Free Google Play Money – 13 Legitimate Ways To Earn in 2021

Who doesn’t want free money? Absolutely, no one. But who will offer you free money without out doing anything? No one too.

But nowadays, so many companies offering users free bucks just for completing small tasks like downloading apps, playing games, signing up, and more.

If you are using an Android smartphone or a computer, then this particular article will guide you to get free Google Play money.

The Google Play Store has a very large number of apps in many categories such as games, books, music, etc… Some of the apps are free while many need to be purchased. But if you don’t have enough money then it will be inconvenient.

Here is the solution to that problem, by using some apps, you get free google play money.

Yes, you heard it right. Some websites and apps give free google play credits for doing some simple tasks which may later be used as google play money or gift cards.


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SurveyJunkie –  Earn quick $20 for taking surveys & reviewing products. Signup here.

InboxDollars: Get paid to watch videos. One already made $75 within a week. $5 Signup bonus.

Pinecone Research: Up to $3 – $5 per survey & $7 per each product test. Join now for FREE.

OpinionOutpost: Get paid up to $30 per answering simple questions. Join now.


Ways To Earn Free Google Play Money



SurveyJunkie is one of the best survey sites with more than 3 million active users. this website offers free google play credits to its users for taking small surveys.

The reason why it is the best is, unlike other survey sites, SurveyJunkie is so simple and user-friendly. You can use this app either on your phone or laptop.

Once you signed up using your details, you can start earning credit points by completing simple surveys. 1000 credit points are equal to $10, you can redeem your credit points as money through Pay Pal, or as e-gift cards.

It was rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on Trustpilot. As per the previous users’ review, you can get up to $75 for a valid survey. Sign up now at SurveyJunkie and get rewarded.

For complete details, check out our Survey Junkie Review here.



Swagbucks gives reward points for completing the below tasks.

  • Watching Videos,
  • Shopping online,
  • Using their search engine,
  • Taking up surveys,
  • Playing games.

You get rewarded after completing every task. The Credit points you get later can be redeemed as gift cards.

It takes 1000 Swagbucks points to get a $10 gift card. Sometimes the gift cards can be available on sales, so you can get them for fewer points. It also gives a bonus of $5 for new users.

Check here to know more about Swagbucks and get paid for completing simple tasks.

For complete details, check out our Swagbucks Review here.



GrabPoints is a platform for get-paid-to-completed tasks. It is similar to the above-mentioned platforms.

It offers points for completing the below tasks.

  • Downloading apps and games,
  • Giving feedback/survey,
  • Referring to friends,
  • Watching sponsored videos.

You should be a minimum of 13 yrs old to join this platform. Every 1000 points are equal to $1. You can redeem them once you get 3000 points.

It is only available for Android users. They also suggest using their website to get real-time updates for more earning opportunities.

Get to know the complete details about GrabPoints and join now.



Ibotta gives cashback on your shopping which is done through their shopping app. Simply search for items in the stores that are linked with Ibotta on the app, then you can purchase items you want to buy.

Upload the receipt to Ibotta after completing your shopping and get cashback within 48 hrs.

It works not only with online stores but also with offline grocery stores and retailers. You can get cash-back from over 350 retailers including Amazon, Walmart, Costco, etc…

There is no need to wait for so long to redeem your points as you can redeem your points once you have reached $20. You can encash the points through PayPal or Venmo or convert them into gift cards.



InstaGC is a short form of instant gift card. It is an online platform that gives credit points for completing tasks like surveys, online shopping, watching videos, etc…

It also provides extra ways to earn bonus points by listening to music, product testing.

Every 100 points you gain equals $1 i.e you need 1000 points for a $10 google play gift card. Take up small tasks at InstaCG and get your reward points now.

For complete details, check out our InstaGC Review here.


Harris Poll Online

Harris Poll is one of the best survey sites that reward you for completing surveys. It doesn’t pay you cash but you can redeem the points for e-gift cards.

It has been in the survey business for over 50 years and primarily conducted political polling only. Now, it widened the range of surveys and conducts surveys in different streams.

It offers to redeem points for each survey you have completed.

The minimum age limit for joining Harris Poll is 13 years. This age limit is minimum, it makes the app more viable for most of the people to earn their google play credits.



FeaturePoints is another reward program that offers credit points for trying different apps. The process of earning points is so simple, you just need to download an app and try it for just a few minutes. They have rewarded over $5.2 million since 2012.

There is another way to make points from this platform, which is Playing online games. It regularly adds new games and apps so there will be a large number of opportunities to get more points.

You can also get points by referring to friends. Every time your friend gets points, you will be given 50% of the points too

There are several ways to redeem your points from gift cars to paid apps. Sign up here and claim your rewards points for completing simple tasks.


Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards is a reward program affiliated with Microsoft, also known as Microsoft rewards. It gives rewards for using the Bing search engine.

We daily spend some time on search engines for searching online. So it is an effortless way to earn google play credits without doing any extra task. 

Just use the Bing search engine and get rewarded. The minimum age requirement to get Bing rewards is 13 years. Start using Bing and get Bing Rewards now.

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We generally try new apps when we come to know about them. This doesn’t make us paid. But with APPNANA, It is possible.

This app is available for both iPhone and Android users. It is also best for those who love gaming. But if you don’t want to play online games, it’s ok. You can still earn points just by downloading the apps recommended by it.

Each time you download an app, you will get credits (NANAS), which we can later convert as Google Play, Amazon, iTunes, and XBOX gift cards.

The extraordinary benefit of this app is, it gives 400 points just for login in daily. Create an APPNANA account and don’t forget to log in daily for bonus points.



GiftBox is one of the highly-rated apps in the Google Play store, that pays you for watching videos, downloading apps, and playing online games.

Simply visit the app and do anything from the above-mentioned tasks to get credit points.

You can also earn just by referring to your friends. Every 500 coins you earned are equals $1 and you need a minimum of 1500 coins to redeem for gift cards.


Google Opinion Rewards

Google Opinion Rewards is an online paid survey app. The survey topics range is wider when compared to other sites.

Those include Opinion polls, reviews on hotels, feedback from customers on brands, etc…

The surveys on Google are a little bit different from other sites. They don’t pay much but if you spare enough time, you can get $10 to $20 in a month for completing surveys or trying out new apps and games.

Give your feedback here and get reward points for your opinions.

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Register Your Samsung Device

If you are using a Samsung device, probably this the easiest way to earn reward points for you. The company occasionally offers google play credits for registering Samsung devices.

The process is very simple, you just need to create a Samsung account in the device and register through it. You can get a free subscription to some apps and features, sometimes you can get up to $25 google gift cards.

Don’t think about much and register now, you never know what you will get until you try.


Register Your Chromecast Device

This is similar to the above-mentioned way to earn free google play money. Chromecast is a device that is useful to connect your phone or laptop or tablet to your T.V for streaming movies or shows.

Connect your Chromecast device to T.V and download Chrome Home on mobile/Laptop.

Then register through Chrome Home to get free google play credit points. You can earn for each device you register. The offer changes frequently, but you can earn up to $25 google play credits.


How To Redeem Your Google credit points

No need to worry about redeeming Google credit points. The process is very simple, firstly, you need to create a google account and follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Select the app you want to buy,
  • Click the buy button,
  • Select Google Play Credit or enter the gift card balance for purchasing.

Many of the apps I mentioned above have the facility of a Google play account while some may require additional requirements.

But be careful while you sign up for any site for free google play money. There are a lot more chances you fall for scams. The common Google play credit scam comes from credit generators.

Some of the companies promise you free credits, but they sell your data or send you junk emails. Sometimes you get an attachment sent by them when you download it, the Malware will get into your system.


Can Apple Users Get Free Google Play Money?

Yes, it is possible. Though Apple users can not download Google Play Store on their iPhones or iPads, they can get Google Play Books, Google Play Movies, etc…

By downloading these apps, Apple users also can earn free Google play credits.

With a little effort and time, anyone can earn free google play money. Since there are many ways to get google credits, there is a high chance to fall for scams. So make sure you choose trusted sites which are mentioned above.


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