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30 Best Apps To Make Free International Calls Online In 2024

Tring Tring! Who doesn’t love to talk to their BFFs and family members staying abroad? ISD calls are pretty expensive, isn’t it? Moreover, they also need to pay for roaming to receive that call. But what if we say that are now several apps and websites available to make free international calls?

From Skype to Viber, from WhatsApp to Facetime, and even the all-new Telegram, there are several apps that not just deliver platforms for free calls to individuals, but you can also do call conferencing for B2B uses through these apps!

But before we reveal those platforms to make audio and video calls without spending a single dollar, let’s understand how this technology works and the ways to make free calls worldwide.


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How To Make Free International Calls?

As we are becoming a small global village with a rapid communication boom, making free international calls has become almost a necessity. Not just to communicate with friends and families, there are even phone actress jobs for women that rely on free calls.

Although several telephone operators have now started providing free ISD calls to lure new customers, the options are minimal. But yes, the companies that use VoIP technology can assure this without any charge at all.

From Viber to Skype, even Facetime on your iOS device, or FB Messenger on your laptop, all these platforms use VoIP technology to make calls for free.

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How Do VoIP Apps Make Free International Calls?

Most VoIP apps can make free international calls, all thanks to the cutting-edge technology that works as the backbone of this robust system. But do you know how it actually works?

If you have FaceTimed any of your iOS buddies or even made a B2B call through Skype, you are already familiar with the VoIP technology without even knowing about it.

While traditional telephones rely on their dedicated audio channels, VoIP uses internet connectivity to make contact. And that’s why it is a voice-over-internet protocol.

And VoIP needs very minimal cost to maintain. So, most platforms give a free service or just display some ads to cover the cost.

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10 Best Apps For Free International Calls

Traditional international calls are pretty expensive. And you may also face an additional roaming charge and frequent call drops even after paying the usual calling rate.

But now, there are several apps available for both the Android and iOS platforms to make free international calls.


1. WhatsApp

Instant messaging, status, emojis, voice notes; you just name anything, and WhatsApp is the unsung hero of almost every genre! And it is also among the most trusted platforms to make free international calls.

After Facebook took over, this app came with a revamped look and several new features. And now, you can make end-to-end encrypted calls to anyone having the WA app on their smartphone.

You cannot just make calls through the internet but can also attend a telephone conference. Besides, you can also send any document up to 100 MB in size through this app. It also has a dedicated B2B/B2C app called WhatsApp Business.


2. Telegram

Telegram was more of a community than a messaging or calling app, even a few years ago. But after WhatsApp imposed a certain restriction and changed its data policy, people started falling in love with this app.

It is not just super fast but also lightweight and extremely easy to use. This lightweight app has its own end-to-end encryption service to safeguard your calls. On a different note, it has a sharing platform as well, where you can even get paid to watch movies.

Every time you call someone, four unique emojis will appear on both screens. If those emojis match, that Telegram call is surely 100% encrypted.


3. Facebook Messenger

Facebook is not just a brilliant platform to connect with friends and foes but also a great one for making free international calls. And with the introduction of FB messenger, you can now even do video calls and even conferences with it.

It is extremely easy to use as almost all of us has the FB messenger app already installed on our smart devices. So, you just need to press the phone or the camera icon beside the name to start a call.

And don’t worry, it comes with end-to-end military-grade encryption. But not just calling, you can now even start lucrative side businesses on Facebook!


4. Zoom

Zoom is not as popular as it is now, even a few years before. But with the rapid spike in WFH all over the world, it also witnessed a massive boom! And now, it has become the one-stop answer if you don’t know how to make international calls for free.

Not just to make individual calls, there are now several companies that are offering high-paying virtual call center jobs through this platform. However, it is still now primarily used to make work or business calls.

You can even organize a group session through this app, as it allows you to connect with up to 100 people for 40 minutes nonstop without any charge.

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5. FaceTime

Apple users are too sensitive about their phones and Facetime as well! Jokes apart, it is truly a great app where you can make free video calls right from the apple device itself, as it is a built-in app for any iOS device.

iPhone, iPad, iPod, or iMac, you just name any, and this amazing app seamlessly connects with each of the iOS devices. And it also offers end-to-end encryption like never before!

But there are two drawbacks. First, it is exclusively available for apple devices. And second, you need a strong Wi-Fi connection to make video calls.


6. Google Voice

Nothing can be as trusted as Google in terms of safety and security. And same goes for their Google Voice app, which comes with rigid encryption and unlimited call support from any android device with an active internet connection.

However, it is now exclusively available in the USA and Canada. And several US-based companies are now even providing online chat support jobs from home through this app. And the best part, you can even get a free phone number with the Google Voice service.

But yes, you can even make international calls anywhere, although Google charges a minimal fee for those calls.


7. Google Duo

Besides Voice, Google also introduced its newest product called Google Duo. While most calling apps rely on your phone number, you can just start calling with your Gmail ID through this unique app.

Right now, it is available on almost all smart devices, let it be on Android or iOS platforms. But yes, you do need to have an active internet connection to use this app securely.

Duo also has its own encryption protocol to make your calls absolutely safe. But you do need to have at least a 1MBPS static connection to get the best feel from this app.


8. Skype

For a very long time, Skype remained the only option to make business calls. While most offices still use Skype to accommodate all their B2B calls, this platform is now loved by even the common mass, all thanks to its easy UI.

And if you don’t know how to make free international calls, just install this app, and you are done! You can connect with any device with Skype from all over the globe without paying a single dollar.

You can connect to a traditional phone through this app, although you may need to pay a small fee for that.


9. Viber

Once a heartthrob for all collegegoers, Viber has reintroduced itself with a whole new feel and a revamped look. And now, it has all the potential to become one of the best platforms that support free ISD calls over the internet.

You can sync all your contacts saved on your phone with this app. And all you need is to press the “Free Call” button in the app to start international calls. And it is also end-to-end encrypted to safeguard your data.

Right now, it is available in both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store to download. But yes, you need a strong internet connection to make high-quality calls.


10. WeChat

One of the most popular Chinese calling apps, WeChat, now has a global presence with a rapid expansion. And there are now several companies also available where you can get paid to text through this fantastic app.

It is not just a calling app but social media instead, where you can make contacts, talk with friends, and even form a community besides making free calls. And now, it is available for both Android and iOS devices.

You can simply log in through your FB account and start using it. Besides, this app now supports international money transfers as well.


10 Best Websites For Free International Calls

Although we enjoy a seamless 4G LTE connection, not every country has that same infostructure! So, you may need an alternative to VoIP if you are traveling to such countries.

But thankfully, there are several such websites and apps that exist which provide this opportunity to globetrotters.


11. IMO

Most of the calling apps and even the VoIP services require a 4G LTE connection or a stable Wi-Fi network to deliver a great calling experience. However, IMO is probably the only one that works even if you have a 2G connection.

It is also one of the best apps for making free international calls on landlines. And if you are a frequent traveler exploring the remotest corners of this blue planet, this app is definitely for you!

All the calls that you make through this app will be end-to-end encrypted. And you can securely connect up to six people at once through this app.



Since the launch of this service, has created a solid buzz in the media for its robust design and excellent user experience. Besides, this one is extremely lightweight and is available for both Android and iOS formats.

Although the basic international calls through VoIP are free, you need to pay a small fee to opt for their additional services, such as a complimentary 1-800 phone number for B2B use, voice-to-mail service, and fax to mail.

You will also have advanced controls like call routing, automatic answering, background music while on hold, and even direct SMS services.


13. LINE

One of the best things about this app called LINE is that you can call any telephone number you want without paying a single dollar. Moreover, the recipient of that call doesn’t even need to have the LINE app installed on their phones.

You just need to watch a small video and then call any number for up to five minutes at a stretch. And you can even extend that time limit by paying a minimal amount. You can also share chats and use them for messaging as well.

This app also frequently offers online coupons for your favorite retailers as an additional benefit to their customers.


14. Rebtel

If you want to make free international calls from a cell phone, Rebtel should be your top priority as it is now available in more than 53 countries all over the world. And they are also in their expansion mode with future plans for worldwide coverage.

The best thing about this app is that it uses a local number to connect with any number from that same region. So, your identity will be safeguarded, and the calls will be encrypted too.

This app also works even with a poor 3G connection. And it also has dedicated plans for subcontinent countries like India and Bangladesh.


15. Talkatone

Although it has been around for quite some time now, Talkatone is still one of the best apps to make free international calls right from your smartphone. It is also one of the most well-known US calling apps that provide encrypted call services.

If you stay in the USA or Canada, you can opt for a free international calling service. Besides, you can even send greetings and set up a custom voicemail through this fantastic app.

However, it displays various ads on the banner and on the welcome screen to cover that cost. But yes, you can go ad-free by paying a small one-time fee of just $10.


16. WhatsCall

Not just mobile numbers from every corner of this world, you can even call any landline number through this unique app called WhatsCall. And the best part, it works even if you don’t have an active internet connection.

Besides, it is also not necessary that the number you’ll be calling should also have this app. But yes, you do need to earn some credits to make calls, which you can earn through various tasks.

And for the new members, they are now providing 1k credit points as a signup bonus. You can also get some points by inviting your friends.


17. VoipStunt

There are very few free international call apps that deliver a crisp calling experience without any issues. And among those, VoipStunt and its sister concern VoipBuster are truly the top performers.

Although the basic structure is identical, these two apps from the same company are designed for different countries. So, if VoipStunt is not working in your country, try VoipBuster to make unlimited phone calls.

This app is extremely lightweight and takes very minimal data to work perfectly. However, it doesn’t support video messages or even text messages as of now.


18. TextNow

Not just calls; people tend to rely on those apps that also offer free chatting services. And there are several ways to get paid to chat online that also use those apps. But trust me, nothing can beat the performance of TextNow.

Although the basic app is free, you can make phone calls anywhere in this world without even an active internet connection after buying any of their available plans. And if you live in USA or Canada, you can call other numbers for free.

Besides calling, this app also supports caller ID identification and voicemail transcriptions. It now also has a floating chat option.


19. PopTox

Most of the platforms need both phones to have the same app to make free calls between them. However, there are very few apps that don’t need that as they use a different technology altogether.

And among those apps, PopTox is surely among the top performers. Without even having this app installed, anyone can take your call without any hassle. Besides, you can even download that app on your PC to make direct calls from computers.

But yes, there is a limit to free calls that you can opt for each day. Beyond that, you need to pay a small charge.


20. CallHippo

CallHippo is not just now trusted by more than 5K+ global brands for every corner of this world but is also one of the best apps to make free international phone calls. It comes with various advanced features for upgraded communication.

All the calls are end-to-end encrypted to protect your data. Besides, it now has massive coverage in more than 50+ countries worldwide. But yes, it has a dedicated calling network in the USA.

Besides calling, it offers various other services, such as call routing, forwarding, detailed analytics, and even interactive voice response.


10 Alternative Ways To Make Free International Video Calls

For business purposes or just to see the happy faces of our friends and families, we often need to make video calls.

And there are now several apps available that also provide free international video calling services besides the usual audio calls.


21. Vonage Mobile

If you don’t know about the pioneers that started the global VoIP movement to replace costly phone calls, you now better know about Vonage Mobile, as they were among the forerunners at that time.

From free international calls to B2B calls to even landlines, you just name any, and this unique app offers almost all. Besides crisp voice calls to anywhere, you can now even make video calls through this app.

With its revolutionary technology, it is now even possible to share a video message even while you are in an audio call. And this works with very low data consumption.


22. Yolla

If you are looking for free international calls to stay in touch with your friends, family members, or colleagues abroad, you better download a create an account on Yolla. Besides the free service, it also offers paid services with additional features.

You don’t need to pay any roaming fee while traveling abroad, as this app can even make calls to landlines and local numbers. Besides, it offers an encrypted messaging service and mobile top-up options as well.

If your friend doesn’t have airtime to make video calls through this app, you can even send them airtime as a gift.


23. Voxofon

Not many apps offer free international calls without the internet. But among those very few, Voxofon is surely among the most trusted ones due to its unmatched encryption service. And since 2008, it has been catering to global callers.

Right now, it is available for both Android and iOS formats. And you can make free calls between them. Moreover, it also supports video calls and instant messaging services to stay connected to your buddies.

You can even make calls to any landline phone without paying a single penny. And all their calls are absolutely secure to proceed with.


24. Boss Revolution

If you are looking for a direct international calling facility at an affordable rate, you should resort to this amazing app called Boss Revolution. You can seamlessly connect to all your friends and family staying overseas.

It has an interactive user interface that is pretty to use. Besides, it also takes care of security factors as all the calls are end-to-end encrypted. And other than calling, you can even use it for text messaging.

Right now, you can call more than 200 countries at a very affordable rate. Besides, you can also make call conferences and end send money through this app.


25. VoipBuster

We have already mentioned its sister concerns, VoipStunt! But what makes this app called VoipBuster stand apart is its unique interface and global coverage. And it also offers a robust encryption service for complete data protection.

You can easily make international calls for free to global numbers, even if the recipient doesn’t have the app installed. But yes, you do need to have strong internet connectivity to get the best user experience.

However, it works even if you have just a 2G connection. And you can now also send messages and video messages through this app without paying anything.


26. Ringo

While most reputed calling apps charge an upmarket rate, Ringo is possibly the only app that offers the same service at an affordable rate for global customers. And it also has its unique technology as its backbone.

Right now, you can download it from both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. And you can make free calls if you and the recipient have the same version installed. However, you can directly call any number as well.

This app also features a unique credit system where you can completely customize your plan depending on your expected usage.


27. Talk360

You may not believe it, but Talk360 currently has more than a million active users all over the globe. And you can make either free calls to anyone with this app or can even call any landline or personal mobile number with a minimal fee.

One of the best things about this app is that you can now purchase calling credits without even creating an account here. Besides, you don’t even need an active internet connection to make calls.

Right now, it has massive coverage in more than 196 countries. And you don’t need to pay any hidden charges at all!


28. Tango

Tango is an app that has remained the talk of the town in the USA for a very long time. But now, it has started delivering free international calls service to other countries as well, such as Canada, India, and Mexico.

This app is way more fun than you can imagine. And not just free calls; you can even make free video calls to your overseas friends through this platform. Now, you can wear a funny digital mask as well.

While app-to-app calling is free, you can even make direct phone calls to the landline as well. But for that, you need to pay a small fee.


29. Libon

We, at times, need to make international phone calls while having poor internet connectivity. In such cases, Libon can be your savior as it works without any internet connection at all.

You can make free international calls right through this app, even from a dead internet zone. And now, they are giving thirty free minutes to each of its users to make international calls.

If you share this app with your friends or invite someone, both of you will get thirty additional minutes. And if you have a strong internet connection, you can even make crisp video calls as well.


30. KeepCalling

Without any doubt, KeepCalling is one of the best apps to make free international calls right now. And if you are looking for a free app to save your money, it is the one to hop for.

It works on a VoIP protocol. So, you need robust internet connectivity to make clear calls to anyone abroad. But yes, it has almost a standard calling-like user interface to assure ease of use.

This app now has coverage in more than 50 countries all over the world, including India and China. And you can enjoy a complimentary roaming service in those countries.



What is the best free app for international calls?

WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger are the best apps to make free phone calls internationally. However, Telegram and Viber are close contenders as they now have millions of active users.

Besides, Skype and Viber apps are also great for free B2B phone calls.


Do you need an active internet connection to make free ISD calls?

If you are using a VoIP app like WhatsApp, you do need an active internet connection to make calls from that app.

However, there are now also such apps available that run on a hybrid technology where you can even make calls while having extremely poor internet connectivity.


Do free apps support international video calls?

Most of the apps that provide free audio calls service do provide video calls services as well. And that too, without charging anything to their customers.

From WhatsApp to Skype, from FB Messenger to Telegram, you can no do free video calls from all the popular calling and messaging apps.


Do smartphone plans offer free international calls?

There are several telephone operators in almost all the countries in the world that now provide free international calls.

Although those are not completely free, you may get a certain number of minutes each month for occasional use. And companies mainly adopt this strategy to attract new customers.



Most of the apps and websites that offer free international calls display ads and other sponsored content like a video promo or a small survey to generate revenue and cover the cost.

And for that, they take data from your account, smartphone, or even PC.

So, it is better to check their data protection policy before using any one of those. And that’s all for today, folks! Feel free to drop your suggestions and feedback in the comment box below!

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