you can find any form that suits your interest and asking rate.

Follow this Google Form Filling Jobs registration link for free form filling jobs.


4. LinkedIn

You have recently updated your work profile on LinkedIn, isn’t it? But what if we say that this company can be your gateway to finding legit online form filling jobs? Yes, there are two main ways to use it.

First, this company itself offers these jobs frequently. So, it is better to keep an eye on their career page to know about the available openings.

Although demographics is specific, several form filling and feedback-gathering jobs pay at par with the industry rate.

And secondly, many companies now offer these full-time vacancies and freelance projects.

However, you need to check out their rates as those can vary from $200/month to a couple hundred grand per month. Many companies also pay an hourly rate that goes around $15/hour.

Check out some form-filling jobs available @LinkedIn here.


5. PeoplePerHour

If you are talking about form filling jobs without investment, it is almost a sin not to talk about PeoplePerHour.

It is a UK-based freelance marketplace where you can find many short-term projects, most importantly, form-filling projects that pay well.

All you need is to create a free account and start applying for the available projects. You can get hundreds of open projects at any point in time.

Although it varies on several factors, you can fetch around $20 to $35/hour from these projects.

This hourly rate can even go higher if you opt for more specialized genres like legal form filling or medical form filling projects. Right now, you can opt for either PayPal or direct transfer.

Follow this link to check more online form filling jobs from home @PeoplePerHour.


6. HomeBasedWork

This company called HomeBasedWork not only offers free form filling jobs from home but also offers various high-paying data entry projects, copy-paste projects, and social media moderation.

It is also among the handful of companies that offer a daily project allotment to all its users.

Each of its online forms consists of up to 35 text fields that you need to enter. And for each of those forms, you can get around $3, although you can fetch up to $6/form in many cases. But yes, it takes close to an hour to fill out those forms.

You can get a maximum of 10 such forms each day. So, your monthly earnings can be easily between $900 and $1.2k on average. This company now also offers offline forms that can fetch you around $2/A4 sheet.

Check out more daily payout form filling jobs without investment @HomeBasedWork here.


7. Guru

Guru is one of the rapidly growing freelance marketplaces in the world right now. Not only just form filling jobs, but you can also get various kinds of online projects through this unique platform.

Besides, creating a profile here is easy and takes just a few minutes to complete.

Once you create one, you can directly search for your preferred area of work. In the form-filling genre, most of the end clients here pay around $500 to $1k/month. However, many clients also go up to $2.5k/month, depending on the difficulty level.

Right now, this platform is available all over the world. And it does offer a free signup feature to all the new members. But yes, make your profile attractive to draw the attention of your end client.

Follow this link to check more online form-filling jobs from home @Guru.



It is almost a sin not to talk about while talking about WFH jobs. And now, this platform has also specialized in form-filling jobs of various kinds and niches.

It is also among the very few companies that now offer typical government form-filling projects.

This company mainly offers short surveys and quick questionnaires. A typical form can take around 2 to 5 minutes to complete. And for that, you can fetch up to $0.1/form.

Although a little tiring at first, you can earn a good amount of money once you pick up the pace.

Several existing users claimed that it is pretty easy to earn up to $1.5k/month if you take it as a full-time profession. But even if you take it solely as a hide-hustle, you can easily earn around $500/month.

Follow this link to check out more free online form filling jobs from home


9. WebPay Online

WebPay Online is probably among the handful of freelance project providers that have more than 2.5k+ free form-filling jobs in the queue.

So, you won’t face any project availability-related issues while working for this amazing platform.

Currently, the registration process is completely free for everyone. However, you can still upgrade your free account to a paid one to unlock premium features. These paid packages offer a higher per-form rate with many other additional benefits as well.

You just need to be at least 18 years old with a personal computer to get started. And they typically respond and approve your account within 24 hours of applications.

Right now, this company offers both online transfers and direct deposits. But yes, you do need to fill up at least 100 forms/month.

Check out form filling jobs from home @WebPay Online here.


10. Upwork

Daily payout form filling jobs are extremely hard to find. But, it becomes a cakewalk when you create a free account on Upwork. It recently became the winner of G2 Crowd’s 2021 Best Software Awards.

It works in a similar fashion as Fiverr. But the only difference is you now need to pay up to 20% of your first $500 as agency service fees. However, it becomes 5% above $10k.

And the best part about this company is that there is very minimal chance of encountering fraud or scams here.

Like Fiverr, you can also create a free profile on this platform to start your hunt. You can directly bid for any available project as well. And in most cases, you can fetch around $10/hour on average.

However, many users also reported getting higher-paying projects that guarantee up to $25/hour.

Follow this link to learn more about free form filling jobs @Upwork.


11. Universal Infowiz

If you are looking for specialized form filling jobs such as medical or legal form filling, Universal Infowiz is the platform to hop for.

However, you do need to have a medical or legal background in certain projects.

And in a few, you may need to have specific experiences. You should also have the ability to understand handwritten prescription pads and legal papers.

Right now, it mainly offers bulk and long-term projects to its users. You can fetch around $0.5/form on average, although it often goes above that.

It is not difficult to get 1k to 1.5k such forms each month as most of the projects have more than 12-month TAT. So, you can expect around $500 to $750/month on average.

Check out some free form filling jobs without investment @Universal Infowiz here.


Other Trusted Form Filling Jobs Without Investment

12. Government Form Filling Jobs

The duty of the government is to manage the data of all citizens. So, they are always willing to hire people who help to register that data into online systems that collect information using forms.

And the best part here is you have a high chance of getting this job with basic research.

You can find offline government form filling jobs by searching their job listing sites, national publications, job directories, government officials, and all other avenues that the government uses to announce their new job vacancies.

Or simply, you can easily check out the below sites if you are interested in online government daily payout form filling jobs without investment.


13. Medical Form Filling Jobs

In these types of jobs, there is no limit on how many forms you can fill. So, you can fill in endless forms and make plenty of money.

You are free to fill in as many forms as possible because jobs are available. So without any delay, grab this opportunity.

Let’s check out the below medical daily payout form filling jobs without investment.

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Highest Paid Form Filling Jobs In India


14. Cyber Expo

Subscribing to ideas of the “Make in India” campaign, Indian tech startup Cyber Expo recently started working for its nationwide stronghold.

This company is not just known for its trusted form-filling jobs but also for its per-form payout.

You can earn around INR 8/- (equivalent to $0.10) for each form you submit.

Many users have suggested that it is pretty easy to earn around INR 700/- (around $10) per day, although many people have earned up to INR 2,000/- per day (around $25).

You need at least 40% accuracy to get paid; fair enough. Each of their projects comes in a pack of 3 to 6 forms. However, it can go up to 35 files in certain cases.

And each day, you can get multiple of these packets. On average, the workload is around 3500 forms/user per month.

For each of your submitted projects, they can take up to 3 days. And they will clear your dues for that particular project within just 5 days of generating your QC report. The best part is there is no signup fee at all.

So, don’t wait and join this company now to earn up to $28,000/- per month; no hidden charge at all.

Check out some form filling jobs without investment @Cyber Expo here.


15. AdPostJob4U

A subsidiary of Cyber Expo, AdPostJob4U is also an Indian company currently almost dominating the Indian form filling jobs sector.

The unique thing; this company charges INR 1/- (yes, just a single rupee/around $0.015) for account creation and registration.

In return, you can get a constant supply of form-filling projects for the next 24 months.

You can get around 2k forms each month. And each of those forms can fetch you around INR 50/- (around $0.8/form) on average. So, it is not difficult to earn up to $300/month.

Right now, this company only pays through direct deposits each week. So, you need an Indian bank account to withdraw your earnings. This platform takes special care of retirees, pensioners, homemakers, and students.

Check out daily payout form filling jobs without investment @AdPostJob4U.


16. Naukri

Naukri is by far the most popular job search engine in India. It now has a huge job listing board that covers various part-time and full-time career opportunities for Indian people.

However, this company is the place to get some legit form filling jobs from home as well.

You can create a free profile on this platform to start your journey. At any point, you can witness thousands of open offers on form filling.

However, you should check the legitimacy and trust factor of the end client before applying to one such offer.

During our research, we have found out that most clients here offer lengthier forms that take up to 2 hours to complete. However, you can earn up to INR 100/- per form ($1.5/form).

Several users also reported earning up to INR 8,000/- per week ($120/week).

Follow this link to check more free online form filling jobs from home @Naukri.


17. DXB

Not many companies offer online form filling jobs for college students. But a few do! And among those, DXB is undoubtedly the most trusted one.

It is also a tech startup from India that is currently working in many sectors, including insurance, education, and MSMEs.

This company mainly offers bigger forms that consist of 85 to 100 text fields on average. Yes, it can take around 30 minutes to complete a single form.

But the reward; is you get around INR 400/- per form (around $6/form). This company supports up to 4 money withdrawals per month.

The basic requirement is also on the minimal side. You need just 17+ WPM typing speed to get selected. They also provide complimentary online training and guidance handbooks to their new entrants.

Check out the daily payout online form filling jobs without investment @DXB here.


Free Form Filling Jobs Alternatives Without Any Investment

Survey Platforms

If you have any free time or leisure hours in your daily schedule, you can use these legit survey platforms to earn some decent bucks.

  1. Survey Junkie – $1 – $50 per survey
  2. Inbox Dollars – get a $5 instant bonus


Transcription And Typing Jobs

Transcription and typing jobs are great alternatives to these free form filling jobs. You can earn anywhere between $10 and $30 an hour without any worries. Read our detailed guides here to know more information about these jobs.

  1. 27 Best Online Transcription Jobs For Beginners – $15+/Hour.
  2. 14 Legit Online Typing Jobs You Can Do From Home – $20/Hr.


Other Weekly & Daily Paying Jobs

Not only typing or form filling jobs, but there are also several types of freelancing jobs available online that pay you on a weekly or daily basis. If you are interested in these immediate paying jobs, check the below links to learn more about these jobs.

  1. 77 Legit Work From Home Companies That Pay Weekly.
  2. 52 Work At Home Online Jobs That Pay Daily.



What are form filling jobs?

Anything that requires you to fill up online or offline forms, feedback forms, spreadsheets, and custom fields is a form filling job. Typically, it takes around 2 to 5 minutes to fill up a single form.

Think of it as a trouble-free job that you can take as side hustle this year. However, many people take this as a full-time profession as well, especially in India.

You also don’t need to commit to any specific time each day as these online form filling jobs offer complete flexibility.


Is there any fixed age for starting these online form filling jobs?

Yes! In almost all countries, the legal age to work is 18 years. So, you definitely need to be at least of that legal age to start any form filling jobs.

And in most cases, you also need to have a bank account.


Is it necessary to present an exact number of forms in a day?

It depends on the type of project and your client’s requirements. But in most cases, there is no such demand, and you can do it at your own pace.

If you are bidding for open projects in any freelance marketplace like Upwork, ask for the TAT before finalizing one.


Do I need to pay any additional money while filling out the form?

You don’t need to pay a single buck to anyone to get an online job. Typically, it is a warning sign if any company asks for advance payment or any kind of registration fee.

And in most cases, these types of companies are just scammers and fraudsters. So, it is better to check for their TrustPilot scores and user reviews before paying any fees.



Honestly saying, it is better if you consider these free online form filling jobs exclusively as a side hustle.

Because it is quite difficult to earn more than $200 if you are staying in countries like India or Bangladesh. But in tier-1 countries like the USA or Canada, you can fetch up to $1k.

So, this is all, folks! Feel free to send us your valuable opinion in the comment box below.


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Niteen Tamang

Wednesday 6th of March 2024

it was great working this.

jairo manuel moreno mazuera

Saturday 11th of November 2023

hello siva It is true, homebasework is a scam. I worked a whole month doing my job well filling out forms, I finished my work on 26-September-23 and 1 month and 15 days have passed and it appears on the page that my work is in the process of revision knowing that they said they would take a maximum of 10 days to revise and pay. Please do not recommend it to anyone. They also say that if you subscribe to their youtube channel they pay you faster, which is obviously false.

Siva Mahesh

Monday 11th of December 2023

Hello Jairo,

So sorry to know this happened to you and I appreciate you for sharing your experience here. This might help others to not to fall for that company again.

Jaxon Thomas

Wednesday 26th of July 2023

Thanks for sharing Trusted & Free Form Filling Jobs

Dee S

Thursday 11th of August 2022

Homebasedwork is a scam site . I don’t think you should be promoting it here . I worked for it and never got paid .


Thursday 18th of August 2022

I worked for an entire month and when I asked for payment they responded to wait for a week . It’s been 5 months and no payment . When I chkd the trust pilot score I read how hundreds of other people have been scammed by it .

Siva Mahesh

Thursday 11th of August 2022

Hello there... Sorry to hear that. Can you please elaborate on your experience with Homebasework? It helps other readers as well. We'll go through the page once again and update it. Thanks for sharing your thoughts with us.